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Killer Fantasy

byGrey Eagle 286©

Gloria smiled gently at me, "Come on Jack, tell me all about it. You know I want to know how you feel Baby, what you want to do with me or to me. Tell me everything." She was very persuasive.

"Honey I don't know, I don't really have any hidden desires. We already do all the things I ever dreamed about doing. I love our sex life. If I am not pleasing you or doing the things you want me to do you have to tell me. If I am not able to please you, I will try harder. I know I am probably not the best lover you have ever had. I think I try hard. I read the stories on the net. I try the things I think you will like, I know you are not into being whipped or that stuff."

We were sitting on our bed, she was in a short silk gown and I wore sleep shorts. I kept watching the way her nipples pushed little bumps in her gown.

"Darling I am not complaining about how you love ME! I don't think I am doing everything I could do to please you. Do you ever want another woman in bed with us. Or to watch another man do me. Giggle."

"NO, I don't want any of that. If that is what you want you are married to the wrong guy."

"Jack, I know you have fantasies, everyone has them. Don't be shy, tell me about them."

"Well there is a woman I fantasize about."

"Who, who is she, come on tell me about her."

"I don't think that matters, she is very attractive, really quite lovely. She is very sensual and sexy. She loves all kinds of sex, vaginal, anal, oral, and I think she is beautiful. She likes to tease and does so often. I think of her a lot."

"Now we are getting some where. Is she some one we know?"

"I'm not going to say anything to tell you who she is. That is my little secret."

"Do you want to have sex with her?"

"I thought we were talking about sexual fantasies!"

"Oh! Right, so you do think of having sex with her."


"Have you ever talked to this gal about doing it?"

"You mean in my fantasy?"

"Of course, I hope you haven't in real life."

"Why not?"

"This is just supposed to be a fantasy. It is isn't it?"

She looked at me with her eyes wide open.

"Absolutely, I have never talked with anyone but you about sex since we have been married."

"I hope not, Oh! I know you wouldn't do that." Gloria said.

"Have you ever fantasized about making it with another guy?"

"Sure, even with several at once. Wouldn't you like to see me with other guys?"

"I already answered that, NO!"


"You keep asking that same question, is having me watch part of your fantasy?"


"Do you have me bound and gagged while you screw some other guys?"

"No, sounds interesting though." Then she laughed and kissed me. "I could never hurt you or force you to do something against your will. Never."

I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately, I ran my hands over her breasts and felt her nipples poke further out. She pulled at my shorts, trying to get them off. I helped her then pulled her nightie up over her head. She was hot. I slipped my finger in her slit as we kissed passionately. She was wet, really wet. All that fantasy talk had her worked up. Her small hand found my cock. She stroked him rapidly. I caught her hand and told her she would make me cum too soon. I kissed and suckled at her sweet nipples, They were as hard as pencil erasers and about the same size and shape. I loved them, they were perfect. After a few minutes I kissed my way to her dripping little hot pussy. She grabbed my head and pulled it into her hard. My thumbs spread her wide and I slurped up all her juices I could find. I cleaned and caressed her pussy for a long time until she pulled my head up to her clit. She was getting to the really intense orgasms now, writhing around and squealing loudly. She pulled hard on me now, wanting me inside her. I slipped my rock hard cock slowly in her, feeling the wet warm walls of her vagina grip me tightly. Wonderful. I started long slow strokes deep into her. She was getting loud now and I new she was having one of her continuous orgasms. I thrust faster and faster, harder and harder. She was really hugging me hard and I felt my body tense as my sperm blasted inside her. She quivered and lay still. I rolled off of her and tried to get my breath. Damn that was good. Gloria jumped up and took her long, long shower like she always did after sex.

We didn't talk about fantasies for a week or two. Then one Sunday she said she was going over to her mother's the next night to visit while I watched the game. I thought nothing of it.

Monday night in a really close game the kick returner for the home team caught the kick at the back of the end zone and ran all the way for a touchdown. It had to be the most spectacular run I had ever seen, it seemed as if every player on the other team had their arms around him at least twice but he broke away each time. I was jumping around like an idiot. I grabbed the phone and called George, my good buddy from work, and fellow fan.

His wife Cindy answered and said, "He went over to your house to watch the game. Isn't he there?"

"Er, ah, I haven't seen him yet."

"Hell, Jack, it's only two miles to your house. He should have been there an hour ago."

"Listen Cindy, If he's not home by midnight call me. He probably went over to Ted's to watch the game."

"Thanks Jack, you are a sweet guy, let me talk to Gloria."

"She's over at her Mom's. I'll tell her you called."

"G'Night, Jack."

Gloria got home about one o'clock. She slipped in our bedroom quietly and undressed in the bathroom by the nightlight. I watched through slitted eyelids. I saw her remove her panties, she looked at the gusset and looked at me. She went to the clothes hamper and pushed them down to the bottom. She closed the door and took a long, long shower. A long shower?

The door opened and she came and slipped into bed. She leaned over and kissed me, "Are you awake Dear?'

"Unn, half."

"I love you, sleep tight."

Sleep? Right.

I lay awake most for the night and was just dropping off when I heard Gloria murmur something in her sleep. It sounded like some thing couldn't understand the I clearly heard 'George'. George? Then I heard it again, I would swear I heard "Fuck me George." What? I lay thinking for an hour or so. I got up and went in the bathroom and shut the door, I turned on the light. I dug down in the hamper. Her panties, my favorites from Victoria's Secret that I gave her for her birthday, were still wet. She loved them and only wore them on special occasions. There was a large grayish gob of something in the inside of the crotch. I felt sick, I turned and threw up, mostly in the toilet, some on the floor. I went back in the room and looked at her. Sound asleep. I got dressed and packed an overnighter. I put the panties on the pillow next to her face.

I went into the kitchen and fixed a cup of instant coffee. I picked up the phone and scrolled back through the list of callers. George's home number was on there a dozen times, twice Sunday. His private office phone was on there six times. Twice Monday.

I started to leave the door to the house open but thought better of it. I didn't even take my truck. I walked up the street a ways to the intersection. I sat on the bus bench with an advertisement for Checker Cabs on it. I got out my cell phone and called the number. They said it would be an hour before they could get one there. I said I would be waiting. I took the cab to the diner down the street from my office. They were open and I ordered coffee. I had no idea of what I was going to do. I didn't have a home. I had a cheating wife. Cheating with my buddy from work who had the biggest mouth in the whole world. Everyone at work would know he was screwing my wife by nine o'clock this morning if they didn't know already. I knew I needed to get to the bank as soon as it opened. I knew I had all our credit cards in my billfold. Thank God for once that we had no kids, we had tried and tried and prayed and prayed, I guess the Lord knew what he was doing.

I ordered a breakfast but couldn't eat a thing. At nine I called in sick and told them I might be out a week. I was in the bank lobby when I called. I transferred most of our money to new accounts. I left 5000 dollars in the debit account. I shut down all our joint credit cards. When I was through at the bank I called Hertz and ordered a economy car delivered to the bank. I sat in the little car and tried to think. What was I going to do. I knew I couldn't live without Gloria, I knew I couldn't live with her. I just couldn't believe she did this to me. I was sure she loved me.

I thought of Cindy, poor Cindy, I wondered if she knew. I called her. She answered. I said "Hi"! She yelled, "Jack where are you? Gloria is going nuts trying to find you. Are you alright? George called and said you called in sick."

"Yeah, I did. I am sick. Real sick. Let me tell you why. Gloria snuck in last night just after one. She undressed in the bath and hid her favorite panties, wet and full of some guy's cum in the bottom of the dirty clothes hamper. She said the guy's name twice in her sleep last night asking him to fuck her. That's why I am sick."

"Oh! NO! Jack, go see Gloria, right away. Please go now, Please."

"Cindy, I have no home, no wife, I know I don't want to live with out her. I don't know what to do. Thanks girl. I don't know what to tell you, just don't trust anyone, ever." I just dropped the phone on the floor board. I drove until the low fuel chime made me stop for gas. Annoying little bugger. I fueled up and I knew I needed some rest or sleep. I drove on, I was north bound I guessed. I didn't know where I was, didn't care. After a while I saw a motel sign and pulled in. I got a room for the night. I fell on the bed. I kept seeing Gloria and that fucking George together. I couldn't sleep. When I closed my eye I saw them. I watched the TV or a while. The news distracted me for a bit, I knew how the troops in Iraq felt, been there , done that. Then I looked up. I heard my name. I saw my picture. They were searching for me. There were numbers to call if I were seen. Even a reward for information leading to my being found.

$50,000 for that information. They said I was last seen two days ago in Huston, Texas. They were nuts. I only left last night. It was last night wasn't it? I thought it was!

Was it really, what day was this? I flipped through the channels. There was a commercial for a Ford dealer in Billings. Billings? The only Billings I knew about was Billings Montana. Shit that was a couple of thousand miles from home. But I didn't have a home. I stood up and walked in the bathroom. I looked at the guy in the mirror. Never saw him before in my life. I washed my face in cold water.

Was that me? Large circles under the eyes, almost black. Dirty clothes, the hair was a dirty gray, see! It wasn't me, I had brown hair. The guy in the mirror was thin, real thin. The guy looked like a bum, dirty, unshaven, wrinkled dirty clothes. Who was he? Gloria would know, she could tell me. I went out to the rental car and looked for my phone. Oh! There it was on the floor. I picked it up. I couldn't focus my eyes very well. I saw it showed a very low battery. I dialed my own number. A woman answered. I said, "Gloria?"

"Just a minute."

"Hello, this is Gloria."

"Hi! It's me, I think."

"Jack, where are you?"

"I don't know. I don't care, it don't matter where you are when you have no home, no wife, nobody, nothing." I couldn't hold my head up anymore, I started crying. "Why? Why Gloria, Why?"

I felt like I was falling. I didn't care. I heard her calling my name. She never told me why. Why what? Why not just go to sleep? I did, I saw them again and screamed, they just kept fucking, and I screamed, they kept on fucking and I screamed, they kept on……………… .

I woke up. Where the hell was I? I tried to set up. I couldn't. I was strapped down. A bell started ringing and a nurse ran in the room. "Mr. Porter, relax, you are alright. Just lay back and relax. Your wife should be here any minute." I looked around the room. I was wired to some sort of monitor. There were IVs in both arms. A cannula was gently blowing up my nose. I closed my eyes. I guess I dozed for half an hour before the dream kicked in and I woke up. Someone was holding my hand, it was Gloria. "Hi! Girl, I never thought I would see you again. I really didn't think I wanted to, but I am glad to see you." She was crying and leaned over the bed and kissed me.

"Jack, look at me, are you alright, can you understand what I am saying?"

"Yes I understand your words, I don't understand what you did."

"Oh! Jack, listen carefully to me, I never cheated on you, never, not once. Especially not with George. I never even fantasized about him."

"Who was it then, I saw your panties."

"No one, Jack, no one, I wanted you to be jealous so I could find out who you were cheating with."

"I never cheated on you, never."

"But you told me you did. You said you had fantasies about her and made love to her in real life."

"No, I said there was only one woman I had ever had sexual dreams or fantasies about. And I did say I had carried out those fantasies in real life, I thought you knew, that woman was you."


"I have never wanted another woman, dreamed of, or touched another woman since I first laid eyes on you. I saw your panties."

"I was at Cindy's all night. George went to the sports bar. She helped me, she was in on fooling you, I just couldn't really cheat on you. When I got home I knew you were still awake I could see the light reflect in your eyes. I put warm water on my panties and squirted a little of my body lotion in them. I always thought it looked just like cum. Then I took my 'after sex' shower, I knew you would pick up on that. Then I whispered George's name later that night so you would hear it, I knew you were awake. Oh! Honey, I didn't think you would get so upset, after all, I thought you were cheating on me. I was so afraid I was loosing you to another woman I was almost crazy."

"Gloria, I love you, I just can't and don't want to live with out you. I will never cheat on you and I won't share you with anyone."

"Jack, I love you too! Please forgive me. I hurt you terribly and I can never forgive myself for that. Please let me make it up to you, I will be the best wife a man could have, I promise."

"You were already the best wife a man could have, except for the damned fantasies."

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No thanks...

...any woman that would try that shit simply cannot be trusted.

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A bit different

A bit different from the usual LW story, but a very interesting read. Enjoyed it.

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