tagErotic HorrorKiller Mutant Sluts Ch. 05

Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. 05


Tonight was an especially busy Friday night at The Red Lounge. Jane strutted passed the throngs of horny men waiting to get into the puffy doors of the club. She smiled to herself as she thought about how many people she and Stacy were bringing in every night. Her mouth watered a little while her vagina seemed to growl with anticipation.

Jane walked through the crowded club up to the bar. Thai was rushing back and forth with a few of the bar girls taking orders and serving drinks.

"Busy night tonight," Jane said. "Eh Thai?"

"Oh yeah," Thai replied. "I haven't seen so many in my years working here. Drink before work?"

Jane looked around. she notice Stacy was still in the middle of her routine.

"Sure," she said. "Cherry Popper."

"You got it."

The Asian woman mixed the drink and brought it to the buxom blonde.

"Hope you brought your A-game," the woman said handing Jane the glass.

Jane took the cherry garnish out by the stem and teasingly licked the alcohol mixed juices from the tiny orb. She gripped the fleshy fruit in her perfectly white teeth and pressed down. Cherry juices dribbled into her mouth. She took the cherry into her mouth and moved it around with her skilled tongue. Then she let the stem slip back out. She placed it in one of the ashtrays. It was tied into five tiny knots.

"You know I always do," the blonde said.

Behind her the crowds roared as the music slowed to a stop. Jane swallowed the entire drink in one swig and stood up. Then she pushed through the crowds of men toward the stage.

"What's this?" the announcer said. "I think its the lovely Jane Vixxx. It looks like she wants to get in on the action!"

Jane looked into Stacy's eyes grinning seductively. She gripped the pole under the other blonde's hand. They started to slowly turn around the metal rod bringing their second hand up.

As the two women spun around the pole they moved in closer to each other. they wrapped their large breasts around the pole and embraced. The men in the room hooted and hollered the minute their lips touched. Fleshy tubes slithered between each other's lips and met where they touched. Their sweet juices flowed into each other through the tubes and down their throats.

Each of the women had an explosion of new information, sensations and memories from the other. They saw everything the other saw and knew what the other knew. When their tubes slipped back into their bodies Jane gave Stacy a smile.

"Hmm." she whispered. "Mike will be waking up with a nasty little surprise."

Stacy grinned back.

"Oh yeah," she said. "You can do it too you know."

Jane and Stacy continued their routine undulating their hips as they danced around the pole. Their now bare bodies moved toward each other as they got closer. The musky sweet smell of their sweat caused the men standing near the stage to go wild with sexual energy. With their bare bodies grinding over each other and their hands running along their backs they gave each other another kiss.

Stacy ran her hands over Jane's shoulders then through the valley her engorged breasts made. She picked one of the fleshy orbs up and placed the nipple in her mouth. Jane smiled caressing her partner's soft neck and head. The rhythmic suckling of the woman put her in a slight trance. After Stacy was finished, Jane took her turn.

The two women slid down the pole onto the floor. They continued to caress and explore each other's bodies. Jane, in the dominant position, pressed her lips over Stacy. Her tube found its way back into her the other woman's mouth. Stacy responded by pushing the tube out of her vagina and up into Jane's. Jane moved forward making sure she had the entire length inside of her.

Jane started to grind against Stacy. After a splooge of her own juices into the other woman's mouth she retracted her tube and ground into the one coming from the woman underneath her. she picked up her pace stimulating all of her partner's body. Then with one final thrust, both women threw their heads up and let out a loud moan as more juices flowed out into their bodies.

Once the curtain closed they released each other. The entire audience screamed and hollered at the amazing display they witnessed.

after the curtain closed Jane and Stacy went back stage. As they walked down the hall they smiled at each other satisfied at the show they just put on.

"So I see you've learned a new trick with your body," Jane said. she kept her voice low so none of the men that crowded the halls could hear.

Stacy cocked her head grinned.

"What ever do you mean?" Stacy coyly said.

"Don't act like you don't know. Mike?"

"Ah yes. That was fun. I see you know a lot more about our bodies now too."

Jane wrapped her arms around her bare breasts and pushed them up to her face. A translucent white liquid trickled out of her nipples.

"Yeah. The concentration is not very strong at the moment. Adriana is taking a long time for her transformation. Hopefully that will change over time."

"She's fighting it too. she'd make it easier if she just relaxed and let everything go naturally."

The two women continued down the hall. When they reached Stacy's room they found one of the weekday strippers waiting outside the manager's office.

"Tara," Jane said. Her face lit up into a smile as she reached for the woman's shoulder. "You need to come with me. I have to show you something."

"What is it?" she asked.

"Just a little, um, performance enhancer."

"Uhhh..." she said.

"Don't worry. It'll be fine. You'll immediately see an improvement. It did wonders for me. After using it my life completely changed. Just come with me."

Tara hesitated. She looked at the busty blonde woman that once was the flat chested day-shift worker like her.

"I guess so," the woman finally said.

Jane smiled.

"Don't worry," she said giving Stacy a glance. "It will only take a minute."

Jane lead Tara down the hall into her bedroom. When the two women were inside Jane closed and locked the door.

"So," Tara said a little nervous about what would happen next. "Where is this performance enhancer?"

"Right here," Jane said.

Tara turned around coming face to face with Jane's open lips. Jane wrapped her arms around the stripper and pressed her lips against the second's.

Tara could feel a slimy tube insert itself into her mouth. Large amounts of slimy mucus flowed out of the woman into her. Tara swallowed.

The unsuspecting stripper pushed the busty blonde away and fell to the floor. she wiped her mouth.

"What was that?" she screamed.

Jane just smiled as she wiped the white goop that dribbled from her lips.

"You'll find out."

That was when Tara felt something welling up deep inside her. It spread out to her labia and clitoris. Her sex reddened as juices seeped out of her. An overpowering desire to fuck came over her. The feelings ran over her torso taking over her entire body.

Tara ran her hands all over herself. Her highly sensitive skin raised as goosebumps pushed themselves up. While one hand found her breasts the other snaked its way down into her panties and between her legs. She pushed her finger deeply into her sex. Her other hand massaged and played with her fleshy orb. She felt her first orgasm. When the orgasm released her the stripper put her clothes on and walked out of Jane's room. She continued to feel herself up. She stopped as soon as the waves of a second orgasm burst through her body.

Tara couldn't control herself more orgasms ripped through her. She fell to the floor in front of the manager's office screaming in total ecstasy.

The door to the manager's office opened. The bald man that stood there was shocked to see a brunette writhing and moving around in sexual agony. He knelt down and touched her shoulder. Tara jerked her eyes in the man's direction. She stood up pouncing on him.

"Cock!" she screamed. "I need it!"

Tara and the man fell into the room. The door slammed shut as she proceeded to rip his clothes off. He fell back into his seat as the stripper ground her body against him hard. Her vaginal juices dribbled down into his seat. The two bodies slapped against each other as she continued her vigorous onslaught. Finally his penis exploded into her. She threw her head back and let out a loud, unearthly screech.

Tara's skin flopped over her shoulders off her body. She panted as she gathered her old skin up and ripped it off her body. she looked different. Her brunette hair slicked back with the slime of her transformation. Her silky tanned skin glistened gold in the dim lamplight of the room. Her breasts stood up more pronounced than before and her waist tightened inward and then flowed outward giving her the shape of an hourglass.

"Wow," was all that the manager could say.

Tara said nothing. She just gave her captive a toothy smile hungry for more. She rocked her body up and down in the man's chair. The slick lips of her vagina drove the manager crazy. She went faster over his body. Exploring his chest and neck with her lips and hands. She played with his nipples a little continuing to thrust into him. Her thrusts picked up speed as she continued to play with him.

The man sat up in his chair. She pressed her lips onto his tasting his savory saliva. Her breasts pressed against his chest as she moved up and down over him. She continued to kiss the man forcing her tongue into his mouth. As she moved it around inside his cheeks he felt something else slip in. Something slimy.

The manager tried to push Tara away but she was too strong. She pinned him down and continued to thrust deeply into him. The man winced and let out a muffled scream before she forced the slimy object down his throat.

With one last thrust Tara used the newly formed teeth in her vagina to chomp down on the man's penis. She pushed the tube from her mouth further into his body eating him from the inside out, draining him of his bodily fluids. When she released him an empty lifeless corpse fell back in the seat.

Tara slipped off the man and walked out of the room. After closing the door she picked up the clothes that were strewn along the floor of the hall and went to the dressing rooms. Every once in a while she made a few coy glances toward some of the guys waiting for their turn at Stacy's or Jane's rooms.

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