tagErotic HorrorKiller Mutant Sluts Ch. 12

Killer Mutant Sluts Ch. 12


Thai drove through the outskirts of Zenith toward the center of the city. At this point the sky was lighter. The black of night had already faded to a deep blue which started fading into orange. She could see a thick brown layer of smog congesting the skyline of multistory domes and buildings around the city's central hub. With every city block closer to the center her car went the sun's penetrating rays brightened the sky further. The dark blue eventually made way for a heavily smoggy orange that painted the clouds vibrant shades of neon pink and purple.

Early morning passed into mid morning. The sun continued to rise higher over the city. By now the smoggy orange dominated the sky. Thai's phone went off with a warning from the weather bureau notifying her of the poor air quality around the city's center. An angry orange sun peered through the air pollution that clogged the skyway. Every block farther towards the domes the buildings grew bigger and bigger.

Cars, trucks and other vehicles choked the streets with every passing block surrounding the medical district. Thai started to notice armored police vehicles driving up among the cars and trucks on the roads. Brimming with personnel, the mini-tanks rolled on through the streets. Wondering what was happening, she turned the radio on.

"...Traffic is piling up around the main intersections of the medical district today," the announcer said, "as a serious infestation of HeLa has caused a full scale shutdown of Zenith Memorial Hospital. No word on how long this will last but Lieutenant Savage assures us that the infestation is contained and that all patients and staff have been evacuated and moved to nearby medical facilities. An elite team has been called in to deal with the situation as we speak. It's only a matter of time before Zenith Memorial is open and traffic can resume..."

Thai switched the radio off and slowed down as she drove closer to the barrier around the hospital. The entire block was sectioned off. Metal barricades were set up across the side streets and APF officers patrolled the area amongst the tall armored vehicles. Other men in uniform stood in the middle of the road directing traffic toward the detour areas. Thai slowed down and approached one of the officers. She rolled down her window.

"You'll have to keep it moving ma'am," the officer said as he waved his hand in the direction of the other traffic.

"I need to speak to officer Mike Black. He was admitted into the hospital a couple of days ago. Do you know if he has been moved with the rest of the patients?"

"Sorry. I cannot give out any information on patients. Now please move along. You're holding up traffic."

Thai sighed. She rolled up the window and continued down the road. Looks like I'm heading to Central Command, Thai thought to herself as she pressed her foot on the gas pedal. She turned back onto the main road and continued farther into the city. The roads became clogged with traffic as the buildings grew into enormous multi-story arcologies and domes. As she came closer to Central command she could see more of the giant armored vehicles carrying men and women fully equipped with the new ARC-55 rifle and dressed head to toe in black body armor. The dome of Central Command loomed over the rest of the houses and buildings dwarfing even the biggest of the arcologies in the city's center.

Zenith Central Command was the main hub of the city's security force and the seat of the city's bureaucracy. Everything from driver's licenses to major city policies were discussed, issued and dispensed. This was also where the office of Commander Nicole Winters was. She was in charge of the entire bureaucracy and as such the city's lieutenants answered to her.

Thai's car came closer to the imposing, dome-shaped building. It looked bluish gray in the late morning smog. By now the red airship warning lights on the tower at the top of the building were turned off. The four checkpoints at the perimeter of the enormous parking lot were already abuzz with activity. Vehicles of all kinds from civilian to government were lining up at the security gates ready to enter into the central hub of the city. Some were there for various licenses or permits while others came to visit family members in prison or to participate in some part of the hearing for said criminals. Still others were officers and government officials of varying ranks coming back to report their progress on assignments or go to work in the many offices on the different levels of the multi-story building. Despite the seemingly chaotic nature of the place there was an element of order to the whole thing.

At the first security checkpoint, there was a small old man with a well-trimmed, gray toothbrush moustache. His eyes were framed by large circular transitions lenses bridged by a tiny piece of golden metal alloy. He wore a greenish-tan uniform. Full-body with eight buttons going up the front along with well kept white gloves. A wire ran from the back of his head to the area between his shoulder blades. His features were a mix between artificial and biological. Thai could tell this was one of the bio droids that replaced the more entry level government jobs at around the turn of the century. As if acting from a pre-programmed script, the man smiled and tipped his peaked greenish-tan military cap as the bartender drove up and rolled her window down.

"Good day," the man in the security box said. His voice was a weird mix between human and electronic, "What is your business with Central Command?"

"I need to see Commander Nicole Winters. It's about the recent deaths. I have information."

The guard paused to process what was said. His glassy eyes glazed over as information zoomed between the main computer and the bio-droid. As soon as the info came to him he sprang back to life. A red plastic card came out of a slot on the side of the booth.

"Then you will want to continue up to Gate E-4. The security guard there will instruct you on where to go next. Have a nice day."

Thai took the card. The plastic guard pole rose up and she drove through the first checkpoint toward the next group of gates. She followed the line of cars inching her way closer to her goal. Once in awhile a car would turn off to go through to their designated gate or to park at a parking lot near the entrance they needed to enter. As Thai came closer to her gate she saw signs indicating where she needed to go. Flashing yellow lights warned her to slow down and let other cars get off the ramp to get to their destinations.

Thai continued on to Gate E-4. She drove up to the plastic pole that prevented the cars from entering. An old man similar to the one in the first booth looked at her and smiled. She took out the red card she had been given and placed the card into the slot. The old man paused to process the downloading information. Mechanisms behind the slot whizzed and whirred after the information finished processing and the red card disappeared into the machine. A blue card emerged in place of the red card.

The bio-droid reactivated. "The main lobby of the police department will be on the tenth level to your left. Give this blue card to one of the officers on duty. They will process it and instruct you on what you need to do next." The plastic pole went up. "Thank you. Have a nice day."

Thai thanked the droid and continued through the gate. She traveled up the ramp through the different levels of the parking garage that surrounded the lower portion of the building. When she found the level she needed she turned off and into the garage. She passed the spaces designated for driverless cars to the area designated for non-automated vehicles. She pulled into the closest available space and stopped the car.

Thai stepped out and pressed a button on her key-chain causing the lights of her car to flash and the security system to activate. Then she headed toward the entrance of the police department. A line formed at the door to the lobby where people were passing through metal detectors before they entered. On duty security guards stood at both sides of the doors making sure every person who wished to enter complied with the procedure.

Thai stood in line waiting for her turn. Signs directed her to take any personal belongings in her pockets out and place them into the tray on the side going into the building. As she walked up to the machine a red light above the door stopped. She stepped through and the green light indicating she was clean came on. The tray with her belongings followed her on a track through a smaller scanner to the side. When she was found to be clean the doors opened for her and the security officers allowed her to enter the vestibule. She stopped once again as four plastic rings dropped from the ceiling and surrounded the woman's body and turning around and over her slim figure. A red laser coming from the center of the semi-circular piece of plastic and electronics ran up and down Thai's body scanning for other types of non-conventional weapons. When she was found to be clean of other weapons, the rings rose back up and the second door automatically opened. The tray went through a window into the lobby and stopped near the door.

As soon as she stepped inside the lobby, the bartender took her things from the plastic tray and put them back into her pockets. An on duty officer stood off to the side across the room next to a pole with the American flag on it. She walked up to the officer and looked at him. He stared back down at her with a stern look across his chiselled face. The green electronic display on the metallic shield attached to his button down showed the officer's badge number and his name: 1905965663, GREG PHELPS.

"What's your business with Headquarters?" the officer asked.

"I need to speak with Commander Winters." Thai said. She took the blue card out of her pocket and handed it to the man. "The guard at the second gate gave me this."

Officer Phelps took the card and took his electronic tablet out of his pocket. Slipping the card into the slot on top of the device caused it to activate.. An explosion of information ran down onto the screen. Starting with Thai's personal information, ID and any records she had with the government. The officer thumbed through the information until he reached the bottom of the screen where he read the reason for her visit. The officer closed the screen and took the card out. Then he looked back at the female bartender.

"I'm sorry ma'am, Nicole is very busy at the moment but you can file a report with an agent down here if the information you have is that important.."

"There is no way to talk with her directly? This is an urgent matter of public safety."

"Right now the situation at Zenith Memorial is the urgent matter of public safety. She is busy dealing with that."

"The information I have is connected to that. In fact what's happening at Zenith Memorial is only part of it. Officer Ruiz told me to come here and talk to the commander."

Phelps narrowed his eyes at the Asian woman.

"Alright," the man said. He put the card in his pocket. "Follow me."

Officer Phelps lead Thai to a door in the sheet of bulletproof plexiglass dividing the lobby of the police station. He punched a number into the keypad on the side of the door above the handle. When it beeped and a green LED light flashed, the door unlocked. He opened it and allowed Thai to enter first. He walked in after her punching the code on another pad on the other side to lock the door behind them. Four rows of sturdy, plastic chairs occupied the space on the other side of the plexiglass. To the right officers processed suspects who have been arrested. At the other end of the counter a digital camera was set up along with the height chart and a pront scanner. A few officers were there taking mugshots and scanning suspects' fingerprints into their database. Other suspects were scattered among the rows of plastic seats waiting to be processed or put into the holding cells behind them to await trial or bail.

"Have a seat in the waiting area," Phelps said. "I'll see if the commander can take a break from work.."

Thai sat in one of the plastic chairs at the end of the first row. She took her cell phone out and turned it on. No new calls. A news report on the Zenith Memorial situation appeared in her notifications feed. She clicked the square activating the hologram projector. A small nearly clear image of the quiet streets around the hospital appeared over the screen of the phone. The reporter's voice started in.

"...The current situation at Zenith Memorial has changed very little within the past hour and a half. The area around the hospital is still on lockdown and APF is saying it will probably stay that way for the rest of the week. The barrier into the isolation wing has been closed and the area will remain in quarantine until further notice. Patients and staff removed from the hospital are at other locations where they will be held under observation until there is no threat determined. Families will be notified within..."

Thai turned the video off and slid her phone back into her pocket. She sighed and leaned back into her seat. Then closed her eyes, closing herself off from the world for at least a little while.

"You look tired," a female voice said.

Thai opened her eyes. She looked around. A shapely woman with jet black hair sat a few seats away from her. She wore an enormous smile on her face and her bright green eyes seemed to have a glow all on their own. Her beautiful hourglass figure was encased in the laced up baby blue corset that came standard for all state prostitutes. The woman's body was unnatural. She crossed her shapely legs as she held her slender fingers in her lap. Thai squinted at the vision sitting before her.

"Lynn?" the bartender finally asked. "Is that you?"

The smiling woman nodded. She pushed her chest upward causing her already straining breasts to rise and bubble over the tight material that held them in.

"Do you like it?" Lynn asked. She bit her juicy red lips and narrowed her eyes "I've become a whole new person. Even more attractive than before."


Lynn licked her lips still smiling her enormous smile. Then she slid across the chairs into the one next to Thai. She leaned in giving the Asian woman a spectacular view of her enormous breasts. "I'll tell you in the ladies room." she whispered. Then she stood up and sashayed out of the room into the main hall of the government building.

Thai's curiosity got the better of her. She got up from her seat and followed the woman out the same door. She could see the brunette giving her a side glance and a smile as she pushed open the door to the women's bathroom. Thai decided to cross the hall and rush into the ladies room. The door slammed shut behind her. Lynn stood on the other end of the sink area. Thai could see the intensity of her sharp green eyes even from the other end of the bathroom. The woman with the jet black hair held her arms around her heaving chest. Her face with an evil grin.

"I knew you couldn't resist." Lynn said with a slight chuckle. "My allure is way too strong even for you."

Thai didn't notice it before but the room seemed to fill with a strange sweet scent. It was too strong. She could feel her underwear being drenched as her labia puffed up and engorged with blood. Arousal struck her lips and added color to her face. Her breasts chafed under the jacket she wore. The Asian woman held her body as Lynn crept closer. This time the state prostitute opened her arms letting the front of her corset fall to the floor. Lynn stood there under the fluorescent lights in all her snowy beauty. Her perfect, white, cantaloupe sized orbs billowed in the open air jiggling with every movement of her glorious body. Thai couldn't help but stare at the perfect human form standing before her. As the prostitute moved closer she backed toward the door.

"Do you like what you see?" Lynn finally asked.

"Uh..." Thai responded. Her eyes widening with every step the woman took..

"You can have a body like this too."

Before Thai knew it the state prostitute was right on top of her. Surrounding her. Lynn's breath fell on the Asian's neck. Thai could feel the warmth of her tongue on an earlobe. Lynn's voice became heavier, huskier, softer.

"All you have to do is leave everything to me."

Thai turned around to face the newly changed woman. Lynn had her mouth open. a long flesh colored tube was already inching its way from toward the bartender's face. Lynn wrapped her arms around Thai like an anaconda about to eat its prey. The black haired woman leaned in so she could penetrate her victim's lips with her pink protrusion. Thai struggled against the woman but she was too strong. She stomped on the woman's stilettoed foot causing her to release the bartender. Then Thai punched her in the stomach. The tube went back between Lynn's lips as she backed off, hunched over and held her stomach. Thai ran toward the door and nearly bumped into Officer Phelps as she stumbled outside.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Officer Phelps exclaimed reaching an arm out to steady the bartender. "What happened? Are you okay?"

"I'm okay," Thai said a little shaken from her experience in the bathroom. "Just... just had to use the bathroom. Well? Am I able to speak with the commander?"

"I talked with Commander Winters." Officer Phelps replied, "She said she'll be able to speak with you for a couple of minutes. I'm to take you upstairs to her office immediately."

Officer Phelps and Thai went to the area of the hall where the elevators were. He pushed the up arrow button and they stood there waiting for the doors to open. By the Lynn came out of the bathroom fully dressed. As soon as the elevator doors opened Lynn started to hurry over.

"Hold the elevator!" she called running toward the opening doors.

Phelps held the doors open for the state prostitute. Lynn stepped into the elevator and the doors closed behind her. The elevator rose through the different floors. Lynn, Phelps and Thai all faced each other in silence.

"Well this is an interesting situation," Lynn finally said. Even then her voice oozed with sultriness. "Where are you two headed?"

"Official business with the commander," Officer Phelps said after an awkward silence.

"I see," Lynn replied. "I'm heading there too. I want to brief the commander on the information I learned related to the recent disappearances." The tone of her voice lowered. "We could make it a threesome." Lynn grinned as she brushed the top of her bottom teeth with her tongue. She winked at the bartender.

Thai stood there silently eyeing the petite, green eyed beauty. A low growl came from the brunette's body. It didn't sound like it came from her stomach though. It was somewhere above it. A second growl came; slightly different from the first. Lynn covered her mouth as if the growling noises were gas bubbles she was trying to suppress. Her other hand reached around to the knot that held her corset in place.

"Oh dear," the woman said smiling. "I must be hungry. I did miss lunch today."

Thai pulled Greg closer to her. A look of terror crossed her face.

"What?" Greg whispered. "What is it?"

"She's one of them."

"One of what?"

"A mutant...or a monster...I can't explain it well enough."

The growling noises coming from Lynn grew louder. Two separate growls came from her body in unison like two different beasts were fighting it out inside of her. The state prostitute slipped out of her blue corset. She held her perfectly plump, round breasts giving each a squeeze as the growling noises came from them. They seemed to move like they had minds of their own. Lynn looked down as she rubbed her pulsating, undulating breasts. Sweat beaded up across her forehead and dribbled down her cheeks and across her face. The cooling droplet settled between her increasingly active bosom.

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