tagLoving WivesKilts & Cheerleader Skirts

Kilts & Cheerleader Skirts


Kilts and cheerleader skirts, that is what the invitation said and what my wife and I were wearing to her bosses house one crisp Halloween. I was curious about the fact that it also said gentlemen were not to don underwear, which is apparently the proper way to wear kilts. I was, however, out and out suspicious at the fact that under her skimpy cheerleader skirt my wife was as bare-assed as I was.

We were greeted at the door by the bosses wife, a striking, tall blonde that had her own business and, it was said, her own Harley. Beyond her we were treated to a strange sight indeed. All the men in kilts and all the women in cheerleader outfits. I assumed none of the men were wearing underwear and wondered if the women were or were not.

I did not have to wait too long for my answer, our hostess bent over to pick up the car keys that I had carelessly allowed to slip from my hands and I saw a pair of very fine pussy lips just under her bare ass.

My wife had already stepped into the room to greet others, (these were her people), so our hostess stayed bent over longer than necessary to retrieve the keys, making sure I had a good look.

Now I had an idea what the plan for the evening was and could not decide if I was comfortable with it. On the one hand my wife had some fine looking women co-workers that were very fuckable. The bad news is that my wife would say that also applied to some of the men. I was not sure what my reaction would be if I found my wife fucking somebody else.

Now, neither one of us had been pure and faithful, but we were discreet. We never short changed the other of either time or affection. We knew but never talked about it.

I decided that I might reason through the problem better after a few drinks so I grabbed a beer and started to mingle. Most of the ladies were wearing tight cheerleader sweaters and it was obvious none was wearing a bra.

I was cornered by the hostess and one of the vice presidents, a small, reserved looking woman a bit older than me that until tonight I had never met. I was holding my beer in front of me and gesturing with my free hand when the vice president of a multi million dollar corporation seemed to push a tit onto the back of my hand. I was not at all sure what to do about that so I simply left my hand in contact with her breast.

Our conversation continued over mundane things but , from a learned reflex maybe, I squeezed two of my fingers together on each side of the nipple and pinched it. Making no outward acknowledgement of my action she moved closer and pressed more of her tit into my hand.

Meanwhile the hostess was fingering and partially lifting my kilt , asking if it was genuine and commenting on how good I looked in it. She would run her hand over my ass on the pretext of feeling the material

I was getting a very obvious hard on from the ladies assault so I excused my self and went for another beer.

As I mingled through the room I noticed a lot of groping. Some had become bold and I saw several hands were under skirts and under kilts. Then it occurred to me, I had not seen my wife since we came in.

I wandered around the enormous house for a while until I found myself looking into what was likely a guest room. It was large enough to have two full size beds and and was well appointed, but what caught my attention was the couple on one of the beds.

There was a guy at the foot of the bed eating pussy. The man was my wife's boss, the pussy belonged to my wife.

I was riveted to the spot, I could not take my eyes away. I thought that I should be doing something dramatic, violent, loud. Instead I stared and gained a enormous hard on.

Movement behind me momentarily startled me. Arms went around my waist. The bosses wife was watching with me as her husband lapped at my wife's pussy.

She asked me in a whisper, “does that excite you?” . As she asked her hands reached under my kilt and found my very stiff cock.

“Never mind answering”’ she said and led me by the cock to the second bed. Without letting go of my dick she laid down on the bed, lifted her skirt with her free hand, pulled me by the dick until I was positioned above her.

I stabbed her very wet pussy with my cock.

Apparently I had some anger with me for I immediately started trying to fuck her brains out. That is not normally my style. I try to be a gentleman at all times. In all my life I always treated women as ladies and loved them rather than fucked them.

Not now. I plunged as fast and as deep and as hard as I could. I may have seen an orgasm change her expression once maybe twice. I did not care, did not give her time to savor it but kept plunging away. Finally she was overcome by a big orgasm that seemed to roll her eyes to the back of her head . She gave a long, loud moan, shuddered and seemed to lose consciousness for a couple of seconds.

That stopped me. I rolled over and looked at her. Damn, I thought to myself with pride, I really had fucked her brains out .

It took the woman a few minutes to regain her senses. She rolled out of the bed muttering she needed a drink and on very unsteady legs staggered out of the room.

I resisted looking at the other bed, hoping they had been awed by the spectacle. I think they had started fucking when we did, but it was silent over there now.

I did have a problem, I had not cum, had not come close to cumming and I still had the best hardon in years.

I felt someone get onto the bed from its base. I looked as Ms. vice president was straddling me. She reached for my dick and slowly impaled herself with it. Her pussy gripped my dick tightly.

She slowly rose, almost allowing the head to come out, then just as slowly lowered herself to the hilt. She repeated this for a while and then paused, her eyelashes fluttered, and she caught her breath.

It appeared her orgasms were just as quiet as her personality.

I reached under her sweater to play with her tits. She quickly took off the sweater and brought her tits to my mouth. I sucked on one then the other as she squeezed my dick with her pussy. Again she stopped, her eyelashes fluttering, raised her chest away from me and took a deep breath.

As she resumed the pistoning of my dick I felt someone join me in bed. It was my wife. She gave me a passionate kiss and sat up to play with the ladies tits.

I did not know my wife had even considered another woman but I sensed this was not the first time she had sucked on this particular set of tits. She knew exactly what to do and how to drive the lady on. The woman on my cock reached to my wife and whipped her sweater off. She gripped one of the newly exposed breasts which brought a moan from my wife.

My dick and my wife's mouth had the woman on the verge of losing her reserve. Then it was over.

She made a small kitten like sound and simply melted. My wife kissed her profusely as she slumped to the side.

I was on my back with my still erect dick pointing at the ceiling. It was less than a minute later that I felt hair caressing its way up my thighs followed by a mouth engulfing my dick.

I looked to the side and my wife and the vice president were kissing while in a tight embrace. I watched them as I enjoyed my blow job.

The head at my crotch had long silky hair and I could not see her face. She was very good. She would go down to the pubic bone and return upwards until only the head of my dick was in her mouth. She would then repeat the process, each time a little faster.

I had just fucked two pussies but this was what I needed. I hurtled towards my own climax.

I gave her a warning but hoped she would not heed it, unlike my wife, and keep me in her mouth.

I got my wish. She increased the tempo and I came as hard as I ever remembered. Load after load of cum came spurting from my cock and the lady took all of it.

After I was spent she gave some gentle loving to my dick and just as suddenly as she had appeared she was gone. I never saw her face.

I was alone in the bed. While I had been so pleasantly distracted my wife and her lover left the room.

I lay there for a minute and then decided I needed another beer. On my trip to the kitchen I saw that most everyone had dropped any pretense and were sucking and or fucking someone.

The boss was fucking one of the young secretaries while his wife sucked the secretaries husbands cock. One of the accountants was fucking her from behind.

Some of the women made it clear that any part of their body was available to me. But I need some time and a drink. I just went through the room caressing an ass here, pinching a nipple there, pushing a finger into a pussy on occasion, just being sociable.

After I had my beer I again searched for my wife. I found her on the sofa, curled up with Ms. vice president, exchanging kisses and caressing each others tits. I sat on the floor directly in front of them.

We watched the action in unfolding in the room and soon my dick was ready for more action. My wife noticed and she slid to the floor and started to lick it. Ms. vice president slid down to the other side of me and joined my wife in using my dick as a lollipop. When their mouths met at the head of my dick they would exchange a kiss.

I asked my wife, “how long have you two been lovers?’

They both stopped their ministrations of my dick and placed their heads on my thighs.

Her answer surprised me.

She said, ”ten years”.

That was five years before we were married!

My wife sat up and looked me. “ Her name is Angela”, she continued, “ and I love her nearly as much as I love you”.

The look in her eyes told me that this was her deepest secret and my reaction was of tremendous importance to her. She bit her lip. Angela sat up next me. She appeared anxious.

I leaned over and said “ Hi Angela”, then kissed her full on the lips. She returned my kiss with warmth. I then kissed my wife. Her kiss tasted a bit salty. I had kissed a tear. I saw two more tears and kissed them away too.

We were still sitting on the floor, our backs to the sofa.They sandwiched my body between theirs I had an arm around each and caressed two very different tits. The ladies were playing softly with my dick.

While we had been distracted someone had commandeered the couch and were fucking right behind our heads.

A young lady came to us, looked at my wife and said. “you promised”.

I recognized her hair. She had been the one that sucked me off earlier.

My wife said, “this is my secretary, Tracy. I did promise her that you would fuck her.”

“Glad to” I said politely.

Tracy was already on the floor, her legs spread displaying a recently eaten pussy. I positioned myself above her.

My wife came over, grabbed my dick and guided it into Tracy’s waiting cunt. As soon as I was in she gave Tracy a kiss on the lips, then gave me one. Angela came over and kissed Tracy on the lips, then kissed me. The two then sat back, hugging each other, and watched me fuck Tracy.

I took my time. With each stroke I would almost come all the way out of her pussy, leaving just the head in, then impaled her with as slow a motion as I could muster. She had her first orgasm on just my third trip in.

She urged me to speed up but I would not. She would thrust her pussy at my dick to get it into her faster but I would pull back to deny her. She started to thrash, I suddenly thrust deep and hard. She came again.

She caught her breath. I resumed the slow motion fuck. She started to plead. “Please fuck me, please. Just fuck me.”

So, for the second time tonight I tried to fuck somebodies brains out.

I began full, hard deep strokes. Several times the head of my dick felt cold air and dove back into the pussy. Tracy was having one climax right after the other. My wife and Angela came over and posted themselves on either side of Tracy and each took a nipple into their mouth. Tracy screamed. Her body went into spasms of as one large orgasm overtook her and bathed her with ecstasy.

I pulled out before cumming, my wife was on her hands and knees with a tit still in her mouth. I scooted behind her and entered her doggie style. For the first time in our marriage I truly fucked my wife, hard. We climaxed very hard, together.

I collapsed. I heard applause. An older woman said, “me next”.

My wife said, “you will have to wait until the Christmas party”.

It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath. I made it to the now unoccupied couch and was joined by my wife, Angela, and Tracy.

The party seemed to have run its course. All the men appeared to be out of ammunition. I knew I was.

I forced myself to stand and stretch, more than ready to go home.

As the ladies stirred to leave my wife spoke. “Honey, Angela does not want to go home to an empty house, can she come home with us?”

In a small pleading voice Tracy said, “ I live alone”.

My wife and Angela gathered Tracy to them and looked at me.

I was enjoying the moment. Three gorgeous women, of different ages and sizes, topless, and they all wanted to go home with me.

As I said, I always try to be a gentleman.

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