tagLesbian SexKim and Andrea

Kim and Andrea


Kim and Andrea had been dating for almost six weeks. About half of those days Kim woke up and thought of herself as the luckiest girl in the world. The other half, she woke and waited for the shoe to drop. After all, she knew she was not anywhere near Andrea's league, and assumed it was just a matter of time before Andrea came to her senses.

When she thought this, it was not intended as a knock on herself. Kim was shy and disinclined to show off, but she wasn't totally lacking in confidence. She was a social work major, and she was good at it because she put the needs of others first, but was also smart enough to know how to think through people's situations rationally rather than just respond from her heart. She'd had a few girlfriends in the past, and they had always told her the same thing: "They don't come any sweeter or smarter thank you, Kimmie." Even so, social work was hardly a track to success. It was not about ambition or achievement. It was honorable and endearing, but not particularly attractive.

Nor did Kim have stunning beauty to compensate. She was pretty in a plain, ordinary way. About five-ten, she was thin with an unremarkable but not unappealing figure. Her complexion was fair and clean, but there was nothing striking about her lips or her brown eyes. Her hair was soft and long, her loose curls worn in a half-pony tail almost every day -- she thought it was a boring style for hair that was a dull, uninspiring dark brown. She was on the pretty side, but didn't stand out in a room. She counted on a cute, dimpled smile to work all her magic.

Andrea was a whole other kind of girl. Andrea was a dual major in business and international studies. She was smart enough to do complex statistics in her head and confident enough to do so off-the-cuff in front of large groups of people. Her life plan? To convert a highly successful pair of side-project business into well-endowed not-for-profit agencies helping with agricultural implementations in rural, arid locations overseas. She had ambition, talent, and the sort of intentions that no one could fault.

On top of all that, Andrea was one in a million sexy. She was no taller than 5'4", but it was hard to tell for sure because she usually wore spike heels that were three inches high and higher. She was tan with eyes the color of a clear mountain lake and a playful head of light blonde hair that she cut at the level of her chin. Her waist was thinner than Kim's, but her breasts were larger. Her hips were perfectly round, making her backside a perfect half-sphere with cheeks that were so firmly muscles that the cleft between them was invariably obvious.

Kim was pretty sure why Andrea was with her. Andrea had never dated a girl before. Kim was a nice enough, pretty enough, utterly non-threatening starter-girlfriend for a smoking hot bi chick who could, in the end, win over absolutely anyone she cared to.

At the beginning of their sixth week together, Kim had confessed her love to Andrea. Andrea had not hesitated about responding in kind. Kim was trying her hardest to just feel lucky and blessed, to feel extra special for having such an amazing girlfriend, but as the days went on she found herself more and more feeling frustrated and confused. By the end of the sixth week, she had managed to convince herself that Andrea was just being polite and was probably on the verge of breaking up for a better girl.

She confessed the fears to Bethany, her roommate, and Bethany wasn't buying it. "Kim, yes, Andrea's drop dead gorgeous. I get that. I may be straight, but I get that she's hot. But think about this: she could literally take any guy on campus that she wanted to bed. Any guy. But she's tired of that scene. Maybe she's exploring the queer lifestyle because she wants to be less superficial. She wants to be loved for more than her hotness, and she wants to look beneath rock hard muscles and big penises to love someone for who they are inside. Maybe, Kim, she doesn't care that you're not super hot because she sees your inside."

"Bethany," Kim said stiffly. "Bethany, believe it or not, being told that you agree that I'm not hot and not in her league . . . Doesn't really help."

"But I said --"

"I know what you said. But my body and my face are part of me. I don't want the girl I love to have to look past them. I want her to look at them. Love me, love my body, that's the deal."

"Maybe you're asking too much of any one person."

"Okay, Bethany, you can just stop helping now."

It was probably a week after that, that Kim decided to broach the subject with Andrea. They were sitting on a bench, holding hands and kissing softly. They hadn't gone any farther than that. Kim had only ever gone a little farther than that with any girl. Andrea never had. Their kisses were invariably magical. They tasted sweet and were unusually sensual. Kim's lips were soft and her tong very wet and slippery. Andrea's lips were firmer, her tongue strong as a dart. When they combined it was an explosion of opposites.

When they took a break from the mouth work, Andrea leaned on the taller girl's shoulder and slipped an arm around behind her waist. Kim leaned her cheek against the top the blonde's head.

"When we kiss it's so easy for me to believe that you love me," she said.

"I do."

"You're so much better than I am," Kim lamented. "In every way. I know you're just trying things out with me. Seeing if you can hack this two-girl stuff."

Andrea sat up and spun her. "What did you just say?"

Kim repeated it, word for word, but could not bring herself to meet the other girl's eyes.

"If," Andrea said icily, "I were better than you in every way, I would definitely not be using you like some fucking princess playing dyke for a day."

No response was forthcoming from Kim. She winced, knowing that what Andrea said was true. She closed her eyes and pulled in on herself. She had been doing a brutal disservice to someone she said she loved.

Andrea wasn't content with what she had already said. "What kind of shallow, whoring bitch do you think I am? You think you're, what, my practice pussy?"

Kim still could say nothing. Her eyes shut even more tightly. She pulled even further in on herself.

"I could feel pretty justified about breaking up with you right fucking now," Andrea growled. "But," she went on, her voice softening, even though her face did not, "I love you way too much to do that. Kimmie, I shouldn't have to prove my love to you, but --"

"I'm sorry," Kim croaked, still not opening her eyes.

"But," Andrea said again, more firmly, "I'm going to. If you choose to doubt me, if you don't want to trust me ... those things are up to you. But if I haven't shown you enough that I truly love you, then that's on me. So I'm going to prove it."

"Andrea . . . "

"I mean it. In three days, it's your veggieversary. Fifteen years without eating meat. It's your biggest holiday. I'm in charge of the celebration. Got it?"

Kim blushed with both appreciation and shame. Most of her friends who were not vegetarians made fun of her celebrating her veggieversary. One of her old girlfriends had supported it, but not understood just how important it was to her. It was more than her birthday, more than her Christmas, because it celebrated a choice she herself had made. It was, to Kim, a celebration of her human will. And Andrea understood that. Which touched Kim's heart, and made her embarrassed about how she'd been thinking.

Andrea leaned in and pressed her lips to her girlfriend's forehead. "I love you, Kimmie."

"I love you too, Andrea, and I'm so --"

"It's done," Andrea interjected, kissing her mouth. "No more apologies."

The emotion of the moment really heated up the kiss and soon they were going at it quite heavily, right there on the bench. Their lips were a wet mess of passion. Eyes were wide open. Every time they moved apart to catch their breath, strings of saliva stretched between their mouths.

Soon they were moaning into the kiss, as it grew heavier and more obscene. At one point Andrea sucked Kim's tongue so far into her throat that she actually choked.

They were breathing rough. Their faces were turning red.

And then Kim's hand moved from Andrea's side to cup the swelling side of her breast. It was the first such contact, even through clothing, and both girls moaned. Kim took it as encouragement and began massaging her girlfriend's breast, feeling the nipple harden even through bra and top. Andrea returned the favor with even more fervor, palming the front of her lover's breast and playing with it roughly.

"Oh, Kimmie," she gasped. She'd never touched another girl's breast. She hadn't known quite what to expect.

"Andrea," Kim panted, "I won't apologize again, but I want you to know that I do trust you."

"I'm glad," the blonde purred, squeezing the brunette's breast so hard she almost snapped the bra.

"And if you wanted to . . . go all the way tonight . . . I wouldn't stop you."

Andrea removed her hand from Kim's breast. Then, blue eyes staring into brown eyes with intensity and focus, she tucked that hand between Kim's legs, feeling her warmth through her blue jeans. She gave it a little grope and squeeze. She hummed with delight. That was another first for her. But then she winked and smiled. "I told you I was in charge of celebrating your veggieversary, didn't I?"

Kim blushed again, but her face was transformed by her dimpled smile. "Yes."

"You're going to love your present."

Those three days couldn't have gone quickly enough for Kim. Every moment before she got to open that promised present dragged like an eternity. She knew that Andrea had a whole evening planned, but she didn't know any details. She was told on the day itself that she was supposed to dress "sexy-formal," and that was all she knew.

Kim didn't really have anything that qualified as sexy formal, in her mind, but she asked Bethany and Bethany's boyfriend Jake to help evaluate. In the end, she wore a very snug burgundy dress that didn't show any cleavage and went down to mid-calf. The consensus was that the color was dramatic for her, and the tight fit emphasized her lean-ness without making her look skinny or figureless.

"I know you don't think so," Jake had said, "but you have a cute body."

Bethany had swatted him, but Kim had thanked him. She wore formal pumps with the dress and did just a little bit with her hair. She had Bethany help with her makeup, because she didn't normally wear much. She wanted to look a bit more glamorous, but not unnatural, and her roommate was able to help that happen.

When Andrea picked her up, it was a mutual adoration society. Andrea definitely confirmed everything they'd thought about the dress and more. Kim, for her part, was absolute blown away by Andrea. The shorter girl was wearing black spikes, at least four inches tall, and a black skirt that went nearly to her ankles but was tighter than most pants, which was almost dangerous on her amazing backside. Above the waist, she was in a shimmery turquoise halter top that looked like it could barely contain her breasts, which were not obscenely large but were larger than average for her overall size. Black bra straps occasionally peaked out under the halter's straps, and made Kim wonder about the color of the panties. And, as always, Andrea's makeup was perfect.

Kim had abandoned her doubts on that bench, but the evening that Andrea designed would certainly have obliterated any to which she might have clung. Dinner was a Mediterranean restaurant that Kim loved but Andrea despised -- a thoughtful nod that was much appreciated, as it was not asked for. After that a walk through town that started as a guided tour by Andrea of all the places that had sentimental value for the young couple. It was sweet and romantic.

Then she walked them to an ice cream stand that was closed for the night. "This," Andrea said, "was where I first started loving you from afar."

Kim couldn't decided whether to giggle or hide her face, so she did both.

"It's true," Andrea insisted. "I was getting ice cream right here. You were over there." She pointed to a phone booth. Kim knew it well, but she was shocked that anybody had seen that. Andrea had seen and memorized it. "Some lady that you didn't know was in there crying. You offered her a tissue and then you hung there with her, while she got the news of her brother's death, and you gave her a shoulder to cry on. A random person in a phone booth, who didn't even try to get your attention. I fell in love with in you."

"Oh, Andrea."

"You're going to be saying that a lot tonight," the blonde flirted.

Kim just went with the giggle that time.

They walked for another little ways and stopped at a small park where bands often played. "You're going to laugh," Andrea said, "but this is where loving you from afar became also lusting after you from afar."

"Say what?" Kim laughed.

"I told you you would laugh." Andrea was not offended; she was smiling. "We were here separately for a concert. I don't remember who. Anyway, you were wearing these tight, ripped jeans, and . . . damn girl. I hadn't realized how cute your butt was, or how sexy little teasing flashes of your legs would be. You were hot."

Kim's heart was racing. "I want to flash you more than my legs."

Andrea pulled her close. "I went home that night and started telling my roommate all about you. I got so hot thinking about you again and describing you that I couldn't help touching myself, even though I was on the top bunk, right above my roommate. I kept thinking about what was under those jeans. And then I started thinking about all that gorgeous hair of yours, spilled over my lap. My roommate was wide awake, but I got off anyway."

"I want to get you off so bad," Kim said, caressing the magnificent curves of her backside through the tight skirt.

Kim squeezed Andrea's butt with two hands. "I'm gonna make you cum so hard you forget what masturbating ever felt like." She kissed the taller girl's throat. "Normally I'm really good at foreplay, but since you're my first girl, I might not be so controlled."

"I don't want control, I want you."

"So are you ready?"

"So ready I think I might explode."

"Trust me, Kimmie, you will definitely explode."

The walking tour was over. They went back to Andrea's car as quickly as they could without running, and while they paused in the front seat for a few minutes of aggressive kissing, they managed to contain their urges and wait to go any further than that.

Andrea drove about twenty minutes until they were out of town, and another fifteen minutes through the country. She finally pulled up next to a rolling pasture. "The blanket's in the trunk."

Kim was almost literally in tears. She had told Andrea long ago that she had this silly fantasy that she knew would always be a fantasy, about losing her virginity under the stars.

As soon as the blanket was down on the grass, it was as if an official had fired a starter's pistol. The two girls were kissing and rolling around, groping each other's bodies, clutching at one other's clothes, and grunting and moaning crazily.

Andrea's top was off first and Kim's mouth was immediately on the other girl's breasts, even as her hands were immediately on the bra, removing it. She'd kissed one other girl's breasts, but they were nothing like Andrea's, which were large for the small girl and very smooth and firm. Kim was so excited from kissing them that she thought she might cum just from that. The way they felt to suck on, they way they tasted. They way her nipples looked as they got hard. It was all so sensual. She could have sucked on them for hours.

It was eventually time for turnabout, though, and that required the removal of Kim's dress. Kim fought against it a little, but Andrea demanded her turn to taste a little tit. Kim stood nervously on the blanket, and Andrea, topless and shoeless, but otherwise fully dressed stood behind her. She slowly, sensually lowered the zipper on the back of the dress. Down from neck, gradually tracing her spine between her shoulder blades, lower, lower . . .

Andrea stifled a gasp. There was no bra strap. Biting her lip, Andrea resumed lowering the zip. Down, along her spine. Into the lumbar curve, swooping along her lower back, and curving back out along her backside . . .

Another gasp, not stifled. Where the zipper stopped, just at the top of Kim's butt, Andrea was seeing adorable, perfect, smooth flesh. Not panties.

Andrea slipped her hands inside the dress, wrapping them around the front of her girlfriend. She kissed her exposed spine while her fingers danced on her soft, delicate tummy. Andrea hummed, sending pleasant vibes up and down Kim's spine, and as goosebumps were raised, her hands also were raised slowly up the front of her girlfriend's body, inside the unzipped dress. Where they touched soft, sensitive little breasts, unencumbered by a bra.

The nipples were hard. The skin around them extra delicate. Andrea kissed Kim's back aggressive as she massaged the breasts. Kim moaned.

"My naughty girlfriend didn't wear a bra," Andrea teased. She began dragging her mouth down the other girl's spine, slowly pulling the dress down. "What else did my naughty girlfriend not wear?"

Kim offered no answer beyond another moan.

Soon Andrea was on her knees behind Kim, lowering the dress, exposing her naked hips and backside. The blonde covered them eagerly with kisses. Kim had never felt anything like it. It was more exciting than she could have ever imagined to finally feel another girl's lips on her flesh, making love to her body. It was so exciting that she could already feel how wet she was.

Kim was done waiting. She had always imagined a slow, sweet sweet love-making session for her first, but the dress was around her ankles and she was feeling too needy. She slowly bent over until she was grabbing those same ankles, presenting her womanhood to her girlfriend.

Andrea made some kind of noise and dragged her mouth down Kim's backside, to the top of her thighs. She then began rubbing her face back and forth, mouth open, caressing herself on her girlfriend's body. For a moment, she simply moaned and sighed. Finally she said, "You're so beautiful, Kim, so beautiful."

Kim looked between her legs at her girlfriend's breasts hanging freely. It was very erotic.

Andrea moaned again. "Kimmie you smell so good, I had no idea."

The brunette, her hair hanging down, piling on the blanket below her whimpered helplessly. Andreas's hands were clutching at her hips to keep her steady. Kim was limber and flexible but under the power of sexual arousal would not be able to maintain this position for long.

For her part, Andrea was far from a virgin. Kim was her first woman, but she was experienced and so very confident in herself, and in the act of sex itself. While she was nervous about her first time as a lesbian, she had the freedom of her experience and confidence to make her bold.

"Never doubt," Andrea said softly, kissing the top of Kim's thigh, right below her cute bottom, "that I love all of you." She kissed the top of Kim's other thigh. "Mind." She drew abstract patterns with her tongue on her lover's creamy thighs. "Heart." She bit gently at each thigh. "And body." At last, her mouth made contact with Kim's virginity.

A sound Kim wasn't aware of making emanated from deep within her body. Her head jerked back at the sudden onset of unfamiliar pleasure. She stared at the moon through the veil of her hair as her girlfriend's mouth savored her.

All the times Kim had rubbed herself. All the times she had ready dirty stories. The few times she had even watched pornographic videos. She had never realized what this would feel like. She had known it would be good, and she had thought that her own wet, oily fingers might approximate the feeling. They did not.

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