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Kim & Me


I guess I first got interested in wetting my panties at an early age, too. I remember growing up on our farm, and alot of the time I would be left to my own for long periods of time. Summer was the best time of the year. Mum and dad would sometimes go to town for 1 or 2 days, and I could pretend that I was all by myself - not at all hard, considering I was!

I had always had a secret fascination with making my panties wet, I guess I didn't really grow out of doing it. I would go for walks in the summer heat by the creek, and play in the water and catch eels and things. My favourite "game" to play was to take all my clothes off except my panties, then I would sit down on a warm sunny rock and sunbath. When you were the only person around for many miles, and many days, it was easy to do stuff like that. When I felt I needed to go to the toilet, I would hold it and hold it until I became so so desperate that any movement would force a small spurt out! And that spurt would send tingles through me, making me twitch, which would make me go some more, and then more, and then I would totally flood myself, often crying with the release as it felt so good!

I loved it.

Or I would lie in the warm grass, often on a slope with my head on the down-side. Then I would lie back and let it my pee build up. When I was about to explode, I would close my eyes and hold my pussy through the material of my panties, then totally force it all out as fast as I could. Mmmmm, feeling all my pee running out through the panties, splashing against my hand and then running down under my bum and downhill under my back was such a feeling! I didn't really know why back then, but it felt so sexy and such a relief to do it. I didn't learn to add masturbation to my play until I was about just into my teens.

One hot summer not long after my 18th birthday, I remember a wonderful cousin came to visit at the farm. She was my age and we got on really well, our playing getting quite rowdy and usually ending up with us covered in dirt and looking like the wild Amazons.

We were out the very back of the farm one really hot summer day, sitting on the stones of an almost dry creek bed as it struggled to keep the heat at bay. I don't remember how the conversation veered towards it, but I told her about my peeing in my panties for fun. She was so curious about it, and I agreed I would show her. I can remember her mischeviously asking me "When, when?!" with this amazed look in her eye. I suddenly felt really excited and my breath became short and my tummy just crawled and flopped around.

I looked around, more out of reflex than expecting any one else to be there, then said to Kim, "Watch this!" I sat back onto my knees on the rocks and readied myself. Then, watching Kim's face and her intense concentration which made me even more excited, I felt my pee shyly begin to flow into my panties. I was wearing rough jeans cut-offs, so it was a second or so before they darkened at the crotch and built up to the point of bursting through. Then it was running down my legs. As usual, I felt in heaven as my bladder emptied, but this time the sexual thrill was intensified due to Kim watching. It was all I could do to hold back from feeling myself and the wetness in my panties.

"Wow! That was soooo cool!" Kim crooned, "What did it feel like?"

"All warm and really nice. Sort of like touching yourself, without actually doing it." I said. As the day was so hot I knew my pants would be dry in about half an hour, so as they did I told Kim all about my experiences.

Kim was quite breathless when I finished, and I asked her if she wanted to try it. She seemed to think for a second or so, then asked if we would get found out. I said no, as we were miles from anyone, and the day was so hot, we could wash our clothes in the stream if we had to and dry them easily. I knew Kim was a dare-devil, and she proved it by grinning and asking me what to do. After some thinking, I decided that since it was her first time she should take it easy and do something simple. I got her to take her denim min-skirt off and sit on a big sun-warmed (actually hot!) rock. Then I sat down cross-legged in front of her so I could see, and told her to just relax and just act like she was on the toilet. She giggled a lot and tried hard for a while, but absolutely nothing happened. After a while of nothing, I said that if she did it, I would do it again too. That made her try harder, which I think made it worse too.

Finally, after another few minutes, I had an idea. I went to the stream and got some water in my mouth. Going back to my seat, I leant forward and squirted it into her cupped hands. That really worked, because she laughed and concentrated on the water and it naturally made her want to go. I watched as her first squirt of pee darkened her pink panties, spreading slowly out to the elastic legs, then ran down her crotch. Brazened by her first little bit, Kim pushed again and was almost surprised by the way it shot out then ran out over the rock. I was so excited! I had never seen this before with someone else, and it was so great. Kim was smiling and saying it felt so nice, and we both watched as her pee slowed to a trickle. Then it was my turn again. My pants were almost dry, so I took them off. My panties weren't totally dry, but they looked it. They were green I think. I sat down on the rock right in the puddle of Kim's pee - I felt it soak into the material of my panties and wet my bum, and that excited me more. Kim watched me again as I relaxed and slowly peed about half as much as she did.

Our panties were now wet and felt so nice to sit in. We both laughed and played in the stream, splashing until we were both soaked. Then we sunbathed by the stream until we were dry, and set off home talking about what we did and how neat it was.

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