tagIncest/TabooKim Ch. 02

Kim Ch. 02


Note from Slickman: Sorry it's taken me so long but here we go. You should read Kim Ch. 01 to get up to date. All rights reserved.


"So how was the movie?" Joy asked when they walked into the darkened family room. Since Kim had asked her to sleep over she had grabbed a very short and almost sheer baby doll nightie from Kim's dresser. The matching light blue thong did little to hide her shaven pussy mound and pink cones.

"Jesus Joy," Kim said when she saw her girlfriend's dark nipples through the material and the obvious slit of her probably damp pussy through the panties. "I have robes upstairs too."

"It's just your father," Joy grinned as she pushed her soft mounds outward.

"Well, I'm getting changed too," Kim said with a jealous look as she moved past her dad and up the stairs.

"Good," Joy said as she stood and posed. His wide open eyes told her that he could see just about everything she had. "Why Mr. Reynolds," she whispered as she moved up to him and rubbed her fingers along his belt buckle. "I think I'm turning you on." Her blue eyes looked up into his brown ones as she pushed down his zipper and pushed her thin fingers inside. She found his still damp prick and squeezed it.

"JOY......COME UP HERE FOR A MINUTE!" Kim yelled from the top of the stairs.

"See you later," she giggled as her sticky fingers escaped from his pants.

"Shit," John thought as he watched her almost naked buttocks move up the stairs. He had gone from no sex to more sex than his mind could take. As he watched Joy his mind moved back to his daughter on the video and how she had sucked Jake dry. Since his wife had never given him head the thought of Kim's lips on his cock was causing him to get as hard as he could remember.


Joy pushed open the bedroom door and saw Kim standing naked.

"You're wearing my sexiest nightgown," Kim said upset.

Joy saw the gleam in her eyes. "You two did something at the movies...didn't you?"

"Yes.........but not as much as I wanted," Kim said looking into her dresser draw. She pulled out a long black negligee that had a sheer stripe across the left breast. "Do you think he will like this?"

"Yes, now what did you do in the movie?"

Kim pulled the nightgown over her head and smoothed it down her body. Her left breast and pink nipple was completely visible. "Well.......we watched a young couple making out and he touched me. But, he got uptight and went to the restroom. When he returned I jerked him off. You're right about him being big...GOD!"

"What else?"

"Nothing," Kim smiled.

"Geez........do you think he will do more with you?"

"I'm not sure........he was really nervous."

"What about tonight? What do you want me to do?"

"Let's go downstairs and tease the hell out of him. You sit on the sofa with him and touch him as much as possible. When you get him so hot he can't turn you down I'll leave and come up here but then sneak back down and watch you fuck him."

"That's all? You want me to fuck him. What about you?"

"I just want to watch tonight. Maybe later you can come to my bed and tell me all about it." Kim whispered while she tickled Joy's hard nip.

"Is that all you want me to do in your bed?" Joy giggled.

"Of course not. I'm so horny right now I want to rip that nightgown off of you."

"Sorry," Joy smiled. "I get to fuck your father first." She leaned forward and kissed Kim with her open mouth while squeezing her soft round ass.


John knew the girls were plotting something but really didn't care. Joy had promised him a good time and after his thing with his daughter he was ready for anything. He heard them giggling as they rushed down the stairs to find him sitting alone on one end of the sofa. Joy immediately moved to the middle next to him.

John didn't know which girl to look at first. Joy's near nakedness was very apparent through the sheer nightie and Kim's left breast was very visible through the sheer strip pattern in her nightgown. His prick was already hard so seeing them like this only pushed his slacks higher.

"What's on?" Joy asked while pretending to be interested in the TV program. She grinned at Kim and moved her body down on the sofa with her feet very near John's leg. As she leaned back the nightie pulled up her pink thighs almost to her damp junction.

"Uh...........I'm not...........sure," John answered. His eyes were glued to the pink shadows under the nightie. He had remembered she had been wearing a matching thong but was not really sure at the moment. He did remember from the video that Joy's pussy was shaven.

Kim's eyes were on her father's bulge as her girlfriend wiggled around on the sofa next to him. Joy was doing a good job of giving him some peeks without exposing her sex or ass to him. Her father had turned his body slightly to get a better angle and it was then that Joy's legs opened just enough for his eyes to see the pink glistening pussy lips.

"I am so tired," Joy said as she closed her eyes and leaned back against the sofa edge. Her legs opened more to the point the cooler air felt good on her inferno slit. As her body moved horizontal her legs stretched out until her feet touched his hard thigh.

"Me too," Kim said. "I'm going to bed." She stood and smiled at them both before turning and wiggling her ass out of the room.

John smiled while his hand dropped softly to Joy's ankle. She moved at first contact but then relaxed while his fingers caressed the soft skin. She was about to open her legs more but he beat her to it by gently pulling her ankle upward and outward until he lowered it on his raging hard-on.

Joy could feel his hot eyes on her thighs and under her silky covering. Her eyes slowly opened to match her legs as they opened almost two feet. Her dripping inner lips were now exposed as was her swollen clitoris and wanton hole. When her fingers moved to pull the covering up over her bald pussy he looked up into her eyes of need. "I want you," she whispered.

John quickly looked at the stairway. "Let's go upstairs."

"No," Joy grinned as she sat upright and moved over next to him. "She won't bother us."

John wasn't sure if his daughter was would come back down and didn't care. Just the thought of Kim watching him fuck Joy greatly raised his libido.

Kim grinned as she peeked down the stairs to see Joy's head in front of his face and her girlfriend's fingers releasing his belt and pushing down his zipper. Her own hand slowly pushed gently between her moist thighs. Even though she had touched his huge penis in the theater she was not prepared when Joy's finger jerked it out into the open and started stroking up and down its length. She wished it was her fingers milking the monster.

"I want it," Joy said without bothering with foreplay. She pushed her thong down and off before throwing her leg over his hips. From this position she knew Kim could see his long hard prick push up into her quim.

"OH GOD!" Joy cried out as his thick pole disappeared up into her hot hole. Never had she had one this big before. It felt so good she had to scream as well as let Kim know how great it was. "Mr. Reynolds it feels soooooooooo good."

"I think you can call me John," he laughed while pounding her young pussy. As good as she was he was really thinking about his daughter and how she had jerked him off. Just the thought made him fuck Joy faster and harder.

"OH MY GOD..........I'M GOING TO......................CUM!!!! Joy screamed. Kim climaxed at the same time and hurried up to her bedroom.

It was almost five minutes later when Kim saw the door open and watched her girlfriend's body come into the bedroom. She smiled when she saw she was naked because she too had undressed in anticipation of them satisfying each other.

"God Kim...it was unbelievable," Joy said while pressing her soft breasts into Kim's smaller ones. "He wanted me to sleep with him tonight but I had promised you." Joy's hand moved down over Kim's navel and pubic mound. She found the clit standing and ready for action.

"I think he wants to fuck you too," Joy whispered before sucking in Kim's hard tiny nipple.

"Why did he say something?" Kim asked. She picked up Joy's lips from her nip.

"He said your name once by mistake as he fucked me," Joy giggled.

"Oh God," Kim said before smiling. "Please........" She pushed Joy's head lower until the other woman's lips sucked in her raised joy button.


"Wow," John said as Joy walked from the room naked. That was one hot woman. He was so tired and exhausted from his session in the movie and now with Joy. He barely made it to his room and on the bed before his body collapsed.



John heard her voice and opened his eyes to see his beautiful daughter sitting on the bed next to him. "Good morning," he managed to get out while rubbing his eyes. The light was coming through the windows which meant it was morning. He wondered it he had been dreaming about Kim jerking him off and then Joy fucking him. "Is....Joy still here?"

"No she had to leave early to get to work." Kim was only wearing her bra and half-slip. "I need to dress and get to work myself. Are you awake enough to watch Annie?"

"Yes," he said while moving back to sit on the bed next to her. "Kim...about last night."

"Didn't you enjoy it?" She asked sadly.


Kim pulled the sheet down until it folded up at his knees. Her fingers fished into the opening and rubbed over his soft noodle. "I've got a few minutes." She felt him stirring and rubbed over the larger crown.

"Shit," he said while closing his eyes and leaning back against the headboard. It had been dark in the movies and under the sweater he did not witness her fingers around his shaft. "I can't take much more of this."

She giggled and pulled it out into the open. It looked even bigger up close. Her tiny hand tried to circle it but came up really short. "Do you want me to do more than just touch it?" She whispered as she stroked him up and down.

"No......" he somehow managed to say.

"What if I kiss it?" she giggled while leaning over to gently peck at the purple knob. "Can I do that?"

"Geez..." He knew he should say no but no sound came from his mouth.

"Can I lick it?" She asked while moving her tongue around the raised ridge that circled the spongy tip.

"Ahhh," he groaned while opening his own mouth in anticipation of her doing it. She didn't ask for permission as her damp lips covered with his pre-cum opened as wide as they could to engulf him. "AHHH!"

Kim marveled at the size and girth as her lips moved down almost two inches before moving back upward. It was all she could take in her petite mouth. She wanted so bad to try it out in her moist pussy but knew he was not ready just yet. First the hand job and then the blow job. Finally the marvelous fuck. Since she could take all of him inside her mouth she pulled it off and licked up and down the sides and then sucked in one of his massive balls. As she moved from nut to nut she stroked him.

John was totally lost now and had forgotten she was his daughter. He wanted her to make him cum and wanted to touch her.

Kim figured it would only be her doing the touching and kissing so when his hand moved to her bare thigh under her slip she looked down. Her free hand pulled her silky skirt upward just in front of his fingers until he pushed into her totally wet pussy mound. As her lips opened again to engulf the tip again her fingers pulled her panties to the side. Two seconds later his middle finger invaded her hot and horny sex.

"Ohhh," Kim moaned. Her mouth moved off and she slipped off her panties as she moved on top of him. She wanted to go for the marvelous fuck.

"Put it in," Kimmie whispered in John's ear as she held her opened cunt over his swollen tip.

"Jesus Kimmie....we can't do..........this," he said as he lifted her small body off of his and slipped out from under her.

Kim took a deep breath and realized she had gone too fast. Her fingers immediately returned to his hard-on but he pried them off. "Let me make you happy."

"I'm afraid you will make me too happy and we will regret it," John said as he pulled the sheet up over his rocket. "Let's think about this."

"We can talk about it later," she said smiling. She stood and took her time putting back on her panties. "Don't do anything today I wouldn't do." She was up and out of the room before he could reply.

After Kim and Annie left John took a shower and while still in his robe moved back into Kim's bedroom. He pulled out the videos and put in the number four video into the player. At first he thought the video was tame because it showed a large hotel lobby area. The camera panned all around and then focused on a woman standing by the registration desk. "Janet!" Kim's voice yelled. John watched as she turned and waved. The next scene showed a huge indoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool and showed Janet walking ahead of the camera into the women's locker room.

Janet stood by one of the shower stalls and slowly pulled down one of her one-piece bathing suit shoulder straps. "Now you better not show this to anyone in the office."

"Come on baby...take it off," Kim's voice said followed by a laugh.

John sat back and watched as she slowly removed her suit and stood naked before Kim. "Now you take yours off," Janet said while walking towards the camera. The picture moved downward until Janet took the camera and then John saw his daughter standing in the locker room smiling. He opened his robe and grabbed his hard-on while Kim did a slow and very erotic strip. The camera followed her into the shower and filmed her while she slowly soaped every inch of her body. After she was done Kim filmed Janet doing the same thing. Not much else happened as they filmed each other getting their suits back on but the next scene was in a hotel room.

"This is for you Jake," Kim's face said looking into the camera. As she moved back from the camera John could make out a large bed and then a naked Janet lying on the bed. Kim's body moved up next to her and they started kissing and touching. Seeing two women, especially one of them being his daughter, quickly brought John over the edge. He turned off the VCR and moved down to eat his breakfast.

After picking up Annie John took her to a local park that had some swings and slides. He realized a lot of young women hung out there as well who had smaller children. They looked as bored as him as they pushed the children on the swings or watched them getting dirty in the sand box. While Annie and another little girl played together in the sand John sat on a nearby bench next to the other girl's mother.

"Your daughter is very cute," the woman said to John.

"Oh no....she's my granddaughter," John corrected very quickly. "I think your daughter is cute also. My name is John."

"Denise," the woman said holding out her hand. John saw her large diamond band on her other hand.

"Hey, I was planning on taking Annie to the ice cream shop over there across the street. Would you and your daughter like to join us?" John asked.

"Well......." She said hesitating. Denise figured going with this nice older man wouldn't be a problem. "Sure, it is getting pretty hot out." She stood to get her daughter Lori while John pulled Annie from the sand. They wiped off as much dirt and sand as possible and headed to the ice cream shop.

After they entered the shop John got a better chance to check out Denise's body. She was slightly overweight but most of the extra weight was in her hips. Her short dark hair framed her cute face with deep brown eyes. Her chest was well proportioned for her weight and height and when she leaned over to change Lori's diaper he got to see the white thong she was wearing.

"So how long have you been married?" John asked after getting the kids into booster seats.

"Three years," Denise smiled. "I didn't get married until I was thirty." She wanted him to know she was not that young. John saw her looking at his bare ring finger.

"I'm divorced. Annie belongs to my daughter Kim." After ordering and getting their ice creams they spent the next hour telling each other their live histories. By then the kids were covered with ice cream. Denise had told John that her husband traveled a lot and since they had only moved to the area six months ago she didn't have many friends.

"They really like being with each other," Denise said while watching Annie and Lori laughing and playing. "You know my apartment is on the next block. Would you two like to stop by for a while?"

"Sure," John said quickly. If he went back to Kim's place he would just be watching another one of her videos. He looked at his watch. "We have a few hours before my daughter gets home." They grabbed the kids and their stuff and headed down the street but before they turned the corner the skies opened up and John and Denise got soaked . Their bodies covered Annie and Lori to keep them dry.

"Oh my God," Denise laughed when she turned to see John's soaked shirt clinging to his stout chest. His shorts were also soaked which clung to his crotch area. She didn't realize her white blouse had turned almost transparent until she looked into the large hall mirror by the front door. It was no secret that her nipples were very hard and very dark. "We are both soaking wet. Let's put the girls in the play pen and then dry off." John followed her to the back hallway and put Annie in the large play pen next to Lori. When he turned Denise was no where around so he walked back down the hallway.

"Hello!" He yelled not knowing where she had disappeared to.

Denise was in the master bedroom naked while trying to dry off her body as fast as possible. She heard his footsteps and peeked out the door. "I'm drying off and will be back out soon."

John saw her bare shoulder and arm which meant she was at least topless behind the door. He quickly turned to prevent her seeing his rising manhood. After standing for another minute the door opened and Denise walked out wearing a long white terry cloth robe. She was holding her wet clothes which included a white bra and matching white thong. "There's a towel and robe on the bed," she grinned. "Bring out your wet clothes and I'll put them in the dryer with mine."

"OK," John grinned. Being almost naked with this younger woman was giving him hope and some ideas. He moved into the bedroom and after closing the door quickly removed his wet clothes. He took the towel and was drying his back when she knocked and opened the door. "Wait!" He yelled but it was too late. His whole naked front, including his hard-on, was hers to look at.

"Oh God," Denise said. She quickly closed the door. "I FORGOT MY BLOUSE! SORRY!" She leaned back against the hallway wall and took two big breaths. It had been weeks since she and her husband Ron had sex and now seeing this handsome older man was causing her some serious heat build up down below. Plus, he had at least two more inches than her husband.

John was surprised at first but it quickly wore off. He was glad she had seen him naked and wondered if it would allow him to get the chance to see her the same way. He dried off, put on the robe and opened the door to see her blushing face waiting for him.

"I'm so sorry," she said. "I didn't think you would undress that fast."

"Apology accepted," he grinned. "But it's not fair."

"Not fair?"

"Well yes, you got to see me and I didn't get to see you," John said holding out him wet clothes to her.

Again she blushed. "That's probably not a good idea. Besides I need to lose a few pounds." She took his clothing and turned to walk to the laundry area. She didn't know John was following her until she looked back and saw him standing behind her.

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