tagIncest/TabooKim Ch. 04

Kim Ch. 04


The Family Abroad

I had known Jay for about a year now, she was about 5'9 with a slim 34 24 33 body, short black hair done in a bob, muscular but not masculine, she exercised most days.

As I was a property broker I had sold her old house and found her and her husband a new home. They had been trying to sell for over a year when they were told about me, I specialised in unusual properties with huge price tags.

As I only got paid by results I was usually quite open about why a house wouldn't sell and visit my clients in there homes making suggestions on how to redecorate and restyle the houses, this entails a lot of visits and a lot of trust in my judgement, which is why I get all my work by word of mouth.

The first time I met Jay I liked her, we had a good laugh and soon realised we had the same tastes, she had married Nick about a year earlier and moved into his home, Jay was a very young 37, Although Nick was in his late 50's he looked younger and seemed quite fit, the house though was certainly more his style than hers.

I suggested some major changes to the house, which would cost a lot of money, Jay loved the ideas but said that I would have to go over the details with Nick as the house belonged to his parents until they died and left it to him. I got all the details sorted out, costing and architectural stuff and arranged to meet Jay and Nick to discuss things.

I arrived about lunch time and straight away noticed how Nick kept looking at my boobs through my blouse, I was used to this happening but not when the mans wife was present, I looked at Jay and she just smiled at me, All three of us were soon relaxed and having a laugh with each other, all the time Nick trying to openly look up my short skirt as well as down my blouse. When Jay got up to make coffee I went with her to 'give a hand'.

As we disappeared round the corner Jay burst out laughing, "God he's got the hot's for you hasn't he." she said.

I was totally shocked "Jayyyyy!" I said, going bright red "That's your husband your talking about."

"Oh don't worry love, Nick and I have a great marriage, we are both free to do who and what we want, he has never been faithful to anyone and neither have I, that's why we get on so well and why I love him so much, we are perfectly matched, so when I say I know he fancies you I know what I am talking about."

"Well that makes me feel a bit better." I said, and laughed "I was beginning to get a little embarrassed with his obvious wandering eye's."

Jay looked me up and down and with a knowing smile said, "I thought that was why you dressed the way you do, no bra, no pants, thin tops and short skirts."

This time I was determined not to go red, but I think I failed a bit "It is, I love to flash my body, always have done, I don't even know that I am doing it most of the time it's so natural." I said, and then matter of factly, "So I suppose you don't mind if I tease him a little." and gave a broad smile.

Jay put her hand to my cheek and said, "You can fuck him silly if it gets this house sold." and added, "If, that's what you want."

I touched her hand, still on my cheek and said "Well I have to admit I find him quite attractive, he seems quite fit for his age." I gave smile and decided to take a chance on a feeling I had, I added, "you both do, and your both very attractive." and squeezed her hand

Jay kissed me on the cheek and said "That's agreed then, but for now just have fun with him until he signs the papers." with the emphasis on him, she smiled and took the tray with the coffee into the lounge, I followed, undoing a button on my blouse as we went, I was going to enjoy this.

From that moment I worked on Nick, bending down in front of him giving him a view of my boobs or a great view of my pussy, I walked around the room saying what colours would look good, often reaching high to emphasise a point, Nick loved every minute of it, Jay seemed quite happy too.

They both liked the plans, and the presentation, "Ok Kim, but I'm gonna need a little time to think about it." Nick said.

I put the plans on the table, "Of course, if you do these changes it could add around 18% to the selling price."

"Well that will help." Jay said, "Please excuse me Kim, I must go into town before it closes, Nick make Kim another coffee and I will see you soon Kim ok." and with that she kissed me on the cheek grabbed her bag and, with a smile at me she left.

Nick took my hand and led me into the kitchen "How do you like your coffee?" He asked.

I smiled, sat on a chair, and crossing my legs slowly said, "Hot"

His eyes couldn't leave my legs, he flicked the coffee machine on and moved behind me "What else do you like hot?" he asked, breathing erratically

His hands were on my shoulder's moving forward "My men." I said and moved my hand behind me, rubbing it up his leg.

That was all he needed, after waiting all evening he finally got his hand s on my boobs, squeezing them gently, pinching the nipples "God I've wanted these all night." he said.

"Hmmmm, I know." I replied, still rubbing his leg, he moved round beside me so I could see his erection, I ran my hands up and over the bump in his trousers, he shuddered.

Kneeling down he took my nipple in his mouth "I want to take you to bed." he said, "I want to make love to you."

"Oh Nick." I said, standing up and walking over to the boiling coffee "I cant do that, as much as I would love to be in bed with you, I never get involved with a client unless business is finished, I don't want my clients ever saying that I only went to bed with them to make them use my business, maybe when things here are finished ok?"

Poor Nick, he was still on the floor only now he was banging his head on the tiles, as he stood up I went over to him and pushing my body close said "Look it's been a nice day, look over the plans, if you like them sign them, if not let me know and we will sort out any problems, once your decision is made we are free to follow up on…. other matters ok."

He pulled me close and lifting my head up kissed me softly on the lips "I admire your work ethics." he said, "it's just my luck to fancy someone who wants to work there way to the top and not do it lying down, agreed, I will call you in a couple of day's." his hand running down my back to the hem of my skirt. I brushed my lips across his, turned and walked to the front door.

The following day Jay rang me, "What on earth did you do to him?" she asked

"Nothing," I said "I think that was his problem."

We chatted for about a half hour, about nothing in particular, just getting to now each other without saying I fancy you, we both knew it would happen, it was just a matter of when.

Jay rang again the following day, Nick had agreed the plans and wanted to sign the contract the following evening over dinner, at his favourite restaurant, " I have another engagement." she said, laughing, "So it will be just you two, is that ok with you?" she was giggling down the phone so I knew what she meant.

I laughed and said, "Well if it's ok with you it's fine by me, I look forward to it."

"Great!" she said, "And if you feel like stopping over I will be out all night so have fun ok."

"Jay, your terrible." I said, still laughing "Lets see how it goes eh, tell Nick I will see him tomorrow, bye."

I arrived at the restaurant early to find Nick sitting on a stool at the bar with a drink in his hands, "Hi Nick!" I said, "I see you started without me."

He turned round and when he saw me he nearly choked on his drink, I was dressed to kill, gathering himself he said "God but your gorgeous!"

He looked me up and down and smiled with approval "I'll have an Ice please." I said making no move to sit down.

"Oh, oh yes sorry, excuse me for staring but well, oh damn take a seat you know why I'm staring." he stammered

I laughed and took the stool next to him, crossing my legs as I did. I was wearing a short black dress which left very little to the imagination, lacy, it had plenty of holes in it, with a thin shift underneath, it showed nothing but hid nothing either, the length however showed everything, if I wanted it to, and Nick had a quick glimpse of it all.

He passed me my drink and said "I have booked our table for 8.30 so we have a little time to do business, shall we sit over there and get it over with."

He pointed to a lounge area with soft seating and coffee tables, I smiled and swung my legs round making sure he got a good view, I looked at his crotch and saw the outline of his throbbing erection. Moving over to the lounge I sat down on the settee, Nick sat next to me, I turned slightly, keeping my legs away from his gaze and my hem as far down as it would go, letting him know we were now doing business.

It didn't take long, we made a couple of changes and agreed financial details and control and then he signed the papers, the deal was done, now for some fun.

We had a great time, all laugh's and joke's and innuendo, and a wonderful meal, then went back to Nicks.

He got everything he wanted and I was surprised at his staying power and expertise, it wasn't often a man of his age could keep up with me but he managed it, just, we fell asleep exhausted.

I was woken up by a tingling sensation as a finger lightly followed the contours of my body; opening my eyes I was surprised to see Jay with a smile on her face.

"I thought you were out for the night," I said, "what time is it?"

Still running her fingers over me she said, "Don't worry it's only 7.30, I got home early, I wanted to catch you before you left." she smiled and added "I know Nick enjoyed himself, how about you?"

I sat up smiling and said, "Pleasantly surprised, and somewhat exhausted, as well you know I think, you could have warned me he was that good in bed."

"What? And take all the fun out of it." she laughed, "You know where the bathroom is, have a shower and meet me in the kitchen, we have business to discuss." and with that she stood up and went downstairs.

I quickly showered and dressed, as I entered the kitchen Nick and Jay were in discussion, "Morning Kim" Nick said, with a smile.

Jay handed me a cup of coffee "We were just discussing our new home," Jay said "and we are agreed that we want you to find it for us."

This was business, so I put my work hat on and got details of what they wanted and how much they wanted to spend, after an hour or so Nick said, "Right that's settled then, as soon as this place is complete we would like to move to our new home so let us know what you find, if you get it at a good price maybe we will have a bonus for you ok?"

So I done up the house and sold it to one of my other clients. I found them a nice new home in the country for less than half the money they received for there old house, also from one of my clients. I even got an invite to the house warming party.

The party was all business, old friends and some new friends from the local area; Jay and Nick introduced me in my capacity as their property broker and I received a lot of business cards and some possible business.

As the party drew to a close Jay and Nick asked me to join them in the study, I followed them in and Nick said "Kim, you have done a great job for us with this house, we love it, so now it's time for your bonus."

"But I thought all these cards were my bonus, the possible work here is immense." I said, a little shocked

"Oh Kim!" Jay said "That was no more than you deserved and we wanted you at the party, this is something else entirely, tell her Nick." she added.

I was sitting in an armchair, Jay sitting on the arm, with her arm around my shoulder. After the night with Nick there had not been much time for anymore sex, except the odd quickie a couple of times when he, or should I say we, sort of lost control, other than that we settled for a touch up here and there, so Nick still couldn't keep his eyes off my legs, smiling he said, "You both made, and saved us an absolute fortune in the way you do business, now we want you to help us with another property, in Spain."

I smiled and said, "Well I have a contact in Spain, I can put you in touch with him if you like."

"No!" Nick said, "What we would like is for you to go to Spain, or Portugal or wherever, with Jay and find us a holiday villa, all expenses paid."

No amount of objections would deter Nick from his plan, he wanted me to go to Spain and find him a Villa and that was that, Jay never said a word, just kept rubbing my shoulder and softly running her finger's through my hair. If the truth were known I needed the break, so when Nick handed me my final cheque with a £3,000 holiday bonus as he put it, I finally agreed.

I spent the next week sorting out business. The day before we travelled I went to meet Jay for a shopping spree in Oxford St. When Jay arrived she was not alone, her stepdaughter Paula was with her. I knew Paula, who was a 19 year old student quite well from my time working on Jay's house, we had been out drinking a couple of times, so we got on really well, her relationship with Jay was more like sisters so it was no real surprise when Jay said that Paula was coming on the trip as well.

We hit the shops like a whirlwind, trying this on or that, it was wild and Jay wouldn't let me pay for anything I bought, when I protested Paula said "She's only obeying dads orders, he said Jay had to buy everything, even for me, so enjoy it, I am"

I felt a bit guilty about buying any clothes but if Jay thought I liked something she bought it anyway so in the end I joined the fun and bought some really outrageous things, really hot and sexy. In one shop we each found something we wanted to try on but there was only two cubicles and one of those was being used.

"That's ok," Jay said, "we can all fit in this one." and putting her arms round me and Paula pushed us into the cubicle squeezing in behind, we were laughing so loud the attendant started making noises so we would know she was around.

Jay was trying a top on and removed the one she had on, Paula and I followed, in such a small space, flesh was touching flesh, this was the first time I had seen Jay's body near naked and it started my juices flowing, Paula had a great body as well, firm tit's a big 36d all in the front, they made her body shaped like an hour glass with the bottom section being half the size of the top, slim waist and hips, long legs, shame she had a boyfriend.

Once we were stripped Jay just kept looking at my body, as I was trying on a skirt as well I slowly dropped mine to the floor, all the time looking in her eye's

Her eye's ran down my body "That's not like you" she said "a thong."

Paula swung round to look and went a little red at what she saw.

"Well I didn't want to embarrass anybody by dressing as I usually do." I said.

Paula laughed nervously and said, "So how do you usually dress?"

"Nothing, no string, no nothing" I said, and burst out laughing at the shock on her face

"I can vouch for that," Jay said, "and so can your dad."

The look of absolute shock on Paula's face was enough to put me and Jay into further fit's of laughter

We tried our clothes on and once again Jay used her plastic. I suggested maybe we should go and get something to eat to which they both agreed. I made sure I bought lunch, by taking Jays purse away from her before she was able to pay.

Around 5pm I watched them pull out of the station, I realised I was going to miss them for the next week, but I was really looking forward to the trip.

The day came and in the early hours of the morning I met Jay and Paula at Luton airport. The fun started straight away, I think we were all on a high, all through the flight we were chatting and laughing, we teased the steward rotten, but we got good service.

We were going to stay in a Villa which was the one Nick and Jay were thinking of buying, it belonged to one of Nick's associates, but before they committed to the sale they decided to have a look around first, to see if they could find something a bit better, mind you once I saw it I doubted they would, not at the price anyway.

Jay showed me to my room and with a huge smile said, "They all have double beds, drinks by the pool in ten minutes ok."

I smiled knowingly, "I much prefer a double don't you," I said, "in ten then" and with that I close the door

I put my bikini on and headed for the pool, I arrived to find Paula and Jay, also wearing bikini's, had started without me, taking a drink I said, "This place is gorgeous."

It was built into the side of a cliff so it wasn't overlooked, had a large swimming pool, sun area, gardens, and the most wonderful view of the bay. The villa itself had four double bedrooms, two reception rooms and an enormous kitchen with a laundry room at the side. The whole place was a dream.

"Ok!" Jay said, bringing me back to reality "although we are here to find a villa I think it is understood that we are going to have some fun as well, ok?"

Paula and I vigorously agreed, Jay added, "So it's important that we all know the guidelines." she was looking at me at this point and I was wondering what she was trying to say

"What I mean." she continued, "Is, there are no guidelines, Paula knows all about mine and Nick's relationship, so Kim, you don't need to hold back or worry about Nick knowing about anything that goes on here ok?"

"Yeah that's fine," I said, "I was a little concerned, especially with Paula along but, no that's fine by me."

Paula giggled and said "God if dad knew everything that we got up to he would have a right good laugh wouldn't he Jay?"

Jay laughed, "That's true enough." she said, then added "Anyway we need some food and things so who's for a walk into the village and then back here for a swim."

We finished our drinks and headed for the village on foot, still only wearing bikini's, we done our shopping, with all the expected whistles and rattling of male hormones, then we headed back to the villa

As soon as we walked in Jay said "Meet you in the middle." and dropped her shopping and ran toward the pool, ripping her top off as she went, Paula and I followed right behind, also losing our tops. The water was lovely, Jay saw me coming and waited for me to go underwater before running her hand over my body, brushing my boobs as I went by, I surfaced gasping, and spluttering, when I opened my eyes Jay had a finger to her lips with the other hand pointing to Paula at the other end of the pool.

"I take it she doesn't know all about you then." I said, wiping water from my eyes

Jay moved a little closer and said "No! The subject never came up, I'm going to get some sun." and with that she made her way to a lounger. I watched her as she went, slim body all sensuality, firm tits, nice tight bum and I could feel myself getting turned on. I splashed water in my face and thought 'save it for later.'

I swam towards Paula who was just coming down the slide. Jumping out of the water I raced her for the next turn, jumping on the slide just ahead of her I went down head first on my back, she didn't wait for me to get out of the way, just dived on and followed, I went underwater and felt her land almost on top of me, as I surfaced, eye's closed, my hand brushed her boob's, large and firm, as I stood up I realise that our boobs were brushing together, without moving I wiped the water from my face, looking down at our tit's I gave a big smile and looking her straight in the face said "That was nice, wanna do it again?" and rushed away to get to the slide first.

We messed around for about another 10 minutes, with the odd brush or touch, but I couldn't work out if she was doing it on purpose or not, eventually I said, "I'm going to dry off." I got out and rubbed the towel over me, got another drink and lay on a lounger.

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