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After her third date with David Smith, Kim Delany was willing to go home with him, but instead of asking her to, he asked her to meet him for coffee and a conversation the next day. They met at a nice little coffee shop and sat down at a more private table then most of the others. After some small talk David finally got down to the reason he wanted to talk with her.

"Before our relationship can go any further there are some things I need to tell you," he said. "First off, I'm a dominant, do you know what that means?"

"Yes, I know what a dominant is, and I don't want to be your submissive," Kim told him, figuring that would be the end of this relationship. 'And he's probably the nicest guy I've ever dated, figures,' she thought to herself. With that in mind what he said next surprised her.

"I'm so glad to hear you say that, I'm not looking for another submissive, I'm looking for a fellow dominant."

With that she grabbed onto something that seemed more normal and asked, "Another submissive? As in you have one already?"

"Yes, I have a sub already, more than one actually. Now before you get mad and storm off please hear me out." She just nodded thinking, 'What will it hurt to hear him out?' "Ok, I'll get right to it. I'm looking for a partner, someone to be my equal, to stand by my side not above or below me. I can tell you will be a strong dominant if you decide to be one, that's what I need."

"What do you mean by 'need'?"

"Ok, I guess I should tell you why I decided to find a partner. I recently suffered a health scare, and it made me think about what would happen to my girls? I decided I could not just leave them without a dominant, making it so they have to find a new one, it could be disastrous for them as some dominants are violent with their subs and I could not bear for that to happen to my girls."

The look on his face was one of genuine concern, and it began to sway Kim. "Once I came to the conclusion that I needed a backup plan for their future I began to release that there was also something missing from my own life, I love my girls very much, and at the risk of making you mad again I'm telling you the sex is phenomenal. So, what was missing? Well, I thought back to before I learned I was a dominant, back then I was happy in a partnership type relationship, and what I realized was that something missing from my life, a partner.

"Now it's time for me to stop talking and let you make your decision, take as much time as you need, I know this is a big thing to drop on you, but I have to have some security for the future of my girls."

Kim did think about it for a few minutes before asking, "How many girls do you have?"


"Is that a lot or not, it sounds like a lot."

"It is a larger number than usual, but there are some with up to twenty subs, so not really that many."

Kim thought about it some more after that and then asked, "What do you do if any of them want to leave you?"

"Once a month we have a full honesty day, where they can say anything without having to worry about consequences, as long as it's the truth. I have had three girls tell me they want to leave because they felt safe to do so, and I helped them get settled into a life outside of the group."

"So, you let them leave and help them get back to a normal life? Then what, forget about them?"

"I'm still in contact with all three of them, one is now a dominant with her own group, she lives in Texas now. The other two actually fell in love with each other and are living in the apartment below mine."

She hadn't expected that, and fell silent to think some more, upon reaching a decision on what to do for the moment she said, "I would like to meet your girls, before I decide one way or another."

As Kim had walked they took David's car, a Tesla model S. Kim was feeling a bit nervous when they pulled up in front of David's apartment building. They took the elevator to the third floor and walked to David's door, he unlocked the door and held it open for Kim.

"Hello, you must be Kim," said a petite blond with green eyes, her hair was to her shoulders, and she was wearing a baby blue sun dress, and a beautiful choker with a large ruby in the middle of her throat. She smiled radiantly at Kim, and spoke again when David entered, "Welcome home Mas...." She suddenly cut herself off looking very ashamed.

"It's ok Lucy, she knows," David told her with a loving smile.

Lucy's face lit up and she rushed forward and gave Kim a big hug, while saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Lucy, she hasn't agreed yet," David said with the tinniest edge in

his voices.

Lucy let go of Kim backed away and said to her, "Sorry, maybe Mistress."

"Maybe Mistress?" Kim asked.

Lucy replied with, "If you agree you will be Mistress, until then you are maybe Mistress." She said this as if it was the easiest logic in the world, then asked David, "Master, since she knows can I put on my collar?"

"Maybe later pet, why don't you go work on your gift so I can talk to Kim?" there was no command in his voice, he was genuinely asking her to give them some time to talk.

"Ok Master," Lucy said with her lovely smile firmly in place, and gave David a kiss on the cheek, before heading into another room.

"Her gift?" Kim asked.

"She decided she wanted to make a gift for her new Mistress, Lucy is always doing such things."

"She seems sweet, what was that about a collar?"

"Ah, that. I had hoped you would over look that one, Lucy was conditioned by her former master to feel uncomfortable without a collar on, the choker does the trick for the most part but she still likes to wear her collar."

"Former master? What happened?"

David sighed before responding, "The best way to tell you that is to start from when I first met Lucy. This was just after I realized I was a dominant and had only the original three as my subs. I was at work, when I saw her, I don't know what it was about her that drew me to her, I just knew she was a submissive from the moment I laid eyes on her. The rest of that day I tried to engage her in conversation, but she would only talk as much as needed to do her job. The next day I tried again, this time I got her talking near the end of the day, she told me that she had a master, and all about the things she liked, favorite color and that sort of thing.

"She was talking for quite a while when she suddenly noticed the time, she immediately ran, and I do mean ran from the room. The next day when she arrived for work I was busy getting things arranged for the weekend, it was a Friday. I didn't see her until nearly closing time, when I did my blood ran cold, she was covered in bruises. I went to talk to her and she told me her master had forbidden her to talk to me no more, other then to tell me that. I refused to except that and used some of my dominance to get her to show me where her master lived so I could talk to him.

"I followed her over there and she showed me up to his apartment, he was a brute of a man, big arms, broad shoulders, you know the type. Anyway, when he saw me he got in a rage, and before anyone could say anything he backhanded Lucy so hard she hit the floor, I was frozen with shock for a moment, in which he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up with one hand, and brought the other one back for another strike. This broke be from my shock, I rushed forward and grabbed his arm, then told him don't, I...."

"You didn't tell him Master, you growled it like a wild animal, it made him flinch with its intensity," Lucy butted in, having retuned without either of them noticing.

"Lucy, have you been eavesdropping?" David asked with some sternness, even as he opened his arms for Lucy. She quickly moved over and curled up in his lap, looking very content.

"Of course not, Master, I was just getting a glass of water when I heard you."

Kim didn't know what made her say it, maybe it was the look on Lucy's face as she snuggled David's chest, whatever it was she asked, "Lucy, as David is very tight lipped with the details would you please tell me the story?" Kim then got up from the chair she was sitting in and moved to the couch next to David and Lucy, and took Lucy's hands in hers.

Lucy stared into her eyes for a bit before she started to speak, "If I tell this story I have to do it from the perspective I had at the time, I will call the first master Bad Master, and Master will be Nice Man, which is what I called him in my head back then, is that ok Master?"

"Yes pet, if that is how you feel comfortable telling the story. Just remember you don't have to tell it if you don't want to," David told her, while holding her to his chest.

"I know Master, but I need to do this. Ok I'll start ware it was left off."

"Nice Man had just stopped Master from striking me again, and I got really scared for Nice Man, Bad Master was really strong. Master let go of my hair letting me drop to the floor, then he took a swing at Nice Man, Nice Man easily sidestepped Master's fist, this made Master even angrier. He seemed to forget about me for the time being, and focused on Nice Man, he then took a lunging swing at Nice Man that was once again avoided, Master staggered forward when he didn't make contact with Nice Man, as Master went past him Nice Man knocked Master's feet out from under him, and Master fell to the floor.

"While Master was recovering from his fall, Nice Man came to me and gently scooped me up off the floor and laid me down on the couch.

"Master got to his knees saw me on the couch, which I'm never allowed to be on, he shouted at me 'Bitch get the fuck off of my couch!'

"I tried to comply but Nice Man gently pushed my shoulders back down then said 'Stay'.

"He then turned to look at Master, and the look in his eyes when he looked at Master was terrifying, it made Master back away into a corner of the room. Nice Man nodded, then turned back to me and started to check the side of my head where Master had hit me, when he was satisfied he began to slid his arms under me to pick me up again, but at that moment Master's friend appeared in the open doorway.

"Master's Friend is not as big as Master, but he is a better fighter, him and Master are always bragging about how good he is. Nice Man didn't see him as he had his back to the door, but he heard him when he spoke, 'Steve, what the hell is going on?' he asked Master.

"Master was still in the corner not daring to move, and when Nice Man turned around and looked at Master's Friend I saw his eyes widen in shock from whatever look Nice Man gave him. Nice Man looked at him for a moment then said as he turned back to me, 'Leave now before you get hurt .' I thought for a moment that he would leave, but his ego won out and he started toward Nice Man, just as Master's Friend was about to grab him Nice Man spun on his heels and slammed the pale of his hand into Master's Friend's chest sending him staggering back with a grunt of pain.

"Master's Friend rubbed his chest for a moment, then with a below of rage charged at Nice Man who didn't seem fazed at all by the oncoming form of Master's Friend, just before he reached Nice Man, Nice Man stepped forward and brought his elbow up, striking Master's Friend in the middle of the forehead, his legs kept going, but the rest of him didn't and he fell hard on his back unconscious.

"Nice Man then glared at Master again, who tried to push himself further back into the corner. Nice Man then turned back to me and asked, 'Is there anything here that you want?' I nodded and he said 'Get anything you want, then I'll be taking you away from here.' He then turned back to Master and walked over to him. I didn't pay attention to what he was doing; the hope of leaving was to strong.

"I got up on shaky lags, went to the closet where Master had put my suitcase when I moved in with him, got it, went into the bedroom and grabbed my clothes stuffed them into the suitcase and closed it. I was about to leave the room when I remembered my collar, as quickly as I could with stiffening legs (because of the beating Master had given me for being late the previous night) I got my collar and put it on.

"When I came out of the bedroom Nice Man was waiting for me, when he saw my collar he frowned, 'You don't need the collar with me, only bring it if it's something you really want.' I grabbed my collar protectively, wondering if Nice Man would force me to get rid of it, he saw my action and his face softened and he said, 'I will not take it from you if you want it.' He then came over to me and looked at my collar then asked, 'Is it this collar or just having a collar in general that you like?' I had to think on that one for a moment, my collar was just an old leather dog collar that had scratch makes that made it plain that it had been used for a dog before it became mine. I concluded that I just liked having a collar and told him that in a very small voice.

"He nodded, then said, 'Then we'll have to get you a new one as soon as possible.' After he said that I asked in a slightly bigger voice if he was going to be my Master now, his reply was the best thing I had ever heard, 'Only if you want me to be, and then only as long as you want me to be so.'

"Upon hearing that I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly, I tried to push myself up enough to get to his ear but my body was not having it, the moment he realized what I was trying to do her lowered his head so that his ear was by my mouth, I then whispered, 'Thank you, Master.' With that things were different, he was no longer Nice Man, he was now Master, and he who had been Master was now Bad Master.

"It was a good thing I was hugging Master at that time because my legs gave out and he was just able to swing me up into his arms. 'Hold tight to my neck I have to remove my arm from under your back so I can grab your suitcase.' He told me, so I held on with all my strength, once he had my suitcase in hand he brought his arm back up to support my back, before we left he asked me, 'Is there anything else you want?'

"There was nothing else at the apartment that I wanted, but hearing him ask if there was anything I wanted made me think of my mother's jewelry which I had had to give to a friend when Bad Master told me I was moving in with him, and all I was bringing with me was one suitcase of work clothes. Master must have seen the longing on my face because he asked me what it was I wanted, so I told him about the jewelry, and how I didn't even know if my friend still had it as Bad Master had cut me off from every one I had known.

"Master got me to his car set me down on the hood so he could put my suitcase in the trunk and unlock the doors, he then picked me up and put me into the passenger seat. When he got in he asked me if I had a car, I told him I didn't that I used one of Bad Master's cars to get to and from work. Master then said, 'Buckle up pet, and give me the directions to your friend that has your mother's jewelry.' I was surprised but I had learned to always give the information that was asked from me, so I gave it to him.

"When we got there, I tried to get out on my own but my legs would not support me, Master didn't say anything he just scooped me up in his arms and carried me over to the intercom for my friends building, I was greatly relieved when I saw her name was still on there. I buzzed her twice before I got a response, 'Hello, who is it?' came the voice of my friend.

"'It's Lucy, can I come up?' I replied.

"'You better come up here and not disappear on me again,' she said just before the door buzzed as it unlocked.

"Master then carried me up to my friend's apartment, as soon as I knocked the door was pulled open, and I think she was planning on hugging me but froze in confusion at seeing me covered in bruises and being carried.

"Master broke the silence me saying, 'May we come in? I'd rather have her on a couch relaxing her abused muscles then being held like this.' His words snapped my friend out of her trace and she quickly moved aside and waved us in, Master took me straight to her sofa and very gently laid me down on it, kissing my forehead before whispering a question in my ear, 'Would you be ok if I left you with your friend for a little bit?' I nodded, then he straightened up and said to my friend, 'I need to run some errands, would it be ok if Lucy stayed here with you while I do so?'

"My friend nodded and said, 'Of course, we can catch up.' Master smiled at me, then left.

"As soon as he was gone my friend came over to me, kneeled down in front of me and said, 'Tell me the full truth, what happened to you, why are you covered in bruises, and why was that man carrying you? And for that matter who was that man? Oh, and where is Steve, you know, your boyfriend.'

"As a stall tactic I told her that was a lot of questions, and asked which one she wanted answered first.

"'Ok then, who is that man?' I had hoped she wouldn't start with that one, but I still answered her with the only answer I had, I told her he is Master. 'What do you mean he is master?' before I could answer she suddenly asked, 'Did he do this to you?' referring to my bruising, I told her no, but she didn't believe me and said, 'You don't have to be afraid of him anymore, I can call the police and have them waiting here for him when he gets back. And if you're worried about where you will be staying you could stay here with me.'

"The thought of Master going to jail because of me made me start to cry, all I could do was shake my head no. She held me as I cried until I could speak again, 'Master didn't hurt me, he took me away from those who hurt me, and then he brought me here because he learned I had to give up my mother's jewelry.'

"She accepted that Master hadn't hurt me this time, but wouldn't just except him without more info, 'Why is he master, it's clear that's not his name by the way you say it.'

"I was getting upset by her dislike of Master so instead of explaining why he was Master all I said was, 'I don't know his name he hasn't seen fit to tell me, and I will happily wait for him to decide I'm worthy of knowing it. Now if you don't want to give me the jewelry I understand as I did give it to you, just please let me know now so I can leave and go down stairs to wait for Master to get back.'

"Before she could say anything in response to my outburst, her intercom buzzed and we both knew who it would be. Knowing if she didn't let him in I would just go to him she buzzed him up and let him into her apartment. Master had two shopping bags in his hands and started to head to me but my friend stepped in front of him then said, 'I don't know who you think you are, but I'm not going to roll over and let you treat my friend with disrespect.' Master's face showed his confusion at what she had said and began to protest but she cut him off, 'Oh yes you have, you haven't even bothered to tell her your name.'

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