tagGroup SexKim Lazenby's Resumé Ch. 02

Kim Lazenby's Resumé Ch. 02


I like to think of myself as a master of exploitation. Others will call me a bitch, a whore, or just plain evil. But my interference in the affairs of others is minimal; its victims further extend the problems I cause. Many solutions present themselves, but are neither explored nor realized. I feel no sympathy, and remain far from empathy. I only feel joy for every second of misery they experience. And the best part will always be the transition period; when they realize that the fun I gave them is becoming a great misfortune, and in some cases, a disaster.

Chapter 02 - The Insatiable Sorority

After graduation from high school, I continued my normal way of life sans the normal routine and plus a newfound and greatly exercised sexuality. My final summer was spent as my previous summers were: listening to new music and rarely leaving the house, especially now that part of my new routine included heavy masturbation. I spent the entire $500 that Lyle gave me for my work on my music collection: "Oh No" by OK Go, "Time to Pretend" by MGMT, and so on. Between albums I would think about one thing that led to something else which ultimately brought my mind to sex. Then came the orgasm.

Somehow, amidst every fingering, I never found my mind wandering to having sex myself. I always envisioned other people, never a man (or woman for that matter) pleasing me. I didn't find this strange until halfway through July when my business money had run dry. I found that I could multi-task: masturbate and listen to music at the same time, but only for albums I'd already heard. During that time, the realization had rammed into my mind that somehow I had formed a hypocrisy: I craved orgasm, yet I did not desire sex.

That's when I noticed the random pattern of my sessions and their inexplicable causes. Some women feel the need to masturbate when an attractive man teases at their sexuality and taunts their independence. Some women just masturbate when they feel the need to have sex. I, on the other hand, could feel the need anytime and anywhere without warning or cause. For example, after the revelation, I noticed that while I waited in line for the cash register at the grocery store, without any trigger, I felt the need to strip down and finger-fuck myself hard and fast. Then, when I was stuck in traffic, I actually did end up shoving a hand into my jeans and (admittedly) having one of the best orgasms of the summer.

It confused me to say the least. I felt no need for experimentation, no need for contact or reception. At last, I came to the conclusion that whether I wanted to or not, I would have to fuck someone to get it out of my system. I won't say that thought was my biggest mistake so far, but it most definitely makes the top ten list. This is the story of my second job; the only one so far that I've considered to be personal.


It's true what they say, there's a time and a place for everything and it's called college. Just a few months before the end of school I received my acceptance letter to West Virginia University, a notorious party school where Delta Gamma was about to join the roster upon my arrival.

I, like many others, did not know what I wanted my major to be, and for the time being I didn't care. I'd get through my general ed classes and make my decision eventually, but my focus became my now incredibly undesirable virginity.

On move in day, I met several people I'd rarely speak to again, and one girl in particular that I'd come to know too well. As I stowed my boxes of CDs underneath my bed, in came Helena Bucciarelli, a petite and intelligent looking freckled, jet black brunette. She wore thick-framed black glasses and held her shoulder-length hair in a ponytail with a cute floral scrunchy. She wore cute and reasonable length - but still tight-fitting - jean shorts and a figure-revealing spaghetti strap tank top. She looked both comfortable with her body and intelligent. She wore little makeup, had no tattoos, and looked delicate enough to break with just a hug.

"Oh, you must be Kimberly," she said in earnest genial tone.

I almost corrected her by telling her to call me Kim, but something told me I'd benefit from a small change, so I let her have it. "Yeah, you're Helena, right?"

"That's right! Glad to finally meet you." Helena seemed too nice. I knew that she was either incredibly nervous to be in college or she was hyped up on coffee or espresso. When we finished moving in, she and I sat down and got to know each other.

She presented herself openly, "I'm going to get my teaching credential for math. I like it, but there's no way I'm going to apply it to the real world, haha! So I figured I'd just teach it. How about you?"

"I'm not totally sure, but I'll figure it out at some point," I said casually.

"Are you going to pledge to any sororities?" she inquired. "I've been looking at a few but they're all pretty lame."

"I've never really been part of a group, but I guess I might check it out," I replied, shocked at my own open-minded attitude.

"Haha, maybe we could start our own sorority! Open a new chapter," she jokingly suggested.

"At least we'd know it would be a quality house," I added. She giggled a cute and memorable laugh, causing a contagious smile to spread across my face.

"Do you want to grab some lunch? I'm starving!" she proclaimed.

"Sure, let's go to Sbarro's," I suggested. She nodded and started to stand up. As she did, I noticed the lust color of her panties, just peaking over the edge of her shorts as she was partially bent over.

It was then, as we walked out of the room that I realized my ability to masturbate would be greatly limited by her presence in a shared bedroom. Of course, the thing that brought this to mind was my sudden desire to shove my fingers deep into my pussy.


I'm going to skip a lot of the fluff between meeting Helena and the day everything changed. Instead, here's a quick summation of what it was like:

No sex.

Masturbate while she's out.

Wonder why I don't have the courage to fuck.

Masturbate while she's out.

Go to class. Learn nothing.









The day everything changed was the first time a class was canceled for the day. As I understood, it was a time when Helena had no class and stayed in to study. I thought I could ask her to get some lunch with me or maybe go see a new movie. I'd heard that Walk the Line was pretty good.

Walking into the dorm room, I found it empty and silent. This perplexed me. Helena, although bubbly and energetic, seemed too concerned with her education for much socializing. I brushed it off as an errand she had to run or maybe she went to get food on her own.

As usual, I found this to be a wonderful time to masturbate. I pulled out my CD of Octavarium by Dream Theater (admittedly an odd choice for masturbation, but as I said, I was a rocker girl) and pressed play, undressing myself to the electronic intro to the masterful progressive rock album. Looking back, it's almost funny that the song playing was "The Root of all Evil".

This was the only time I truly felt feminine. I could feel sensual as I caressed the curves of my own body and smelled the eroticism of my sex. I'd learned to be quieter at home so as not to alert my parents, but under cover of music I could allow myself a little leeway. Now, away from home, I could let my moans echo through the room. Fortunately, the sounds never passed through the walls.

I did my usual thing: rubbing my clit and fingering my hole as I pinched a nipple and massaged a supple, heaving breast. As narcissistic as it is, I could have sex with myself feeling that horny.

Then came the quiet transition between songs. Almost nine minutes and I still hadn't orgasmed. Unusual. I looked around the room for some sort of inspiration, and what I found was a pair of Helena's panties lying on the floor. It was the first fantasizing I'd experienced, imagining her petite and tight body undressing slowly and lightly feeling her own pale and freckled skin. That did it for me.

I came down from the familiar yet unsatisfying euphoria, my sheets once again doused by a small pool of my fluids. As I dressed once again, I looked back at the pile of Helena's clothes. Then it hit me: she was far too organized to just leave her clothes on the floor. Yet in the past week, there had been a growing pile. Her hamper sat on her side of the room, unfilled and untouched.

There was a camera hidden within the pile, pointed directly at my bed. I felt two things: foremost a sense of rage that I was being spied on, but deeper within a sense of eroticism and flattery.

Helena arrived back in the dorm not too long after.

"Oh, hey Kim! Don't you have a class?" she asked.

I replied with a subtle and cold rage, "It was canceled."

"What a relief," she said, "I love when that happens. Do you want to go grab some-"

"You've been spying on me," I interrupted.

She hesitated, possibly trying to think of a lie before she gave in. "You found the camera I'm guessing."

"Yeah. What's the deal?"

"It was just an experiment for my sexual psychology class," she lied.

"You're here for a teaching credential," I fired back.

She knew I'd gotten the best of her before she even walked through the door.

"You masturbate a lot," she said.

"Yeah, I do."

She looked down shamefully for a few moments, before she looked up at me with an undeterminable expression and said, "You really need to get fucked."

I had no response. Her motives were extremely unclear to me, and I felt that asking would only produce a lie. I kept silent, and then she blurted out the next six months of my life.

"Kim, I've been thinking about starting up a sorority like we talked about on move in day. I found out there's no Delta Gamma chapter here, and I've been thinking... I want to start it up with you. I think we can find plenty of other girls just like us who want exactly what we want."

I gave a quizzical look, one eyebrow cocked, arms crossed, and spat, "And what, pray tell, is it that we want?"

"Kim, I want to start up the sluttiest sorority the world has ever seen."


Let's skip ahead again. Basically, I agreed and she laid out the plan for me, and step by step we made our way through the process until it came time to recruit other girls. By word of mouth, it was spread around the women's dorms that we were going to start up a sorority. Naturally, very party-savvy freshmen girls signed up. For the house that we procured, there was enough room for ten more girls.

I had no idea exactly what I had gotten into until that day. When Helena said the sluttiest sorority the world had ever seen, I greatly underestimated just how much of a pure blood whore she truly was. Of course, one can't blame me, she does look like the average prudish church girl.

There were twenty pledges come December. Helena set up a day for the first round of initiation challenges, or more accurately hazing. It would be up to us who got cut and who stayed. In five challenges, we would narrow it down to ten. Helena told me for this first challenge that she would take care of it all and I just had to listen to her orders and not say a word. Something about the way she spoke to me made me subordinate. I still can't explain it.

Hannah, Yazmine, Whitney, Ivana, Gina, Francesca, Julia, Jillian, Nicki, Lauren, Caitlyn, Bailey, Elena, Alexis, Valerie, Nessa, Taylor, Emily, Haleigh, and Eva. Half of them would not make it to the end. And so it began.

All twenty girls were lined up in the backyard of the sorority house. They all professed themselves as outgoing and socially flexible, but Helena had a good rigorous course to weed out the posers.

Helena began. "Welcome sisters, to Delta Gamma. As you've heard, we're going to be the sluttiest, skankiest, and proudest sorority ever. We will get to know each other, party hard, and most importantly fuck like there's no tomorrow. Do you understand, bitches?"

They all looked at each other quickly, unsure of how to react, until finally they muttered nervously, "Yes, sister."

"Today we're going to find out how well we can all get along. So we'll go down the line and ask each of you which one of us two you want to fuck, me or Kim. You go first," she said, pointing to Yazmine.

Yazmine looked startled, her hands uncomfortably holding each other behind her back at the far end of the line. "I don't know," she responded, a snarky tone now accompanying her anxiety.

Helena stepped a little closer to her. "You don't know?"

"I'm not into girls," Yazmine replied.

Helena stepped directly to Yazmine, looking up at the tall girl yet still retaining her authoritative and intimidating demeanor. She placed her hands on her hips and slightly leaned forward to look up at Yazmine, and her ass stuck out just a little. Then I realized what would soon be happening.

Helena spoke softly, but not so soft that I couldn't hear, "If you want to be in this sorority, you'll be into girls, and girls will be into you. I'll get back to you, bitch." Yazmine tightened up, realizing she had suffered an early failure. At that moment she and the other girls seemed convinced that they had to be the best. "You," Helena spat at Hannah, the next girl in line, "who would you fuck, me or Kim?"

"You," Hannah replied. Helena went down the line.

"You," said Gina.

"Kim, " invited Nicki, a wink shot toward me thereafter.

"You," Bailey projected.

"Kim," Whitney bubbled. Two for me, I thought, am I really attractive?

"Kim," Francesca answered. There's three. This must be a coincidence.

"Kim," murmured Julia. Helena shot a glance at me, a seemingly emotionless one, but one that also displayed contempt; warning. "Helena," Alexis said brightly, snapping Helena back into the scene.

"Helena," Jillian said flatly, emotionless.

"Helena," Taylor added.

This was the first time that I got the feeling that Helena was doing this to gain some sort of supremacy above everyone. I couldn't quite grasp the entirety of it, and I wouldn't for some time. For now, I was interested to see what would happen next.

"Kim," Emily stated.

"Helena," Haleigh challenged.

"Kim," Nessa said.

"Kim," Yazmine solemnly decided.

"Helena," Elena droned.

"Kim," Ivana tried.

"Helena," Lauren said with some uncertainty.

"Helena," Eva told us.

"Kim," Caitlyn mumbled.

"Both!" boomed Valerie. Everyone looked to her, a sultry look plastered on her face. Had she chosen me, the score would have been ten for each of us, but Valerie gave it a technicality that put Helena one ahead of me. She smiled at me, having defeated me in a contest never declared.

"This is the kind of girl you should all be. Lauren," she picked, "are you a slut?"

Lauren gave a familiar look of fright and anxiety. "No..." she said.

"Lauren, do you want to be a Delta Gamma sister?"


"Then you're a slut. Alright bitches, line up. Girls who want to fuck me over here, girls who want to fuck Kim over there. Valerie, you come up here with us."

Helena then walked down each line asking questions about Delta Gamma history while Valerie and I stood and waited, neither of us knowing what would come next. I phased out while I subtly started checking out the girls. I must admit that after hearing the girls pick one of us to fuck, I felt myself extremely attracted to my line.

Finally Helena came back to the front, never having asked Valerie a question. I believe she went to each girl two or three times, just chock full of questions.

"This was the easy day, girls. Now Yazmine, Lauren, get the fuck out, this sorority is not for you." The two marched out, frustrated and letting go of their anxiety. "Tomorrow we start the first real challenge. If you want to stay in this sorority, you'd better be more like Valerie. Now go home, whores."

They all vacated the premises, feeling demeaned. Helena turned to me, sighing in relief. She shrugged her shoulders and went inside to the house where she and I were still in the process of moving in. The house was pleasantly large: seven rooms, four upstairs and three downstairs. The living room would fit three couches and a few chairs, and a television would fit nicely on the wall. The kitchen had all the things it needed, and the refrigerator that the school gave us was brand new. The dining room would certainly fit the long dinner table that Helena told me her parents would buy for us if we each chipped in some money. The laundry room, the closet, four bathrooms, and a sound system that went throughout the house. Helena told me the house once belonged to an alumni of the college who used it for vacations, although I find the story very suspicious.

I sat on the balcony facing the sunset as I listened to music on my mp3 player - Led Zeppelin IV to be precise. I felt at ease, and like I would soon find myself in utter relaxation. Closing my eyes, I realized Helena's manipulation. She recorded me masturbating, convinced me to become a super-slut for the sake of starting a sorority, and expected me to follow her lead throughout the whole thing. I only felt calmer.

I started touching myself right there, not caring who walked by on the street. Helena must have heard my moans, because she came out onto the balcony as well.

"Getting into character, I see," she joked.

I didn't stop working. "Yeah... might as well get used to it."

"Well that's good. Because there will be many orgasms in this house," she said matter-of-fact.

I began moaning, feeling the wetness between my legs intensify at the sound of her voice.

"Any time one of us wants, we can get a mind blowing orgasm from someone in the house. Whoever we'd like. Guys will be lining up around the block on the off chance we want one," she described, obviously trying to tease me.

"Every day will be a good one," she murmured, "because you'll get fucked every day."

That was all I needed to hear. I came into my jeans, my hand gripping my right breast through my shirt and bra tightly. As I came down from the orgasm, Helena leaned very close to me. "Tomorrow, I might need to use you for a demonstration. I hope you put your all into it," she told me before re-entering the house and going to her room.

I lost the part of me I needed the most that moment. This tiny, sexy girl had reduced me from an independent rocker to a sex slave without even touching me. I hate to admit it, but all I wanted to do was please her. I told myself I'd do anything she wanted for the demonstration.


The remaining girls showed up to the house. Helena ordered them to line up in the empty dining room like they did yesterday; those who picked her on one side and those who picked me on the other. Valerie once again got to stay up front with the two of us for her good behavior the day before.

"Two more girls will be eliminated today. One of them will be gone in the next two minutes." They resumed their nervous looks from the day before. "Everyone strip," she commanded.

Valerie was on the job quickly, excitedly removing one article of clothing at a time with a smile of pleasant anticipation on her face. She wore no bra, once again impressing Helena.

The other girls got out of their clothes just nicely, except for Gina. Without even a word from Helena, she escorted herself out. The message had been made very clear to her.

"This is going to be very simple," Helena said. "There is a girl directly across from you. If you live with us in this house, you'll need to be comfortable with everyone else. So walk to whoever is in front of you and start making out."

By now the girls started getting the idea that they would have to listen to orders, so not one of them showed any physical hesitation in approaching her partner. Hannah, a gorgeous, tall and wiry blonde pressed her lips against Nicki's, the olive Italian of the group. Bailey, a frail looking thing, matched herself up with Whitney, who had the same malnourished body typed. The smooth looking Alexis pulled the plump but healthy looking Francesca to her. Jillian, the pale and bitchy looking girl let Julia (who I personally think looks like Emma Stone, but only in retrospect) come to her before the kissing commenced. Taylor came to Nessa, the confident looking Indian girl born in California. Elena and Emily formed up evenly as their lips touched. Haleigh came under attack by the vicious Russian minx Ivana, and at last the formidable Eva took upon the challenge of Caitlyn.

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