Kim Pt. 01


Part 1: A Friend In Need

The story that follows is based on actual events. The story told here and in the parts that follow recount a mixed bag of memories both sweet and bitter. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of those who I have cared about. I say that alot --I open all my stories with it- in this case, I cared more than I should have in the end.

My thanks to JtoHisPB for her services as a Beta Reader.


"That was great," I groaned, pushing back from the table as Kim stood and collected my plate. The late supper had been an enticement to get me to agree to help her with a few "man jobs" as she called them; a faulty garbage disposal her landlord refused to fix at the head of the list.

"Glad you liked it," she smiled as she took both our plates to the sink and rinsed them off. The soft clink of china on glass mixed with the 80's rock coming of out the stereo in the next room.

The music was for my benefit, I was sure; maybe for both of us. I'd known Kim since we were in elementary school and the music brought back memories of high school dances. She and her parents had lived not to far from the farm where I'd grown up. We'd ridden the same bus to school and back for eleven years. She dated a friend of mine in high school whose sister I had a crush on; they married not too long after he and I had finished boot camp. I guess you could say that we'd been part of the background of each other's lives for years. She and I were friends, nothing more.

I'd been home from the service for a couple of years when I first ran into her on campus. It turned out that she was one of so many women I knew --women we'd each known in school even if we hadn't graduated with them- who had discovered that being the coolest guy in high school wasn't exactly a leading indicator of success as a husband. We skipped our afternoon classes that day and had lunch, spending hours catching each other up on our lives since we'd last talked. I knew Danny had liked his liquor; that and the gaps she left in catching me up on her life since I'd seen her told me everything I needed to know; my friend was a bad drunk, more than a little violent. He was still in the service; her kids got cards on their birthdays and Christmas.

Kim was petite by any standard. Just an inch or two over five feet with a pixie-like quality about her that was sexy as hell. Her hair was mouse brown and she wore it in a pony tail that reached the small of her back. She had a small mouth with full, hungry lips that pouted ever so slightly. Her narrow waist was crowned by a set of heavy DD cup breasts that were almost too big for her frame. They would have been out of place if her waist hadn't bloomed out into pleasantly pitched hips that supported a heart shaped ass.

"Where're the boys?" I asked. I stood from the table and stepped into the doorway into the family room, my back to her at the sink.

"They're at Danny's parents' tonight," she answered.

I turned and looked at her, hunched over the sink, her face buried between her shoulders.


"Yeah," she washed the same glass for the fourth time.

"What's going on?" I tucked my hands in my pockets and leaned into the doorframe.

"Nothing," she said with a lilt in her tone as she placed the glass on the drying rack and turned to me. She smiled nervously.

"Kim," I took a deep breath and crossed the room to within a step or two of her. "You don't have a garbage disposal; there's no switch and the drain's wrong."

She blushed.

"What's up?" I asked, tilting my head to look at her face past her bangs.

She crossed her arms over her chest almost defensively, "I need your help with something."

I didn't say a word.

She looked up at me and I watched the nervous agitation melt into resolution. "I'm forgetting who I am."

My brow knit into a question.

"Between school, where the nursing program is kicking my butt, by the way; working at my Dad's office; taking care of the boys; PTA; the church; my parents; my grandparents; Danny's parents..." she put her hands to her face, her elbows on her stomach and just stood silent for a moment as if overwhelmed just in the recounting of all the demands on her time.

I moved to touch her shoulder but she put her arms out, stopping me. I started to step back but she grabbed my wrist, holding it tightly.

"Between all that," she steadied herself and pushed ahead, "between all that, I don't have time for me."

I put my hand on hers where she held my wrist and waited for her to continue.

"No man has touched me since Danny and I broke up," she sputtered through the admission. "And I don't even have time for a relationship. I don't have time for a man with all the needs and expectations. I don't have time to date and... good girls don't sleep around. But I need sex, so bad... "

I fought off the smile that threatened to overrun the corners of my mouth.

"I need a man..." she looked me in the eyes, "who won't think he has to call in the morning and who I can trust not to tell the world what I've done."

"Ask me," I smiled wickedly.

She made an annoyed sound high in her throat and glared at me.

"Ask me," I repeated.

She let go of my wrist and took my shirt collar in both hands, pulling herself close to me. "Fuck me, please!?" she was desperate and I couldn't help but enjoy the moment.

My hands went to the bottom of her shirt, lifting it then slipping past it. She studied my face for a moment and then let her hands run over the width of my shoulders and I let my hands run up the smooth flesh at her sides. Leaning toward me her lips parted, hungry, needy, scared; part of her was still loyal to a man long gone. I pulled her to me, my hands flat against her back, and leaned close to her. She closed her eyes as my lips covered hers. Her lips parted and I pressed my tongue into her mouth. She moaned into my mouth. Her hands slipped to my face, holding me tightly as she slowly began to return my kiss.

My hands drifted to her waistline, finding the buttons on her 501s and quickly opening them. She kissed me with renewed passion as I pressed her jeans down her legs. I would have loved to have seen the sexy little thong that I found under those jeans, but she wasn't about to break our kiss. I pressed the thong down her legs as she kicked and high stepped her way free of her jeans; our lips still mashed together, her tongue fighting mine for dominance.

As she kicked her jeans across the kitchen I took her bare ass cheeks in my hands and lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms around my neck.

"Take me to bed," she panted, breaking our kiss and moving to chew on my ear.

"Not yet," I spoke softly against her throat.

I turned and sat her on the table. She clung to my neck for balance until I started to kneel.

"Oh, yes, please," she panted heavily as she released her grip on my neck and I knelt between her tight thighs.

My hands on her hips I pulled her ass past the edge of the table as I knelt face to face with a full, natural bush that spoke of a woman with too little time. Her sex was hot and damp and smelled of need. Edging my fingers over the top of her mound I gently pulled her lips up and back, exposing her clit in the process. I blew on her clit lightly. She collapsed onto her back and sat her heels on my shoulders, her knees flung out to either side. She pulled her shirt over her head and I heard it and her bra hitting the floor as I kissed her clit lightly; she groaned and threw her arms wide, gripping the edges of the kitchen table as if she were afraid she'd slip off.

She was naked before me as I placed the tip of my tongue against her clit and licked a tight circle around it. She moaned deep in her chest. My face pressed to her sex I gently stroked her clit with my tongue. I alternated between quick strokes of the tip and long strokes with the flat of it; licking the alphabet, first the English, then the Cyrillic, then the Greek, kept the rhythm ever changing.

"Oh, God in Heaven," she cried out.

In no time her cunt was weeping with lust and I let my tongue dip down from her clit to lap at the sweet flow from her lips. When she moaned in protest I pressed my face to her slit and drove my tongue into her. She whimpered and her hands went to her breasts, tugging and pulling at her nipples.

"I'm going to cum," she moaned, "Oh God, Ed, make me cum! Please, make me cum!"

I moved my lips back to her clit, taking it between my teeth and holding it lightly so I could lash at it with quick strikes from my tongue. I tugged lightly with my teeth and she went off like I'd pulled the pin from a grenade; hot, loud and after only a few seconds. Her body shook and she reached forward, her hands were in my hair, pulling my face into her sex as she ground it against me.

"I need your cock," she whimpered as her orgasm passed and she fell back against the table.

I looked up her slender body from my place between her thighs and blew lightly against her sex. She shook. I stood and she sprang up, throwing her arms around my neck as I did. My hands found her ass and lifted her. Her legs were around my waist before I could take a step. She let go with one arm and slipped her hand between us, trying to undo my jeans. We made it to the hallway before her need turned to frustration.

"Get these off," she growled, throwing her arm back around my neck.

I pressed her back against the wall and let go of her ass. She cried out at the contact with the cold wall. I opened my fly and dropped my jeans to my knees; my work boots stopped them from going farther. I wasn't in the habit of wearing underwear so when she started grinding her hips against me again her wet slit was slipping back and forth against the tip of my cock. I decided not to wait. I pressed her harder against the wall, shifted slightly and shoved the full length of my cock into her warm, slippery cunt.

"Oh, Jesus!" she cried out, her head on my shoulder and her nails racking my back.

I let her settle on the length and more importantly in my case the width of my cock. She rocked against me, fucking me with her pussy as I held her against the wall. She wasn't just tight, she was small and she held me like a second skin; I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to hold out.

"You're so fucking thick," she chewed at my shoulder and clawed my back, trying to press more of her tight cunt down onto my cock. "I should have been fucking you in school." She licked her way from my collar bone to my ear. "We all should have been fucking you... Oh, God, Ed, you're so fucking thick... stretch me wide... Nail me to the wall."

Her voice in my ear I pressed my weight to her and meet her thrust for thrust. Her fingernails tore the flesh on my back as we jarred the wall. There was a crash, something falling in the other room, and she threw her head back as if in time with it. Both her hands were on my shoulders and her nails bit deep into my flesh, drawing blood as she came on my cock.

"I'm gonna fill that tight pussy with cum," I grunted against her.

"Yes!" She cried out. "Yes!" Her body twisted in my arms as a second orgasm hit her close in the wake of the first.

The pressure was enough to put me over the top and I came. My cock twitched and cum shot into her petite cunt. She threw her head back and groaned silently, the sound trapped in her chest as she came again. Her legs clamped like a vise around my waist and I felt my knees go weak. I collapsed onto the hallway floor; Kim clung desperately to me, fighting to keep us joined at the sex.

"Don't you dare go limp on me," she said, her voice an odd fusion of growl and moan.

Her hands tore at my shirt, ripping the buttons and casting it open. She ran her hands through the hair on my chest and ground her sex against my fading cock. Her hips rocked in a delicate circle that set her velvet walls to work against my flagging erection.

"Come on, baby," she purred, "I'm not done with that big cock of yours."

I palmed her ample breasts, the pebble-hard nipples in the crock of my thumbs. I dug my fingers into her heavy breasts, kneading them, pulling at her nipples. She moaned deep in her throat and stroked her sex along the length of my cock; her head fell back, her mouth open, eyes closed.

"That's it, stud," she dug her nails into my chest, grinding against me in wanton desperation.

My cock had risen to her invitation and the width of it was stretching her tight lips as she ground against me. Her tight little box held me like a vise and with her on top, bearing down against my groin, the tip of my cock brushed against her cervix each time she rocked her hips forward; each nudge against her depth drove a guttural lust from her throat.

"I'm going to cum," she said, her eyes closed and her rhythm steady. "You're so fucking thick... so fucking hard..."

She shifted atop me and her head lulled forward, hanging limp between her shoulders. At some point the tie in her ponytail had fallen free and the length of her hair fell forward; the tips of her soft locks dancing a teasing pattern across my chest. I watched her face go slack, the tension melted from her face and her mouth hung open. Her steady rhythm began to stutter and her hips twitched awkwardly until I felt the tip of my cock pressed against her cervix. She froze for a moment then bore down as if she were trying to drive my cock into her womb.

"Oh, fuck..." she said softly just before her thighs clamped down on me, holding me so tight it hurt. Her whole body convulsed and her mouth opened in a silent scream.

She pressed her palms against my chest and shook violently before she finally collapsed onto my chest. Her cheek rested on the side of my neck and her hands found my shoulders, clinging to them. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly.

"Thank you, that was... awesome," she whispered.

"Any time," I spoke as softly as she had.

"What are you doing Friday?" she chuckled.

Thankfully, I didn't have plans.

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Short and Sweet!

Short and sweet! Yes, of course I'm talking about the story and not commenting on any body parts! *; ) I enjoyed your story and wish I had a "handyman" friend who made house calls. Now, once again,more...

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