Kim Pt. 03


Part 3: -- Make Me

The story that follows is based on actual events. The story told here and in the parts that follow recount a mixed bag of memories both sweet and bitter. The names have been changed to protect the privacy of those who I have cared about. I say that alot --I open all my stories with it- in this case, I cared more than I should have in the end.

My thanks to JtoHisPB for her services as a Beta Reader.


I spent the first seven or so years of my adult life in the military. At the end of my enlistment I was ready to write a new chapter in my life but I wasn't ready to give up on the old one, so when the local National Guard recruiter came knocking I was an easy mark for him and his monthly quota. I almost don't remember signing on the line. When I started college a year or so later my Guard status helped me to land an ROTC scholarship, an unexpected benefit, albeit one with a price attached, time consuming responsibilities on post that always seemed to rear their ugly heads at the most inconvenient times. Like when Kim, the closest thing to a steady girl friend I had at the time, had a weekend without her kids underfoot.

I'd known Kim most of my life; we'd grown up together, took the same classes, rode the same bus, hung out with the same people. We'd been, if not close, at least in each other's orbit since the second grade. She'd eventually married a friend of mine who we'd both graduated with and who, in the end, turned out to love his liquor more than his family. When he chose a career in the military over her and their boys she'd come home. We'd met shortly thereafter and in time I'd become her 'distraction of choice'; a man she could trust would help her scratch her itch and keep his mouth shut about it. It was an arrangement that I just couldn't say no to.

It had been a month since I'd seen Kim for longer than an hour or so over lunch. She'd had her kids on the weekends and her schedule had kept her busy on the weeknights when they'd been with one set of grandparents or the other. I'd let my kink slip the last time we'd been together, demanding that she "beg me" to cum in her ass. I'd played it off as the heat of the moment afterward but she'd looked less than convinced. On some level I wondered if she'd been avoiding me. When she'd called and asked me to come over I was relieved to hear from her but frustrated to have to turn her down. If I made it over at all it would be in the few hours between evolutions on what promised to be a very crowded drill weekend.

It was just after six o'clock on Friday night and I was in the armory counting ammunition for the hundredth time. We didn't typically keep a large store of ammo on hand but the entire Battalion would be conducting annual qualifications over the weekend. The extra weapons and ammo needed meant someone had to be on the post round the clock; I had earned the privilege of that responsibility. Long story short, I was working till midnight and expected to be at role call at six o'clock the next morning. Not a lot of time left to see Kim if I planned to get any rest at all.

"Wow..." the voice, soft and feminine came from the open doorway behind me.

I turned to find Kim standing there, her hand on her hip, her eyes wide and fixed on me. She looked me up and down with a predatory glint that gave me a sudden sense of how a stripper must feel at happy hour.

Her mouse brown hair was loose and draped over her shoulders to fall just above the small of her back. Poker straight since I'd met her, it had a slight wave to it now, cupping under her cheek slightly. She'd had her hair done since I'd seen her last. Not more than an inch or two over five feet, she was petite with a narrow waist and heavy DD cup breasts that hung firm and full of promise. Her hips were a pleasant swell of tight flesh on which was hung a nearly perfect ass; at least by my assessment.

"You can't be in here," I said before I stopped to consider any of the approximately three hundred responses to her visit that would have been better.

Kim raised an eyebrow and shifted her weight, cocking her hips at an angle that was simultaneously offended and defiant. "I missed you too."

"That's not what I meant," I made a note to kick my own ass later and set the clipboard aside; tucking the pen behind my ear as I walked toward her.

"I couldn't stand the idea of you here all night with nothing to eat," her eyes were hard, "so I brought you KFC, and what do you say to me?"

"KFC!" I lost track of my next thought.

"Oh you don't get any now," she chided, "Corporal Snodgrass can have it all."

"I appreciate it, I do. I'm blown away that you did that," I looked for a shovel that I could use to dig myself out of the hole I'd created for myself. "But this is the armory, you can't be in here."

"Corporal Snodgrass said I could come back here and see you," she quipped.

"Corporal Snodgrass is a mouth breather who shouldn't reproduce," I shot back.

She dropped her eyes from mine and studied my uniform; one hand still on her cocked hip she used the other to trace the gig line on my BDU jacket.

"You should wear that more often," she smiled.

"Three times a week isn't enough?"

"I meant when I'm around." She stepped closer to me and put her arms around my neck. She looked up at me as I slipped my arms around her waist.

"I could probably arrange that," I studied the way her hair hung now when she tilted her head back to look up at me. "But seriously, you can't be in here. Just wait outside-"

"Make me."

I studied her face for a moment, considering what I'd just heard; scared that I was reading too much into it. 'Beg me,' I'd said. 'Make me,' she'd replied.

Overpowering her was the simple part. Doing it without hurting her was tougher. I grabbed her by the wrist and spun her around as I took the handcuffs from the pouch on my duty belt. The first bracelet was locked in place before she'd even realized that I'd grabbed her other wrist. I heard her breath catch in her throat when the second bracelet snapped closed; her wrists were secured behind her. I held her by the elbow and guided her toward the armory door.

She was breathing heavily and looking at me from under her bangs as I maneuvered her, my grip tight on her elbow. I closed the armory door and led her deeper into the building, putting distance between us and Corporal Snodgrass grazing contentedly on chicken at the security desk. She didn't say a word as I led her down the darkened hallway but I could see her chest rising and falling in a steady rhythm that told me she was as anxious to see what came next as I was to do it.

I unlocked the door to one of the spare offices and pushed her in ahead of me. It was dark inside, lit only by the faint light that trickled in through the gaps in the blinds. I spun her toward me; she lowered her face and looked up at me from under her bangs.

"On your knees," I spat the words in a quiet, threatening tone.

She didn't move.

I stepped to the side; the nightstick sang as it slipped from the speed ring on my belt. My hand on her elbow I struck her sharply at the back of the knees. I let her hit the floor, but not too hard. She cried out, startled.

"What do you want?" she asked; her voice soft. "I'll do anything, just don't hurt me."

I placed the nightstick on the desk and stepped in front of her; three buttons were already open on my BDU trousers. She watched intently as I pulled my half hard cock free. I stepped closer, letting it bob inches from her face as I adjusted the duty belt. The full, hungry lips of her small mouth parted; the tip of her tongue danced across them, moistening them as her eyes stayed fixed on my cock.

I grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her up fully onto her knees. "Suck it," I growled. I smeared my cock across her lips; pre-cum coated her lower lip.

She opened her mouth and took the head between her lips. I locked my knees as she slowly mouthed my cock; it quickly hardened under her tentative attention. Her tongue slithered along the bottom of my cock as she leaned forward; it flashed across the head in a quick loop she pulled back.

"No, this is wrong, I can't," she whispered up to me as she pulled away.

I yanked her head forward, tugging harshly against her hair, "I said suck my cock."

Her lips parted eagerly and my cock slipped into her mouth. I pressed my hips forward, driving my cock into her mouth. She gagged. I pressed deeper. I felt her throat constrict and I pulled back a little. Using her hair like a set of reigns I worked her face back and forth, fucking her mouth. She moaned on my cock and let herself melt into the rhythm. She whimpered as I hardened in the warmth of her mouth.

"No," she moaned; my cock slipped free from her luscious lips. "This is wrong... Please don't make me," she looked up into my eyes. In that instant I was hard.

"Stop talking," I growled; then pressed the head of my cock against her lips. They parted eagerly and I settled into the back of her throat.

She threw herself into the act of swallowing my cock. Her lips were a vise that she slipped over my length in rapid strokes that fell from my head to the base of my shaft. She was fucking me as much as I was fucking her. The suddenness of her motions against me, the eager moans as my cock brushed the back of her throat; both told me that I was reading her right. She was being taken, forced to serve, and she loved it.

We fucked each other desperately for at least five minutes; her on her knees, my cock in her mouth before her pace slowed. Her eyes turned up toward mine; she sought my gaze and held it as she began to suck in a slower, more deliberate rhythm. The heat in her eyes was lust; raw, unchecked lust. Her wrists were bound behind her, she was on her knees with a cock in her mouth; she was surrendering to being used. Her lips were making love to my cock; embracing it, holding it, tenderly caressing it in the urgent need to be someone new.

"Please," she panted as my cock slipped free. She pressed her cheek against it and caressed its length with the tenderness of her skin. "Please," she repeated as my cock writhed against her face, "don't cum in my mouth. It's wrong. I shouldn't-"

My hand was still in her hair and I pressed her lips back to the tip of my cock, "Shut up and suck me!"

Her breath came in short, sharp gasps as she let my cock slip into her mouth again. She closed her eyes and leaned into me until her lips were pressed against the root of my cock.

Her tongue was tormenting the length of my shaft when I felt my nuts tighten. She groaned, having felt it as well; her pace quickened and she moaned wantonly against me. The tender noises vibrated through me. Within a few strokes I felt my cock twitching and I knew I couldn't hold out for long. She looked up at me from under her bangs as she took my full length into her throat again. I shuddered and stared into her eyes as I pumped the first jet of cum into her mouth. Her eyelids drifted closed and she moaned as her checks hollowed; she was sucking hard, pulling my load into her mouth. Her tongue lashed the head of my cock, lapping cum from the crown.

She had yet to swallow when my orgasm eased. She pulled back slowly from my spent cock, resting her weight on her heels. Her mouth opened slightly; cum dripped from the corner and trailed down her chin. She looked up at me, her face smeared with my cum. I watched as she made a deliberate show of swallowing the cum she was holding in her mouth.

"Can I go now?" She asked, her eyes falling to the floor after she'd swallowed.

"Not likely," I said and grabbed her by the arm.

I pulled her awkwardly to her feet and turned her to face the desk. I stepped close to her, by cock half erect and recovering slowly as I put my arms around her. Rougher than necessary I opened the buttons of her jeans and yanked the fly wide. She gasped.

"Please," she whimpered. "Please, no..."

I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of her jeans and pushed them over her hips. In one quick motion her jeans and panties were around her knees. She bent forward slightly; the warmth between her thighs brushed against my cock and kindled a new fire in me.

I kicked her feet apart as wide as they would go. One hand on her bare hip and the other on her shoulder I pushed her forward, bending her over the desk. She fell into the pose, her knees bending gently, her sex open and eager in its need.

"Not this," she simpered.

I pressed the tip of my rapidly hardening cock against the opening of her cunt. She rocked her hips slightly, smearing the head of my cock with her need. I took her hips in my hands and pressed into her.

"Oh, God," she moaned as I settled into her. She twisted her hips against me, rocking slightly from side to side. "No, please..." she added, trying to hold onto the fantasy in her head.

I let my cock rest in her for a moment before I pulled most of the way out. She pressed back against me as I jabbed my length back into her. I fucked her hard, almost violently; our hips collided in bone jarring urgency. Her hands, secure in the cuffs, grasped for me. I let go of her hip just long enough to slap her ass.

"Ah-!" She cried, biting the sound off through tightly clenched teeth.

I felt her cunt clutching me, clinging to me as my cock slipped in and out of her swollen cunt lips. She was hot and wet and the movements of her hips were perfect; she was driving me headlong toward another orgasm. I needed to feel her cum first. I leaned over her and pushed my hand beneath her; toward the down soft tangle that framed her sex. I stroked her clit in smooth, quick strokes; struggling to time my penetration of her sex with the stimulation of her clit. She made a soft, cooing sound and knotted her hands in the material of my BDU jacket.

"Oh, God; I'm going to cum," she simpered. "Please, please make me cum. I need to cum so badly."

I rolled her clit beneath the pad of my middle finger; driving my cock into her in short, awkward strokes that drug the underside of my shaft across the nerve bundle just inside her cunt.

She threw her head back, her mouth open in a silent scream; her body tensed and she shook beneath me. Her cunt clamped down on my cock and she bucked hard through the orgasm that was overtaking her. I pulled my hand away from her sex and took her hips again; I wanted to stab my cock into her but she pressed back into me, almost pushing me off balance and over backwards.

The heat of her flow and the viselike grip of her talented pussy were more than I could stand. My nuts pulled up again and I felt myself twitch and jerk inside her as my cock danced through a dry cum; all the pleasure of an orgasm, none of the mess.

When we'd both ridden out mutual release to its end I stepped back from her, my cock still hard and covered in her sex. She swayed her hips before me, dipping her knees as circling her ass invitingly as I stuffed my cock back into my trousers.

"That was... incredible," she said in a small, distant voice.

I took her hands in mine and unlocked the cuffs. She pulled her jeans up as she turned; buttoning them before she threw her arms around my neck. I fumbled to stow the cuffs on my belt as she pulled my face down to her, covering my mouth with hers. Her tongue invaded my mouth. She broke our kiss and pressed her face into my shoulder.

"I hope I didn't misread anything," I said as I wrapped her in my arms.

"No, not at all," she nuzzled my chest.

I felt her open the cuff pouch on my belt and then the weight of the steel restraints were lifted free. She was silent for a long moment before she stepped back from me, looking up into my eyes.

She held the restraints up between us, "Can you bring these home?"

I didn't have the heart to tell her I owned a nicer pair. Yet.

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