tagBDSMKim Pt. 04

Kim Pt. 04


Part 4: Answers

The story that follows is based on actual events. The story told here and in the parts that follow recount a mixed bag of memories both sweet and bitter. As usual, the names have been changed to protect the privacy of those who I have cared about.

My thanks to JtoHisPB and Epicuria for their services as Beta Readers.


"Hey, handsome," Kim smiled as she dropped into the seat beside me, a stack of books hitting the table heavily. She was a welcome distraction from the thought of chemistry.

"Hey, gorgeous," I smiled.

She turned in her seat, folding one leg beneath her and studied me. I looked over the stack of books. She usually traveled campus light, so an armload of books was odd.

"It's official," she sighed.

"What is," I studied the spines. I knew the titles and I felt myself growing a little uneasy: The Story of O, The Image, Beauty's Punishment, Exit to Eden. I knew those books; they were the reading list for the honor's section of Sexuality in Modern Literature. Kim and Dr. Hall had spent some time together. I wasn't sure how I felt about that.

"I'm no longer in the nursing program," she pouted slightly.

"They dropped you?"

"No, I escaped," she sighed, "before they could drop me. I'm officially a Social Science major now."

"So," I glanced significantly at the stack, "what's with all the books?"

"Oh," she turned in her chair and placed her hand, palm down, fingers spread, atop the stack, "I'm taking Dr. Hall's erotic literature course next quarter. She waived me in." Kim's eyes drifted from mine to the table, "She said that taking the course would answer most of my questions."

"About what?" I asked.

"About you."

"Dr. Hall told you that?"

Kim nodded and cast me a sidelong glance.

Dr. Hall, Linda, was my mentor, the shepherd who'd ushered me into a new phase of my life and helped me to understand the true nature of my sexuality. It was just a few years ago that I'd been in her class and through it she'd introduced me to BDSM; to my love of a darker sexuality. I was curious as to why she'd chosen now to take such an interest in Kim. Why she'd broken her own first rule and suggested to someone outside the group that someone within the group had a secret.

"What sort of questions?" I asked.

"The sort that involve handcuffs," she looked back at the books on the table, "and the sort that involve women who can't believe that they are... begging a man to..." her voice trailed off and she blushed. She lowered her voice to the point that I had to strain to hear her from three feet away, "cum in her ass."

"She said that you could find those answers in her lit class?"

Kim nodded, turning to look me in the eyes, "She said I could, but that you could answer them for me quicker, if you would."

I put my hand on hers. She placed her other over mine and we sat silently for a few moments. I wasn't sure I wanted Kim in that world. Yet, I knew I couldn't hide that part of me from her if I wanted anything to ever exist between us for the long term. She had been magnificent on her knees, her hands cuffed behind her back, a cock in her mouth. She enjoyed submission like few I'd known. But there was so much I loved about her as she was. I wasn't certain that I didn't love the woman that was, more than the one who could be.

The silence hung between us.

"What's the Oubliette?" She asked, never looking up from the table.

"Where'd you hear that?"

"Dr. Hall said that if you took me there, I'd understand who you are."


The Oubliette was a fetish club --a hard core BDSM club actually- a couple of hours away in the state capital. It operated out of the sub-basement of an old municipal building abandoned in a rusted clump of defunct industrial sites on the near west side. A weekend only establishment, it opened just after sundown on Friday night and effectively vanished Sunday afternoon. There was no sign. No advertisement. No listing in the phone book. If you needed to know about it you found out about it like everyone else, by word of mouth.

We drove up on the Friday after Thanksgiving; Kim's boys were with their grandparents and I'd begged off family time saying I had to work. It cost me a little more than I should have spent but I sprung for one of the nicer hotels near midtown, it was a short commute to the club. We had some time before the club opened so while Kim indulged herself in the rooftop pool I hit a local BDSM shop. I had one purpose in leaving her side for even a minute; I found it easily enough, a simple collar of heavy leather with a single steel ring at its throat.

By the time I got back to the hotel Kim was in the shower; she was singing softly and the steam was rolling out from under the closed door. I dropped the collar into the inside pocket of the sport coat I planned to wear that evening and sorted the rest of my evening wardrobe free on the closet hanger.

Kim was still singing when the bathroom door opened. She stepped out amidst a heavy cloud of steam, with a thick hotel towel that barely managed to contain her magnificent breasts, wrapped around her tiny body. Her wet brown-grey hair clung to her neck and shoulders, falling midway down her back.

"What do you think?" she asked, raising her foot and placing the tiptoe on the edge of the bed. She turned her hip and let the towel fall to expose the bare length of her well toned leg. "Is it smooth enough for you?"

I stepped closer to her and lightly traced the tips of my fingers up the baby soft flesh. It was smooth and without the slightest blemish. A guttural groan slipped from deep in my chest as I let my fingertips linger along the line of her calf.

"Glad you approve," she smiled and pulled her leg back, turning and moving toward her suitcase.

I watched as she fished out a wisp of black nothingness that was recognizable as panties only after she'd slid them well up her legs. The wispy black silk drew a line across her full hips, emphasising her tiny waist. The towel shifted and dropped as she pulled them over her hips, the thin lace visible between the tight globes of her luscious ass.

She bent to pick up the towel but stopped when she caught sight of me out the corner of her eye. I was transfixed by the view of her ass; possibly the most perfect piece of heart shaped wonder I'd ever seen, let alone fucked. She twisted her shoulders, still bent at the waist, and looked back at me; warmth flushed her face, her eyes shining with a mischievous passion. The towel forgotten, she stood and turned toward me, crossing the room toward me with purposeful strides.

"We've got some time before we need to go," she said softly, her hands drifted across my chest to my shoulders. She was not much more than five feet tall, but well proportioned, svelte and graceful, tight in all the right places, so it was a pleasure to hold her close.

My hands found her sides, my thumbs brushing the heavy curves of her breasts, "True, but we should save it for later. I think you'll need it."

"Meanie," she pouted as she pushed off against me, turning and slinking back across the room. The extra sizzle she poured into each step, and the sway of her ass, was meant to punish me for not caving in.

She vanished into the bathroom with her make-up kit. I took the moment to sort through her suitcase.

"What are you doing," she asked, the rustle of her things drawing her attention, though she didn't turn from the mirror.

"Deciding what you'll be wearing this evening," I answered, riffling through the selection of 'mom-wear' that she'd packed.

"What?" She asked, stepping into the bathroom doorway.

"Deciding what you'll be wearing this evening."

She started to say something.

"Is there a problem?" I asked flatly and gave her a look.

"No, sir," she answered. The flush of color that spread across her hips and thighs told me everything I needed to know.

"Finish getting ready, I'll have something for you by the time you're done."

She turned back to the mirror, her eyes cast down. I was slightly disappointed in what she'd brought; though there was a single ray of hope among it, a simple black dress. I laid it out on the bed and added a pair of black stockings. There were only a couple of bras, and while I would have preferred her without one, I recognized the value of support where her ample breasts were concerned. I added a strapless set of black lace cups strung with underwire to the pile. Shoes were clearly an area where she indulged herself; judging by the elegant leather heels she'd packed. I was anxious to see how those spikes accented her ass.

While I waited for her to finish in the bathroom I slipped into an Oxford and a pair of chinos, both in black. I was tying the wingtips when she stepped out. Her eyes fell to the bed and she smiled slightly. She approved of the selection but wasn't sure if she was allowed to say it.

"Get dressed," I instructed flatly, sitting back in the padded chair. I had a good view of her from the corner as she moved toward the bed.

I crossed my legs to hide the growing erection as she slipped into the garter belt and then gracefully unrolled the black silk up her legs. She never looked at me directly but she knew I was watching and I couldn't help but recognize some exaggerated movements that were added for my benefit. She reached for the bra and I stopped her.

"Shoes next," I directed.

She laid the bra aside and sat down on the end of the bed. She moved with an awkwardness borne of a need for me to see her. Her posture and poses were slightly unnatural as a result; I didn't mind. When she stood again she turned her back to me intentionally; her calves tight and her ass lifted just right.

By the time I was able to pry my eyes from her ass, the bra was in place and she was slipping the little black dress over her head. It settled into place, the hem just barely below the swell of her ass. With her arms were at her side the hem fell just below the height of her stockings. When she moved just so, there was a clear strip of bare flesh between the top of her stockings and the hem of the dress.

"How do I look?" she asked as she turned to face me.

"Almost perfect," I answered as I stood from the chair.

"Almost," her eyes went somber and her voice held a hint of panic.

"Almost," I repeated as I stepped closer to her. "Something just isn't right..." I assessed her with feigned purpose, and then snapped my fingers as if just then discovering the anomaly. "It's an easy fix."

"What..." she started to ask. Her words choked off when my hands slipped under the hem of her dress.

I grabbed the lacy black panties and ripped them, tearing them first at one hip then the other before she could complain. I tugged them free of her thighs more roughly than necessary as I stepped back.

"Perfect," I announced.

She blushed. "I liked those... a lot."

"I'll find a way to make it up to you." I smiled, tossing the tattered lace into the waste basket as I moved to the closet.

Kim made for her suitcase and the small jewelry box there.

"Don't," I stopped her.

She froze, looking to me for understanding. I took the black sport coat from the closet and slipped it on.

"You're perfect, just the way you are." I answered. There wasn't any need to explain that the only piece of jewelry she'd need was weighing heavily in my coat.

She put the jewelry box back into the suitcase and grabbed her purse.

"Not even that," I directed, "just get your driver's license out and give it to me. You don't need anything else."

She opened her purse and rummaged through it until she'd found her driver's license. I tucked it inside my jacket pocket and stepped back with a sweeping motion toward the door.

"Shall we?"


The only sign of life in the club's parking lot was a single bare bulb above the plain steel door at the side. We stopped at the door. The wind had whipped her hair wildly as we crossed the parking lot. I brushed a strand behind her ear. She'd worn her hair poker straight since I'd first met her. Her new hairdo was something I assumed she'd done to mark her new explorations.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

She understood my question and nodded. She wanted to know.

I started to open the door and she stopped me, her hand light on my shoulder.

"Not yet," her voice was small as she moved to stand toe to toe with me. "No matter what I see, I know who you've always been to me. That wont change."

"Alright," I smiled awkwardly.

She was already on her tiptoes so it was a simple matter for her to place her hands on my face and press her full, hungry lips to mine. The kiss was short and simple; a promise. One I hoped she could keep at the end of the night.

When I pulled open the unlocked door, light from within spilled out into the darkness. Kim and I moved inside, my hand on her waist as I closed the door. The small room was well appointed, fashionable, if not expensive.

"Good evening." The cheerful greeting came from a sharply dressed woman perched behind a stylish desk. She had the look of a corporate receptionist; business suit, carefully styled hair, modest make up.

The large fellow standing beside the elevator was well dressed for a security guard.

"Can I help you?" the receptionist smiled.

"I'm a member," I answered, taking my wallet out and fishing through it for my membership card.

I handed it to her and she studied it intently as she flipped through the large binder on her desk. When she was satisfied that I belonged she smiled more genuinely and looked from me to Kim.

"Well the lady be needing a membership as well?" the receptionist offered.

I answered without thought, "Not just yet, for now let's just call her 'plus 1'."

"Very well," the receptionist smiled as she returned my card. She glanced at the elevator man and he opened the doors.

My hand on Kim's waist, I guided her in silence to the elevator. As we started down she fidgeted beside me, her fingers twirling in her hair.

"Stop," I chastised her, placing my hand on hers and pushing her fingers from her hair.

She settled in close to me. I slipped my hand under the hem of her skirt and lifted the back of her dress high enough to allow me to comfortably place my palm at the small of her back. She looked at me with large eyes. I pretended not to notice. Her ass, bare except for the black garter belt, was completely exposed.

When the doors opened we were greeted by low lights, throbbing music and the sight of a slender girl with pale blonde hair blindfolded and locked inside a silhouette cage. Kim stepped from the elevator and approached the girl. The humanoid shape of the cage held her close, giving her little room to move any part of her body. Her hard nipples protruded through the gaps in the wide metal bands. A slender metal rod pinned into place in the front of the cage, passed through the girl's lips. At a guess I'd say that it held a cock gag just inside her mouth.

I took Kim by the arm and led her off to the left and into the lounge. The lounge was littered with a collection of round tables and padded chairs. They were of good quality but unmatched. A high bar ran the length of one wall and several open arches lead deeper into the club. The sound of leather on flesh drifted in as we entered the lounge. It took Kim just a few seconds to notice the large Christian Cross hung high on the opposite wall and the naked woman, gagged and bound to it in an imitation of Christ's death. I half expected the good little Catholic girl to bolt back to the elevator. She froze, but only for a moment.

While she stood motionless, enraptured by the girl on the cross, I slipped her wrap from her shoulders and handed it to the near naked girl in the coat check.

"This way," I spoke softly, taking her by the elbow and leading her toward the bar. She followed.

I passed the bottle of merlot we'd brought to the bartender while Kim studied the small knots of people scattered about. Her gaze, I noticed, was fixed on a tall, slender woman wearing little more than a high posture collar and an anal hook joined together by a slender rod. The woman stood poker straight, not daring to do otherwise, as she moved through the room with a tray of condoms and sanitary wipes.

As we moved away from the bar I placed my hand on the small of Kim's back once again, this time over her dress. "Nothing will happen that you don't want to happen," I reassured her, "No one will touch you without asking."

She nodded and tore her eyes from the courtesy girl with the condoms.

I took her hand and led her deeper into the club. The crack of wood on pliant flesh echoed ahead of us as we slipped past the girl on the cross and into a smaller room that held two kneelers and a large, heavy rack. Only the kneelers were in use; two young women were bound to them, naked from our vantage point except for stockings and heels. Both had their hands bound behind them and an attractive couple I knew to be husband and wife were administering a slow set of lashes to their exposed asses. Each girl's ass was red and crisscrossed with welts where the narrow wooden paddles had fallen repeatedly.

I moved Kim in front of me, slipping my hand around her waist and pulling her close as we watched the couple and their playmates. Each time the paddles fell on their soft flesh I felt a shudder drift through Kim. We watched as fingers explored the sex of each girl, intermingling sexual stimulation with pain. If the scent of their heat, or the glistening fluid coating their thighs hadn't been enough, the moans escaping the pair were a clear indication of their arousal.

When the wife dropped to her knees behind the girl she'd been paddling and pressed her lips to the girls exposed sex Kim pressed back into me. Her hand fell wantonly to my groin, squeezing my cock through my chinos. I felt her breath catch in her throat as the woman noisily lapped at the girl's pussy in front of us. I moved my hand up to cup Kim's breast, flicking my thumb across her nipple as she watched. When the husband mimicked his wife's actions with his girl I pulled away from Kim and took her hand. She whimpered softly in disappointment bit followed my lead nonetheless.

We worked our way through the maze of rooms in the old civil defense shelter. We paused here and there to watch one scene or another unfolding. A demonstration of wax play held our attention for several minutes before we moved on. People in various stages of undress pushed past us and I watched Kim with interest as she studied the faces around us. We spent nearly half an hour watching several men take their turns with a woman who was hooded and locked in a set of stocks. Kim licked her lips and fondled my manhood through my chinos as each new cock was revealed and then pressed into the woman's body.

When we'd completed the circuit of the club I led her back into the lounge. I found a table as remote as possible and we sat. The waitress was on top of us before I knew it. I gave her my membership number and asked for two glasses. When she was gone I looked to Kim, trying to judge her reaction to what she'd seen. Her face was flushed and her nipples were straining against the material of her dress.

"Well," I said as we starred into each other's eyes, "now you know."

She didn't speak for a long, nervous moment. "I've read... some," she started, "and I want to know more. What do I do?"

I pulled the leather collar from my pocket and placed it on the table, "Do you know what this is and what it means?"

She nodded.

"Tell me."

"If I put it on, for you," she raised her eyes from the collar to mine, "then I'm yours, to use."

The waitress moved like a phantom, leaving our drinks on the table without breaking the spell of the moment.

"It's your choice. Will you submit?"

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