tagIncest/TabooKimberly and Her Younger Son

Kimberly and Her Younger Son


The Kimberly series started to be about one of the women that my character Willis meets in his accounting department. As happens with some of my characters, they begin to lead their own lives and Kimberly became an incredibly erotic woman and developed a full life story. "Kimberly and the Neighbor" occurred before "Kimberly and her Son," and both are actually a prequel to "Kimberly and her Boss."

In "Kimberly and the Neighbor" she had a brief fucking from her neighbor witnessed by her son. Just days after that, her son Kyle saw her masturbating on her bed with a clear dildo.

'Oh my God!' she thought to herself. Angry with herself for her lack of self-control, she put the plastic toy back in her drawer and used a towel to dry her pussy before dressing. While she was putting on some clothes she started to understand that that she didn't know what to do. Although she caught her son peeping on her, she had been very indiscreet and had provided temptation for him. She pulled on a normal set of cotton panties, one of her more comfortable bras, and polo shirt and pair of pants. At first she was determined to talk to her son about what had happened but the lingering suspicion that Kyle knew about her coupling with Steve destroyed her resolve before she could get to his room. She went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner.

Supper that night was very quiet and they both seemed to avoid any eye contact or conversation. There was a huge elephant in the house but they were both outwardly ignoring it. The real problem was that they were both thinking about sex, and their bodies were responding below the table. Kimberly could feel that moist itch of need growing in her crotch while Kyle was dealing with the hard-on he got every time he was within sight of his mother. When supper was over they both retreated to their rooms.

Kimberly lay in her bed with her television on but ignored. She was still aroused and her mind was speeding through various reasons and scenarios to try to resolve the problems that had arose between her and Kyle. She knew that she would not be able to sleep until she apologized for her own actions and ensured that Kyle would be ok with forgetting about it.

She got up and pulled a robe over her long night-shirt and made her way towards his room, her mind rehearsing what she would say. She was so engrossed in that line of thought that she never heard the muffled groans coming from Kyle's room until she had already opened the door.

There was her son sitting on the edge of his bed making a frenzied attempt to cover his hard cock with a sweatshirt while also trying to turn off the laptop computer next to him. In that one or two seconds, Kimberly's eyes were able to capture everything like a photograph that she was then able to analyze fully in that adrenalin-filled moment.

It was the first time she had seen Kyle's cock since he had matured, and now it was naked and stiff. He was clearly his father's son as it was nearly as big as Robert's. The long slender shaft rose out of his pubic hair and was at least eight inches long. The cockhead was bloated deep purple and the pee slit had a glistening drop of pre-cum on it. The computer screen had shown a slender blond woman with long flowing blond hair bent over a table in a kitchen. The woman was being rammed from behind by a lean, young blond guy. Kyle's shout brought her back into awareness.

"Mom! What are you doing?" he shouted. Kyle was embarrassed for being caught jerking off but also angry for having his privacy violated. His mom was silent as she tried to frame a response, but his computer wasn't. The video was still running even though he had turned off the monitor.

"Oh God, baby!" came a shrill female voice from the laptop's speaker. "Fuck mommy's ass!" Kyle grabbed the laptop and closed it all the way to shut it off. His anger was forgotten as his mom now knew that his taste in porn included watching a mom get ass-fucked by her son.

There was a deadly silence in the room as Kyle sat there and waited for his mother's temper to explode. But for Kimberly, her eyes were locked onto her son's crotch as the events of the last few days played back in her head. Her strength, her resolve and her pride crumbled at the thought of her own son's cock.

As he looked up at her, she undid the robe and let it drop to the floor. The nightshirt beneath was like a long and thin t-shirt, nearly translucent and clearly showing her erect nipples on her unrestrained breasts. Kyle inhaled at the view but his mother was not finished. She reached down and pulled the nightshirt over her head. Shaking her hair out, she threw it to the side. Kyle watched dumbfounded as her small breasts jiggled while she shook her long hair back into place.

"You like?" She asked smiling.

"Oh, mom," Kyle groaned. "You are so beautiful!"

"Thank you," she said, smiling down at him. Without any further words she got on her knees next to his bed so his crotch was in front of her. With her hands she pulled the sweatshirt away to expose his cock. She lifted her head and took his cock in her hand, getting a feel for its size and weight. Up close she could see that it may be a bit longer that her husband Robert's, but nothing like the same thickness. Looking up at her son, Kimberly stuck out her tongue and ran it down the length of her son's cock. It twitched in automatic response and she smiled.

She started licking the length of his dick, running her tongue up and down his hard shaft. When another drop of pre-cum oozed out from the end of his cockhead, Kimberly touched it with the tip of her tongue, savoring its flavor. Another drop appeared and she wrapped her lips around the head of her son's cock. She wiped her tongue over his head while her mouth applied a soft suction.

Kyle groaned and his mother decided it was time to take as much as she could into her mouth. She started to slowly slide her head up and down, gradually taking more and more of it in her mouth. Not really believing what his slutty mother was doing to him, he placed his hand on the back of his mother's head to guide her.

Kimberly really enjoyed a good subject for her blow jobs, and her son's groans were exciting her as well. To celebrate her own arousal, she moved one of her hands to her cunt and to slowly rub her fingers across, then between her labia. The mother felt her son tensing and knew that he was going to cum very soon. She sucked harder while taking less cock in her mouth as Kyle's legs straightened and his toes pointed up. She felt his cock harden even more and cum started shooting from his cockhead into her mouth. The first blast was large and she quickly swallowed and the second blast shot out as well. She was surprised when he continued to shoot the next few seconds so that her son filled her mouth with so much cum it overflowed and leaked out the corner of her mouth. She swallowed the mouthful but savored the texture and salty taste of the remainder in her mouth.

"Mmm, that was tasty," she said. Smiling up at her son, Kimberly took hold of his cock and rubbed her head against it, moaning with lust. Kyle looked at his sexy mother. She was on her knees in front of him and the cum that had leaked out of her mouth was dripping down the side of her face. His mother was rubbing her face against the soft skin of his cockhead, sighing contentedly with her eyes closed.

Finally she stood up in front of him. With his mother's triangle of blond pubic hair at the level of his eyes, Kyle sat there looking at it. Kimberly brushed through her soft thatch, her fingers glistening with the moisture from fingering her own cunt.

"Have you ever even seen a woman's pussy?" She asked in a soft voice. "Up close?" Kyle could only shake his head. With his senses already in overload, and his mouth dry, he had no idea what to say or even if his mouth would work. Kimberly moved over and sat next to him on his bed. She laid back and she lifted her legs, spreading them widely apart and caressing her wet pussy teasingly.

She motioned for him to come closer and he slowly got up from the edge of the bed and moved to kneel on the floor between her feet. As Kyle moved down, his eyes were fixed on the glistening flesh below her pubic hair. His mother spread her labia apart with her fingers exposing the little pink nub of flesh near the top of her moist pussy.

"This is my clit," she said teasingly, rubbing her finger over it as she did. "When I touch my nipples the right way, I feel a throb right here," she said putting a finger either side of her clit and squeezing. "And when I press my clit like this...I can feel it all the way up in my tits!" Then she looked into his eyes and spoke very softly.

"The absolute best is when someone licks it. Will you eat me?" Kyle smiled and moved forward to a comfortable position between her legs. His mother's pussy was just in front of his face as paused to take in her smell, the fragrant scent of her sex which would be intoxicating for any man. It gave him a rush of passion and desire for the woman in front of him, forgetting that it was his mother. He had licked at girls' pussies before, but never a woman, especially one as sexy as his mother.

Kimberly reached out and put a hand on top of her son's head, pulling his face toward her hot pussy. Kyle flicked his tongue across her little clit and her body jerked at the touch. When he licked it with the length of his tongue, she gasped loudly, sucking in a deep breath as she experienced this agonizing pleasure. Experimenting with what else would please her, her son pressed his lips over his mother's clit and sucked on it gently. With his face pressed gloriously against her pussy, his nose engulfed in the fantastically stimulating aroma of the juice that flowed from within. The pleasurable moans and excited gasps from her own mouth told him what to do and how to stimulate his mother.

He left her clit to explore further down, dipping his tongue into the crevasse of her womanhood, the place from which he had emerged just 18 years before. Her hands pressed against his head now, pulling his face hard against her hungry crotch and actually limiting his ability to breath. He was forced to pause every few moments to breath through his mouth, but that did not seem to affect Kimberly in the least.

"Oh Crap," she exclaimed. "That's so good...I'm almost there!" She paused release his head and grabbed her knees. She pulled her legs up and opened herself completely to him in total submission.

"Don't...stop. Eat...me. Eat...mommy's...cunt!" At first Kyle did as he was told and dug his tongue deeply into her hole, fucking her with his face. He pressed his tongue repeatedly into her, and she rode it like a cock. Then he backed out and moved his mouth back to her clit, replacing his tongue with two fingers, sliding them easily into her very wet cunt.

To Beverly, his tongue now felt rough as it raked over her pleasure button, moving her closer and closer to the climatic explosion that was coming. Feeling her own son pushing his fingers in and out of her as he licked her clitoris, she knew that she was moments away from something wonderful. The tension in her body nearly prevented her from breathing.

Kyle too was aware of the impending storm as the circle of muscles inside his mother's hole squeezed down on his fingers. The sponginess of her insides seemed to get denser in spite of the fluids she produced, and he could actually feel resistance increasing as he pressed his fingers in. His mother writhed and tossed on the bed as he finger-fucked her and licked her clit with more energy.

"YES...MY GOD...I'm...Commmiiinnnggg!" She howled and Kyle felt his mother's cunt muscles clench and flutter around his two fingers. She grabbed the bed covers as she thrashed about, ramming her pubis into his face as she arched her back and moved her hips. He was completely unable to keep his mouth over her clit but he continued to finger-fuck her pussy as she gasped and yelled incoherently. It seemed impossible that her body would survive as her muscles wracked with waves of contractions.

She shuddered and trembled for what seemed like ages until, finally she begin to relax and lay her back slowly on the bed. Kyle stopped thrusting with his hand and slowly pulled his fingers out of her.

"God Mom," he said in wonder. "You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen." Kyle's long cock swung up and down as he crawled up the bed between her long legs.

"Well," she smiled as she watched him move up between her outstretched legs. "Thank you so much. I'm glad you think your mom is so sexy."

When he crawled into position over her, Beverly reached down with her arm and gently took his stiff penis in her hand. She was amazed at how hard his prick was, like it was the rock prick of one of those ancient Greek statues. With his mother's hand guiding him, Kyle lowered his hips down as she moved it to her still hungry gash. He felt the instant his swollen cockhead slip between the labia of her fiery pussy and bent down to kiss his mother, crushing her lips as his tongue searched her hers. The consummation of pussy and prick paused while their tongues fought that both would win.

When they broke the kiss, Kyle began to ease his hard cock inside the squishy heat of his mother's pussy. Beverly groaned with pleasure as she felt her son slowly pushing his cock down her wet, honey-hole. Her son's thick cockhead stretching her vaginal canal as it moved further inside her. She lay there and concentrated her senses on sensations caused by her son's cock; it was like she could see inside herself as her muscles softly collapsed down to his stiff shaft after the passage of his glans so that muscles in her cunt wrapped around the shaft sliding into her.

For Kyle, it was like his mother's pussy was soft and squishy but incredibly hot and stimulating at the same time. His cock was in something out of this world; nothing like his teenaged girlfriend. For the moment, his entire awareness was focused on how it felt as his cock went further into hot and wet length of her pussy until it was completely inside her, his root against her pubic mound. He had never been fully immersed in a pussy before, his girlfriend always held him back as it hurt if he went all the way. That had been just ok but this was really fantastic, and he stopped for a moment to try slow his response. His whole nervous system was now directly connected to his cock and tried desperately to hold his boiling semen back.

Beverly could feel the struggle in her son and knew he was on that very edge of ejaculation. Although she was not ready for a huge orgasm, she wanted to give him this one. With a smile, she tightened her cunt muscles around her son's cock and the increased pressure set him off. With a howl, Kyle shot a big load of thick semen into the place where he was conceived. The explosion of white-hot cum flowing out of his hard cock into her pussy was so much more than she expected. The flow hit her mind like a dart and sent her into a sudden and rich orgasm, and she screamed out and she clenched at her son on top of her. The rhythmic spurting of his ejaculation sent her into waves of small orgasms as his body worked to force his cock into her as deep as he could.

For a while after the spasms stopped, they lay there, coupled in both sweat and cum as they tried to catch their breath. As they both relaxed. The hot blond felt her son's cock shrink inside her, and he eased it out, letting his weight down beside her.

"Wow, mom!" He exclaimed. "That was great! I'm sorry I came so fast, though."

"You'll do better next time," she said as she caressed his chest.

"When can we do it again?" he asked excitedly.

"Let me go clean up and..." she stopped as the large amount cum he had dumped into her started to ooze out of her pussy. "Too late....it's all coming out." Placing her hand over her cunt, she hopped off the bed and grabbed her nightshirt. While it stopped any further dripping from her ravaged cunt, her thighs were already sticky with their combined juices. She made her way to her own bathroom to wash herself, inside and out.

After she was clean, she noticed she was hungry. 'Vigorous sex did burn some calories,' she thought to herself. She went back to Kyle's room, but he was dozing, his cock lying on his stomach, covered in the now dry remnants of their sex. Just the sight of his cock made her cunt twinge, but she left him to sleep and went to the kitchen.

She made herself a sandwich and sat down to eat it, reveling in the fact she was free to go naked in her own house again. It was her love of being naked in her own house that had produced three kids so quickly.

After she ate, she cleaned up and stared to load the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. The clatter of the dishes and running water hid the sound of her son approaching. All he saw when he entered the room was his mother's wonderfully shaped ass, wide enough to be sexy but not fat or dimpled. He realized she was not aware of his presence and moved closer. As she was bent over, her ass open towards him, he reached out and cupped her pussy.

"Oh God!" she exclaimed. "You scared me!" Kyle smiled and moved his hand around until he could slide a finger into her pussy.

"Ohhhh, honey..." she moaned. The son didn't say a word but slowly moved his finger in and out. She automatically spread her legs giving him better access. Placing her hands on the dishwasher door, she leaned further down; her head below the counter level which made her ass stick out. She bent over, enjoying the fingers working over her pussy and then felt a finger at her asshole.

"mmmm," she moaned. He remembered what he saw in her room. It had been so degrading when he had seen her with that dildo up her ass, but now he knew her desire for ass play. She doubted he had ever had this opportunity before, so she spread her legs even wider apart so he could see everything she offered him. Finally he spoke.

"Mom, do you fuck yourself in the ass all the time?"

"Only when I can't get someone else to do it for me," she answered brazenly. She started to push back against his finger, fucking herself with it. She felt him move another finger up and she stopped for him to ease it into her ass as well. As she felt her son's finger extend inside her rectum, she knew this was enough, as the rising tide of an orgasm approached. Her ass was so hyper-sensitive that once she started, it was only satisfied when it was sore.

The two fingers stretched the ring of her ass and sent wonderful signals of sexual energy too her pussy, but there was so much more to this event. This time it was not some guy she picked up, nor was it her wonderful husband Robert. The depravity of opening her ass to her own son made it some much more stimulating. It was so...wrong; incest! Sodomy! But she could not deny her desire for what she was doing. Her pussy fluttered and she moaned and soon felt her climax coming to a head. She pushed her ass back against her son's hand, ramming his two fingers into her anal passage and releasing the orgasmic flood within.

"Ohhh yes...oh my god yes...Ahhhhhh..."

Kyle never thought that finger fucking any woman's ass could bring her to such a powerful climax but his mother was having a complete orgasm. He grabbed her waist to steady her as her muscles quivered. It occurred to him that maybe it was not just the sexual stimulation itself, but also the thought of her own son making her cum. It was certainly turning him on and his cock stiff and swollen with desire for his mother.

When her climax receded, Kimberly lifted herself and moved forward a bit, so she could rest on the kitchen counter, her long hair covering her head like a shroud. She lazily looked back at her son Kyle as her slowly withdrew his fingers from her ass. He was staring at her sphincter as he pulled them out, watching as her flesh distended around his fingers like it did not want to release them. Kimberly looked down to see his long cock pointing straight out and knew she wanted more.

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