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Kimberly & Lori


I am in heaven. I just showered after kissing, fondling, sucking and fucking the sexiest woman in the world. I've wanted her for three years and as it turns out, she's wanted me all during that time and hasn't been able to understand what it took for me to get turned on. Wow, it's amazing how two people can both want something so bad and neither one knows it.

I'm married to a sweet girl, very good-looking and very sexy but uptight when it comes to sex. She just can't relax and let the good times roll. I love her though and intend on being her husband for all time. My story begins shortly after I started dating Lori. I was invited over to her house to meet her family. I was 30 at the time and Lori was 20. When I arrived at her parents' house, Lori's younger sister, Kimberly, opened the front door. Well as good looking as Lori is, compared to Kimberly, Lori's a 5. Kimberly was 18 at the time. She stands about 5'3", weighs 105 pounds, has the most beautiful blue eyes on the planet, and has a body that measures about 36C-21-34 and is flat out gorgeous. She had big blonde hair, wavy and curly, just perfect for wrapping all around my cock. When she said hello, I just about fell to the ground. Her voice alone makes a man want to rip his cock out and stick it in her mouth. I literally got a hard-on standing at the door. Now that I know she always wanted me, I am able to see all the things she did to let me know. Too bad I was so dumb ... she could be my wife and I could have been fucking her all day, every day.

It was a hot summer day in Florida. She was bra-less and wore a tank top just thick enough to conceal the color of her nipples. But the way they stuck out was noticed right away. I wanted to reach out and squeeze them. She had on cut-offs cut so short that half her ass-cheeks were exposed. I wanted to kiss her ass, I wanted to tongue her asshole. She stepped aside to let me enter. Now I know that she made certain I brushed against her tits on the way through the door. It's one of those things you don't forget, the feel of her tits rubbing against my arm as I passed her by. She called for Lori and then sat down on the floor in front of me and did some stretching exercises. Now I know that she was doing everything possible to tell me to get down on the floor, rip her shorts off and ram my cock up her cunt.

All those times I thought it looked like she might be wet ... she was. She told me that the second she saw me she thought she'd be taking me away from her sister. She told me she spotted my 8" bulge and was moist at once. She told me that when I sat down on the couch to wait for Lori she thought about crawling over to me. She wanted to put her face in my crotch just to smell my cock. If she had done that I would have fucked her right there and then. Lori would have come out to say hello only to see her sister impaled on her boyfriend's stiff, hot cock. I thought she was shy because when I spoke with her she didn't look me in the eye, now I know she was staring at my cock. The little sexpot actually started doing push-ups. Mr. Smart-guy thought she was exercising. She told me she figured if I saw the weight and fullness of her tits going up and down, I'd jump out of the couch and slam my cock up her ass.

Well Lori came into the room, surveyed the situation and told Kimberly to get out of there. I just figured she wanted us to have privacy. I guess a woman knows when another woman is making a play for her man. Lori sat down next to me and put her hand on my cock. Now I know, she was checking to see how excited Kimberly had made me. She found out because my cock was fully erect and was hot enough to melt lava. I always wondered why one minute she grabbed my cock and the next minute she acted hurt ... weird.

I didn't see much of Kimberly for the next year. Lori usually just slipped out the door when I arrived to pick her up. I saw her at their brother's wedding. Both Lori and Kimberly and their older sister Mary were bridesmaids. I was an usher. Their dresses were very hot. I remember looking at all three sisters and wondering how the hell one family could have that much beauty. Of course their mom is pretty hot too. Kimberly had come over to say hello at the reception and I kept looking at her cleavage. I wanted to dive down the top of that dress and wallow in those gorgeous tits as I slid down to the sweetest tasting pussy in the South.

Kimberly is expressive when she talks so I thought nothing of it when she kept touching me while she talked to me. I enjoyed her touch but didn't think she meant anything by it. Now I know why Mary came over and shooed Kimberly away. Mary, one year older than Lori, hung around talking to me so I just stared at here tits instead. She's the one in the family with the biggest titties; I'm guessing 38D's. She just has a way of acting superior to everyone. More than once I thought I ought to just shove my cock in her mouth to shut her up. Later that night, Kimberly asked me to dance to a slow dance. I got her in my arms just long enough to feel her tits pressed against my chest when Mary cut in. It was great feeling her tits against my chest too, but it was Kimberly that I wanted to fuck. Well, let's say it was Kimberly I wanted to fuck most. Now that I've fucked Kimberly, I probably ought to get Mary and maybe their mom too.

Lori and I got married about a year ago. Now I know that there was a lot of flirtation going on all during the past couple of years. At our wedding, when Kimberly kissed me in congratulations, she wasn't drunk when she slipped me the tongue. I pulled away when I should have sucked her tongue down my throat. Lori and I moved out of state for a job opportunity. We've only been here for a couple of months. Kimberly called Lori the first week we were here to make plans for a visit. Lori asked me if it would be okay for her sister to visit us for a couple of weeks. I said, yeah, I guess so. Good thing she didn't grab my cock again or she would have told Kimberly she couldn't visit.

Well guess who had the task of picking Kimberly up at the airport. You guessed it. Lori has a meeting all day and night so she asked me if I'd mind terribly picking Kimberly up. I felt like saying, only if I have to put her down after I pick her up. I met her at the gate about three hours ago. Oh what a beauty. Every guy in the place staring at her and she's hanging onto my arm and just acting thrilled to see me. After we got her luggage, we hopped in the car to drive home. I guess Kimberly decided it was time to be direct. Once we were out on the freeway for our half-hour drive, Kimberly reclined her seat just a little, enough to accentuate her puffy pussy. She reached down and rubbed her pussy on the outside of her shorts. I looked over in amazement. She said, "Charlie, I know how to rub my pussy very, very well. But, I do believe you know how to rub it even better. I'm tired of waiting around for you to take the hint. Are you going to finger my pussy or not? " "Are you serious?" I stuttered.

She arched her hips upward and slipped her shorts down past her knees. She spread her legs to reveal her shaven pussy and a very swollen clit. She took my trembling hand and placed it on that love-nest. Her pent up desire was obvious. She was torrentially wet. I had hardly touched her clit when she screamed out her first orgasm of the afternoon. I thought, damn, I'm good. I guess my pent up desire was pretty obvious too because when she pulled my charged up cock out of my pants that thing was bigger than I'd ever seen it. She wrapped her lips around it and stroked me to a 15-second explosion. I felt like a teenager. She came up and kissed me. I thought she was going to try to get me to taste my own cum, which I don't like. But I was wrong; she'd swallowed it all. I was hard already. She pulled her top off and I was hot and hard. I'm telling you, her tits are perfect. I had to pull off the road so I could suck on her nipples. They were so erect and reactive. My tongue caused her to moan non-stop. I told her we had to hurry up and get home because if I didn't fuck her soon, I was going to pass out. We pulled into the garage, She yanked my pants off, I stuck my cock in her cunt and she hollered, "Oh you're so big sweet lover. Give it to me babe. Fuck meeeee."

I carried her all the way up to the guest bedroom impaled on my cock. I laid her down and stared at her tits while I stroked in and out of her hot, juicy pussy.

"Oh, Charlie, I want to fuck you forever, I love you so. Give it to me baby."

"Kimberly, your tits are gorgeous. You're gorgeous."

"Suck on my tits. Suck on my nipples. Give me hickeys all over my tits. Oh Charlie, my love come true."

I fucked her while I sucked all over her tits. I gave her about twenty hickeys. I reached down with a moist finger and stroked her asshole. She told me I could fuck that later but for now she wanted my cum to shoot all the way up her cunt. I fucked her hard and then we'd grind and then we'd fuck and then we'd grind. I leaned down and kissed her. She had a hand on both sides of my face and she sucked on my tongue. We both came at the same time. She lay on top of me, her magnificent tits in my hands.

"Charlie, I've wanted you since I first saw you. Since then, I've wanted you more and more every day. My only sadness is that you married Lori and not me. But if you'll fuck me on a regular basis, I guess I can live with it."

"I'll fuck you Kimberly, anytime you want it."

"I'll want it anytime you're around, even when you're not. I've never wanted any man like I want you, not even close. I turn down dates so I can stay home and masturbate thinking about you. You have been my dream and you will be forever. If you'll have me, no other man will ever touch me again."

"Damn, girl, that's fine." I was hard again, although not ready to come. I rolled her over so she was on top of me, lying on her back. I played with her tits, tugging on her pink nipples. She moaned. I rubbed some of her pussy juice on the head of my cock and pointed it at her asshole. She just moaned as I slipped a little in. She sat up and started working my cock. Up eight inches, down eight inches, up eight inches, down eight inches.

"Give it to me babe. I want your cock up my ass. Imagine Lori walking in and watching us. Would you like Lori to watch us honey?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so, if she liked it."

"If she liked it? Are you kidding, Lori would be all over this once she got used to it."

"I don't think so. Lori's kind of uptight about sex."

"Uh, Charlie, Lori's kind of uptight about sex with a man. Not with a woman."

"What?" I couldn't believe my ears.

"Charlie, Lori and I have licked each other's pussy's since we were 12 and 14. I've got a plan that might make it so I can stay with you guys and love you and fuck you for the rest of my life." The thought of Lori eating out her sister had me hard enough to come again and I shot my load up Kimberly's ass. We agreed it was time to take a break and to shower. So now that I've showered, once I'm dressed I'll be joining Kimberly in kitchen to hear her plan.

I was a little nervous about Kimberly's plan but she was so confident and I wanted to fuck her for the rest of my lie, it certainly was worth a shot. She told me she loved me and not to worry, this was very important to her. She said she wanted to be with me forever. She told me there was no way she'd lose me now that she finally had me

That night when Lori got home, my car was parked down the block and I was outside on the patio. Lori wouldn't be able to see me but I'd be able to stand there watching Kimberly's plan unfold. I saw Lori enter the kitchen and I saw Kimberly rise up to greet her. They hugged each other. I saw Lori look around the room and Kimberly must have told her I was out for awhile. Then I saw Kimberly lift her top up and over her head and I saw my wife lean forward and suck on her sister's hickey covered tits. She squeezed them and dropped to her knees. Kimberly stepped out of her shorts and offered her pussy to Lori for a good licking.

My, my, my. It was something to stand there watching my wife eating pussy. Kimberly was greatly enjoying Lori's tongue because she erupted within moments. The next thing I saw was Kimberly remove Lori's clothing. Lori looked more excited than I'd ever seen. After Kimberly kissed her tits, she stuck a finger up Lori's cunt and she worked it over pretty good. Lori was crying out in ecstasy. Then Kimberly strapped on a fake cock and pointed the head of it at Lori's cunt-hole. Lori took it in happily. At about the time it was buried up to the hilt is when I walked in silently. I pulled my pants down and slid up next to Lori who was so busy fucking her sister she didn't see me arrive. Kimberly looked at my cock and moaned. I smiled at her. I put the head of my cock up to Lori's lips. Her eyes opened and she looked scared. I stroked her cheek, leaned down and kissed her, fondled her tits and urged her to kiss my cock.

"Oh, Charlie, I don't know what to say."

"It's okay baby, don't say anything, just let your sister fuck you while you suck my cock."

"Suck his cock Lori, if you don't, I swear I will." Kimberly moaned.

Lori reached up and grabbed my cock and said, "Charlie, I love your cock. I'm so lucky to have such a big cock."

"Well, then suck on it baby. Make me come."

Lori sucked my cock and I humped her mouth. She worked it better than she ever had before. Kimberly pulled out of her pussy and came around to lick my balls. Kimberly suggested to Lori that the two of them take me up to bed and give me a good fucking. Lori said that was a good idea. We got up to the bedroom and I lay down on my back. Kimberly sat on my face and Lori slid my cock up her hot pussy. She fucked better than ever before too. They leaned toward each other and kissed while they played with each other's tits. After a while they switched positions. Once I had my cock up Kimberly's tight little cunt, I knew I'd explode soon. I licked Lori very well because she came just as I shot my wad deep within her sister's pussy. The three of us lay next to each other, each of them facing me, kissing my nipples and playing with my sore but happy cock. Lori said, "Hey guys, I've got an idea. How about if Kimberly moves in with us and we spend the rest of our lives together. We could all fuck all the time. Charlie, you could have two wives who love you."

Kimberly hugged me, gave me a kiss and answered, "What a good idea Lori, I think I could grow to love Charlie."

My aching, sore, swollen cock started to get hard again as I felt their nipples rise with excitement. Kimberly whispered in my ear, "I'll love you forever Charlie, now hurry up and fuck me for the rest of my life."

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