Kimberly Ch. 02


"Bobby, you're hard."

I looked and finally nodded not even daring to speak.

"Why are you hard, Bobby?"

My mouth was dry, I had to gulp and run my tongue along my dry lips. My cheeks burned, even more so when I looked at my erection.

"I'm not even dressed and neither of us are asleep Bobby, yet you are hard. Why?"

These lips that have been so loyal to me all these years today decided to fail me. I tried to speak yet those words refused to leave my body. I closed my eyes willing myself to speak to say something, anything.

"Bobby, look at me, this is important. Please look at me."

Opening my eyes once again I stared at Karen. Soon my body went into revolt and I started to shake.

"I'm going to get up and come and hug you ok?"

Too afraid to do anything more than simply nod my head, I watched as Karen knelt in front of me her arms opened and enclosed around me. Her tits crushed against my chest, I'm almost sure she could feel my heart beating so rapidly now that it seemed to want to burst out of my chest. After what felt like an eternity, yet could have only been a moment, Karen moved away from our hug. She sat back on her legs and looked down between us.

"Can I touch it Bobby?"

I could feel myself get even more embarrassed and had to take a big breath trying to remain calm. The pause became uncomfortable.

"You haven't answered my question Bobby. Can I touch it?"

My mind screamed for me to answer her. Karen simply sat and waited, watching me so intently.

"I can't touch your cock unless you let me. It's still hard and I would like to touch it, will you let me hold it in my hand please Bobby?"

My eyes looked towards the cabin's ceiling, I sucked in air hoping to push my fears away. My eyes started to mist up and I had to gulp once again before plucking up the courage to nod my head. Once again I closed my eyes, eventually nodding my head.

"No Bobby, I'm not going away but I do need you to look at me and tell me I can hold your hard cock in my hand. Tell me that I can hold you."

Her voice speared through my thoughts, so many noises in my head just seemed to stop. The silence and the sudden calm within me made me open my eyes. Karen was looking at me, there seemed to be a glow about her. The blush around her cheeks seemed to have gone now; the redness around her neck still gave her away though. Karen tilted her head slightly, paused to watch me for a moment and smiled.

"Welcome back Bobby. Will you let me hold your cock now?"


My answer sounding nothing like me and I placed my hand over my mouth, coughed and looked more intensely at Karen.

"Yes Karen, I would like you to hold me. Can I please hold you in return?"

Her hand came away from her thigh and touched my cheek, her warmth both comforting and needed at the same time. My heart beat so loud in my ears as I watched Karen lean forward and gently kiss my lips, her lips barely touched mine yet they did just long enough to still my heart once again.

"Bobby, I've been waiting for you to touch me intimately since you started to shave me. What you see in front of you is all yours just as long as you understand that what I see in front of me is all mine as well. And I do plan to play with it to my heart's content. Only one rule applies to both of us. No, does mean no."

The silence in the cabin seemed to be a comfort to both of us. When Karen's hand went to my groin and her fingers wrapped themselves around my hardness, her smile got even bigger. She grabbed my hand and sat up, her nipple almost within sucking distance. My hand became wet as she rubbed my hand back and forth under her.

"That's my pussy and that's how wet I am. I'm not going to give you anymore hints Bobby because I have your cock in my hand and as far as I'm concerned I know damn well were its going. Get to it I don't do passive unless someone rocks my world. Are you going to rock my world, Bobby?"

My hand clamped her pussy and she took her own hand away from me. Her look was even more intense. We both teetered on the edge, that point of no return. I knew now that Karen had dragged me here, she had lied to me when she said that she couldn't carry me. She may be a woman but she had indeed carried me, all these weeks she had pulled me along to this point in time.

This red haired fiery woman with a true heart of gold had hung in there and shown me I could move on with my life, the stagnation in my life was over, Traci was right all along.

Both her hands held my head as she looked intently at me, for a second her smile vanished, only to be replaced by an even bigger one.

"If you don't mind Bobby I would like to kiss you first. I can see it in your eyes right now, I'm in for a fun time and I would like to thank you in advance."

Both my arms went around her and gently pulled her body close to mine crushing us together. Her hands left my face and wrapped themselves around my neck as she leaned in and we kissed. That peace I felt now gained contentment as our body warmth started to share with each other. Our lips held one another, our tongues touched and explored. Karen moaned, and her body relaxed into me, what little space there was left between us no longer there. As Karen gently pulled away from me, my hand went to her breast, my fingers toying with her nipple.

"Bobby I would like to do something, I know you will enjoy it and trust me when I tell you it needs to be done. I understand your close to the tipping point now and believe me I'm not that far off myself, but we both need this to happen first. Will you let me take the lead on this one little matter?"

My hands came away from her and I watched her for a moment, then realizing that she wanted me to agree first, I said so. The speed of this woman still keeps me amazed, she moved away from me and hooked her arms under my knees and pulled, I went flat onto my back. By the time I had lifted myself onto my elbows that welcoming warm sensation enveloped my cock, all I could see was a red head moving up and down. What I felt curled my toes.

Karen simply wouldn't stop, I'm not sure if she thought I might change my mind, but her mouth and tongue kept me engaged just as much as her hand as it played with my balls. She didn't tease, this woman wanted me to cum and as quickly as possible. Without even realizing it my hips started to move with her own movements. She took her hand away from my balls and pushed down on my hip bone. Karen wanted full control over what she was doing and at that moment in time who was I to stop her.

It seemed that no sooner had Karen had that control and simply relaxed back onto the bed, than my loins gave me that familiar feeling. As the buildup came, Karen removed her mouth and started to masturbate me. Again I looked down but her hair still obscured what she was doing as rope after rope of cum shot out of me. I started to feel a little light headed. Karen stopped moving her hand and sat back on her legs, her smile was amazing her eyes once again, totally dilated.

My cum had covered her tits, some even started to run down them and surround her nipples. Her hand slowly went back to work on my cock, keeping me solid.

"We both needed that out of the way Bobby, remember I've lived with you for weeks now and you have been storing this up even then. I shudder to think how many weeks' worth just poured out of you."

Karen stood, our eyes never left each other as she straddled me and lowered herself over my cock. One hand went under her to hold me still as she then lowered herself onto me so my cock just parted her pussy lips. Her other hand ran across her tits rubbing my cum deeper into her chest.

"No way am I capable of drinking this lot down in one go and not make a mess, but rest assured Bobby, I do swallow and this lot isn't going to waste."

With a sigh she lowered all the way down onto me, sat on my pelvis and adjusted her legs before her cum soaked hand went to her mouth. She licked it clean and then turned it towards me smiling. Karen leaned forward, her hands held my head as her body seemed to travel up mine and she kissed me. Her tits crushed against my own chest, her body warmth and my cum now smeared across both our chests.

As Karen broke our kiss and sadness that she had left my lips replaced her, she looked long and hard at me. As she lifted herself back slightly, I looked down and watched as my cum mingled with my chest hair, her nipples more solid than I have ever seen them.

"Remember Bobby I only do passive if you plan to rock my world. I'm the head doctor, you're the body doctor so pull all those little secrets out of your head and make me scream Bobby, it's been a long dry season for us both and I've put my social calendar on hold for the next couple of days. Let's see what you've got."

There was something about this red headed angel talking dirty that kept me hard. She smiled as my cock twitched inside her pussy, letting her know that what she had said had struck a chord. I resisted the urge to pull her onto the bed and pound her pussy. Just holding her hips and slowly moving up and down soon caught her attention. Karen would clamp her pussy muscles every now and again just to make life interesting. It was her breathing that gave her away and for the rest of the day I used that as my template. I'm not sure if she figured it out.

As a slow moan escaped her lips her eyes closed and her hand wandered to her pussy, a finger rubbed her clit as I continued to move up and down. Karen couldn't concentrate on staying on top any longer and her upper body slumped against mine, her hand now trapped between us, she simply made good use of it while it was there. Karen's body heat started to rise and I took this opportunity to twist and put her underneath me. Her legs came around and held me inside her.

With both hands free, she held my hips and as I started to thrust into her. Her hands moved to my ass, her fingers dug deep into me. For a minute or so she watched as I pounded into her pussy, as her eyes fluttered then slowly closed and her breathing once again changed as her orgasm slammed into her body. Even on top and with my body weight holding her down, I came close to being thrown off. Her orgasm subsided, I pulled out and lifted her legs, placing them onto my shoulders.

Her face showed panic when I pulled out of that wet dream of a pussy. The smile returned when I pushed myself back into her, again her hand went to my ass and held me there. Keeping her on a high meant it was easy to push her once again towards her orgasm. Karen had her own plan by then and wanted me to cum when she did. Her pussy muscles were so damn tight I had to let her legs rest on the bed so I could force myself into her.

"That's it Bobby, cum for me. I'm not letting you go until you put that second load into me."

Her own breathing gave her away. When I looked into her eyes, she was in a panic. Karen was so close to coming that she had to close her eyes to hide that fact from me. The trouble was I had already started to change my rhythm to long thrusts ready for when I came. I desperately tried to change my rhythm but Karen was having none of it and held on for the ride. Within another minute I pulled back, thrust forward one more time and held myself there emptying cum deep into her.

Karen felt me, felt my cum soak her insides and her own body pushed her into another orgasm. She didn't even notice me pull out of her pussy; her own body fed off her orgasm making her twitch and shudder. Her moan of contentment was only just matched by the smile on her face. But Karen had set me a challenge, she wanted me to make her scream and who was I to turn down that challenge.

My hands went under her and pushed, her own momentum sent her onto her stomach. Karen quickly opened her eyes. Her body was still feeding off its last orgasm and at this moment, totally useless to her. I got behind her pulling her legs apart and inserted two of my fingers into her pussy. Her body reacted on instinct and she automatically pushed her knees under her causing her ass to lift. Her face now was watching me, wandering what I was up to. With her body in just the right position, my fingers went looking for her most sensitive spot.

My fingers touched her just right and her leg automatically kicked out, I knew I was just where I wanted to be. Karen quickly looked over to me, both realization and panic adorned her face as she tried to scoot up the bed but the tips of my fingers rubbed that sensitive spot and with a groan she slumped forward. My fingers once again passed over her spot, her pussy muscles clamped and flooded my fingers seconds before Karen screamed her third orgasm into her pillow. I know I shouldn't have done it but I was just as wrapped up in the moment as she was.

My arm scooped under her and held her close, my fingers still rubbing that most sensitive of spots. Again she tried to move away, to gain some kind of respite, but my arm held her lower body in place. Her scream came once again into her pillow just as her vaginal muscles clamped, locking my fingers in her repeating the cycle. Poor Karen must have realized that her own body was betraying her, her legs were useless to her. Her pussy held my fingers inside her and all I did was continue to gently rub both of them along her pleasure spot.

Her body kept her on a high and refused to give up this source of pleasure, it fed on itself and for the moment, Karen was simply along for the ride as yet another orgasm tore through her sweaty, panting body. With one final supreme effort on her behalf, Karen lunged forward, desperate to grab back her sanity and her body. I'm just glad she didn't see me smile as I watched her legs give out long before her orgasm released her.

Poor Karen was now a panting, orgasm drained, heap of sweating flesh in the middle of the bed. She was exhausted but her smile simply melted my heart. She managed to whisper a 'thank you', I'm not sure her vocal cords would have allowed much else from her. I could see her lips moving, her eyes held a plea within them, I leaned in close and just heard a word so I leaned closer.

Karen repeated what she had said. "Is this what I have to look forward to now that everything works, Bobby?"

Smiling I kissed her forehead, her sweat tasted salty on my lips. I nodded my answer.

Karen's eyes looked towards the heavens before saying. "At least I will die with a smile on my face."

I couldn't help but laugh, pulling a cover over both of us, I held her close to me. Her breathing soon changed, I listened for a while, contemplating on what had happened over the last few days and then this. Both Karen and Kimberly had gotten under my skin simply by just being themselves. Changes were coming and at first I was scared until I realized that this woman in my arms would always be by my side.

******* This morning seemed out of sync compared to the last few days. I could see something was different with Karen's mannerisms as well. After breakfast Karen took her cell and went out onto the porch, closing the cabin door behind her. Deciding it was none of my business, I kept busy with cleaning the dishes and putting them away. Karen came back into the room and asked me to get dressed. This peaked my interest and I followed her into the bedroom and got dressed, watching her do the same.

The car journey around the lake was a new experience for me, I had never in all six months of being here been to this side of it.

"Karen, where are we going?"

"To my cabin."

Short and to the point I suppose. A few minutes later her cabin came into view, she pulled up alongside the door but paused for a moment before looking at me.

"You know I love you, don't you?"

I nodded my head before answering her. "Yes I do, yet you placed so much emphasis on that statement, there must be a reason?"

Karen looked closely at me, her eyes misted and her cheeks flushed slightly as she fought so hard to compose herself again.

"Because this is when I hurt you. Only I hope you don't feel that hurt too much, because you know I am by your side and I'm never going to let you go."

She looked towards the cabin as she spoke. I think she meant to say more but a noise by the cabin made her stop. I turned to look at what she had seen and just for a moment my heart stopped.

The cabin door had opened and Miranda walked out and stood on the porch watching the car. Turning back to Karen I asked one question before my throat tightened and my eyes misted so much that she was simply an outline through my tear filled eyes.


"Because I needed her help Bobby, and this was her condition on her helping me."

Miranda came down off the porch and stood by the car, nodded her head towards Karen and then looked at me. I wanted to be sick, the bile rose in my throat and I desperately fought the urge to push the car door open and run away. Karen noticed my trembling and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"I've made us all iced tea; it's too hot to sit outside right now, perhaps later."

She didn't even wait for an acknowledgment, simply walked back to the cabin and disappeared inside. She was stood by the counter top next to the sink when we entered, I may have been mistaken but I was almost sure I saw her shoulders moving before she had heard us.

"Please sit, I will be with you in a moment."

Miranda looked out of the window and took a deep breath before she came and sat across from us. It was clear to see that she had been crying, her eyes still looked puffy and a little red.

"I understand you want answers Bobby, it's in your nature. Let me start by saying that I forced this. I made it a condition of my help that we had this meeting. Karen was dead set against this when she came to our house, but I had her over a barrel and she knew it, so please don't be angry with her."

I could feel myself shaking, I went hot then cold. Karen held me close, her breath on my neck letting me know she was talking to me yet I could hear nothing. Miranda simply stared back at me.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Because we are family and I care for you. If you remain calm I will explain everything. But I can already see your struggling to do even that."

My whole world went black and then red. Karen tried so desperately hard to keep me calm, even when I suddenly stood sending her chair tumbling backwards with her still in it. Miranda said nothing, just sat and watched as I leaned on the kitchen table our heads no more than a few inches apart.

"You have no right to do this Miranda. I'm not ready. I'm nowhere near ready. Why? What made you want to force the issue?"

Karen was now on her feet and pulled me away from the table, standing between us as she did. Still her lips moved, yet I couldn't hear a word from her. Finally in frustration, she held my head and kissed me. The moment our lips touched my ears seemed to pop. Karen's kiss seemed endless and slowly my senses were drawn into it. My arms went around her waist and I kissed her back. After what felt like forever our lips parted and she buried her head into my shoulder and sighed.

"Dammit Bobby you sure took your time coming back to me, don't you dare do that again."

My head dipped gently and rested on her forehead. She sighed.

"I'm sorry Karen. Did you get hurt when the chair went over?"

She gave me a gentle punch in the chest and giggled, her laugh was infectious. I hugged her some more before she asked me if I was ok. She felt me nod my head and gave me a kiss on the cheek before pulling away from me to look at Miranda.

"Well that went well. You need to lose the attitude, Lady. It's not working here, so come to Bobby's place tomorrow for lunch. If things work out you can stay for dinner as well. Oh, and you know the rules."

Miranda paled but nodded her head and looked down at the kitchen table for a moment before watching us leave. I was outside before Karen stopped and looked back inside her cabin.

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