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Kimberly Mcarthur's Wet Tee Shirt


Kimberly McArthur loved Dallas, the tall buildings, the great restaurants, the busy crowds, well dressed men and women everywhere. The Dallas Cowboys put her and the other potential cheerleaders up in one of the nicest hotels in town and Kim didn't mind at all that they were so closely chaperoned. Clearly the last thing the team management wanted was a scandal. That was fine with Kimberly; all she wanted to do was enjoy the big city.

Kimberly was excited; she had made it to the finals and she felt today was going to be really lucky for her. She never dreamed, even now that she would make the squad. But today was her eighteenth birthday and something was going to happen; she was sure of it.

OK, she didn't make the squad but tonight there was a party as she was determined to celebrate. She stood there on the field after the competition with butterflies in her stomach she was so excited. Something, something big was going to happen. She'd make it happen

All the girls were running around squealing or crying, giving hugs hello or goodbye. Kimberly was dressed like all of them in the soft tight cotton tee shirt and the satin shorts. Her body looked like sweet ice cream packed into the skimpy, revealing clothes.

She was a petite girl with a curvaceous, buxom body. Her soft round breasts bulged out of the tight shirt and the straining fabric barely covered her flat belly and tiny waist. Her plump round bottom and wide hips almost tore apart the flimsy threads holding the satin shorts together.

Kimberly's strawberry blonde hair fell around her face in waves, encircling her young angelic face. Her eyes glowed with a lively delight and her full lips were spread wide in a friendly grin.

Kim was tugging on the shirt stretching it even tighter over her luscious nipples. She was shifting her weight and rocking on her feet. Although she was grinning, she was also nervous and she didn't know why. Her face was watching the ground but her eyes were lifted up to gaze at the man standing about five feet away.

He's been staring at her for quite awhile now. Even as photographers shot the girls at the end of the competition comforting each other and kissing, he just stood there watching Kim. His eyes were locked on her.

Kim was beginning to feel fragile and helpless, trapped by his eyes. She continued to smile and glance at him sweetly but she could hear her heart pounding.

Oh, my goodness, she thought to herself, he's coming over! He stood almost a foot taller as he stepped in front of her. "Hello, there," was all he said.

"Hello, there," Kimberly bent her head to look up at him. "My goodness, the place is in chaos isn't it? Did you enjoy the show?" Kim was babbling and giggling shyly.

"Are you disappointed about not being picked?"

"Oh well, I don't know...I was just something I thought I should do. To prove to myself, you know? I'm OK I guess." Although she was just rattling on nervously her voice was lilting and musical with an enchanting Texan twang. She continued to sway back and forth and brought her thumb up and she sucked the tip simply to keep from talking. With her face down turned but her eyes peering up at him she looked innocent and seductive.

"I have to tell you Kimberly; I've had my eye on you for awhile. I think I can make you an offer that will be even better than the cheerleading squad."

"Really?" Kim asked hopefully. Her pretty face glowed like a feathered angel's but she turned her shoulders towards him her body promised endless sexual bliss.

He looked down at her. His eyes were like burning coals searing into her, commanding her. She looked up at him and shuddered, feeling completely possessed. The very tip of her tongue darted over her thumb as it pressed into her lower lip.

"My name is Peter. And you're Kimberly. I want you to come with me now." He was quiet as she spoke but his voice wrapped around her, taking hold of her. "I'll tell you what we've got planned on the way."

Kimberly felt her knees shake. She felt her head nod and she heard her voice whisper softly, "Do I need to bring anything?"

He took her hand and they walked out of the stadium to his car. Kimberly had never been in a Mercedes and she leapt up and down girlishly, admiring the luxurious car.

It was night now as they left the city and they were soon on backroads cruising through a stary night. The whole time Kimberly chattered in her enchanting voice about anything that came into her pretty head.

Kim was surprised when they pulled up to a roadside tavern. It seemed dark and noisy, then Kim noticed that it was wet tee shirt night. She gulped and looked at Peter then glanced at the sign with an inquisitive look. He only nodded and Kim gulped again.

Before they went into the bar he led her off to the side of the building. He had pulled a small bag from the back seat. He pressed her against the wall and she squirmed nervously looking up at him with those large innocent and trusting eyes.

She gasped as he rested his hand on her bare belly. "Kimberly, I'm going to enter you in the contest." She shook her head no but as she stared at him she paused and helplessly whispered, "Yes."

"But first we need to change your clothes." Before she could respond he had pulled the blue Dallas Cheerleaders tee shirt up over her head. He paused as her perfectly round and delicious breasts sprang out and shook for a moment. Then he slipped a tiny white shirt over her head.

The thin white cotton fabric strained over her awesome body. Every curve and line of her shoulders and breasts were revealed. The shirt was like a second skin and seemed like it would merely evaporate once it was wet.

She gasped again as her satin shorts suddenly slid down her legs. Again he paused, as if surprised by the beauty of the delicate hairs of her bush glistening in the shadow and light along side the building. He helped her step into a brief bikini bottom. The tiny garment did nothing to hide her luscious round ass and the delectable outline of her pussy.

The beautiful young girl rested her hands on his shoulders as he fastened black highheeled shoes to her tiny feet. She spun around to give him a show and then stood still in front of him. Even in the dark she could feel his eyes on her and they seemed to be preparing her for a ravishment. A hot chill shuddered up her spine.

"Peter," she whispered softly.

"Yes, Kimberly?"

"Will we... can we..., Will we make love soon?"

"Yes, Kimberly."

"Will you kiss me now?"

He took the trembling girl into his arms and bent down and covered her mouth with his. He felt her tongue writhing inside him, telling him that she was yielding everything to him. Her eyes were locked on his and she saw there all the things that would be happening to her body. She felt a warmth take over her body as she surrendered her flesh to him.

He felt her erect nipples jabbing into him and he knew it was time to show her off, to give her a sense of how wild she could make men with her body. He took her hand and led her into the bar.

The place was packed and the crowd was rowdy. Kim blinked as she stepped into the light of the room and it made her look like a fawn in a trap. The men in the bar saw her immediately and an electric charge filled the room. They were just getting ready for the contest and most of the crowd was openly leering and licking lips as they took in Kim's shapely and already nearly nude body. She looked fresh and pure and exuded the promise of sexual pleasure.

Peter got her quickly registered and she gave him a lost and pleading look as she was led back stage by the owner who clearly was lusting for her.

Backstage the girls were lined up. Kim was the last entry. The owner put her at the end of the line and looked over all the contestants, then led him into his office. The manager stepped forward and addressed them. "Hi everyone, my name's Danny. I'm the manager of this place and I'll be mc'ing the contest. The rules are pretty simple—there are no rules. I'll call your name, you'll step forward, get watered down and have a few minutes to do whatever you want. There are two rounds. Five people from the first round go onto the second round and the top two girls in that round are eligible to compete for the grand prize on Friday night. We have a decibel meter on stage, and the winners are determined based on how loud the crowd is. The prizes for tonight are $100 for first place, $75 for second place and another $50 for third. I think that's about it. Any questions?"

Looking around at the other contestants, Kim saw that most of them were college girls about as young as she was, and they looked about as nervous as she felt. Then there were a couple of girls who looked like professionals with obviously dyed hair and huge fake boobs that barely wiggled when they walked.

"Alright, if there aren't any questions lets get this contest going then! Follow me." Danny walked out of the office and they all followed him through a back corridor and out onto the stage. Standing on stage in her bikini bottoms and a and impossibly tight tee shirt, all she could see were screaming college guys of all shapes and sizes; there were some girls in the audience but they weren't making nearly as much noise and weren't nearly as prominent as the guys were. Kimberly was blushing and more anxious than she had been at the cheerleader auditions; between the embarrassment of being so exposed and the rush of the crowd, she was feeling just a touch overwhelmed. She peered out beyond the spotlights looking for Peter in the crowd. Her blinking and trembling combined with her innocently soft face on top of her firm and curvy body made her completely enticing to the crowd. They were whistling and howling to get her attention.

She didn't have much time to think about it though because Danny had the first girl stepping forward. She was really cute, and looked about as overwhelmed as Kim felt. As she moved to center stage one of the Danny's assistants held up a huge pitcher of water to the crowd, which went wild. Turning to the girl he slowly poured it down her front. Kimberly could hear her gasp of shock from clear across the stage as the water hit her. Kim didn't think it was possible, but the crowd roared even louder as the wet girl began dancing around. Kim was just thankful that she wasn't going first. The poor girl looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and before she really had a chance to get into it her turn was up.

A few more girls went and suddenly Danny was pulling Kimberly out to center stage. When his assistant held the pitcher up before pouring it on her she saw why the first girl had let out a gasp—she could see ice cubes floating in the water! Then the pitcher was tilting towards her chest and the icy cold water was splashing over her. The icy water hit her warm moist skin and ran over her shapely body. Her nipples hardened instantly in the cold water and the wet tee shirt clung to her round breasts. The fabric of the shirt was so lightweight that it became nearly transparent when wet, and now hundreds of guys could see her melon-sized breasts and hard, erect nipples.

The crowd went wild and now, and a strange tingling overcame Kimberly; at first she squealed and squirmed as the water hit her, but then the roar of the crowd began to fill her brain. She began by gasping from the ice cold liquid and blushing sweetly realizing that she was almost nude in front of all these strangers. But then she thought of the looks Peter had given her as he stripped her earlier and she could feel herself getting turned on and she decided to give the boys a show! She felt Peter's eyes drilling into her, commanding her, even though she couldn't really see him. She knew he wanted her to win and she wanted to please him.

She cupped her hands underneath her breasts and pressed them together, showing off her cleavage. She smiled sweetly and blew a kiss to the crowd. Suddenly a wicked urge gripped her. Her smile was full of mischief as she brought one of her nipples up to her mouth and began sucking on it through the tee shirt, bringing a delighted roar from the crowd. The thin cotton layer over her nipple was enough to deaden the sensation of her nibbling on it, and, deciding that that just wouldn't do, she reached up to the collar of the tee shirt and ripped. The flimsy fabric gave way easily and she freed one of nipples and resumed nibbling on it.

The roar of the crowd was really hitting her now; she had always been a bit shy and demure but something seemed to seize her and before she realized what she was doing, she plunged a hand down the front of her bikini and slipped a finger over her pussy. All the crowd could see was the outline of her hand moving beneath her bikini, but they could tell what Kim was doing, and they loved it! Their screams of encouragement echoed in her ears and she slipped my other hand into the bikini bottoms, in the process squeezing her breasts together with her arms. She widened her stance for easier access and began simultaneously tweaking her clit with one hand while pumping her pussy with the other. Kim could feel her orgasm quickly approaching and she screamed along with the crowd as she came long and hard. Luckily her clothes and her entire body were soaked with water and sweat so the crowd couldn't see her juices soaking her bottoms and running down her legs. Pulling her hands out of her bikini Kim strutted to the front of the stage where she spotted two cute guys screaming for her. Lowering her hands to them, she let them lick off her wet fingers before she turned and headed back to Danny. Her turn was over.

The other girls took their turns showing off for the crowd. Some of them completely ripped the shirts off their bodies, eliciting huge shouts of approval from the audience. Others even flashed their pussies. When they had finished Danny called all the girls up one-by-one for the crowd to vote for, and the top five advancing to the second round were announced.

Kimberly of course made it, as did the two professional girls and two other really cute college girls, one blonde and one brunette. The girls who hadn't advanced were ushered of the stage, though not before the crowd gave them a huge ovation. After the crowd quieted down Danny announced the beginning of the second round.

The blonde college girl was the first contestant in the second round and she put on a great show, completely ripping her tee shirt off her body and flinging it into the crowd before giving them some teasing shots of her pussy. The brunette was next and the screams when she ripped the tee shirt away from her 38DD rack were deafening. Kim thought for sure she would be going to be the winner. Until the two professional girls went that is. They both put on routines that looked like they came right out of a strip club. They practically gave the guys in the front row lap dances, wiggling bare pussies and asses in their faces. The crowd clearly loved it and roared their approval. Kimberly was blushing again; she'd never seen anything like this and couldn't imagine what she was about to do.

"And now, last, but certainly not least," Danny announced her turn as she peered into the light desperately looking for Peter, "Kimberly!"

Remembering her earlier show, the crowd screamed and surged forward, wondering how she was going to top her last performance and excited at the prospect. Kim, too, was wondering what she could do as another pitcher of ice water was poured over her chest. She began playing with her breasts and dancing around the stage. Grabbing her already ripped tee shirt she tore it completely down the front, allowing her big breasts to spring free. The crowd screamed their approval, but Kim knew she wasn't coming close to beating the two pros. They had upped the ante by taking off their bottoms, and she had to follow suit. With fumbling fingers she reached for the bows on her hips and began tugging on them, slowly undoing the knots. Kim had never shown her naked body to this many people before, and the thought that she was about to was both terrifying and exhilarating. With the roar of the crowd in her ears she undid the strings and was about to yank them off when her teasing instincts took over. She grabbed the front and back of her bikini and turned around so that her butt was facing the crowd. Still holding her bikini up Kim spread her legs and bent over so that she could see the crowd between them. Then, looking at the guys in the front row, she began sliding her bikini back and forth across her pussy. The bottoms were wet from her earlier orgasm, and the pressure of them sliding back and forth over her clit was fantastically sinful. But the crowd wanted more and she knew she had to give it to them. Kim straightened up and spun around so that she was again facing the crowd. She let go of the swimsuit, but pressed her legs together so the crotch of the suit stayed in place even though the sides and string hung down. Then she reached for the back of the suit and began slowly sliding it through her legs. A hush fell over the audience as the front of her suit slid further and further down. There was an excited murmur when it had slid far enough down so they could see her luscious bush. And when the last bit of her suit slid over her blonde pussy, exposing it to the crowd, they erupted! Caught up in the moment, she pulled her bottoms completely off and started spinning them over her head and then flung them several rows deep into the crowd, giving one guy a souvenir he wouldn't likely forget! she didn't think it was possible, but the roar of the crowd got even louder. Winning the contest slipped from her mind and the only thing she was thinking about was putting on the best show she could. And that's when she really got in trouble.

Kimberly was strutting around the stage in nothing but the highheels. Her wet white skin gleamed in the spotlight and her smile was winning and inviting. The crowd surged forward but Kim was oblivious as she turned her back and shook her plump derriere at the audience.

Men were trying to climb up on the stage and the bouncers ran out, some to push the crowd back but one to grab Kimberly who seemed to be in a giddy trance. She felt herself guided off the stage as the pandemonium gripped the crowd.

Danny walked to the center of the stage. "And now the crowd gets to pick tonight's winners. Make the most noise for whoever you liked the best!" The blonde college girl was the first out and the crowd screamed and clapped for her. The brunette was next and the crowd screamed even louder. Then the first professional girl went up and the crowd actually had the good taste not to scream quite as loudly. Next was the second professional, who was better looking and a much better dancer than the first. The crowd screamed their approval. Finally it was Kim's turn. Not too surprisingly, given her show, the crowd just about went berserk, whistling, clapping screaming and making all the noise they could. Somebody in the back had even managed to make a small sign saying, "Kymberly, I love you!" Kim laughed and could almost forgive him for misspelling her name.

As she stepped back Danny resumed center stage and the crowd quieted down. "In third place, and a runner up for Friday's all-star contest, the bodacious Cindy!" The crowd clapped and applauded her as she went up to get her prize. "In second place, the lovely lass Laurel." The one professional girl stepped forward and collected her prize. "And in first place, to nobody's surprise, sexy Kimberly!" The crowd again went crazy as Kim stepped forward to accept her prize. Her nude body was glowing red from pride and embarrassment; she was slowly coming to her senses and all she wanted was Peter to collect her and get her away from this crowd. Already Danny had too firm a grip on her hand and she felt the crowd surging forward in a hungry mood. Suddenly two strong hands swept her legs out from under her and she was lifted up into Peter's arms. She squealed with delight and threw her arms around his neck. In one motion he had picked her up and turned and walked off stage and out the back door. The car was already there with the engine running. They could hear the stunned silence of the crowd followed by a wild shout.

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