tagIncest/TabooKimberly's Kids

Kimberly's Kids


Kimberly Roberts was the proud mother of two sons that she adored with all her heart. In many ways, over the years that she had been raising them as a single mother, they had proved to be her salvation.

Their father, while not quite a deadbeat dad, was not a presence in their lives and hadn't been since the boys were 3. He had arranged for his lawyers to give Kimberly 50 thousand dollars and then seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. Kimberly realized there was little she could do, so she used some of the money to put a down-payment on a Condo, some to put herself through college so that she could get a good job when she graduated and some of it went to paying the bills for herself and the two boys, plus what she could supplement from her part-time job as a Cocktail Waitress.

Now at last, at 39, her life was where she wanted it and they were all doing well. Well in ways that the 20-year old Kimberly would never have imagined.

Kimberly had always been a highly sexual young woman. With her jet-black hair, piercing blue eyes and a figure that measured 34C-24-33, admirers abounded and one of them had been Rick. He was a striking man himself, looking very much like a young Robert Redford and Kimberly had always been a sucker for tanned, blonde men, the surfer-dude types she had fantasized about in her youth. Kimberly found herself in his bed on the 3rd date and the relationship only got hotter and heavier as time went on. Rick was fun to be with, charming and the life of the party. In bed, he was adventurous and fun and seemingly tireless. It really was too bad for her and the boys that he had turned out to be such a douchebag.

When she discovered her pregnancy, she was thrilled to announce it to her boyfriend. She had honestly thought the relationship was going somewhere and also thought it was likely he would propose or at the very least, ask her to move in with him. She was totally floored by his reaction to the news.

He accused her of cheating, then he wanted her to "take care" of it. Kimberly informed him that she had never cheated because she thought they had an exclusive relationship. Rick disabused her of that notion quickly by telling her she was being ridiculous and that he had at least 3 other women he had been seeing during the time they had been going out. When the suggestion to "take care" of matters came, Kimberly's reaction was a little more visceral.

She hit him as hard as she could in the jaw, nearly spraining her hand and knocking him to the floor. She and Rick began yelling so hard that her roommate Kaitlyn came to see if everything was okay. Once Kaitlyn learned what had happened, she ordered Rick out of their apartment. As Kaitlyn held a second-degree black belt in martial arts, Rick knew better than to argue with her. Kaitlyn hugged her friend until Kimberly stopped crying and then a lot of things happened. Kimberly recalled that part of the night with fondness and love.

"I never did like that rat," Kaitlyn confessed as she held Kimberly close. "You know, he tried to hit on me once. He said if I wasn't up for that, maybe we should have a threesome. I told him that was fine as long as HE wasn't involved. Mr. Macho didn't take that comment kindly," Kaitlyn laughed. "Aww, don't worry baby ... there are a lot of wonderful guys out there, you'll find yours."

"Excuse me, hello? Did you forget I'm pregnant?" Kimberly fumed.

"True, but some guys won't mind that. It'll thin out the herd a bit, but some men don't sweat things like that. I'll do whatever I can to help," Kaitlyn hugged her again.

"Thanks babe, you're a good friend," Kimberly told her. Then she picked up on something that Kaitlyn had said earlier. "What did you mean when you said you were fine with a threesome as long as Rick wasn't involved?"

"Caught that, huh?" Kaitlyn grinned sheepishly. "Okay, being totally up front ... I occasionally sleep with other girls and if the offer had ever been made, I would have slept with you in a second. You're one of the hottest women I know, I really dig your dark, brunette good looks."

"Thank you, I'm flattered," Kimberly blushed. "Isn't that funny, I've always been attracted to tanned blondes. It's one of the reasons I went out with Rick in the first place, he's good looking, like a surfer."

"Yeah, and about as thick as a surfboard," Kaitlyn chuckled, eliciting a roar of laughter from Kimberly. When she finally calmed down, she gave Kaitlyn another hug and then she looked at her through new eyes.

"Kaitlyn, if I offer, are you still interested?" Kimberly wanted to know.

"Huh? Are you asking me what I think you are?" Kaitlyn couldn't believe her ears.

"I am. I've never been with a girl, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of another woman. You only live once and as I'm about to be single again ... I repeat, if I offer, would you like to go to bed with me?" Kimberly asked.

Before giving Kimberly a chance to change her mind, Kaitlyn whisked her friend off to her bedroom. That night, she introduced Kimberly to an entirely new world. She and Kimberly dressed up in their prettiest lingerie and took the time to explore each other. Unlike sex with a man, it wasn't based just on intercourse or cumming, it was tender and sweet, lots of kisses were exchanged. The subtle beauty of Kaitlyn's body was laid before Kimberly's admiring eyes and she took the time to admire her roommate, to capture visually the stunning, curvy blonde. Her mouth explored the crevasses of Kaitlyn's body and although it was her first time with another woman, the way Kaitlyn was moaning, an observer might have thought she was a long-time lesbian. Kaitlyn didn't have to teach her roommate much of anything, it all seemed to come naturally and without any prodding.

For her own part, Kaitlyn made sure to show Kimberly just how sexy she truly was. She licked places that Rick would not, she worshiped at the font of Kimberly's cunt and lapped until Kim was one raw bundle of sex, every nerve ending was aflame. Kaitlyn finger-fucked the brunette stunner for all she was wroth and from the way Kimberly was thrashing about the bed, she knew she was cumming.

That night began a new phase in Kimberly's life. She began keeping company with women more frequently than with men. Kaitlyn introduced Kim to her friend and sometimes-partner Eve and the threesome Rick had suggested became a reality ... just not with him in it. Delightful little Eve might have looked soft and demure, but what a little spitfire she turned out to be!

Rick wasn't too thrilled about losing his girlfriend and became spiteful. Kaitlyn shored up her girlfriend-lover with lots of support and more than a bit of legal aid, as she planned to take the bar exam in the upcoming year. Kimberly made it all-too clear she would be looking for money from Rick, as his family was exceedingly wealthy. He gave her the 50 grand and took off for Europe. She saw him 2 more times after that, once a week or two after she had given birth to the boys and once a week before their 3rd birthday. He dropped off a nice load of presents, a second check for 5 thousand and that was the last she heard from him. There were rumors he lived in Europe with a woman 15 years his junior and drank like a fish. Frankly, Kimberly didn't have time to care. She had two healthy, cute and lovely boys to raise. Her parents helped whenever they could, but Kimberly believed had gotten herself into this mess and therefore, she wanted to rely on herself as much as she could. She worked hard as a cocktail waitress when she wasn't taking classes and it cut into her social life, but she knew sacrifices would have to be made. Besides that, how could she enjoy a sex life when she had 2 small boys sharing her 2-bedroom Condo?

Once again, it was Kaitlyn to the rescue. "If you get an offer to go out, take it. Auntie Kaitlyn will come and babysit those two rug rats, I love those boys. If you don't get an offer, well, Auntie Kaitlyn loves you too!" Kaitlyn teased with a wink.

It worked out very nicely. Kimberly did get to go out and socialize once in a while and be with some very attractive men ... and a few women ... and if the date didn't go anywhere, Kaitlyn was always willing to have a good time. No one suspected her relationship with the pretty blonde was anything more than long-time friends. She had fun weekends with Kaitlyn and Eve and other attractive women whenever her parents wanted some alone time with the boys. Kimberly's dad made sure to help coach their soccer team and involved himself enough in their lives so that they didn't lack for a positive male role model.

Her sons grew up looking much alike, although they were not identical twins. Richard was tall, athletic, a superstar in all sports activities, whether they be football, basketball or hockey. He also ran track and swam and had a strong physique by the time he was 16. In contrast, Charles was artistic and intelligent. A straight-A student who studied drama and dance, the only thing he had in common with his brother was their mutual friendship and their love for their mother and Auntie Kaitlyn. Charles barely needed to study; learning seemed to come naturally to him. Richard had chestnut-brown hair and green eyes, with the aforementioned build of a weightlifter. His brother had wavier hair, blue eyes like his mother and the slender build of a dancer, although he was also in superb shape.

Both of her sons worked part-time and contributed half their incomes to their mother. She protested at first, but in the manner befitting her logical son, Charles talked her into agreeing. "If you find someday you don't need it mother, you could always gift it back to us for college," Charles argued.

"Or take us to Disneyland," Richard joked.

It was very hard not to adore her sons and yet, Kimberly could not understand why they didn't go out very often. She found out shortly after their eighteenth birthday when Kaitlyn made a shocking confession. They were lying in bed one night and the boys were away on a school trip, the last one before their upcoming graduation.

"I guess now is the time I should confess to you that I've been fucking the both of them for the past 2 months," Kaitlyn said in a calm, collected tone.

Kimberly shot up in bed, she'd been drifting off to sleep, but that was long gone. "You've been doing WHAT?!"

Kaitlyn sighed. "I couldn't keep it from you any longer. Last year, both of your boys confessed to me that being around pretty girls made them tongue-tied, that's why they weren't going on many dates. We had a long talk and they told me that the only women they were comfortable around were me and you. We talked for a while longer and then Richard made the suggestion that perhaps I could help them out. Of course, I taught them how to approach a woman and flatter her and all that, but there was 1 thing I couldn't teach them ... not just then, anyway."

"Go on, I'm listening," Kimberly fumed.

"Both of them can be very charming and persuasive you know and they both wanted me to have sex with them. They flattered and cajoled me, but I told them it couldn't happen until they were both 18. If they could wait that long, I told them I'd consider it. The little buggers waited Kimmy and damned if they aren't both wonderful in the sack!" Kaitlyn told her.

Kimberly knew that she really shouldn't be listening to any of this or find it fascinating, but she was compelled to stay and listen by forces beyond her ken. Kaitlyn told her friend about her sons and the more Kim listened, the hornier she got. Then Kaitlyn dropped the A-Bomb!

"Would you be interested in knowing that both of your boys think about having sex with you? That's all they've talked about lately," Kaitlyn told an astonished Kim.

"Dear God, I couldn't do that. It's incest and that's wrong on so many levels," Kimberly protested.

"Who says? They're certainly old enough and despite some saying it's morally wrong, since when have you worried so much about that? Despite what society would have us believe, incest is a lot more prevalent than you'd think. Society would also say what you and I and Eve do is wrong and we all have a good time, no one is getting hurt. If you decide you want to try it, why not just go for it? I can assure you that both your sons will please you in bed, I mean, if they can please ME, demanding little slut that I am," Kaitlyn laughed.

The thought flew in and out of Kimberly's mind over the next number of days. She came to realize that the fact that she had not dismissed it outright must mean something. Kimberly knew she would have to discuss it with her sons and see what had to be done.

She sat them down after dinner one night and tried to decide just how to give voice to what she was thinking. Finally, she decided that saying it outright would be the best course of action.

"Boys, I know all about you and your Aunt Kaitlyn," Kimberly confronted them.

Both her sons looked at her like the roof was about to come crashing down on them. She very quickly dissuaded them of that notion.

"I'm not angry, so don't worry. I was shocked at first, but Kaitlyn and I had a long talk and I know that everyone consented. Would it surprise you to know your Aunt Kaitlyn and I are lovers and have been for years?" Kimberly confessed.

"Well, DUHHH!" Charles said sarcastically. "I figured that out years ago."

"No WAY!" Richard said, shocked. "Howcum you didn't tell me?" He asked his twin.

"I figured it was none of your business and if Mom wanted us to know, she'd tell us," Charles told his brother.

"And now I have," Kimberly continued. "I also know what you've been thinking about me."

This time, shocked faces appeared on both of her sons. Kimberly had to stifle a small giggle.

"Your Aunt and I had a long talk and she told me everything," Kimberly told them. "Now suppose I can make your fantasies come true? Would that make the both of you happy?"

Her boys had looks on their faces like they were deer caught in headlights. Kimberly went on.

"Yes boys, I'm prepared to make this happen, but on my terms. Are you willing to listen to what those terms are?"

Both her sons nodded as if they'd been struck mute. Kimberly went on talking and sat down across the couch from them both. She noticed they were both checking out her legs and she had purposely worn a short skirt to gauge their reactions.

"Here are my demands. You will never, EVER tell anyone about what goes on in this house, aside from Auntie Kaitlyn. If you do, I will deny it and we're done. Got that?" They both nodded and Kimberly continued. "If either of you is with another girl, I expect you to use condoms. It won't be necessary with me, but other things can happen that I'd rather avoid, like STDs. I also want you to understand that just because we will be having sex, I am STILL your mother and I demand respect, got that?" Another series of nods. "Good. I also don't plan on having sex with you at the same time, so figure out who goes first and we'll take it from there. If I see even a hint of jealousy or problems between you, that will also be a reason for me to call it off. Have I made everything clear?"

Her sons nodded yet again and then Richard spoke up. "Mom, um, about Auntie Kaitlyn ... can we still, uh, you know ...?"

Kimberly laughed. "Yes, as long as she doesn't mind, you can go on fucking your Aunt Kaitlyn. Don't look so stunned Charles, if we're going to do the deed, you might as well get used to the words." An evil smile came over Kimberly's face as she voiced another thought. "If you both act in a proper manner towards me and satisfy my sexual needs, I just might be willing to share you with Aunt Kaitlyn sometimes ... that's something she and I have never done. Well, not with a man, anyway." Kimberly stood up and gave both of her gobsmacked sons a kiss on the cheek. "I'm going to bed for a nap ... alone. You boys talk between you and we'll start things off tonight. Whichever of you is going to be first, come and wake me around 10 PM. None of us have to work tomorrow, so we might as well take advantage of that."

Kimberly walked upstairs and she could feel both of her sons watching her. She was nervous as well, but she'd be damned if the boys were going to see that. She had been without a man for far too long and Kaitlyn had a point, if her sons were as virile as Kaitlyn said they were, why not enjoy whatever advantage was to be gained from that? She went upstairs, grabbed a quick shower and dried her hair and then prepared to a bit of rest before the activities of the evening were ready to begin. Kim thought she'd toss and turn, but she fell asleep in minutes.

A few minutes after 10, there came a knock on the door. Charles was there and it appeared as if he had showered and shaved as well, plus he looked like he'd had a fresh change of clothing. "Hi baby," Kimberly smiled, sitting up. His eyes bugged out of his head as he saw his mom in a blue & black bra and panty set. It left little to the imagination and her skin was flawless and beautiful. She stretched out on the bed and smiled at her son.

"We decided between us that I'd go first, because Kaitlyn is always telling me that I'm the gentler of the two of us, I tend to take things slower," Charles said as he sat by his mother on the bed. She reached out and stroked his cheek. "Besides, I have a girlfriend and I'm getting more experience, Rich has been too busy with sports."

"You have a girlfriend, why is the first I'm hearing of this?" Kim asked her son.

"It's only been going on a few weeks, Kaitlyn fixed us up. Her name's Alicia," Charles told her. Kimberly grinned, Charles didn't know it, but she was intimately familiar with Alicia, who was Eve's younger sister. She was a big-boobed brunette that Kim had bedded herself on several occasions. She was also 4 years Charles' senior, leading Kimberly to believe her son must have something to offer if he was bedding the sensual, older girl.

It was time to find out. She extended her arms to her son and let him know she was willing to accept what he had to offer. As it turned out, that was plenty.

If Kimberly had expected a shy, nervous young man, she didn't get one. Like the artistic soul he was, Charles treated his mother as another piece of art, something to be admired and observed. He rushed nothing, but used his skilled hands to explore and his lips to ignite her senses. He made love to her almost as if they were dancing and she was floating, barely aware of her lingerie being removed. When he came to her, he was fully erect and ready to go, but he took his cues from his bedroom co-star and let the leading lady run the show. His actions made Kimberly feel respected and sexy all at the same time.

He explored her body as much as she seemed to crave, picking up on her verbal and non-verbal cues alike. As he kissed her heated flesh so beautifully on display for her admiring eyes, he didn't let up. He wanted to keep Kimberly at the height of her arousal and was doing a magnificent job of doing son. His hands caressed silky thighs and his lips licked her pussy and breasts and nuzzled everywhere else until she was a massive ball of quivering flesh. Sensing Kimberly would want to show him her own set of skills, once he had pleased his mother, he lay back and let her return suit.

Kimberly teased a bit and used the nails she kept in perfect manicured style to tantalize his body. He was so beautiful, almost like a marble statue, a body that caught your attention with its grace and sensuality of movement. Charles was a very responsive lover and it excited his mother to see what naughtiness she could inflict upon him.

"Tim to make love, darling," Kimberly stretched out alongside her son, fingers grazing his skin. "What would please you, darling? What am I doing in your wildest, sexiest fantasies?

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