tagNovels and NovellasKimiko Ch. 03

Kimiko Ch. 03

byPaniolo Boy©

Please read my story of Kimiko from the beginning. It will make a lot more sense to you then!


Kimiko and I had set out to do a little sightseeing before we returned to Osaka. We spent that day touring 'J-Town' in San Francisco and the Golden Gate area before going up to Muir Woods and ending up in Napa. We had booked a room at the River Terrace Inn and had just returned to our hotel room after gorging ourselves on a feast at the Celadon restaurant in town.


"Anata (dear), what is this bath for?" Kimiko asked as she pointed to the hot tub that was located on the enclosed balcony of our room. "Is to bathe?"

"Honey, this is a whirl pool bath. Some people call it a hot tub. People soak in the hot water to relax. Very similar to furo (Japanese hot tub) only that this is not for bathing."

"Shall we try?"

"Sure. Usually people wear their swim suits when they use the hot tub."

"Oh, I not pack swim suits."

"Well, let's take a look at what we have here." I walked out on the balcony with Kimiko and checked out the surrounding area. Our room faced a wooded area and the solid railings of the balcony were high enough so that no one could readily see into our unit without being fairly high up in a tree somewhere. That insured us of some degree of privacy.

"Kimi-chan, I think we'll be ok if we wear our robes before and after."

Kimiko's smiled naughtily, "I want try. Looks like it will be good. Anata, shall we?"

I pulled the cover off the tub and tested the water. It was a little tepid so I searched around for the heater switch and found it. I turned it on and tested the whirl pool pump. It started up without a hitch and I played with the air bubble adjustment knob to get the water jets into action.

"Oh! Is like river?" Kimiko asked.

"Just like a hot river once the water heats up. I know you'll enjoy it! Let's undress while the water heats up."

We returned to our bedroom to undress and put our robes on. I helped Kimiko out of her blouse and blue jeans, then her underwear. As I removed her bra, I couldn't help but to suckle her small, firm breasts, kissing and licking her nipples until they were hard nubs. Then running my teeth over them lightly as Kimiko shuddered her delight!

She held my head to her breast and exhaled noisily, ".....oooohhhhhh! ..... anata ...... "

Kimiko was breathing heavily as my hands moved to her waist and I lowered her panties, slowly licking the lips of her pussy from bottom to top. I pushed my tongue between her outer lips and slowly dragged my tongue up inside her wet pussy, gently stroking her inner lips in the process.

Kimiko continued to breathe heavily as I tongued her labia slowly several times before I took her clit between my lips and gently massaged it slowly with my tongue. That sent Kimiko into orbit! Her thighs closed around my head and she grabbed my hair to pull me tightly into her! I lapped up her juices as quickly as I could, savoring her slightly salty taste. She almost collapsed on me as her orgasm overwhelmed her! I wrapped my arms around her hips and steadied her until she recovered.

"Anata!" she whispered as she pulled me up and hugged me tightly to her nude form! "You make me cum so good! I want make you feel good too."

"Kimi-chan, you always do!" I smiled. "Let's get in the hot tub and enjoy ourselves. Ok?" I undressed and we put our robes on. Kimiko grabbed a couple of towels from the bathroom and carried them out with us to the balcony. Placing the towels on a nearby chair, we took a quick scan of the area and didn't see anyone. We disrobed and slipped into the hot tub as quickly as we could.

"Anata, this feels good. Water hot and water stream feels good on body. You have at home, yes?"

"Hai (yes). Did you see it in the backyard?"

"Hai. This feels good." She said softly as she luxuriated in the hot water. "This better than furo. Can we put in our apartment in Osaka?"

"I'm sure we can put a smaller version of it in."

"Good. I think we will like. One thing make better," she said as she came to me and straddled my hips. "Need good husband also," she whispered as she placed her pussy on top of my hard cock and slowly impaled herself on me. God she felt good! Oh fuck!

Kimiko bobbed slowly up and down on me, her eyes shut, leaning slightly forward towards me. I kissed her nipples and caressed each hard nub with my tongue causing Kimiko to moan repeatedly. She had begun to breathe noisily through her mouth when I decided that I couldn't take it any longer and lifted my seductress out of the hot tub, still impaled on my hard cock!

I laid down on the floor of the enclosed balcony on my back as Kimiko began pounding herself down on my shaft as hard as she could! I could feel her orgasm start to build and began to thrust my pelvis upwards, driving my hard cock into her pussy as deeply as I could. Suddenly Kimiko arched her back and opened her mouth in a noiseless scream!

The walls of her vagina tightened around my cock sending me over the edge as well. She slammed her pelvis down one last time as she tried to force me even deeper into her depths! Her orgasmic shudders made me cum seconds later; my pulsing prick hammering upwards as deep as I could into her, spewing my creamy life force within her womb, causing Kimiko to cum once again!


The next morning we woke up with the first morning light. Kimiko kissed me softly and gently stroked my cock until I was hard again. I moved over her as she spread her legs open. As I lowered myself to her, Kimiko took my erection and placed me at her opening. I slowly entered her as her eyes closed seductively; relishing the feeling of my appendage spearing into her depths.

I rested myself on her with my hard cock deeply embedded within her moist and warm vagina.

"Kimi-chan, I love you," I whispered. She tightened her hug, opened her eyes and kissed me; her tongue parting my lips.

"I love you." She whispered back as she slowly closed her eyes. "Please cum in me." We made tender, gentle love that morning. Both of us coming several times, soaking our bedsheets in the process.

After taking in a quick and light breakfast, we decided to just drive up the valley and visit a couple of the vineyards and sample their fares. We made it to two vineyards by the time lunch rolled around. We couldn't handle much more than that. The alcohol was beginning to get to us.

We drove north up to Yountville and had lunch there. Nothing fancy. Just a small sandwich shop that baked their own breads and featured locally grown produce and cheese made from local sheep herds. Kimiko tried a grilled baby Portobello mushroom half-sandwich while I tried the Romano tomato and provolone cheese sandwich that was laced with cilantro and shitake mushrooms. They were absolutely delicious!

After a quick pit stop, we jumped back in the car and made a fast run up to see Old Faithful over in Calistoga! I guess there are a couple of 'Old Faithful' geysers, and this one is just like the one in Yosemite. That geyser is supposed to be so regular that you could set your clock by it! When we got there it had started to bubble and gurgle. By the time we had gotten out of our car, the volume of steam had picked up noticeably! And just as we started to walk towards the geyser, it went ballistic! Shooting hot water and steam high into the air! It was fantastic to watch!

Kimiko had never seen anything like it before! She grabbed all of the brochures she could find so she could take them back to show her family! She even picked up a DVD about the geyser. Unfortunately it was only in English. But her family was pretty good with English so we were certain that they would understand enough of it.

After that we spent some time in Calistoga, visiting a couple of stores here and there pawing through the tourist souvenirs. Nothing excited us so we left town after about an hour of walking around.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped off at Grgich Hills Vineyard and sampled some of their wines. Kimiko liked their Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir so we arranged to have a half case each shipped to her brother back in Osaka.

On the ride back to our hotel, Kimiko called her home to see how things were. From the gist of what I could hear, she was talking with Ai about our trip. At one point her dad must have come on the phone. Kimiko turned to me and told me that Takara from Matsushita Electric wanted to meet with me as soon as we returned to Osaka. I told Kimiko to tell her father of our flight schedule and that I would be looking forward to meeting with Takara.

"Otoosan, Todd-san say that ok to make meeting with Takara-san. He look forward to meet with Takara-san."

After she finished her phone call, Kimiko told me that she had asked Ai to look for an apartment for us to live in until our apartment was completed. So hopefully she would have something for us to look at when we got back to Osaka. I think Kimiko wanted more privacy for us. After all, we can get a little noisy!

The rest of our trip was fairly uneventful. My parents called before we left Napa and asked that we take a gift back to Kimiko's family for them. Mom wanted to make sure that they reciprocated in like kind to Genzo's omiyage (gift) of an expensive lacquer tray. So we dropped by on the way back home to pick it up.

Unbeknownst to us, mom had called a couple of my classmates from high school and we had a nice get together at their home in Oakland. Kimiko had a great time talking with some of the girls, finding out what a dork I was when I was younger. But it seemed to endear me to her even more.

Later that night as we cuddled in our bed after making love, Kimiko shared with me some of the stories that the girls told her. I laughed and admitted that I was what they said I was; a dork! She smiled and kissed me; "I glad you were ........ dork. If you were handsome then maybe you married already and I not meet you. This way I meet you and have chance for you love me."

"And I do love you, Kimi-chan."

"And I love you. I want always you love me." Kimiko whispered those words with her eyes closed. I moved to lay on top of her again and she opened her legs, waiting for my hard cock to slide into her again.

"I will always love you, Kimi-chan." I said softly in return as I slid slowly into her. Kimiko's eyes fluttered open briefly then she smiled and closed them once again as she focused on my hard erection's invasion, "Anata ............. Anata ........." she whispered as her excitement began to grow.


Our trip back to California was rapidly drawing to a close. We cleaned up the house as best we could. We decided that on our next trip back, that we would arrange for a cleaning service to come in weekly when we were in town. I arranged for an email account that we could access both here in the US as well as in Japan. I decided that the old laptop that I had used for the past four or five years really wasn't going to cut it anymore so I picked up a new one to lug around with us also.

Then I called Ray Fortina to let him know that we were returning to Osaka, but that he could have his people email his specs there. He promised to get it over to me in the next day or two. Then we were on the plane headed back to Osaka.

Our return to Osaka was uneventful as usual. It was a long flight but at least we knew what to expect so it wasn't necessarily unpleasant. Kimiko used the time to start talking about our wedding.

"Anata, I hope you don't mind but I want simple wedding, ok?"

"Kimi-chan, would it be ok with your father, Ai and Tetsuo?" I knew that one's image was very important in Japan so I just wanted to make sure that it would be ok with her family.

"Yes. They will be ok. We not rich like others. So ok if we have small wedding."

I told Kimiko that she should be in charge of our wedding as I didn't know what would be acceptable in Japan. She agreed on one condition; that I be actively involved in the planning. Didn't mind that one bit.

We got back to Osaka and were met by Ai and Mikan. Ai filled us in on two apartments that she found that she thought would be ok for us. Both were within walking distance of their home so it would be convenient for all of us. Ai made arrangements for us to take a look at both units that afternoon.

We arrived at their home and dropped our bags off in Kimiko's room. There was a little unpacking to do but we were done quickly. So Ai and Mikan walked with us to visit the apartments. We looked at both units that afternoon and Kimiko decided that one located two blocks away from her home would do. So we closed the deal and received the keys.

Kimiko wanted to do some shopping for household things as well as clean the apartment before we moved in. So we stayed at her home for several more days until that was all completed. In the meantime, Genzo (Kimiko's father) took me back to Matsushita to meet with Takara Shoji; Genzo's former boss.

Takara met us in a conference room this time. As Genzo had warned me earlier, this was a business meeting. I found the prospect of working with Matsushita to be interesting. Many don't know that the company is the parent for a number of consumer electronic companies such as Panasonic, Technics and National. There were a number of different product lines that Matsushita had that could use my knowledge and ideas.

Takara laid out the outline of their general proposal. It had a couple of rough edges to it so we spent several hours talking it over. In the end, we agreed that I would take them on as a client and focus on two major product lines; both of which were consumer oriented and would not be place me into a possible conflict of interest with Ray Fortina's business which was focused on industrial applications. It looked as if both contracts would keep me busy over the near term.

Takara wanted me to focus on consumer trends and emerging technologies. Through their product research they had identified two current technologies that they thought had a firm place in consumer markets; wireless phones and laptops. My assignment was to take existing products and come up with enhancements to make them more useful and handy.

The assignment was shaping up to be a very interesting project. I was looking forward to it. Takara would be forwarding a basic agreement for me to take a look at and sign if everything was ok. I told Takara that I trusted him to look after our relationship and that I hoped that he could rely upon me to do the same. Genzo smiled and grunted his approval. The deal was done.

Ray Fortina had also sent his package over and I could see that his project would probably require a lot more intensive work up front over the next 3 to 6 months. Matsushita's project however would be more long term in nature; probably looking at a 12 to 18 month window, or even longer depending on how things progressed.

In the meantime, Kimiko, Ai, and Mikan had gone over the apartment with a rag and mop until it was spick and span. If wood floors could sparkle, these would have. We moved in and set up house quickly. It was a simple one bedroom affair with a combination kitchen, dining room, living room type of arrangement. I thought it would do well for the couple of months that we would be living there.

Ai also informed Kimiko that she and Mikan had gotten a couple of their girl friends together and were going to throw her a bridal shower party. Kimiko was excited! This is not something that happens very often in Japan. One of the western cultural things that has yet to catch on in Japan. But the idea had certainly gotten Kimiko and Ai excited! I guess it was something different but fitting since I was a 'gaijin' or foreigner. So they planned it for a week later. That gave us a couple of days to get settled into our apartment, and perhaps a couple of days to do some sight seeing.

Moving into our apartment took all of one day. There wasn't that much to move. Kimiko decided to only move some of her clothes and her personal toiletries, and save the rest for when we moved into our condominium unit in a couple of months. And I just had two suitcases of stuff. I think we spent all of two hours hanging stuff up and putting things in drawers.

We went out that afternoon and picked up towels, bedroom stuff, kitchen stuff and other odds and ends. Kimiko decided to keep things simple for now and pick up other things later as we needed them.

We returned to Kimiko's family's home and helped Ai make dinner. Well, Kimiko and Ai made dinner, and I gave them my moral support! Ai wouldn't let me do anything; "Ani (older brother), kitchen is woman's place. Man just enjoy food. Ok?" Kimiko and I laughed.

After dinner, we returned to our apartment and bathed together. Our apartment's bathroom came equipped with a traditional Japanese style bathing area and furo (hot tub). I soaped up a wash cloth and ran it over Kimiko's beautiful body. Finishing her extremities and her torso, I dropped the wash cloth and turned Kimiko so that her back was faced to me. Soaping up my hands, I spent a few minutes making sure that her breasts were cleaned properly. Kimiko was breathing heavily as I lowered my hands and made sure that her pussy was similarly treated!

"Anata ......" she whispered loudly, "please, in me ....... please." as she bent over and offered herself to me.

I entered her slowly, savoring her tight pussy around my hard cock as I slowly slid into her. I gently moved in and out of Kimiko at first until she started bucking her hips back at me with each of my thrusts. She started to moan, "so good ....... so good ........ oh .... oh ... oh ...," until she whispered loudly, "Anata, I coming!" Kimiko's body tensed up and her pussy clamped down on me as she orgasmed, "AAAHHHHHHHEEEEEEE!" she screamed!

Her body went limp as she passed out momentarily. I lunged forward and held onto her, hugging her to me as I lowered us to the floor, with Kimiko in my lap, her back to my chest as I leaned against the wall of the bath. Kimiko is normally not loud when she cums so this probably meant that she must have had one doozy of an orgasm; especially as she also passed out from it! We sat there for several minutes until she came to.

"Anata, that was best time for me. I don't know why but was so good. But you not cum?" she asked?

"No dear, I didn't however that doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy it." I smiled in return. "I'm saving myself for later so we can make love again very soon."

"Hmm," she smiled back, "I like that."

We finished bathing then christened the kitchen as I took Kimiko from behind again, this time cumming so much that my sperm leaked out of her as I pumped her pussy full with my semen!

Later as we lay in bed, Kimiko asked, "Anata, when do you want me have children?"

"I haven't given that much thought, Kimi-chan. What do you want?"

"I think we have long honeymoon first. Practice every day! (she giggled) Maybe practice several times each day? Maybe one year?" she said with a glint in her eye. "Then when we good, then we make children, yes?"

I laughed and nodded my head in approval.


About a week after our return, Kimiko received a call from the sales agent at the condominium project that we had bought into. She invited us to come in to inspect our unit and to start thinking of how we would want the unit to be finished. Things such as flooring, colors, light fixtures, etc; that sort of stuff. So we made an appointment to see the unit the next morning and meet with the sales agent.

We met with the sales agent at the condominium project the next day. Construction had progressed to the point where we could go up to our unit and walk it. It was huge by Japanese standards. It was a three bedroom unit, with a full kitchen, dining room, living room and den. It had a full bathroom in the master bedroom and another full bathroom just off the living room.

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