tagLoving WivesKim's Big Night Out

Kim's Big Night Out


Something amazing happened to me the other night that changed my life forever.

My wife, Kim, is a smoking hot redhead, 35 years old, 5'6", 32-28-36. We have been married for 10 years, and it has been a great 10 years, full of passion, love, and fucking amazing sex. She even invited another woman into our bed once, which was incredible, though it hasn't happened again.

Last Friday, Kim told me she wanted to go out dancing with the girls, and would I mind staying home? If I'd wanted to, I could've made going out on my own an issue (Kim doesn't like for me to go out alone--she worries I might cheat on her), but I hadn't planned on doing anything other than watching tv tonight, so I just said "Sure!"

Kim goes out with her girlfriends quite a bit, so I've seen her selection of evening wear--not exactly modest, but not over-the-top, either. Also, we've never really had a lot of money, and Kim doesn't usually like to pamper herself; which is why I was a little startled when I got off of the couch to go to the bathroom, and on the way, caught a glimpse of Kim posing in the mirror in the unbelievable dress she was going out in.

This is really where she messed up. If she had never tried on that dress in the house, I wouldn't have been even slightly suspicious. As it was, though...

The dress was red, and sexy as hell. The straps were thick, but the top of the dress was really a kind of bra with skirt attached--there was no material at all from just above Kim's nipples, meaning that her neck, chest, and more than half of her perfect breasts were all on display. Furthermore, the dress was backless and the fabric came together in a "V" at he top of the skirt portion, the point of the "V" hovering just over the crack of her ass. I was sure that anyone would be able to see her panties, wet with sweat after a night of dancing.

Except, that was another thing. The skirt part of the dress was so short, I thought that if Kim sat down in a chair and stood up again, the skirt fabric would almost certainly bunch up enough for everyone to get a glimpse of whatever she would be wearing down there, which was, apparently, nothing. Here's how I know:

"Christ!" I said upon seeing Kim, startling her and causing her face to flush completely. "Wow! You're gonna wear that out tonight? Should I be jealous?" I was just kidding, at first, until I saw the way she was involuntarily trying to cover her exposed body with her arms. It was obvious that she didn't intend for me to see her in it.

"Oh, uhh..." she stammered, "Yeah! I just bought it today, on my lunch break. You like it?" There was a pretty strong warble in her voice.

I sidled up to her, extremely turned on, and started caressing her body, the dress feeling almost like skin it was so tight on her, her nipples beginning to push visibly through the fabric.

She arched her back a little and smiled, which I took as a come on, and so I eagerly reached my hand up her very short skirt and was very surprised to find nothing there.

That is, I guess I was expecting to touch cotton, but my finger slid across soft, wet pussy lips, and before my hand had even gotten to her crotch, Kim made a very surprised expression, and then seemed to regroup: "Oh! I'm not completely dressed yet! I just wanted to see what it looked like so bad, I--"

"Okay," I broke in, "no need for an explanation", and I watched her with complete incredulity as she smiled gratefully at me and began to head to the bathroom to fix her hair.

I stopped her by grabbing her forearm before she got out of the bedroom, at which she paused, giving me a quizzical look.

"You wanna have a quickie before you head out?" Usually she would ponder a question like this for at least a moment before refusing me outright, but this time, there was no hesitation: "Um, actually, I'm not really up for anything. I just thought this dress looked cute, and, you know, I'm only going out because the girls pressured me into it, basically."

This was a stumbling and staggered sentence, not at all Kim's style, and it cinched my resolve to do what I had already been planning to do from the moment I saw that fucking dress, which was going to be to follow her to the club. Kim is a very bad liar.

I decided not to leave until almost an hour after her, to convince myself that if I saw her car at the club after that long, that would mean that everything was on the level. How wrong I turned out to be.

She said she would be going to Chasers, a club out in the 'burbs with a big parking lot, making it easier for me to stake out the situation in my car without being detected by security, which is what I ended up needing to do.

When I pulled into the parking lot at Chaser's, I saw Kim's Miata in the front row of cars, and decided to put my Accord in the back row of spaces, where it wouldn't be noticed by Kim or any of her friends.

I flashed my I.D. at the door, and was promptly let in to the smoky, dimly lit night club. Spinning colored balls of light gyrated maniacally overhead, cutting beams sharply through the fake fog, but not really illuminating anything. It was hard to see in here.

I walked around the crowd looking for Kim's friends, whom I saw no sign of. I figured they must all be sitting at a table in the back, which was right about when I spotted them.

Not Kim's friends, no. It was Kim that I spotted, dancing waaaay too suggestively with a man I had never seen before in my life. The man was a few inches taller than me and about 40 pounds heavier--but the extra weight was all muscle, I can tell you that for sure. He looked big enough to be a firefighter.

Kim was smiling big, her arms were up around the bastard's neck, and she was grinding against his crotch, which had a serious and obvious bulge. I stood there, frozen, not even thinking that they might see me. However, I had nothing to worry about, as they were so entranced by one another that they seemed oblivious to all else.

The firefighter put both hands on Kim's ass, at which she flashed him a dirty look that I have seen many times before, and began to French kiss him with great commitment, their tongues shoving vigorously in and out of each other's mouths, with much licking and biting of lips.

At this point, I was jolted out of the sudden shock I had experienced when I first laid eyes on the adulterous pair, only to find that I was just as horny and hard as I was angry

What was she thinking? My normally publicly demure wife of more than 10 years, making out with a stranger, clearly planning to fuck him? And furthermore, why was I so turned on watching them? Why wasn't I filled with murderous rage? Looking back on it, I guess I just trusted Kim so much that it never occurred to me she would ever look elsewhere. I decided to back off and see where things went, just so I couldn't be accused of rushing to judgment when I finally confronted her.

I found a place on the other side of the club, a small platform with tables, where one could look out over the dancers. I stood there for about another 30 minutes, watching them grope and fondle each other. They were taking a lot of chances with their foreplay, guessing correctly that no one else in the crush would notice, or care.

At one point while she had her tongue waaaay down his throat and seemed to be trying to climb her partner, I saw her eyes widen and her face flush very suddenly. I looked towards the floor and could just make out the bottom of the fireman's arm, where he appeared to have his hand up my wife's tiny skirt and was making her gasp for air. I remembered that Kim had left the house without ever putting on those underwear, and felt a hot flash of jealously, coupled with a very strong urge to start stroking myself.

I saw Kim place her head on the fireman's shoulder and give a very tiny shudder, which I knew to mean that she was cumming. From his fingers being inside her pussy and on her clit. On the dance floor. I realized with horror that if I had been jacking off, I would've cum in my pants right when Kim did. What was wrong with me? Why did some part of me enjoy seeing my wife of 10 years get fingered by another man?

Just when I thought I wasn't going to be able to take it anymore, Kim put her feet back on the floor and smiled up at the strange man who had just made her cum in public (something I had never gotten the chance to do), saying something to him with a mischievous smile on her face. He smiled back, and stuck his raised his two fingers, the ones that had just been inside her pussy, to her face, at which point she grabbed his wrist and began sucking his fingers clean while staring into his eyes suggestively. I was stunned. I had never seen my Kimmie act like such a nasty slut.

They parted ways for a moment as she headed to the bathroom. When I saw the fireman grab Kim's coat and purse from a nearby table, I realized they were on their way out, so I made a beeline for my Accord.

I was only in the car for 5 minutes when I saw them come out of the club. They were holding hands with their fingers intertwined, and Kim looked radiant, with a big smile on her face. I think I caught a glimmer of something shiny on the inside of her thigh as she walked under the sodium lights. That would be her juices—Kim always was a very wet cummer, and didn't always realize it unless it was pointed out to her.

They didn't go to Kim's Miata—they headed towards the back of the parking lot instead, towards me.

"Shit!" I thought as they looked my way. I slid out of my seat onto the floor beneath the steering wheel, hoping that Kim would not notice my car sitting here, vanity plates and all.

I heard a door close several cars away, and was able to breath a sigh of relief when I peeked over the rim of the door and saw that I had not been spotted. I got back into my seat, determined to follow Kim and her lover and--do what? Break in on them? What was I going to do when I got to wherever they were going? There was no time to plan, I had to just start driving and figure out a plan on the way.

They were in a blue SUV, very easy to follow from a safe distance. I noticed that they were driving away from the city, even further out into the suburbs. While I was driving, I got a call on my cell phone. From Kim. I decided to answer it, steeling myself for the act I would have to put on so that she wouldn't know I suspected anything.

"Hey baby," I answered the phone.

"Hi hon. Listen, the girls and I are gonna head off to a quieter place where we can talk and stuff, and after that, we might grab a bite to eat."

"So what you're saying is..."

"I'll be home very late. Don't wait up."

"Okay! Have fun!"

"I will! Love you!"

And I hung up the phone without saying "I love you" back, not on purpose, but because I had been rubbing my very hard cock through my pants without even realizing it, and was about to cum right there, what with her lying to me so effortlessly, for the sake of what was clearly going to be a very dirty night on her part.

See, even when the sex is great between us, It never goes more than 30 minutes, as Kim is always saying that she's cum as many times as she's going to, and that "it's starting to hurt a little" due to dryness. She would never have to clear out an entire evening for me, and the fact that she was clearing out a whole evening for the fireman made me insanely jealous, which of course, only made my cock harder.

They drove west for about 15 minutes, for some reason avoiding the much faster highway. At times, I was pretty sure that I could not see Kim in the passenger seat, and my mind darted to memories of the many, many times she had sucked my cock while I drove. She was an expert at it, and liked to swallow cum, and it the SUV did seem to be driving a little erratically.

Finally, after 30 minutes of driving through windy suburban side streets, we arrived at small house-- a very nice-looking house, to be sure, but certainly not large enough for a family. I parked my car a block away, and hopped out just in time to hear the doors close on the SUV parked in the driveway.

I snuck up to right in front of the fireman's lawn and hid behind a tree, waiting to see which door they were going to go into. I couldn't see them right away, and thought I had lost them at first, until a heard a small moaning sound, and came out from behind my tree a little bit to find it.

I could see the top of Kim's head on the other side of the SUV, but nothing else, so I crept around the side of the hulking vehicle to have a closer look, and was floored at what I saw next.

He was fucking her against the garage door, completely out in public, for anyone to see. She would never have done anything like this with me, and I should know, having tried to persuade her many, many times to make our sex like a little more risqué.

Her skirt was up around her hips, her panty-less pussy available for immediate viewing as the burly fireman thrust into her repeatedly. Her straps had fallen down, exposing her tits, so all she was basically wearing was a red band of cloth around her tummy, every other part of her exposed to the night air.

I didn't get a good look at the size of his cock, but I could tell it was big by the sound of increasingly louder "oh!"s every time he thrust in.

As his thrusting became faster, her moaning became louder, and she tilted her back against the garage door, arms around his neck, legs crossed and grasping his back as he fucked her with abandon. As I got closer, I could see he was sucking on her right nipple and violently twisting her left one as he pistoned his glistening cock into her faster and faster, grunting with each stroke. As he fucked her, the garage door rattled loudly, as if it were going to fly off the rails, his cock slamming my wife's whole body against the door repeatedly.

Kim's moans became ridiculously loud, loud enough to wake up the neighbors, and I just when I was sure we were all going to be rudely interrupted, I heard them both give out a cry of release as Kim shook with one of the largest orgasms I have ever seen her have. She screamed out "Ohhhhhh GOD!" and I watched the fireman's ass clench as he emptied his load into her waiting pussy, not even close to the first time he would fill her with cum that evening. As I would find out later, It was already the second time she had his cum in her (the first being in her mouth, in the SUV, as I had suspected).

He pulled out of her gingerly and helped Kim lower herself onto the ground. Before Kim had a chance to fix her dress, I could see some of the fireman's cum drip straight to the ground from her snatch, and I scanned down to notice that her thighs and calf were smeared with a river of cum. Jesus, this guy really had it in him.

I thought that would be it, knowing my wife's short-lived libido, and was about to head back to the car to figure out what my next move was, when I noticed that, to my renewed shock, they were heading inside, my wife's evil little grin now completely plastered to her face.

My plan at this point would've been to walk around the house following their silhouettes until I could watch or listen through whatever bedroom window they arrived at, but I was able to scrap that plan seeing as how the fireman had accidentally left his front door slightly ajar.

I walked confidently to the door, acting (in case the neighbors saw me) for all the world as if it were my own door, as if I had every right to be there (didn't I, though?). I listened for a moment at the ajar front door to make sure that Kim and her lover were not just inside, and when I could hear sounds coming from further away inside the house, I stepped inside, being careful to leave the door still slightly opened for when I needed to make my escape.

I heard Kim's giggling echo down the hallway, and began to tiptoe towards the sound of her voice. There was a bright light coming from the end of the hallway, presumably from the bedroom, and as I got closer, I noticed a linen closet directly across from their room. I was about to duck into the closet to get a better view when I was stopped short by a deep gasp from Kim.

"Ohhhhhh..." she said, followed by several short breaths. I ducked into the linen closet, whose door was open.

Thank god there was enough room in the dark closet for me to fit inside quickly, as the view was perfect, an eye line straight to the fireman's bed, where Kim was laid out on her back, legs splayed in the air, dress in a heap on the floor. The fireman was also naked, and appeared to be using a hand towel to wipe his cum from my wife's drenched pussy and thighs. I used this opportunity--her head thrown back, eyes to the ceiling, the fireman's back to me--to quietly close the linen closet door to observe the rest of the scene through the wooden slats.

She was even enjoying this, the cleaning, and I saw her grab his hand and hold it on her crotch while she had another mild orgasm, her third total cum of the night, so far, and, I should add, the most times she had ever cum while fucking me, in ten years.

The fireman, who was gigantic, a tower of muscle I could see now, with his clothes off, laid on his stomach between my wife's legs and began kissing up her thighs, occasionally giving one long lick which would cause Kim to squeal.

He crawled further up the bed on his elbows, hooked his hands around her thighs, and began lapping away maniacally at her pussy, at which my wife began to gyrate

"Oh JESUS jesus yes, ohGODohgodohGOD!" screamed my completely naked and very hot wife while this brute's tongue darted in and out of her snatch, stealing the essences I once foolishly thought were reserved for me, and me alone

"Oh yes! Please! Just like that! I'm going to cuuuuuuuummmm..." said Kim, just before having her fourth orgasm of the night, this time really letting herself go and shaking violently, rubbing her clit on his mouth as she cums by moving her pelvis up and down, and all of this while letting out a long, throaty moan which sounded very much like a wild animal—not my tame wife

Four orgasms in one night—something that I had never been able to do for her. No wonder she was cheating on me!

The fireman sat up in the bed, his hands planted on his sides, while Kimberly, still panting, red, and shuddering grabbed his cock with her right hand. This was the first time I was seeing this thing, and god, it was huge. This man's member was much wider and longer than I ever imagined my tight wife would be able to handle. Come to think of it, she had been feeling looser lately. Had she fucked this guy before, for Christ's sake? (later, I found out it was definitely in the hundreds of times, after fucking him at more than one redezvous per day for months—I had been witnessing one of their last soirees.).

Kim had a look of desperation on her face as she took a few deep breaths in and out before wrapping her mouth around the fireman's monster cock. Her sucking sounds were loud and vulgar, and I knew from experience that she would be working that expert tongue even with her throat completely stuffed with sausage.

This continued for a few minutes until Kim began to show her classic impatience, sucking in faster and faster rhythm, trying the only thing she (supposedly) knew to get him to cum in her mouth. From his sounds, I thought for sure he was going to let go right there, but Kim surprised me for what seemed like the hundreth time that evening by stopping abruptly, catching her breath, and saying to the fireman, "I want to ride you, and then I want you to fuck me in the ass, like last time."

This floored me, as not only had Kim never let me do her in her ass, no matter how often I begged, but she also just said, "like last time." How long had this been going on?

My gorgeous, naked, sweaty, glistening wife climbed into this giant's lap and positioned herself over his enormous member, lowering herself slowly onto him while her expression changed into something I've never seen on her before, until, when she finally reached the base of his cock, she appeared to be in the greatest ecstasy of her life, her eyes shining with wetness. Then, she put her head down on his shoulder and screamed "FUCK!" before starting to slide up and down his pole faster and faster, her brief shouts of pleasure merging into one long scream that seems to go on forever as Kim is now bouncing like crazy up and down on the fireman's gigantic cock, her tits jiggling in the air until she presses them against his chest, and, with his hand on her back and cock buried deep in her pussy, proceeds to have what she would later call the greatest orgasm of her life. She said it was soul-shattering.

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