tagLoving WivesKim's Birthday Shock

Kim's Birthday Shock


My name is Kim and I want to tell you what my husband, Peter, did for my 27th birthday recently. Pete and I have been married for 3 years and I certainly didn't expect him to do what he did to me! Let me tell you about myself. I led a very sheltered life - by modern standards - before I met Pete. I was a virgin until Pete fucked me on the night we became engaged. I had been going out with Pete for 2 years before we became engaged and I realize now it must have been a very tense time for him. Before I met Pete I had been out with lots of boys to the pictures and to parties but I had remained a virgin despite their efforts. I certainly allowed the boys to feel up my breasts and some of them even got into my panties for a feel but apart from a couple of fingers which managed to get in my pussy, I remained a virgin.

I actually met Pete when we went on a double date with another couple. We went to the pictures and on the way home my date, Jeff, suggested we park for a bit of a cuddle. I didn't mind a bit of a cuddle and feel but I was startled when the couple in the back seat - Pete and his date, Cathy - began to play around too much for my liking. While Jeff had managed to get my blouse undone and he was playing with my bare breasts I heard so much noise in the back I just had to have a look. There was Cathy lying on the back seat with her clothes completely off! She was really enjoying what Pete was doing to her. He was sucking her nipples and had his hand right over her pussy. Before very long he was naked too and was soon inside Cathy! I had never seen a couple fucking before and I was so fascinated I just couldn't stop watching.

While I was watching, Jeff managed to remove my blouse and bra and also my skirt and, although he pulled my panties down to my knees, I wouldn't let him take them right off. I was so turned on by watching Pete fuck Cathy that as soon as Jeff started playing with my pussy and had his fingers inside me I started to cum. I had never let a boy make me cum before although I had given lots of boys a hand job. I was shaking so much from my orgasm that I collapsed on the seat and Jeff thought he was going to fuck me but I soon pushed him off. Pete continued to fuck Cathy and I heard them both scream as he came in her cunt. It must have been about 2 months later that Pete asked me out on a date. Although he tried very hard to get me undressed all I would let him do was to play with my tits when he got his hand inside my shirt. He wanted me to play with his cock but I wouldn't do that because I wasn't feeling too safe with him after witnessing what he had done to Cathy.

We continued going out together after that and we became an item. He managed to play with my bare tits almost every time we went out and on lots of occasions I let him play with my pussy but he could only play with my lips and clit and he wasn't allowed to push his fingers inside me! Now it sounds miserable what I did to him but I am sure he respected me a lot more because of that. Well I hoped so.

A week before we became engaged I allowed Pete to stick his fingers right up inside my pussy and although it hurt I rather enjoyed the feeling I was getting as his fingers moved around inside me. I know I had broken my hymen a couple of years before due to a gynecological investigation for a family heredity problem. The doctor had been very careful to try to not break my hymen when he inserted his instrument which was to look at the back of my vagina but he just couldn't get the long shaft with the light and camera on it into me without breaking me. He had applied a light anesthetic so I didn't feel any pain when it was busted.

I had told Peter about losing my hymen and he told me he would be very careful the first time we made love. I was worried because he had been very rough with Cathy and had fucked her very hard but he told me she loved it that way and lots of boys were fucking her. Anyway I had been smart enough to realize I would be making love pretty soon so a couple of months before I had obtained a prescription for the pill to be on the safe side. I had to endure another gynecological examination before I got the prescription but I put up with that.

On the night we became engaged Peter took me to a fancy hotel for the night! I had told him he had to wait until we were engaged and now I had to keep my promise. Once we were in our room Pete just couldn't wait to get me undressed. Soon I was naked in front of him and certainly embarrassed by what I considered a poor figure but I know he loved me at that time. When I undressed Peter I found his cock seemed to be much larger that I had thought when I had played with it before. Anyway he was thoughtful enough to bring a tube of KY with him. He got me very excited by playing with my pussy and my clit and then he lubricated my pussy with plenty of KY and he slipped into me so easily I didn't know what I had been worried about before. Soon I realized what I had been missing and reached my very first orgasm with a cock inside me! Needless to say we fucked most of the night!

We couldn't afford to go to expensive hotels after that so we continued to have our lovemaking sessions but we were restricted to doing it in his car. I didn't object but felt a little uncomfortable remembering how he had fucked Cathy. I really loved sex.

Anyway back to this birthday surprise. Pete had been telling me I am really pretty and I knew I was much more attractive now that we were married. I think it is simply because I am in love and my body has matured making my breasts bigger and my body more shapely. I had read lots and lots of books which were all about loving couples and I knew there were lots of different ways to make love. Peter was very experimental and had fucked me in so many different positions and ways that I was rather used to participating in whatever he suggested. He kept on talking to me about having another man fucking me and making it a threesome but I resisted this quite firmly and wouldn't hear of it.

I know now he had been planning for this birthday surprise for a long time. About a month before my birthday he specifically requested me to not shave my underarms, not to shave my legs and although I had never done it, he told me not to shave my pussy! Seemed like a silly request but I loved Peter and went along with his request. It felt a bit uncomfortable having the month's growth of hair under my arms and on my legs and I had to wear thick stockings or trousers to hide the hair on my legs. He also told me not to get my hair done this week even though I had a weekly appointment. The things we women do for our husbands.

On the evening before my birthday Pete waited until we were in bed, naked, as usual and then he pulled me to him and told me about my surprise. He told me he had booked an all day session at a health resort and had paid for me to get the very best of treatment to make me more beautiful. He told me it was a very expensive resort and I should make the most of the day. I found out then he had arranged for me to have the day off work - he knew my boss - and so I could now look forward to an interesting day. I had no idea just how interesting but I will tell you about that now!

On the morning of my birthday Peter cuddled me in bed and kissed me deeply but no matter how much I tried he wouldn't fuck me! I wanted it badly and told him so but he just wouldn't put his cock in me. I wanted to suck him off but he wouldn't let me do that either. I was really hot but he just wouldn't give in to me. He told me I should get ready for me wonderful day and he would drive me to the resort to make sure I get there safely. He had arranged to be late getting to work that day and he arranged to leave early so that he could pick me up at 6.00 pm. He got me out of bed and took me into the bathroom. He made me sit on the toilet and then he pulled me into the shower. I guessed he would fuck me there because that is one of his favorite places to fuck me but he didn't.

He just washed me and made very sure I was totally clean and then he dried me. This was most unusual for Pete. After that he applied a deodorant to my underarms (this was a bit yucky because he hadn't let me shave my armpits for a month) and also in my groin area. He then sprayed all of my body with some wonderful body perfume he had bought for me recently and then helped me to dress. He selected my most daring underwear - my bra was hardly anything at all and totally transparent as were my panties or rather thong which hardly covered anything. Next he put on one of my daring cutoff shirts and a very short mini-skirt. He told me everything had been arranged and I would be taken care of when at the resort. He fed me my breakfast although I was a bit too excited to eat much. Then, when he said I was ready, he took me out to the car and off we went to the resort! Once we arrived he took me inside, introduced me to the lady in charge - Muriel - and then wished me a very happy birthday and left me!

Muriel was a very effervescent sort of person who wanted to make sure I was looked after during my stay. It was now 10 am and she told me we would start my day of pleasure off with morning tea. I was taken into another room where there were 6 other women and we were served coffee and all sort of treats by two very caring girls whose job it was to make us very comfortable.

After morning tea I was taken by one of the young girls into a small room which she told me was a dressing (or undressing) room and I was asked to remove all of my clothes. She gave me a very soft toweling robe to wear but I was surprised just how short this robe was and it was a very small size because it didn't do much more than meet around my body. When I asked for another robe she told me they were all the same size and in any case I wouldn't be wearing it very much.

She then led me into a shower and I was surprised when this girl stripped off completely and joined me in the shower. She washed and lathered me completely and I felt rather excited having this lovely young girl washing me. She didn't miss any part of my body but I was a little ashamed because of my hairiness seeing Peter wouldn't allow me to shave my underarms and legs. The girl, Lisa, told me that was quite O.K. because soon I would be treated to a depilation session and all the hair would be gone. I guessed that would be the case but it didn't stop me from being a bit embarrassed. My underarms were quite hairy now after the month and my legs were sporting a nice hairy covering. My pubic bush is quite expansive and is also very dark, not black but very dark. My bush extends from near my navel down in a wide triangular shape to well down between my legs. There is an extension of my bush down my inner thighs but only for a short distance, but it is very thick. I was surprised how turned on I was from Lisa washing and drying my body. After this I put on my small robe again.

Next I was taken to the baths - these are mud baths - and Lisa removed my robe and I stood at the edge of one of the baths while she rubbed some sort of oil all over my body. It was a very erotic feeling as she first smeared this lovely oil on my body and then rubbed it into my skin. She didn't miss any parts of my body and I became very aroused when she rubbed my breasts and nipples and more so when she rubbed my cunt lips and that area. She could see I was aroused and smiled at me and told me it was O.K. for me to cum if I wanted to. With that she increased the pressure on my labia and clit and although I was very embarrassed I came on her hand. She smiled at me and said, "Well done!" I then stepped into the rather hot mud bath and was immersed up to my neck in the mud.

I lay in the mud bath for about 20 minutes while Lisa, who was wearing just her very short and small robe, kept near me and supplied me with drinks and anything else I needed. As she squatted down beside the bath - these were sunken baths - I could look right into her pussy and I was surprised to see how wet she was. Her pussy was quite hairy although not as dark as mine nor as wide. She wasn't at all embarrassed squatting in front of me exposing herself openly.

When my time was up she took me out of the mud bath and used a hose and warm water to wash all of the mud off my body. It was kind of erotic feeling the slight pressure of the hose on my body. Next Lisa took me into another shower and, having stripped off her robe, she climbed into the shower with me. Again she washed me making sure all traces of the mud were removed. Again she dried me and then said, "You will love the next step - this is were we remove all of the hair from your body and you will love our operator!"

Again I donned my very small robe - Lisa also - and then she took me into a very warm room where I was asked to remove the robe and simply lie on a bed. When I asked about this room Lisa told me it was a relaxing room and the warmth would make sure my body was dry and I could rest. Another 20 minutes of relaxation and Lisa collected me and I was moved into the next room and asked to climb up onto the table. This was a similar table to those in doctor's rooms - it was like an examination table with stirrups at one end. I hadn't put my robe on so I was naked when I climbed onto the table. Lisa asked me to move down to the very bottom of the table and, without any fuss at all she lifted my legs and pulled them wide apart and then slipped them into the stirrups. Once in the stirrups she quickly strapped them in place with Velcro strips and they were held fast. She threw a clean sheet over my body to hide my nakedness and then asked me to place my hands over my head. Lying flat on my back with my legs up in the air and my hands well over my head, she quickly strapped my hands with more Velcro tape to the frame and I was helpless on the table. Having done her work she told me she would see me later and the next operator would be with me very soon.

I was a little disturbed at being strapped on the table but I guessed they knew what they were doing so I tried to relax. I was still covered with this sheet so I wasn't lying there naked. Next a door opened and in came a man! Good god, what was he doing here. He came over and introduced himself to me - he is called Joe - and he told me he was here to remove my body hair and to make me look beautiful for my husband. He had with him a tray on which there was a shaving brush, cream and several razors as well as a number of towels. Was beginning to become alarmed but he told me not to worry and this would make me feel wonderfully clean.

Without further ado he lathered up his brush and began spreading the shaving cream under my arms. Once he had a good lather he began rubbing the cream into my underarms with his fingers - gee this was exciting and I could feel myself getting aroused with his touching me. He managed to swing his hands around whilst he was lathering me and touched my breasts several times. I was only covered by this thin sheet and I could feel every little touch. Next he picked up his razor and, holding my skin tight, and at the same time his palm was touching the side of my breast, he began shaving my underarms. He didn't take very long to shave my armpits and soon they were totally bristle free and he rubbed some oil into my skin making sure he brushed my breasts while he was doing this. I wasn't really looking anywhere than at my underarms and it wasn't until I looked down that I saw he had managed to push the sheet from my breasts and they were both fully exposed. I couldn't do anything to cover them and just had to lie there very embarrassed.

Next he told me he would shave my legs. I was becoming quite alarmed at the prospect of him shaving my legs because he might see my pussy if he bumped the sheet while he was doing that. I felt sure he would only shave my lower legs so hoped I wouldn't be showing too much. Next, he lathered up his brush just as before and then started from my ankles and lathered me all the way up to within about 3 inches of my pussy. To do this he had to pull back the sheet and I knew I was exposed to his view. He lathered each leg and then massaged the cream until the lather was very thick. He had his hands on my legs for about 10 minutes during which time I was totally aroused and I knew I was very wet around my pussy and I hoped he wouldn't see. Next he began shaving my legs - right from my ankles up to the very tops of my legs. It felt divine but I was still embarrassed at what he would be able to see. When he was finished he again rubbed oils into my legs and this made me all the more aroused. I knew I was dripping wet but couldn't do anything about it.

Next he whipped the sheet completely off my body and I was lying on the bed completely naked. Imagine how I looked. My hands were tied above my head, my legs were strapped wide apart in the stirrups and my entire pubic area was open for him to look at.

Now the most embarrassing part began. He began working with an electric hair trimmer and as it buzzed close to my skin all over my pubic area I knew I was very likely to cum if he kept this up. He clipped all of the hair around my pubic area until it was reduced to just a low stubble. While he was clipping my hair he managed to slip his fingers into my cunt and I couldn't help but groan when his fingers entered me. He kept moving his fingers seeming to make out he was holding my skin tight while he was clipping me but it was more to get me aroused and I can tell you it was working. He had nearly finished when he started moving his fingers more rapidly than before and suddenly I couldn't hold back and came as he stroked my lips and clit. I just didn't know what to do - I just couldn't look him in the eye. He just grinned at me and then began lathering me up ready for the shave. This time he massaged the cream into my pubic area again arousing me terribly and he continued doing this as he used his razor. He kept his fingers inside my pussy all the time he was shaving me and I couldn't help it when I came twice more. At last he was finished shaving and then rubbed the oil into my pubic area. Now I just couldn't help myself and I came again! Gee, I was embarrassed.

He asked me if I wanted my forearms shaved too as I have a very fine covering or hair there too but I told him I loved that hair and wouldn't dream of losing that. He agreed and then splashed more oil into his hands and then began massaging the oil into my body where he had removed my hair. It felt very good.

When he was finished he left the room and Lisa came back. She told me how lovely I looked and she also rubbed her fingers over my freshly shaven parts and this thrilled me even more. She released my arms and then my legs and I was able to move them about as they were a little stiff. She asked me if I enjoyed being shaved and I just had to admit that I loved it.

Next was lunch. Here we sat in a lovely airy atrium in the building and were fed all sort of delicious foods but the attentive girls. They really pampered us and when we were finished eating we just laid back on our lounges, still wearing just our small robes, and rested - almost dozing off to sleep. I found by asking discrete questions that the other women had all been shaved as well and they were excited to learn I had a man do my hair removal whereas they all had women. We were allowed to relax for another 30 minutes before Lisa came and collected me and took me to the sun room. Here the sun bed was waiting for me. Lisa took off my robe but before allowing me to climb onto the sun bed she rubbed me all over with some special tanning lotion which she told me would prevent sun burn. She got me very excited again when she rubbed this lotion all over my body not missing any part. Once she was between my legs I could feel my excitement building and almost had another orgasm. I then slipped onto the sun bed and Lisa closed the lid down over me. The lights were very bright but I had eye protection and the heat was very stimulating. She never left my side and kept turning me over and making sure I didn't get burned. A timer went off and she switched the sun lamps off and I climbed out. I felt wonderful and very relaxed indeed.

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