tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKim's Naked Adventure

Kim's Naked Adventure


This story is a submission to the 2018 Nude Day Erotic Story Contest.

Dear Reader,

This is my first entry ever in any of the Literotica contests.

So, please be gentle with me...

The topic of exhibitionism and voyeurism figures among some of my earliest fantasies as a teenager; when the idea of female nudity obsessed me. And, guess what? After so many years, it still does... :)

As I wrote this story, I might have gone a bit crazy so forgive my insanity... Maybe I rediscovered the fervor of my youth for a moment?

So, just as a warning, if you are looking for realism of any sort, you'd better skip this one. It goes all over the place and I don't think it could ever happen in real life no matter how much I wish it would.

In summary, the protagonist ends up naked in the middle of the Big Apple and decides to make a run for it to get safely home. On her way, she meets some kind hippies and her life is changed.

Though there is a sex scene or two, I was more concerned with the situation in which our heroine finds herself. So, if you are looking for a story full of graphic pornographic elements, you might want to skip this one.

You will find some elements of:


ENF -- Embarrassed Naked female,

OON-- Only One Naked,

and Some Masturbation which leads to fisting...

Please let me know your thoughts and remember this is a contest entry so please vote!


Kim's Naked Adventure

"Riiiing, Riiiing, Riiing!"

When the fire alarm rang out, Kim had been undergoing a series of tests in the medical offices. She had been hopping from room-to-room in nothing but the paper medical gown and slippers that had been provided to her by the nurse.

"Riiiing, Riiiing, Riiing!"

It was no fire drill!

The smoke was already filling the hallway when the young woman peaked out of the room.

She had to get out of there, there was no other choice.

Time was of the essence.

She did not even think about her clothes and her other personal belongings on the other side of the building.

Even if she had wanted to, there was just no way to get to them.

Her survival instinct and a rush of adrenaline kicked in.

She fled as fast as her legs would carry her.

Everybody was rushing out, scared for their lives.

They made it down the long staircase and out of the building. She found herself in a crowd on the other side of the busy mid-town Manhattan street as the fire trucks started arriving.

The emergency personnel rushed to tend to the victims.

Kim was clearly low on the totem pole as she stood without any visible signs of injury.

For a while, the shock of what was transpiring kept her motionless as she stared in a trance at the firemen rushing into the smoke-filled entrance.

After some time, her brain started working again.

The first sensation that she felt as she came back from her dazed state was the freezing cold.

She stood shivering and shaking from the shock.

Finally, she averted her eyes away from the hypnotic blaze.

As she brought them down to take a quick inventory of her situation, her heart stopped.

A formidable fright took over once again.

She had been too distracted to notice that it had been raining during the warm evening hours of the Indian summer and by now she was completely soaked.

The paper gown had become completely transparent and her nude form was showing completely through the now see-through material.

Her worst nightmare was becoming real.

Her eyes darted around the crowd.

No one had noticed her yet.

Everyone was too busy tending to the pressing needs of the people who had been hurt to notice her naked body.

She should have just walked over to the crews distributing those silver blankets and the story would have ended there.

But, in her panic, she was not thinking clearly.

In her mind, the crowd gathered around the ambulances was too thick and too dense for her to get the cover she needed.

Surely, someone would see her nude figure then.

And so, her flight instinct took hold of her.

She felt an urge to get away as she leapt into action.

As she began running towards a less populated area, she made a check list of the things she needed to do to get back home.

She lived in a three-level brownstone in the upper west side not so far away from here.

And fortunately, she thought, the years spent running every morning rain-or-shine, would help her escape this mortifying experience.

She was now just a few blocks south of Central Park.

"Maybe, she could reach her apartment if she cut through the park?" she thought as she started mapping possible itineraries to get home.

As she processed all these mental calculations, her strenuous physical activity began ruining the flimsy hospital gown.

Within a matter of a few steps the paper slippers had disintegrated leaving her barefoot.

The waterlogged paper dress was beginning to dissolve.

She tried to hold it together as she felt the fabric crumbling into patches, but the material's integrity could no longer be maintained.

In horror, she saw the pieces fall to the ground as she made her way towards the park.

At first, she attempted to cover herself with an arm in front of her chest and a hand in front of her pubic area.

However, this posture was slowing her down a great deal.

After some hesitation, she decided that speed was more important than modesty.

Central Park was close and it offered so many places to hide with its plants and bushes and all its dark corners. That idea appealed to her.

She needed to get there as fast as possible and from there she would make her way home by going up the park hidden and unseen. Or so she hoped.

As all these thoughts were going through her mind, she reached the end of the block leading to 6th Avenue.

52nd Street had been sparsely populated, and, between her quick pace and the dusk, passersby could not really see what was going on. If anything, by the time their brains had registered that the woman running by them was in her birthday suit, she was already long gone.

Now, the hard part was about to begin.

6th Avenue, also known as Avenue of the Americas, was bright and very crowded.

The streets between the park and Rockefeller Center were always busy at all hours of the day.

The sidewalks were packed, crammed and inundated with tourists.

Kim paused and hid in a darkened doorway for a minute to think.

As she peered onto the avenue, her mind still in a whirlwind from her fear and her compulsion to escape, the only plan she could form was that she needed to run as fast as possible.

In her fright, the only solution that came to her was to run on the street to avoid being trapped by the crowds.

She could not stop now. She could not talk. She could not ask for help. She wanted the safety of home. There was no other solution in her opinion.

Resolved, she jumped into action and began running along the cars up the avenue.

She ran in the center of the street naked from head to toe.

She did not go unnoticed and soon she began to feel tens, if not hundreds, of eyes turning toward her.

Her fear grew ten-folds. Were people taking out their smartphone to film her?

She put her hands up on each side of her face to preserve her anonymity.

What a sight she was.

The young nude petite Latina with her curly dark mane, her green eyes, her honey colored skin, her tight lithe body, her bulbous curvy posterior and her perky b-cups began attracting the stares of the onlookers.

Traffic stopped to a halt as her distracting display caused a crash behind her.

As Kim's heart began pounding in her head, it felt as if the crowd fell silent.

From there, things got even worst.

A police siren began blaring behind her.

The car could not pass because of the accident.

But, as the young woman turned her head to see what was going on behind her, two police officers got out of the vehicle and began chasing after her.

She accelerated her pace but, by then, she had been running for some time and her feet were hurting as they smacked onto the pavement.

The officers were in a dead sprint and catching up to her fast as she heard the sound of their steps getting closer.

They were now almost within arm's reach.

All of a sudden, she jumped into the crowd for cover.

Her bare body pressed, bumped, stroked and rubbed against the onlookers.

In a desperate attempt to get away from the police, she wiggled this way and that to get out of their reach and out of their sight.

As she weaved thought the human obstacles, she felt the wandering hands of some anonymous strangers. Her tits and ass were being groped as she made her way through the multitudes.

Some of these hands were getting bolder trying to reach between her legs.

She could not yell out her outrage as she feared attracting the attention of the law officers in pursuit after her.

She was revolted.

The adrenaline gave her a second wind.

She zigzagged quickly and managed to build some distance between herself and her pursuers.

The cops were gasping behind her and running out of air. The portly pigs were clearly unfit to pursue her much longer.

When she was convinced that they could no longer run, she jumped back onto the street and went into a dead run towards the park.

She was only a few blocks away now and it did not take long for her to get there.

The daylight had fizzled out and the relative darkness of her surroundings reassured her.

She had entered through one of the southern entrances and had walked towards the Heckscher Playground. At that time of the day, she knew that this area would be mostly deserted, and she was right.

When she was sure that there was no one around to see her, she picked the thickest and densest group of bushes to take refuge.

She needed to rest. Her feet were killing her. Her energy was depleted.

Shivering, Kim crouched motionless for some time.

Two unfortunate events were conflating at once: the air temperature was dropping now that the sun had disappeared and her own body was cooling down from its hectic workout.

Mechanically, Kim began rubbing her bare skin in an attempt to stay warm.

As her hands moved from her arms to her chest, she became fully aware of her nudity.

Now that the rush of hormones that had guided her escape was dissipating through her system, her cognitive senses were returning.

A deep burning shame instantly gripped her guts to replace the fear that had taken over her mind.

She was naked!

She was outdoors without a stitch of clothing!

She could not believe what was happening to her as she huddled in her damp hideout.

The breeze passing through the hedges swirled around her.

Every inch of her skin was caressed by the zephyr.

The foliage around her was also shaken by the gust of air and the motion of the leaves scratched and tickled her; sending shivers down her spine.

The young woman had always been rather shy and modest, she had never shown much to anyone; always opting for the long skirts and the one-piece bathing suits.

Even with her boyfriends, she had always preferred the absolute darkness. She liked sex and enjoyed a healthy sex-life, she just did not like to be seen.

The only time she was ever truly nude was in her shower and she never lingered there.

She now felt so exposed.

The sensations coursing through her were foreign and unnerving.

As she kept on trying to warm herself with the friction of her hands on her skin, she reached her erect nipples.

They were hard as pebbles and overly sensitive.

"Ooh!" faintly escaped her lips as the unexpected pleasure of that stroke surprised her.

She moved her hand away quickly shocked by her own body's reaction.

All the nerves in her body were tingling.

"Clack! Clack! Clack!" her teeth emitted as she quivered.

Huddled in a squatting position, she made herself into a small ball in an attempt to keep as much heat as possible.

Again, she began scrubbing herself vigorously to generate more warmth.

This time she started at her ankles trying to avoid her erogenous zones.

But as she worked her way up her thighs she lost her balance and fell backwards onto the cold rocks and dirt beneath her.

Her naked bum and her most intimate flesh made contact with the ground.

"Aw!" she exclaimed.

She was horrified!

An unexpected small wave of pleasure had spread through her nervous system from that impact on her intimate spot.

Some of the soil stuck to her skin.

With the tip of her fingers she brushed it away quickly.

But, as she reached between her legs to remove the last of the muck, she discovered that a gooey liquid had pooled on her thighs past the trimmed hair of her pubes.

What was happening?

With her extended index, she timidly touched the delicate petal of her labia.

"Oh!" she murmured.

She was so wet and so hot. It felt so good.

She still had to brush away the last of the dirt that was stuck in the hairy patch around her sex.

And without realizing it, her fingers began tracing the contour of her tender folds.

"Ah!" she exhaled as she reached her clitoral hood.

How humiliating!

Why was her body reacting this way? She had nearly climaxed from that soft touch.

"Is anybody there!" a deep male voice shouted in her direction.

Kim froze in a panic.

She had attracted the attention of a passerby with her shout.

The bush started shaking as the man began poking it.

The young woman needed to get out of there stat!

Fortunately, the shrub offered several opportunities for escape.

As the man stepped into the vegetation to explore where the noise was coming from, Kim was able to evade him unseen.

She scampered towards another dark corner of the park.

But she could no longer run as her bare feet were blistered from her run on the hard pavement.

Earlier, the rush of adrenaline had allowed her to run through the pain.

The cool grass of the lawn had soothed the ache some, but now that she was walking again a pain coming from each of her battered legs shot up her spine.

She pitter-pattered from one foot to the next biting her tongue in an attempt to keep quiet.

As she stumbled awkwardly into another hedge for cover, she realized in horror that her great plan for escape had just hit a road block.

Her fast run home had turned into a slow crawl.

And to add to her despair, what confounded her and bothered her further was that the fire in her loins had not fizzled away.

As she squatted in the shrubbery, a powerful magnetic force attracted her hand directly to her hungry sex. She could not recall having ever been this excited.

It felt so good to have her hand there. It felt reassuring and comforting somehow.

Her mind needed an escape, a way to release all the fear and tension that had built up.

Her senses had been awakened. Kim was on edge and it seemed that her nervous system had ratcheted up the sensations at her core.

Yet, she was conflicted.

What was happening to her?

Something deep inside sought relief, solace and pleasure.

An animal part of her wanted to escape this dreadful feeling through sexual stimulation.

But her rational center did not want to be caught. She did not want to attract the attention of anyone to her desperate situation.

"Hhh! Hhh! Hhh!" she started panting.

Her digits had kept on digging into depths of her steamy wet love canal of their own volition.

"Oh! No!" she screamed internally as she forced her hand away from her enthralling pursuit.

She could not do this there and now.

She tried to calm herself down as she looked out onto the walkways to see if it was safe for her to proceed to her next hideout.

Everything seemed to be calm and deserted.

On her hands and knees, using the cover of darkness, she crept towards the next big group of plants.

She did so every so often; progressing methodically up the park.

It was a long and laborious process and she was still below the Sheep Meadow at 65th Street. At this rate, it would take hours!

When she came close to that part of the park, she began panicking once again.

The crowds were still very thick and numerous in these parts.

She was surprised considering the hour.

Then it hit her like a thunderbolt!

She turned pale as she felt the blood leave her face.

The Concert!

She had forgotten all about it.

Thousands of people were about to fill the park for the biggest event in decades.

Kim wanted to cry.

She had to hurry and find a way out of here fast or she would be trapped all night. The crowds were growing thicker by the minute.

A free concert in Central Park would attract hundreds of thousands of fans.

A sense of doom and despair invaded her mind. There was no way that she would be able to go any further unseen. Her little bush no longer felt safe.

So, she quickly probed the horizon for a safer spot.

Nothing seemed to fit the bill.

She needed to get moving fast if she had any hope of making it home before the throngs arrived.

Even her deserted part of the grounds was starting to buzz with excitement. She had to act.

She looked left and right before crawling out of her spot.

A thicker and denser bush a few yards away seemed like a safer bet if she needed to extend her stay.

As she ventured towards this new refuge, a sound in the distance alerted her to the presence of a huge group of concert goers headed her way.

Despite the pain, she got to her feet and went into a dead sprint towards her target.

She closed her eyes to protect them from being poked by the branches and jumped head first into the dense vegetation.

"Phew!" she thought. For a fraction of a second, she thought that she had escaped being detected.

The relief was short lived.


Oh, hello!


Man, am I dreaming?" four voices exclaimed in unison.

Kim opened her eyes in shock.

The bush that she had picked had been turned into a makeshift pot den by four old hippies who looked like Cheech and Chong. A faint blue glow that she had not detected from the outside was emanating from some sort of electric lantern and lighting the group as they sat listening to some old psychedelic tunes on a boombox.

Her flight instinct kicked in. She immediately began backing away from the spot.

"No, babe don't go!" complained one of the stoners.

Alas, as she peaked out of the shrub to escape, she noticed that the huge group she had spotted earlier had approached and was now close. Other groups were converging towards the same spot too.

She would be seen for sure.

She needed to make a choice.

Four seemed less scary than twenty or more.

So, reluctantly she went back into the drug den.

"Dudes!" a collective shout of happiness was expressed by the four men.

"There she is!

That's cool!

We got a party girl in our midst.

Yay man! Just like Woodstock, do you remember?" said the guys.

Kim looked at them wide eyed as she brought up her arms to cover her nudity.

"Don't be shy man!

We are all free here.

Are you looking for a little ganja?

You wanna sit with us and have at it?" they said.

Kim did not know what to do.

She was between a rock and a hard place.

It was four against one in this situation or one against twenty or maybe even hundreds if she ventured back out.

The guys did not seem offensive. With their bong, their grey long hairs, their potbellies and their colored glasses they looked like they had traveled in time from the seventies. They seemed mellow and welcoming.

Now that she paid closer attention to their faces and features, she saw the wrinkles and thin grey hairs. These guys were in their sixties easily, maybe more. That fact seemed to reassure her.

How should she play it?

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