tagLesbian SexKim's Notebook

Kim's Notebook


Aunt Fiona wasn't really my aunt, but mum always referred to her that way, she was actually a distant relative whom had always been close to the family. I hadn't seen her for ten years, since I was eleven and she was twenty-one. She owns a successful clothing company in jolly old England and was moving back to Australia to branch out; which meant she would be staying with us while she found her own place. It shouldn't have mattered, my family is wealthy. We live in a large house with more than enough room for ten guests; but I like the space and its been great since my two older sisters moved out.

She arrived a couple of weeks ago and memories came back, the most persistent memory was that she had dark hair and was quite attractive; and my memory proved to be correct although she was prettier than I first thought, very pale skin with light blue eyes, wide hips and heavyset breasts. She was dressed smartly, like a business woman and extended her hand when we met.

'Why Kimberly, its so nice to see you again,' she said with her English accent, 'And how lovely you look.'

It was hard to resist her charm, even though I'd been in a bad mood before, I smiled and clasped her hand, 'Thankyou.'

Immediately I was jealous of her voluptuous figure, even thought my hips were shapely like hers I am quite small around the chest area and have the build of a female athlete; powerful thighs, large shoulders and toned abs. My skin is a deep tan from long hours of being out at the beach or the pool our backyard. At that moment I was going to my boyfriends house to have it off and was in a hurry as athletics training always makes me horny so I didn't have time for pleasantries. All the exercise gives me a powerful sex drive, one that my boyfriend can't keep up with; I like to wrestle when I have sex and see it as a sport, I see life as a sport.

As predicted Michael didn't last very long, he was so damn good looking I enjoyed it enough. When I got home mum gave me a mouthful for being rude to Fiona and I escaped to my room before she could give me one of her nasty lectures. I spoke to my friend Kate on the phone for an hour and she told about her sexual experiences with her new older boyfriend; it sounded better than what I was getting and I enjoyed the details. We had planned to go out in the evening so I was going to need some money.

Now even though I told you my family was rich; they are not very generous, to put it short, my father is a tightass and my mother is a little better but still the same; and I was too proud to get a job in café or some crap like some of my friends did; no I decided it was just easier to steal.

I went into my parents room and went through my dad wallet. He was the one I always stole from because he was too vague to realise how much money he has and wouldn't notice if I took a few hundred dollar notes. Mum is a different story, I stole from her once and she caught me redhanded; just thinking of her catching me again makes feel sick, she went nuts when she caught me and is the type of mum who'd never let you forget it even though it was years ago. So I'm a thief, a rich upper class one, I also steal from other students because no one would suspect that someone rich would steal, particularly because I'm attractive, popular and a talented athlete.

Anyway, the hundreds that I took from the old man made for a good night and I still had plenty of money to spare; which I immediately spent on clothes after university on Monday. I got a new bathing suit, a black thong and top. This is the favorite part of my day, coming home and then taking a dip in own backyard pool. I wore my new thong and forgot about the top, I like the breeze on my small breasts and it feels great swimming with no top. The water was cool and refreshing and I did laps for twenty minutes before heading inside to get a cool drink from the fridge.

I went inside and to my surprise and horror, Fiona was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. I'd forgotten about her, I'm so used to it being just me and the folks and they usually don't get home till seven. She had already spotted me and I couldn't back away, so I just continued on my way to the fridge, like my half nakedness was nothing. Fiona did looked surprised and I imagined at the time it was painful to her conservative English ways. Her discomfort gave me pleasure so I decided to bend over in front of the fridge, showing off my sculptured ass while I pretended to searched for my drink. I took my time, then turned around, taking the cap off the lid and taking a swig of fruit juice.

'How's the job hunting going?' I said.

'House hunting,' she corrected, her eyes on the paper.

I placed the drink against the chest, its coldness felt good. Fiona looked at me, a tiny smile on her face.

'How's the water?' she asked.

'Try it and find out,' I said and turned away, then I cringed, it sounded rude, I didn't mean to be. I was still wet from the swim and decided to lie on the deck chair for awhile while I enjoy my cool drink. To my surprise, Fiona emerged ten minutes later in a conservative one piece bathing suit. I was forced to grudgingly admire her curvy figure and felt I was inadequate, particularly when confronted with those huge breasts. She didn't say anything, she just dived in and began swimming laps, I was surprised at what a good swimmer she was. After half an hour she joined me on a deck hair.

'The water's lovely,' she commented, wringing her hair out. I noticed before she sat down, that she needed a bikini wax, as some dark pubic hair was sticking out. I always keep my pussy shaved to avoid the hassle, but I guess a well bred English woman would be mortified at the mention of a shaved cunt. She was well toned and I was suddenly curious, being a sporty person, what sort of exercise she did.

'Do you work out?' I asked.

Fiona sat down and smiled, 'Yes. I was a regular at my local gym back in the UK. I love to swim too, its nice to be in an outdoor pool. I shall have to find a house with a pool I think, I will need relief from these hot Australian summers.'

She must be doing pretty well, I thought, finding a house for herself with a pool. It gave me an idea. I decided to go inside, excusing myself for a shower, but instead I found it a perfect time to go through Fiona's belongings.

I went into her room and began to snoop around. Her room was neat and tidy, unlike mine which looked like a warzone. I found her purse and rummaged. She had a decent amount of cash so I helped myself, sticking it in my black thong like a stripper. There was a nice scent in here and I detected the smell of expensive perfume. Her dresser had a charming little jewellery box which I opened ... and almost fainted. It was full of diamonds, necklaces; earrings, a beautiful ring set in white gold. I took them out reverently and was almost aroused just touching it. I loved diamonds so much I would do anything to own some; anything except work. I suddenly realised what a little prick Michael was, we'd been going out for months now and he hadn't bought me anything. Then I heard the backdoor close downstairs. Reluctantly I put the jewellery back and snuck back into my room, putting the money in my purse. I didn't feel bad, infact I was sure Fiona had too much money and I was doing her a favour by helping her spend it.

After having a shower I felt horny so called I Michael, but his mobile was turned off. Typical. I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling, and put a hand in my shorts. With my free hand I rang Kate and listened to the filthy details of her sexual exploits and rubbed myself while she told me. She's so damn good she should be a writer. She would be appalled if she knew how hot her stories made me; but she never shuts up to notice anything suspicious on the other end of the line.

Fiona's money was spent on more clothes but really what I wanted was some diamonds. I'm too impulsive to save for any diamonds and when I mentioned it to Michael he just laughed it off like I was joking. I told him I wasn't. I told him that I needed to be shown a certain amount of affection if he were to remain my boyfriend and that affection involved presents; cheap flowers weren't enough. The only thing he'd given me was a pearl necklace, the disposable kind.

The money I pinched from Fiona ran out quickly, as it always does and I figured it was a good time, one afternoon to get some more. Fiona suggested when I came home from uni that we go for a swim; she already had her suit on so I went upstairs to put mine on, a perfect opportunity to sneak into her room again and get cash. What I didn't know at the time, was that Fiona was already suspicious and followed me silently through the house and then, just when I had the money in my hand, she stepped into the room and cleared her throat.

Startled I turned around, dropping the notes and tried to think of anything that would make a plausible excuse. I'm an excellent liar, but from the hard look on Fiona's face I knew that she already knew; probably from the last time. Before I could say anything she spoke, stepping into the room as she did, hands on her shapely hips.

'I had fifteen hundred dollars in my purse on Monday, exactly the right amount to pay bond for a house I was going to lease and somehow that money went down to twelve-fifty,' she said.

She looked me right in the eye as she stood before me. I began to tremble.

'I didn't suspect you Kim or even think of you, until I noticed my jewellery box had been opened. You've been looking at them hadn't you?'

'I didn't take anything,' I said.

'What money or jewels?'

'Jewels,' I said, then decided in this situation honestly was the best policy, 'I did steal money from you, I'm sorry Fiona I had debt to pay and I didn't want to ask you.'

I hung my head and tried to look pathetic.

'I'm very protective of my diamonds,' Fiona said, 'I noticed they were out of place, that how I knew someone was snooping. I didn't think I'd have to hide this here, especially from close friends.'

I didn't know what to say, I felt terrible, I was beginning to like Fiona and now it looked like it was over. She stared at me for long moments, it felt like forever, waiting for me to say something, anything, but I couldn't.

Finally, I said, 'You're not going to tell mum are you? I'll pay you back I swear.'

Fiona folded her arms, her face hardened, 'I don't know.'

'Oh please,' I begged. I was terrified of my mother, she would kill me if she found out I was stealing again. I looked at her pleadingly, 'Please don't.'

Fiona stared at me, there was a cloud in her eyes, strangely she seemed hesitant as to what she was going to do.

'I think you should be punished,' she said softly, 'you're a stuckup little girl still, you won't get far in the real world, believe me, I know.'

'Please don't,' I repeated, like a mantra. I felt sick.

'I'd imagine she'd be quite upset with you,' Fiona said, a little calmer now. She stood before me in her silk dressing gown on to cover her swim suit. I nodded and looked away from her blue eyes.

'She'll kill me,' I said.

Fiona looked a little sympathetic, 'I know how hard mothers can be; so we can make an agreement to work things out.'

I looked up at her, mw chest swelling with hope, 'Please do.'

Fiona stared at me for a moment, then said, 'Lift up your singlet.'

For a moment I didn't think I heard right. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a little black singlet that didn't quite cover my abdomen. I stared at her stupidly.

'Do it,' she said, her blue eyes roaming my figure.


'I want to see your abs,' she said.

I hesitated, but seeing her serious expression, I did as she outlined and lifted my singlet up to my nipples, keeping them covered. I had a visible sixpack from all my sprints and Fiona evidently liked it, she reached out a pale hand and touched it, feeling the firm grooves with the tips of her fingers. She had a nice touch, but I was startled by this strange turn of events to enjoy it and could only look at her in mystification. Her breath had quickened, I could she her breasts rising and falling. I realised then she was attracted sexually to me and I was stunned, shocked, even frightened. But I didn't move, I let her keep touching me until finally she withdrew her hand and pulled my singlet back down.

She smiled at me as if it were nothing, 'You're such a strong girl,' she murmured and squeezed by shoulders, 'I've always admired athletes; probably would have become one if I didn't get sucked into business.'

She continued to stroke my arms, feeling my smooth tan skin and I must admit I enjoyed the touch, but wasn't sure if this meant that she wasn't going to tell my mother or not.

'Do you want me to pay you back?' I said, 'because I will if you give me a chance.'

Fiona pursed her lips and stopped touching me, 'You were trembling, your must really be afraid of your mum, but I think we can come to an agreement; if you're willing to come to an uh; unorthodox agreement?'

I saw the sparkle in her eye, I knew it had an unspoken sexual connotation. It aroused me in a forbidden way, offered me a promise of something unknown and out of my control; something dark, degrading and possibly filthy; the sort of things that repulsed you to hear about but at the same time curious enough to want sordid details.

I flushed and I wasn't the flushing type, 'What do I have to do?'

Fiona smiled, obviously pleased that I had asked and was therefore considering it. 'I haven't thought that far ahead; but the first thing you must understand that whatever happens its between you and me, alright?'

I nodded and outwardly appeared calm, but my heart was beating so fast I could here it pounding on my chest.

Fiona sat on the end of the bed and gestured to the floor in front of her. 'Kneel,' she said.

I hesitated then reluctantly did what she said, sitting back on my heels. It was intimidating looking up at her like this, it was a submissive position and her whole body filled my vision, but I felt a strange willingness to abandon myself to her demands and was excited and afraid to see what she would do next. Her hand came out and stroked my face tenderly, tracing a line around the chin and up to my lips. I didn't move. She pushed a finger in my mouth and found my tongue.

'Suck on my finger,' she said softly.

I hesitated and then complied, sucking her finger as if it were a cock, running my tongue around it and nibbling at it. Then a second finger came in, making my mouth wider to accommodate it. Fiona stared into my eyes and smiled as I complied with this strange erotic situation. She played with my mouth, then finally withdrew her fingers. My breathing was shallow and I felt squishy downstairs.

Fiona stood up and flung aside the silk robe. She hooked her thumbs under the shoulder straps of her swimming suit and pulled it down in a swift downward motion. Her large breasts flopped out, pale and with two large pink nipples, then she pushed it over her curvy hip revealing her hairy triangle of dark pubes. I stared dumbfounded. She didn't take her eyes off me as she stepped out of the suit and draped it over my head so I couldn't see, I heard her laugh pleasantly. I pulled the suit away with a grin and was frozen by the sight before me. My Aunt Fiona, totally naked, every voluptuous curve bare and her legs were open revealing the her most personal opening and my heart froze in wonder and then beat painfully fast as I was transfixed by the site. I'd never seen another woman's vagina so close to me before. I'd seen plenty of muff in the changing room; but this was different, I could see her labia through the thick fur of her dark pubic hair, the hood hung out ever so slightly to one side and her sex lips were a dark crease, each lip stuck together by the nectar that now assaulted my nostrils, the scent of sex; that intoxicating musk of a woman's ready and willing cunt; I could feel my own juices flowing into my shorts.

Fiona had noted my mesmerized gaze and inched her wobbly bum closer the edge of the bed, 'Move closer if you want, do you like my cunt Kim?'

I nodded absently and moved closed so my face was only inches away. She bought her hand down and part those lovely lips, revealing how pink she was inside and very moist. I stared transfixed, inhaling her sweet scent. Fiona was placed her hand around my head and pulled me in. And I began eating my first pussy. I didn't know what to do at first, just stuck my tongue in that lovely pink hole and licked all around. It didn't matter anyway; Fiona was so turned on she was gyrating her hips into my face and began to come.

'Of fuck Kim your face is so fucking beautiful,' she gasped, her body froze, her abs tightened as she came on my face. I always liked the taste of my own juices, but to taste another woman seemed so perverse and taboo and I felt my own orgasm building.

Fiona came heavily for long moments then pulled me away from her loins and up to her face. We kissed, she tasted her own juices from my lips, from my tongue, she licked around my chin. We fell back on the bed and she rolled on top of me, pulling my head back and biting at my neck passionately. She bit my lip and her tongue was in my mouth. We were both breathing heavily as she bore down on me, her big heavy breasts squashing into my little ones; I recovered from the shock and began being more assertive, I rolled her on to her back and kissed her hard, taking her by surprise. She resisted, but I was easily stronger than her and bore down on her, enjoying that fact that I could take control. I fumbled with my shorts button and finally just pushed them down awkwardly. Fiona was gasping beneath me and then realized what I wanted but I already had her hand and was guiding it to my pussy, which had never been wetter. She slipped two fingers into me easily and begun fucking me with firm even strokes, watching my reaction as she probed my insides. I gripped her fingers with my cunt and began to orgasm, voicing my delight vocally with a lusty growl. Fiona's eyes were filled with lust as she bought me to a powerful orgasm, the best ever. I finally fell on top of her in exhaustion, the fear, the shock and the sex had taken its toll. We nuzzled like a pair of old lover for a few minutes until we heard the front door open and close. That jolted us both and I was up as if someone had shocked me and ran off to my room.

I closed the door behind my and sank to the ground, my heart thumping.

It took about half an hour to calm down and get my thoughts straight. How terror at being caught stealing had turned into the best orgasm of my life was beyond me. I wondered if who ever had come home had heard us. I prayed they'd just arrived home and fixed my clothes and went down stairs. It was mum, she was making dinner. She smiled.'Where Fiona?' I asked.

'Gone for a swim,' Mum said, briskly cutting some red meat into strips.

I slowly went outside. Fiona was swimming languidly in the pool; she winked at me as she went past. I grinned nervously, glad that the everything was ok.

I took a breath and sat on the edge of the pool, dangling my legs in the cool water. Fiona's body glided past me and I realized as I watched her in the fading twilight; that I had a whole new level of sexual experiences to enjoy; to explore and I shivered with delight. She swam over to after a time, her jet black hair plastered to her skull and she still had that lustful glint in her eyes; an unspoken promise of things to come.

'You're mine Kimmy,' she whispered, her hands gripped my calves and she bit at my knees, her blue eyes never leaving mine.

'Not here,' I said, looking fearfully around.

Fiona looked at me seductively, the rested her chin on my thigh and smiled, her English accent as charming as ever, 'No Kim, I won't have you here, but I will have you, you promised me remember?'

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