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Kind Stranger

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It was a late Friday night, the bar was swamped. I was doing my best trying to keep up with everyone. Tony the owner was talking on the phone.

I was wishing he'd hurry up. that bimbo he married was always calling here. he'd lose the damn bar if she kept going but that was his affair I was just here to do my job (lately it seemed his also).

Finally he hung up the phone. My relief was short lived "uh Jonna I really hate to do this but I have to run home real fast"

"Tony! You can't leave me with this crowd." I couldn't believe my ears.

"I'll be back in no time at all I promise you" with that he just ran out the door leaving me stand with customers yelling for another round

Glancing up at the clock seeing it was only midnight damn two more hour of this. Then trying to think more positive "ok well as long as no one got out of line maybe I could handle things alone'.

But I was soon to learn that wasn't to be my fortune one of the customers started to get rowdy

"I said hurry up and bring me another one lady" he was starting to slur really bad.

I'm sorry sir I think you have had enough to drink why don't you let me call you a cab to take you home?"

"I don't need no damn cab I want my beer and I want it now!"

I realized this wasn't gonna be easy, normally Tony handle them when they got this bad, but he wasn't here. It was all I could do to keep from cussing him under my breath as the drunk continued to demand a beer.

Suddenly the drunk started banging his empty bottle on the bar. I backed up a little and reach for the phone. "if you don't stop right now I'll call the police." I knew Tony would be upset if I rung the cop some of his customers was a bit on the shady side. Not to mention some of Tony's dealings but I stayed out of that I didn't want to know what all he did.

"I don't think that will be necessary Miss" I looked toward the man who'd been sitting at the other end of the bar he'd been nursing his beer all night never saying a word until now. "He was just leaving."

The drunk looked at him "Now look here you sob I'm not going anywhere.."

That was about all he got out of his mouth before the other man grabbed him and not so gently helped him out the door.

When the man returned I was able to get a better look at him. He was about 5'9 180 dark hair. I wasn't sure in the bar light if it was black or dark brown his eyes was dark and very sexy I have a real bad thing about eyes and I must admit his was prefect.

I thanked him for his help and excuse myself real fast the other customers were getting restless demanding my attention. For the rest of the night I kept very busy waiting on customers but luckily no more trouble.

After last call I quickly went to work trying to start my cleaning so I wouldn't be stuck here alone for too long I had given up on Tony coming back I know his wife wasn't gonna let him.

All the while I was working I could feel the man's eyes watching me which didn't normally bother me I was used to being watched working in a bar and always on my feet

I know I was in pretty good shape. I always dressed in a tee-shirt and snug jeans I know my 34 C cups keeps many men amused while I was working, but I didn't mind let them have their thrill.

Slowly the customers begin to leave. But the man sitting at the end of the bar just sat there watching me. I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Then I realized I was being silly he'd just helped me out of what could have been a bad situation.

I looked over at the man sitting there finally I walked over to him "do you need me to call you a cab?" I asked.

He began to smile and I almost melted right then he was sexy "No thank you Miss I have a car outside."

Slowly he stood up I couldn't help but watch as he walk toward the door "damn he had a fine ass."

With a sigh I went back to work but I couldn't stop thinking about him. Just imagining those eyes looking down at me as his hand move on my body..

"Stop that." I chastised myself. Here I am having day dreams about some strange man. Yeah sure he threw the drunk out, but still that was no reason to act like a school girl. I was 35 not a child who blushed when I man looked at her in that way.

About fifteen minutes later I was locking up the bar. It was dark and a little chilly in the fall air. As I slide behind the wheel of my car and begin to turn the key I heard a voice.

"So you little tramp to good to bring me a beer where's your boyfriend now you bitch?"

My heart sank as I realized the drunk had hide in the back seat of my car I begin to feel frightened when I felt his hand wrapping around my neck.

He began to crawl over the sit moving into the front with me. "if you yell out or move one inch I'll break your neck in two. So you didn't want to server me in there we'll see just how well you serve me out here"

I wanted to puke at his word he was so disgusting and he reeked of alcohol. When suddenly the passenger door open. In surprise my attacker released me, turning to look the man who'd helped me once before just before being yanked out of my car once again this same man saving me from this drunk.

I just sat in my car for a few moments regaining my composer while the man dealt with my attacker.

"Are you going to be ok?" I looked up to see his sexy eyes once again looking at me.

"Uh yeah I'll be fine," I responded "I want to thank you so much but how did you know?"

"Well I started to leave" he replied. "when I got to thinking I didn't like the thought of a woman alone here in this parking a lot this last at night and remembering what had happened earlier I liked the idea even less."

"Tell you what why don't I follow you home so I can make sure you make it safely? I'd really hate a repeat performance and me not be around to help"

How could I refuse?

"By the way my name is Joe" he said putting out his hand as I reach for his fingers.

"Hello Joe, I'm Jonna" I responded

All the way home I couldn't keep my eyes out of the rear view mirror "oh god he was sex and he was coming home with me!"

As I pulled into the drive way I hoped he'd follow in behind me which he did.

"Just want to make sure you make it in safely." he said as he got out of his truck.

Trying to hide a smile as I thanked him then invited him in for coffee.

Once inside the house he turned to me and to my surprise pulled me into his arms "oh god I've wanted this all night" was all he said as his lips captured mine."

Powerless to resist knowing I had wanted it also as my tongue begin to respond to his darting playfully in my mouth then slipping out again.

Sliding his tongue out wetting my lips with gentle caresses before slipping inside to explore my mouth

My hands cling tightly to his hard frame trying to keep my balance as his hands and lips explore, his warm breath caressing my skin

His fingers sliding across my body as he undresses me. his mouth replacing the fabric with hot kisses, as it slips from my body

Hearing his husky whispers telling me to undress him

Reaching for his clothing feeling my fingers trembling with need as my hands begin to unbutton his shirt

Standing naked for a moment taking in the magnificent sight of his naked body his eyes gleaming with desire as he watches me

Looking into his dark eyes seeing the reflection my desires

His arms pull me closer again holding me tight as his lips begin to roam across my face

Picking me up and carrying me to the bedroom feeling safe and warm in his strong arms desire smoldering just below the surface needing an escape

Laying me back on the soft bed as his large hands begin softly caressing my skin his fingers exploring every inch making me moan begging for more

Slowly his hands slip between my thighs searching for my fire as I cry out with pleasure

Clutching to the sheets trying to hold my body still feeling it begin squirming under his touch

Feeling my body moving against my will as his strong arms hold my legs apart his mouth moving closer to my need

Feeling his tongue sliding out caressing my clit as my body goes wild under his touch

Feeling the strength of his arms as he held me close

The pleasure to deep my body struggles with the passion wanting more want to go on and on

His mouth moving kissing my lips sliding inside the wetness finding my treasure as my body began to shake under his mouth

Crying out with a passion unable to be held back as my body is tossed into flames of desire

Moaning as I began to cum feeling his tongue stroking me faster with a hungry needing to be feed.

"Oh god I need you so bad" his voice ragged as he raises up over my body his hand hold his cock as my legs open wife feeling him pressing his hardness against my clit as his begins to rub himself on my pussy.

Unable to stand the teasing no long my body arches upward inviting him inside as his cock slips with in my pussy lips.

Holding tightly to his arms as he begins to move inside me moaning loud as I feel his angry cock pounding.

Rising to meet each downward thrust our passion soars.

Suddenly feeling the waves of desire over taking my body as I explode my pussy soaking his cock with my juices.

Almost with a growl I hear him whisper "Oh god babe" just before his body tenses as his cock floods my pussy with his sperm.

Floating back to reality into his stronger arms as he holds me close in the aftermath of passion whispering gently in my ear.

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