tagMind ControlKindling Ch. 01

Kindling Ch. 01


Because the driveway met the road at something just less than 180 degrees, the jeep took the turn slow and wide. The driveway itself was narrow and it took a little back and forth to get things lined up right. Once that was done, the vehicle crawled its way up the steep hill.

"Almost there," Edith announced to the other three women, who simply groaned. The drive had been almost three and a half hours, and they'd done it with only one quick stop for gas.

The jeep finally stopped in front of a tiny red cabin set on the far edge of a clearing. A think forest of pine and birch surrounded them, with only the space for the drive way and a path down the hill to the water. There was no one else for miles. The four stumbled out of the jeep and stretched their shaky legs.

"Where's that Indian reservation you were talking about?" Anne asked as she came around the back of the jeep.

"Across the bay and over the ridge. Maybe later tonight we'll head over and find a couple good lookin' braves to party with," Edith leered. "You can set that up, right Lily?"

Actually no, Lily thought to herself. First of all, she was only half Lakota. She didn't even speak the language. Second, she'd been adopted when she was three months old and had lived her entire life in the city. This was her first camping trip, but she shrugged and grinned like she knew something the pale face didn't.

"God Edith, you're awful," Sharon scolded as she pulled her light brown hair back with an elastic. Edith only laughed.

Lily knew what Edith had said was probably racist, just as she knew there wasn't a racist bone in Edith's body. It was just the way her circle of friends worked. Lily caught it for being Native American even though she was only half so. Anne caught it for being a dumb blond though she had a Masters Degree from Northwestern. Edith caught it for being a bitchy redhead, though she was more a "take no shit" kind of bitch than a "make everyone miserable" kind. Sharon caught it more than the other three put together, though she gave better than she got. Anne bolted for the bathroom and Sharon wandered around aimlessly, taking everything in, so Lily stayed behind to help unpack. Gear, suitcases and coolers piled up quickly.

"Where'd you get your stuff?" Edith asked.

"Loaners from Hazel," Lily answered as she tugged on and especially heavy cooler. She was pretty sure that was the one with the booze in it.

"Did you guys hear about Hazel?" Sharon chose this moment to wander back. "She dumped Ron!"

"Why?" Edith sounded truly shocked.

Sharon's voice dropped, "She went lesbo. Can you believe it?"

Lily could. She'd gone to Hazel's the day before to pick up the gear, Hazel gave it over and invited her in. Then she'd made a pass at Lily, a good one. Lily had been surprised how tempted she'd been, which wasn't the same as saying she'd wanted to. It was just shocking how much thought she gave it before saying "No" and getting out of there. She wasn't looking forward to getting the stuff back to Hazel.

"Gross," Edit spat and with a final pull the last of the stuff was removed from the jeep.

The four went inside to change. The cabin had a bedroom and bathroom and a small kitchen space. There was only one bed, and it wasn't big enough for four, so everyone would crash that night outside in their sleeping bags. But there was room enough to store clothes and change. Swimsuits went under t-shirts and shorts. Fleece went over everything because Edith warned even though the air was warm it would get cool on the water, especially if the wind was up. They wrestled a chest of wine coolers down to the dock and got it on the boat with a little difficulty. After a nervous few minutes where it seemed the boat's motor might not turn over, they were on their way.

Edit navigated the boat out of the bay with casual ease; she'd been coming to the cabin since she was a kid. Once clear of the bay, she made for the middle of the big lake. There'd be fewer fishermen out there, which meant there'd be fewer guys hassling them. They'd be able to relax.

The relaxation was assisted greatly by the rocking of the boat on the waves and the wine coolers. There wasn't room to properly lie out, so everyone stripped to their suits, took a seat and spread out as much as space would allow. They chatted, they gossiped and they requested drinks from whoever happened to be closest to the cooler at the moment. Mostly, they soaked up the sun and enjoyed the contrast between the hot air and the cool lake breezes.

Edit plotted the boat to the only town of note on the lake, which was about as far from the cabin as it possibly could be. They took a late lunch, picked up some groceries and did a little souvenir shopping. The wind had picked up by the time they returned to the boat, and they were motoring into the teeth of it. Between that and the chop on the lake it was almost an hour before they got back to the cabin. Edith sent the other three up the hill to get dinner ready while she tied up the boat for the night. Lily was shocked to see it was almost 6:30p already. She did the prep work while Anne did the grilling. Sharon walked the grounds gathering wood for the campfire. By 8p, everything was just about ready. Between the height of the trees that surrounded them and the lateness of the summer, Lily needed a flashlight to find her way back down the hill to the dock. The water was flat and perfectly mirrored the full moon rising over the ridge on the other side of the bay. Edith sat at the end of the dock, casting out a line and slowly reeling it back in.

"It's beautiful up here," Lily marveled.

"Isn't it, though?"

"You catch anything?"

Edith reeled in one last time, "I have never, ever, caught anything at the end of this dock."

"Then why do you fish from there?"

Edith smiled, "Because it's about fishing, not necessarily about catching fish."

Edith lay the rod down. The walk back to the cabin seemed darker than the walk down. The two held hands as Lily led the way with the flashlight.

"I can't believe that about Hazel," Edith grumbled.

"Well, if that's how she wants to live her life, then that's her business," Lily replied. "Better Ron find out about it now than later."

"Whatever," Edith sounded like someone betrayed.

"So, I take it you never ... you know ..."

It took Edith only a moment to figure out what "you know" meant. "God no! Of course not. You?"

"No," Lily said firmly, "never."

Everyone knew Anne's main contribution to the trip would be her skill with the grill and on this night she didn't disappoint. Everyone went back for seconds of the chicken and the salad bowl had been picked clean. The only problem with the dinner had been the camp fire Sharon had tried her best to build; it gave off tremendous amounts of smoke which blew in everyone's face but produced little in the way of flame or heat.

"The wood's wet," Edith explained after dropping the dishes off in the cabin. "Must have rained up here in the past few days."

"What can we do?" Anne asked.

"Not much, really. Either wait for the wood to dry, which won't happen tonight, or find some dry wood, which might be kind of tough."

"I know," Lily said. She ran to the cabin and returned with a large paper bag.

"What's that?" Sharon asked.

"Hazel gave them to me. She said to throw a handful on the fire to get it really going."

She reached into the bag and pulled out an irregularly shaped wood chip, about the size of a quarter. Edith held out her hand and Lily tossed her the chip. It was smooth, shiny and red/brown, like polished mahogany, though Edith know no one would be foolish enough to turn mahogany into wood chips. It was surprisingly heavy. She held it up and gave it an experimental sniff. Nothing.

"What did she say these were called?"

"She didn't."

Edith shrugged, "Throw some on, what can it hurt? If we can't get the fire going a little more, it's going to be a cold night."

She tossed the chip into the center of the flames. Lily followed with a handful more and sat down on her sleeping bag next to Edith. On the other side of the fire she saw Anne and Sharon who watched to see if anything would happen.

It did. The flames began to spark and pop as if dry pine needles had been tossed on, then a jet of flame leapt six feet into the air.

"Woah!" the four women chorused.

"Now that's a fire!" Anne said in her best Eddie Murphy impersonation.

The flames settled down to a healthy three feet above the pit. Lily stared into the flames as she let its warmth envelope her. She'd always found staring into a fire so relaxing. This one had not only the usual read and yellow and orange licks, but also jets of blue and even green. It was so pretty, pretty, pretty. She lifted her suddenly heavy head ... the wine coolers were hitting her hard. Anne, Edith and Sharon were staring intently into the fire. She let her eyes fall back there as well.

"Do you smell that?" Sharon asked. She sounded very far away. Lily managed to tear her eyes from the flame. She had no idea how long she'd been looking at the fire, but it had turned much darker. The stars looked like drops of white paint flecked against an immutably black wall. Lily breathed in deeply through her nose, as did the others. Soon their chests rose and fell in unison.

"Smells like pine," Sharon said dreamily.


"Fresh laundry."

"Oranges," Lily sighed. She thought it was strange they'd all registered such different smells, but it seemed like such a small thing. Then Edith snuggled up against her, and she forgot all about it.

She just stared into the fire. It was a warm fire, warm enough for her to take off her fleece. Edith moved to allow Lily to take it off, and burrowed back into place when it was gone. Edith's body was also warm, almost as warm as the fire, which was getting warmer by the moment. It seemed to heat her from the inside out. She was starting to sweat. Her breath became shallower the warmer she became ... she was panting like a dog now. Edith held her close. From the top of her peripheral vision, she could see Anne and Sharon clutching at each other. Lily focused all her attention back to the fire. She was panting so hard now she was feeling faint.

And then the light headedness lifted. Lily's breathing returned to normal. She felt her eyes moving about, looking at everything and seeing nothing, like moving from total darkness to brilliant sunlight. She felt eyes on her. She looked down. Edith was staring at her breast and at the nipple poking conspicuously through her t-shirt. Edith stared at it, mouth agape, until she realized she was being watched. She looked up.

Lily could see the confusion and the desperation in her friend's eyes. Lily ran a hand through the short red hair, her palm coming to rest on Edith's cheek. She bent forward slowly, deliberately. She knew what she was doing, she wanted it to happen. She kissed Edith. Their tongues brushed lightly. They broke the kiss, then came together again, moths more open, more insistent.

Edith broke the kiss, her eyes returning to Lily's breasts. Words were not necessary. Her hand disappeared into the waistband of her shorts. Gripping her tee, she pulled it off and thrust her tits forward. Edith made a noise from deep in her throat that sounded like gratitude. With trembling hands she pulled the closest panel to Lily's bikini top aside and wrapped her lips around the turgid nipple. Lily sighed happily. Everything now felt so warm and right with Edith's mouth on her tits. She leaned back on her elbows and spread her legs slightly. She'd just let Edith do whatever she wanted. Without breaking her lip lock, Edith straddled Lily's leg and rubbed her crotch into the slightly raised knee.

Balancing on one arm now, Lily untied the string around her back, then the one around her neck. The top fell quickly away. Edith made a joyful cooing noise, pushed Lily onto her back, then stood up. Her sweatshirt and tee came off in one swift motion. Her own bikini top followed closely. Lily slid a hand into her shorts and she rubbed herself as Edith's body was exposed. Her friend had firm, medium sized breasts capped with nipples that, like Lily's, looked painfully long and hard. Even in the flickering camplight, she could see Edith's tight, furrowed abs. Edith's shorts and bottom also came off at once; as she slid them past her knees she broke into a smile. Lily followed her gaze.

Sharon was sitting in Anne's lap, her legs spread wide, grinding her pussy into Anne's. Her windbreaker was long gone and the shoulder straps of her one piece hung limply around her hips. Anne's mouth moved from one large, soft teat to the other, licking and sucking with passion. Sharon's soft, throaty moans let everyone know she liked what Anne was doing.

Edith was naked now, her milky white skin glowed in the low orange light. Her hairless cunt shimmered with moisture. It shocked and thrilled Lily to think of it as a cunt, but that's what it was; it was Edith's beautiful, tight, juicy cunt. She wanted her mouth on it, she wanted her tongue in it. Edith wanted something else.

Kneeling at Lily's feet, Edith gripped Lily's shorts at the hips and tugged them off. Next came the bikini bottom. Lily's fingers still danced in the folds of her needy pussy. Edith swatted the hand away and replaced it with her mouth.

There were no preliminaries, no gentle love bites, no tentativeness. Edith crammed her tongue into Lily, the bridge of her nose bumping against the swollen clit. This suited Lily fine; using her feet for leverage she fucked herself against Edith's face. Her hands held her breasts. She loved how full and heavy they felt. Her thumb and index finger pulled at the nipples. She grunted in time with Edith's mouth. Nearby she could hear the other two girls fucking like animals; she could hear Sharon moaning.

As the inevitability of orgasm began to dawn on Lily, Edith changed tactics, taking hold of Lily's clit with her teeth and sucking it into her mouth.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God! I'm gonna cum! Oh fuck, I'm gonna CUM!" Lily screamed. Her ass dropped back down to the sleeping bag, her head rolled to the side as though it had no connection to her body. She caught a glimpse of Anne sitting on Sharon's face, her large breasts flailing wildly as she thrust her hips. Edith was crawling up Lily's body now, and she pulled her friend away from the sight. The two kissed fiercely.

"Inside," Edith gasped. Lily could hear Anne screaming out her release. "Get me inside and fuck me."

The two scrambled to their feet and ran for the cabin, bursting through the screen door. The door didn't immediately slam shut, and even though she didn't look back, Lily knew Sharon and Anne had followed them in. She threw Edith to the bed and as soon as the red head rolled on to her back, Lily dove in. Edith's pussy was tangy and sweet all at the same time. Lily ate it as though she were starving which, in a sense, she was. The bed shook violently as Sharon landed on it. Lily could feel Anne next to her, close by.

"Oh God! That's so GOOD! More ... more, please!" Edith begged in a full throated moan of complete ecstasy. Lily licked frantically, then sucked on the clit the way Edith had done to her. The redhead rolled on to her side and Lily moved to accommodate Edith's new position. Looking up, she saw Sharon had rolled also; she and Edith were kissing roughly, their hands in constant motion as they felt each other up. From the way Edith's body shook, Lily knew her friend had just cum, and cum hard. Her screams had been muffled by Sharon's mouth.

Lily stood up, wiped her mouth and licked Edith's juices from her hand. Edith's orgasm seemed to have jumped to Sharon. The brunette's head was now thrown back, she grunted a husky "Huuuhhh ... huuuhhh" as the sensations tore through her body. She clung to Edith, as though afraid to let go, but despite this anchor her body shook wildly. Lily pulled Anne away from Sharon's twat, threw her to the floor, then threw herself on top of her blond friend. Their kiss was of the vicious, hair pulling, nails against skin kind of lust.

"You pussy," Anne groaned. "Give me your pussy."

Lily pivoted, tongues touching cunt at precisely the same time instant. They licked each other fervently, while Sharon and Edith did God knows what. Lily couldn't see them, and she didn't care. All that mattered was the moment, and at that moment, all she saw was Anne's twat.

The next morning was awkward.

Lily woke to discover a naked Anne sharing her sleeping bag. She didn't remember going back outside, but she remembered bits and pieces of what they'd done once they got there. She slowly extracted herself from Anne's sleepy arms and legs and gathered up what she could find of her clothes.

Inside the cabin, Edith was already awake and brewing a pot of coffee. Sharon sat on the bed, wearing only an unhooked bra, looking stultified. They all went to pains to avoid acknowledging each other. At one point Edith and Lily reached for a single coffee cup at the same moment, and their hands touched. Both jerked back as if they'd been burned. Neither said anything, or looked at the other. Lily took a different mug, poured it full and went back outside. Anne was up now, and looking for her clothes. They pretended not to see each other.

Lily walked down to the dock and sat down, letting her feet dip into the cool water. Edith's fishing pole was still there. The events of the previous night spooled themselves out: How the night had seemed so normal, how things had spun so out of control, how she'd offered no resistance whatsoever, how it had all made her feel, how passionate and fulfilling it had been, how it made her wet just thinking about it. Then she noticed how close her free hand, the one not holding the coffee mug, had drifted to her suddenly heated puss; she understood, with perfect clarity, that she wanted it all to happen again, that she'd do anything to feel like that again. It worried her to think the other girls may not feel the same way. She finished her coffee.

She walked slowly back to the cabin, pondering her next steps, coming up with very little. As she went past the side window of the building, she took a peek inside. Sharon still sat on the bed, but her bra was off. One hand massaged her breast, the other was a blur as it worked between her legs. She was staring with longing at the bathroom door. Lily could hear the shower running. She could also hear the passionate mewling of two girls fucking under the flowing water. The wind had shifted; smoke from the smoldering campfire was drifting into the cabin. She could smell oranges again.

Lily walked to the fire pit. The paper bag was exactly where she'd left it. She reached inside, then tossed a handful of chips onto the cinders. The fire sputtered, then sparked back to life. Disrobing as she walked, she went back into the cabin and gently laid Sharon back down, on her side. She joined Sharon on the bed, laying herself on her side, her head resting on Sharon's thigh. Sharon's head nestled on her thigh. Slowly, gently, she began to kiss Sharon's labia, and Sharon did the same for her. Lily hoped they'd spend the rest of the trip just like this. She looked forward to getting the gear back to Hazel.

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