tagMind ControlKindling Ch. 05

Kindling Ch. 05


This story concludes the "Kindling" series.

All the usual disclaimers apply.

* * *

Hazel watched the developing scene with relief. She'd worried when she decided, less than 10 days ago, to delay exposing Lily to the chips in the hope Lily would expose her friends. Things had worked out better than she'd dared hope. Not only had Lily, Edith, Sharon and Anne been exposed, they'd in turn exposed others. By briefly passing on one hottie, Hazel had earned herself access to ten. Investments didn't payoff any better than that.

And the pussy they'd managed to find! Sharon had arrived first with Melissa, the sister of Sharon's (ex) boyfriend, followed almost immediately by Anne and her two co-workers, June and Alix. Hazel had watched June closely. Once the fun really began, that's where she was going first. She'd felt a twinge of worry when Edith arrived with her teenaged plunder, Keesha and Mia. Hazel had set out a fair amount of booze and she didn't like the idea of underage drinking in her place. But the two teens seemed perfectly content with their Diet Sprites and they were both just so mouthwatering. The last arrival had been Lily with the exquisite Juliet.

Hazel worked the crowd, playing the good hostess. Innuendo was thick in the air; they'd all agreed to hold off until the mystery guest had arrived and said whatever needed to be said. The agreement stopped no one from flirting, touching each other and letting their fingers a little longer than necessary. In the room's far corner, Keesha and Juliet raped each other with their eyes. Very slowly everyone was working themselves into a frenzy. The smell all these women gave off tickled Hazel's nose, she prayed her final guest would arrive soon.

Right on queue, there was a knock on the door.

Everyone's gaze swept across all the others in the room. Edith stared at Hazel, eyes wide, until she motioned towards the door as if to say "Answer it". Hazel took a steadying breath, crossed the room and opened the door.

The man standing before her was average height, pear shaped and conspicuously bow-legged. His thick hair was cut short and bristly, sitting right atop his head. He wore a plain green sweater over a button down shirt, the sleeves to both reaching all the way down to his wrists. The small amount of skin showing on his face and hands was smooth and pasty white, as if it had been grafted from a hairless cat. He smiled broadly.

"Hello Hazel."


"How are you?"

Hazel shook her head, "Fine, thanks ... look, I'm sorry to be rude but I'm expecting some company so I can't really chat right now."

"I know," he said and motioned towards two near bursting garbage bags. "Help me with these, would you?"

They pulled one of the bags into the apartment. Hazel peeked into the second as they dragged it in. Both were filled with chips. Bob crossed the room to the bar Hazel had set up.

"Do you have any Maker's Mark?" he asked.


Bob poured himself a small glass of Jack Daniel's, "This'll have to do, I guess."

"Hazel, who is this guy?" Sharon asked.

"It's ..." Hazel paused, as it occurred to her she didn't know, in any important way, who this guy was, "he's Bob. He lives in the building next door."

"And you ladies are very lucky to know Hazel," Bob tipped his glass as if making a toast, then took a small sip. "But you didn't tell them the relevant part. What do I do for a living, Hazel? Do you remember?"

She wracked her brain, "You're a chemist, or something."

"Very good. That's what I like about you; every time we talk I can tell you're paying attention. You see ladies, I know what I'm like. I know people think I'm a little WEIRD," Bob's voice became low and deep as he said the word. It was followed by an ejaculation of giggling, "but Hazel always acts like she's listening to me and not just being polite. That's why I decided to give her this gift. And if you're all friends of Hazel's, well, then you're okay in my book."

"What gift?" Mia asked.

"Why, the chips, silly," Bob giggled again then clamped them down, creating a harsh silence in the room. "They're very valuable, and they're going to change the world. With your help, we're all going to change the world ... for the better, of course!"

Bob jerked his way through another round of giggles.

"You see, sisters, I know how hard it is for you ... I know! I know about your struggles, how you try to make it in an unfeeling, male dominated world," he spoke earnestly, his eyes filling with tears. "My Mom was a single mom. My Dad took off before I was born ... uh-huh, he sure did ... and she struggled. I know it's your struggle also."

The tears streamed down Bob's cheeks. Another round of giggles burst from his lips, "That's the gift I've given Hazel, the one I am giving to all of you. You don't need men anymore, and with the chips, we'll make it so no woman needs a man anymore. And when THAT happens, the men will look at you as equals, and they'll start treating all of you like equals.

Bob's eyes gleamed, though not from the tears. His voice was louder and firmer now, "This is an historic day, an important day. The eleven of you are on the vanguard of the most sweeping paradigm shift in the history of the world. You'll all be remembered as liberators, as heroes! That's my gift to you!"

The eleven women stood perfectly still, staring at Bob. For the longest time no one said a word. Then, from the back of the room, Hazel heard a snort. One of the women, she didn't know which one (though she would have bet her life it was Edith) was trying desperately not to laugh. She succeeded, for the moment, but the spell was broken. A laugh burst from Hazel before she was aware it was on the way, and then Anne began to laugh, then Alix, and then all of them.

Their mirth was like water against a rock, slowly wearing down the sharp edges of Bob's righteousness. Hazel collapsed onto the couch, and when she looked up to see Bob's hurt and confusion, she couldn't help herself. Her laughter redoubled.

"I'm sorry, Bob, I'm ...," she had to stop as another wave overtook her, "really I am. But I don't think you've thought ... this ... through!"

Hazel's observation provoked another gale of laughter.

"But don't you see ..." Bob tried.

"Look, just because I don't want to be with my ex anymore doesn't mean I don't want him to never get laid again," Sharon said. "That's just mean!"

"Well, no one is saying never ..."

"How long?" Keesha yelled.

"I don't know, but ..."

The crowd shouted him down.

"I still want my son to get married and have children someday," Alix pointed out.

"And where are the babies going to come from?" Edith asked.

"Excuse me?" Bob replied.

"The babies," Edith repeated. "If we do like you say, there won't be any babies anymore. We'll end up like the dinosaurs."

"Well, again, I'm not saying never," Bob sputtered, "and there's always cloning ..."

Even Bob seemed to realize how weak that sounded.

Hazel stood up, taking care not to look at Bob sooner than she had to, afraid if she did she'd dissolve into another fit of laughter. She placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

"Bob, you obviously feel very deeply about this and I'm sorry things aren't going your way," she said, "but I think it's time for you to leave."

He sighed and started for the door. As he passed them, he reached for the garbage bags.


He turned and looked sadly at Hazel.

"Leave the chips."

The last remark seemed to hurt him more than the laughter, but he did as he was told.

Hazel looked at the chips. Whatever his intention, Bob had been correct about one thing. They were capable of inflicting great change. Did she want that responsibility? She snuck a look at June, who flashed her a brilliant, come hither smile. Hazel decided to think about it later.

* * *

Lily surveyed the scene with more than a little envy.

One month on, she and the rest of her friends were settling into a routine. Some girls went bar hopping together, some played cards, and some formed book clubs. Lily and her friends liked to get together on a fairly regular basis and fuck each other stupid. They'd meet at June's house after work on a Friday and not leave until Sunday morning or afternoon. It wasn't all fuck and suck. They enjoyed doing each other's hair or make-up or nails, drinking and gossiping. In a lot of ways, it was like their middle school sleepovers ... just with a lot more sex and toys.

Occasionally, things were even more fun when new people were involved. When they'd met this particular Friday night, they'd set a time limit of four hours, then scattered to all corners of the city. Between them, they'd been able to talk four other girls into partying with them when they all reassembled, which represented one fewer than the one and only other time they'd gone recruiting. Everyone piled into June's house, they'd burned a handful of the chips, and then the fun had really started.

They'd drawn straws while the chips were burning and Lily was envious because Sharon was getting first crack at the best looking of the newly "enlightened" girls. All Lily knew about her was that her name was Giang and that she was hot. Hazel corrected herself, she knew one other thing. Giang was stubborn.

The chips had already broken the other three: Juliet and the redhead were locked in a 69 not 10 feet away, the "wee Scottish lass" was lapping madly at Keesha's tits, June and the college girl had disappeared to God knew where. The rest had double and tripled up, but Hazel held out for Giang. From the looks of things, she wouldn't be waiting much longer.

Giang sat on the couch, leaning back as far as she could, her dress pulled up over her tits, bra unclasped and panties long gone. Sharon knelt between the wide spread legs, lapping away. The two had established a perfect rhythm, each upstroke of Sharon's tongue provoked a thrust of Giang's hips. Lily could tell Giang wasn't completely enlightened yet, her breath still hammered in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were wide open, the pupils dilated, staring dully at the ceiling. Given the sensations overwhelming her, having gone through it herself, Lily knew Giang saw nothing. The girl's breasts were large and soft and bounced gently with each thrust of her hips. They were capped with long, hard, crinkled nipples.

It was mildly interesting to Lily that Giang had been able to resist this long where the others (and herself) had crumbled more quickly. Mildly interesting, but ultimately moot. Giang would give in soon, and second now in fact. It was inevitable, and then Lily would take her turn.

The air rushed out of Giang suddenly, as though she'd been punched in the gut. Slowly, steadily, she sucked the air back in while Sharon continued to work her box. Then Giang's orgasm struck.

"Eeeeehhhhh," she yelped, her feet slammed to the floor lifting her body off the couch, her head balancing on the top of the backrest. Her fingers gripped Sharon's head, locking her in place and pulling her in. With a final, breathy gasp and a shudder, she collapsed back onto the cushions.

Slowly, Sharon kissed and nibbled her way down Giang's thigh before standing and winking at Lily.

"Knock yourself out," she smiled.

Lily strolled over to where Giang lay panting for air and began disrobing. Giang's eyes flew open and their gazes locked. Hazel focused on the beautiful, liquid brown orbs, making them the only things she could see, though from the way Giang occasionally spasmed, she knew the girl was playing with herself.

Delightfully unencumbered by cloths now, Lily closed the distance between them and spread wide so she could straddle Giang's hips. She lowered herself slowly, making contact in three parts, first pussies, then tits, then lips. Her arms slid under the reclining girl's, then up, her hands clenching fistfuls of Giang's thick black hair. Firmly, Lily pulled and Giang's head fell back, baring her throat. Lily planted kisses on the tender flesh as her hips ground out slow circles. Giang drew in a sharp breath when their clits touched, then let it out slowly.

Lily's hips moved faster, with Giang's hands on her ass now, guiding her. The newly enlightened girl arched her back, pressing her tits into Lily's. Both were thrusting now, smearing their essence into the other, creating a wet, humid lubrication. Lily's head dipped forward, her teeth pulling on Giang's earlobes, Giang's cries pounding into the air.

"Huh ... huh ... huh ... huh," she panted with each thrust of Lily's body.

The slickness between their legs had spread to their entire bodies, the sweat beading on their skin meant they slid easily against each other. Giang's legs rose high in the air, angling her twat for Lily just right. Lily's cries joined Giang's, forming a duet of arousal as the sensations emanating from their cunts darted through their bodies like small birds taking flight.

Giang was chanting in Vietnamese now; Lily didn't speak the language but knew her lover was urging her on. She rested her forehead on Giang's shoulder, using it as leverage to thrust all the harder. Giang's arms wrapped her up, one across the shoulder blades, the other across the small of her back, crushing them together. Lily felt the slickness of her lover's skin, the heat pouring from her body, the breath constricting wonderfulness of their breasts flattening together.

Then Giang was cumming again, her body quaking against Lily's. Their mouths pressed together as she screamed her release. And then Hazel was cumming, the knowledge of what she'd just done to the delicious morsel beneath her being just what she needed to put her over the top.

Spent, exhausted and utterly fulfilled, the two panted into each other's ear. With a groan and an effort, Giang gently pushed. Lily rolled onto her back and Giang rolled with her, landing on her knees between Lily's legs. The sheen of sweat gleamed on Giang's caramel skin, her eyes ablaze with joy and arousal. Lily could see the windows had fogged over, the condensation thick and beaded. Keesha and Juliet had paired off now, their fingers slowly moving in and out of the other's twat as they kissed. Alix was riding the redhead's face. Edith licked between the Scottish girl's legs. As for the others, Lily didn't know where they were and she didn't care.

The chips had done this. She was fully cognizant none of this would have been possible but for them. She wondered if this should bother her. She could still remember a time when a scene like ... this ... would have been unthinkable to her. Then Giang's tongue found her slit, and moved slowly up to flick at the distended clit and all such thoughts were erased from Lily's mind. She loved her new life.

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