tagSci-Fi & FantasyKingdom of Desire Ch. 02

Kingdom of Desire Ch. 02


Crystal sat naked on her bed, her arms manacled behind her back. Her face was red with rage as she thought of her father. She wriggled her way to the edge of the bed and straddled the bedpost. She squirmed as she rubbed her young pussy against the smooth ribbed wooden pillar. She tried to arch her back for maximum pleasure, but she gave up and went limp with frustration.

"This will never work'" she groaned to herself, "Jennifer," she yelled, "Draw me a bath."

"Yes, Milady," a young lady-in-waiting said as she entered the room. Crystal rolled off the giant bed, as Jennifer went into the adjoining bathroom. The Princess stood in the doorway, observing the servant girl as she poured the bathwater. Jennifer had light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and then braided. She wore a blue dress with long sleeves. The dress was simple but elegant. It was hard to tell through the modest dress, but Crystal guessed that Jennifer's breasts were slightly larger than her own.

"The bath is ready milady," Jennifer said motioning to the steaming tub. Jennifer stood at the door, eyes fixed on her feet.

"Is there anything else milady?" She asked quietly.

"Do you expect me to wash myself? My arms are chained behind my back."

"Of course milady," she said as she picked up a towel. She nervously dipped the hand-towel into the bathwater and rubbed it across Crystal's shoulders. Crystal uttered a slight moan as Jennifer rubbed her hand across her small perky breasts. Only a thin layer of cloth separated their warm flesh. Jennifer quickly moved the towel to Crystal's arms.

"My breasts aren't clean yet," Crystal, snapped, "I'll tell you when they are clean." Jennifer shuddered as she rubbed the towel across Crystal's hardened nipples.

"Now do my legs," Crystal said eagerly. Slowly, Jennifer lowered the cloth to the Princess' athletic thigh. The servant's hand brushed up against Crystal's swollen pussy. She moaned as she pushed her tingling pussy into Jennifer's hand. Jennifer screamed and ran out of the chamber.

"Come back here!" Crystal screamed as she jumped out of the tub. Crystal was quick, and made it to the door to the hallway before Jennifer.

"My father told you to take care of my every need, and right now I need you to take care of my sexual needs."

"I don't think that is what your father meant milady," Jennifer pleaded.

"I don't care what you think he meant, it is your job to do what he says." Crystal said, dripping with bath water and anticipation, "No off with your dress." Reluctantly Jennifer pulled her dress over her head and let it fall to the floor.

"Time for oral sex." Crystal said, laying down onto the bed, "Come on, get to it!" Crystal said impatiently.

"I don't know what to do milady," Jennifer said blushing.

"What do you mean? Are you saying you've never had oral sex before?"

"No, just never with a girl," Jennifer explained.

"Well just do the same things that guys do to you. Except instead of them doing it to you, you are doing it to me."

"I've only given oral sex milady."

"Damnit, well fine I'll do you first, then you can do me. Now lay down on the bed. Don't get too caught up in the pleasure, you're supposed to learn the art of giving me oral sex." Jennifer slowly lowered herself onto the bed. Crystal wiggled herself around until she was positioned between Jennifer's legs. She slowly licked the inside of Jennifer's thighs. Jennifer was stiff as a board and whimpered as Crystal tongued the lips of her pussy. After a few minutes of gentle probing, Crystal could tell that Jennifer was starting to enjoy herself. At first her moans were quiet, probably ashamed to be getting pleasure from another girl's tongue Crystal thought. She started to buck as Crystal stuck her tongue deeper and deeper in her pink pussy. Jennifer softly pinched the nipples of her orange-sized breasts. She began to knead her tits, as the Princess's lapping speed increased.

Her moans became a persistent wail, as Crystal brought her to a passionate orgasm. Crystal looked up, her face dripping with Jennifer's juices.

"Your turn," Crystal said, wriggling onto her back and spreading her legs. By this time all of Jennifer's inhibitions had vanished, and she quickly plunged her tongue into Crystal's pussy, that was now twitching and swollen with desire.

'This might not be so bad after all' Crystal thought to herself as she began to buck and writhe in the throes of pleasure.


Queen Olivia stood in a room, high in the North Tower, arguing with a skinny man in a gray beard and blue robes.

"Queen Olivia, I assure you, there is no way I can give you that kind of potion! Especially when the King is away!" Said Harold the King's magician.

"Please Harold?" The queen said, batting her eyelashes at him seductively.

"No! It is absolutely out of the question! I have never used my abilities for any kind of love potion."


"Well I mean there was that one time when I made the potion that resulted in your and the King's marriage. But besides that never!"

"Well I don't really want a love potion," the Queen said innocently.

"Well what is it that you want?"

"A lust potion."

"Absolutely not!"

"But you could right?"

"I have the skills yes, but could and would are two different things. I have morals you know."

"Oh come on Harold. What, do you consider yourself some kind of shining beacon of morality?" The Queen asked sarcastically.

"I think I am far above average when it comes to morality."

"Yeah right. Are you telling me you've never imagined me naked?" Queen Olivia said, pushing her giant tits together to give the magician a better view.

"Your Majesty?" Harold gasped.

"Or maybe you imagined sticking you thick salami in my wet mouth." The magician stood frozen. "Or maybe another orifice," she said as she moved closer.

"I can't believe you are saying such things," Harold said weakly.

"If you help me Harold, I can make it worth your while," Olivia said, eyeing him devilishly.

"Madame, please," Harold whimpered. Olivia gracefully knelt before him and parted his wizard's robes. His penis was slightly below average size, and red as a sunset. Olivia imagined that the erect cock contained at least half of his body's entire supply of blood.

"Will you make me my potion?" she asked, gingerly wrapping her fingers around the base of his dick.

"Anything milady," Harold murmured.

"What was that Harold?"

"Anything!" Harold repeated more firmly. Slowly Queen Olivia moved her lips towards the magician's penis. She puckered he lips as they neared the tip of his waiting pecker. The Queen gently kissed the tip of his engorged magic wand.

"OHHHHH GOD!" Harold screamed as he ejaculated. It oozed a tiny amount onto her lips and chin, and dribbled a few small drips onto her bosom. The embarrassed wizard took a step back. The Queen giggled as she looked at his deflated penis, and the smattering of come left on her. The giggle turned to laughter as she licked the small amount of cum from her lips. Harold's face turned red as a beet, and he quickly retreated to the highest level of the tower.

"Harold come back," The queen said, getting up to follow him. She encountered a locked door.


"I'll have the servant bring it down in a few hours."

"Remember I want equal parts of lust and stamina," she broke into laughter as she brought up stamina. She received no reply from behind the door. The Queen smiled to herself as she made her way down the stairs.


Queen Olivia took two flagons of mead from the royal kitchen, and dumped half of the potion into each mug.

"Perfect," she said to herself, as she carried the mugs up the stairs to her room.

"I thought you boys might need a drink," she said as the guards finished off their drinks.

"Thank you your Highness," the guards said appreciatively.

"No problem," she assured them, as she walked behind her dressing screen. Moments later she walked out wearing nothing but a short, white linen nightgown. Both guards shifted uncomfortably in their armor. Their unwilling eyes were drawn to her giant breasts like magnets. She walked slowly across the room, her watermelon jugs jiggling. The revealing nightgown gave the soldiers a good view of her abundant bosom. Her firm ass could almost be seen as she sauntered over to the bed. She laid down on the huge bed, on her stomach, facing away from the guards. She slowly spread her legs, trying to afford the soldiers a better view. She wiggled her hips a little, and gently angled her ass towards the ceiling. She felt two hands grab a hold of her firm, full ass.

"Ooohhh," the Queen said, a little surprised that the potion had worked so quickly. She looked back to see that it was the shorter, more muscular guard that was grabbing two handfuls of her thick ass. He was wearing nothing but his plate mail legs. The other guard Simon jumped onto the bed, completely naked.

"Ahhh!" Olivia gasped, as Simon slapped her across the face with his giant cock. She was reminded of a sex show she had snuck into as a young girl, starring a blonde peasant girl, and a healthy young stallion. Simon's dick had to be at least eighteen inches in length. She got on all fours, and greedily licked at Simon's horse cock. She wrapped one of her hands, dainty and petite by comparison, around his humungous sexual organ, and wrapped her lips around the tip. Behind her Tony had removed his hands, and was unbuckling his armored codpiece. He revealed a raging hard-on that, although large by human standards was dwarfed by Simon's cock, which was on par with most horses. He swiftly plunged his "sword" into her awaiting pussy, burying it to the hilt.

"Ummfgh," Olivia said, her moans muffled by Simon's dick. Tony continued to pump away as he reached around to fondle her giant breasts. He squeezed them tightly like two beautiful handles. Simon put one hand on the back of her head, pushing his dick deeper into her throat. Still even with his assistance she could barely fit more then the top third between her stretched lips. His other hand stroked the bottom twelve inches of his meaty haft.

Olivia convulsed as orgasm hit like a lightning bolt. Her screams were amplified as Simon withdrew his dick from her mouth. Tony pulled out, and before she could recover from her first orgasm, Simon pulled her onto his still erect dick.

"Oh, God!" the Queen screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain. Simon's huge dick stretched her to the limits. She managed to fit just over a foot of his cock into her pussy. Simon gently nibbled on her large, hard nipples. From behind, she felt Tony's hands spreading her ass cheeks. First, the tip of his penis, then total penetration.

"Yes, Yes, Yes," she screamed in delight. She could feel another orgasm close approaching, its momentum building with each rhythmic double-thrust.

In the North Tower far above, Harold watched her orgasm in his magic mirror. He counted five more orgasms after that before the two guards finally gave up the gift of their seed. Harold brought himself to three orgasms during the viewing of the whole ordeal. He wished that he was the one ravaging her. He wanted to again feel her sweet tongue against his cock. He wanted her to pleasure him in everyway imaginable, but at the same time he hated her for the embarrassment and shame she had caused him.

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