tagSci-Fi & FantasyKingdom of Desire Ch. 03

Kingdom of Desire Ch. 03


King Jasper paced wildly up and down the hall.

“What do you mean the hilt of Kaffar’s Sword is missing?” he asked Jormund the captain of the guard.

“Well exactly that sir. The hilt is gone,” he answered.

“No, you moron, how did this happen?”

“Well sir, we haven’t quite determined that yet. Our current theory is that someone snuck in here, then they stole it, then they snuck out.”

“Who put you in charge!?” the King bellowed.

“I believe it was you sir.”

“How could you let this happen?!” the King screamed in rage, “Kaffar was the greatest hero this land has ever had. He saved the kingdom from roaming Hirrundites, the invading Jackahoons, and worst of all, the pillaging Morfazoomers.”

“Don’t worry sir, I am sure it will turn up in no time,” Jormund assured him.

“Oh it better, otherwise it’ll be your head!” Jormund quickly lowered his eyes and skulked out of the room.

“Why is the help always so incompetent,” he yelled to himself. He looked up to see his wife, Queen Olivia walk in followed by several foreigners.

“Honey, we have company,” Olivia interrupted politely. King Jasper quickly left his angry rant and greeted his guests cordially.

“King Olaf, Queen Hillka and Princess Olga, welcome to Faerumonia,” Jasper said.

“Thank you King Jasper, your hospitality is most welcome,” said King Olaf, a large man with long blond hair, and a bushy blond beard.

“Come you all must be very hungry. Quick someone call the royal cooks.”



Two floors above, Crystal crept into her chambers. From the folds of her gown she produced the handle of an ancient great sword. She slipped out of her dress and slid under the covers. She could feel the power contained in the handle. She slowly parted the lips of her pussy with the bulbous pommel of Kaffar’s sword. The giant shaft buzzed as she pushed it deeper inside of her. She started to slide the handle in and out. All of a sudden the relic seemed to develop a mind of it’s own. In and out it pumped.

“Oh,” Crystal gasped, surprised by the hafts abrupt animation. She released her grip on the handle and relaxed.

“Oh god,” she screamed as the long, hard shaft pounded away at her pussy. In the hallway shrieks could be heard from Crystal’s room. Princess Olga opened the door slightly. She peered in at Crystal arching her back, trying to wring every last drop of pleasure from the handle. Olga quietly tiptoed into the room.

“Yes, Yes!” Crystal screamed. The handles pumping pace quickened as she neared orgasm. Crystal grabbed both of her perky tits intensely. Olga felt a wetness between her thighs as she squeezed her ample breasts through her somewhat rustic dress.

Kaffar’s Hilt fell motionless as Crystal orgasmed. She collapsed, exhausted with pleasure.

“What a dirty little princess,” Olga said in a thick Nordic accent. She was average height with long blonde hair tied into two braids.

“Oh, you’re here,” Crystal said looking up at the Iskarlandian princess. She made no motion to cover up.

“What a wonderful little toy you’ve got there,” Olga said, slipping out of her gown and lowering herself to the bed. Olga removed the hilt from Crystal’s pussy and shoved it into hers. Immediately the handle sprang to life, hammering away at her pussy.

“Oh God, it does feel as good as it looks,” she said excitedly. Even though she had just came, Crystal could feel a tingling between her legs.

“I love your tits,” Crystal blurted out, almost salivating.

“Go ahead,” Olga managed to say, hampered by the incessant pounding of Kaffar’s hilt. Crystal reached out and wrapped her hand around one of Olga’s beautiful breasts. She quickly took the nipple in her mouth and began to suck furiously. Olga said something unintelligible in her native tongue.

Olga’s body rippled with pleasure, the handles pounding speed increased, as did Crystal’s lapping speed. She could tell Olga was close. Crystal was hot again and wanted relief a second time. She got up and straddled the blond princess’s face. Her tongue eagerly received Crystal’s dripping pussy. She licked and then parted Crystals burning pussy. Olga ate Crystal’s pussy furiously. As Olga got closer and closer to the edge of orgasm, her licking speed increased. Crystal’s moans echoed throughout the chamber, Olga’s tongue frenzy brought shrill screams from Crystal. The sword stopped as Olga exploded with pleasure.

She continued to lick, although at a much slower pace and eventually Crystal came. She rolled off her and onto the bed next to her.

“Thanks, I needed that,” Olga said, still short of breath.

“Thanks for finishing me, after you finished,”

“Only common courtesy,” Olga replied, “Oh yeah we are supposed to go down to dinner.” The two girls quickly got dressed and went down to dinner. They found everyone waiting for them. They quickly took their seats and the dinner began.

King Olaf and King Jasper discussed every aspect of their kingdoms at great length. The two queens quietly exchanged tips on fashion.

Eventually the main dish of boar arrived, and everyone eagerly started on their portion. King Jasper looked up to see his wife twitching, and breathing heavy.

Far above in the North Tower Harold massaged the breasts of a life-sized clay statue of Queen Olivia. On the table next to him was an open bottle, with only a few drops of liquid remaining. The statue had taken Harold weeks to complete. A series of spells made the statue life-like. The breasts were firm, yet pliable. Slowly he squeezed each breast, as he watched her reaction in the mirror. He vigorously sucked on the left nipple, as he wildly pinched at the right.

Below, Queen Olivia’s strained breaths had become low moans, and she began to shake. She stood up to leave.

“Please excuse me, I think I have become…..Uhhhhh!” She almost fell as her knees lost all their strength. She had to hold the banister all the way up the stairs to keep her from falling. By the time she made it to her room she was crawling. She dragged herself onto the bed and collapsed.

In the North Tower, Harold was savagely licking the statue’s pussy. His hands were firmly latched to the likeness of the Queen’s full ass.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” She screamed. The Queen gave into pleasure, she pulled on the top of her dress, and her two giant breasts popped out. Her hands serviced her boobs as some “unknown” force serviced her soaking pussy. Olivia squeezed each of her plump breasts, bucking her hips. Orgasm overwhelmed her and the phantom licking ceased.

Upstairs Harold took a break to take off his pants. He pulled out his slightly smaller than average penis. Blood was racing through his mediocre cock. He moved over to the bed, where he had laid the likeness of Queen Olivia. He laid the tip of his dick against the magic pussy. He shuddered and slowly inserted his cock. Then he slowly removed his dick until only the tip remained submerged.

Below Queen Olivia once again started to moan, but the pumping only lasted a few seconds. On the third thrust, Harold could no longer hold it in.

“Ohhh!” he screamed, as he dribbled his seed inside the life-size Queen. Queen Olivia had a few moments of rest before Harold used three of his fingers to replace his now shriveled cock. Harold eagerly used his fingers to pound Olivia’s pseudo pussy to another orgasm.

“God that was fucking weird!” Olivia said to herself as she recovered.

Upstairs Harold climbed onto the bed. He stuck his limp dick into the pleasure doll’s mouth. He muttered a spell of sucking. The doll immediately responded, as did his cock. In mere moments he erupted. Well more like drizzled.

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