tagSci-Fi & FantasyKingdom of Desire Ch. 05

Kingdom of Desire Ch. 05


Olga followed Crystal down a steep hidden stair. They passed through a long dark corridor and out a hidden gate on the side of the castle. The pale full moon shone down upon them as they moved about the boulders surrounding the north face of the keep.

Olga was dressed in a simple peasant gown. She carried a bag with some food, a small dagger and fifteen silver coins.

"Follow this path," Crystal said, pointing down the slope, "follow it for a mile and a half and you'll find yourself well into the woods. When you encounter the main road turn south. There are several beautiful towns along the road. It's seventeen miles to Kaninth if you want to go that far."

Olga kissed her. Their lips locked and their tongues intertwined. She grabbed Crystal's firm ass as Crystal hungrily squeezed her large breasts. After a few moments they drew apart.

"Promise you'll visit?" Crystal asked.

"Of course, as soon as I can get settled in." With that said, Olga headed of down the path and Crystal moved back into the castle.

As she moved through the dark tunnels she reflected on the last week and a half, and all the "fun" they had. Too bad Olga needed to get away from her parents and find herself.

The next morning as she assured both the royal families that she knew nothing of Olga's location, Olga was miles to the south. The sun was making its way towards high noon, and she was making good progress.

As she rounded a bend she saw a young man sitting on a log along side the road. He wore a crimson tunic and black threadbare pants. On the ground next to him there was a roll of cloth.

"Greetings," he said cheerfully as she approached. She couldn't help but notice his sharply handsome features. He had a narrow chin and high cheekbones, and shaggy brown hair that just slightly interrupted the intense stair of his deep green eyes.

"Hello," she responded cautiously.

"There's enough room on the log for two if you are ready for a break." Olga set down her bag and took a seat on the log.

"The name's Taernius," he said holding out his hand.

""Olga," she said, taking his hand. She noticed him trying to hide his glances at her breasts.

"Where are you headed?" Taernius asked.

"I am thinking maybe Kaninth."

"Really? Me too. Maybe we could travel together. There is safety in numbers you know."

"I wouldn't mind a traveling partner as far as Kaninth. What's in the bundle?" She asked, trying to make small talk.

"My wares," he said forcing a token smile.

"So you're a merchant?"

"Sort of."

"What exactly do you sell?" Taernius reached down and untied the bundle. The bundle transformed into a pocketed blanket with a dozen long slender wooden objects. Olga eyed him devilishly.

"What exactly are they?" she asked flirtatiously. Taernius spotted a gleam in her eye. In his business he had to know when a woman needed it.

"Dildos," he said boldly.

"So you're a dildo merchant?"



"Have you ever used one?" he asked grinning.

"No. Well never one that was built for that purpose."

"Would you like to try?" he asked leaning a little closer.

"I don't have a lot of cash."

"That's perfectly all right. Trial run free." Taernius reached into one of the pockets and pulled out one of the dildos. He placed the dildo in her open hand. Olga slowly examined the dildo. It looked to be about nine inches long, carved from some sort of hard wood, and extremely realistic. It even had bulging veins carved into it. She smiled as she brought the wooden cock to her mouth. Slowly she rubbed the pseudo-dick across her luscious lips.

Taernius rolled up his bag, picked up their belongings and headed into the woods, and motioned for her to follow. She followed him to a soft grassy knoll behind a tree. Taernius watched her as she laid down and slowly bunched up her gown around her waist. He was frozen with anticipation as she gently teased the inside of her thighs with the dildo. Softly the wooden penis tickled her soft pale legs. He grinned as she rubbed the dildo across her neatly trimmed patch of soft blonde pussy hair.

Taernius fumbled in his bundle and pulled out a small wooden whistle. A quick blastoff breath through the whistle started the dildo humming.

"Oooh," Olga said in a surprised inquisitive tone, as she pressed the vibrating head against her pussy. Taernius laid down next to her.

"Hundumbootian jumping beans," he whispered in her ear.

"I like," she said enthusiastically. She suddenly brought her lips against his for a brief but passionate kiss. When their lips parted she opened her mouth wide and started swallowing the vibrating wooden cock. Soon the tip of the prosthetic dick touched the back of her throat. Her gag reflex started to kick in but she relaxed her throat muscles and swallowed all but the last two inches.

As she withdrew the vibrator Taernius wrapped his arm around her and rolled her on top of him. As their tongues navigated each other's mouths she could feel his erection pressing hard against her.

Their lips parted and they stared, the gaze locked.

"These things can be quite tricky you know, perhaps you would like the assistance of an expert."

"Indeed," She said handing him the dildo. He gently laid her down once again on the grassy hill. His delicate touch spread her legs wide. He could see her juices glistening in the morning sun. Patiently he inserted the wooden shaft, slowly; inch-by-inch it penetrated deeper and deeper.

"Oh that's good," she uttered softly "That's right, deeper…..deeper." Taernius nudged closer. He smoothly slid his left hand up her dress, past her pussy to firmly jiggle one of her perfect breasts. Her growing moans signaled her increasing pleasure.

"Yes, yes," she managed to yell between two moans. He quickened his pace, and this change brought squirms from Olga. She started too wiggle and squeal with ecstasy. As Olga grew louder and louder she began to draw attention from the road, a mere one thirty paces from their position.

A middle-aged woodsman happened to be walking by and heard Olga scream. He quickly made his way over the few logs and stumps towards the hill where Olga and Taernius lay. His approach went unnoticed as Taernius seemed to be concentrating greatly, and Olga was equally distracted.

Once the woodsman realized there was no danger, he knew he should go back to the road, but he could not draw his eyes away from the scene. The princess was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He watched for the few minutes it took Olga to explode with pleasure. Taernius brought both his hands up to grasp her large melons. He slowly laid his head against her plentiful rack.

"Excuse me," the woodsman piped up meekly.

"Who's there?" Taernius said, looking up attentively.

"Just a harmless woodsman." he said, "I didn't mean to spy, but I was passing by and heard a scream. When I came to investigate…"

"Don't worry, there's no harm done," Taernius replied nonchalantly.

"Oh, and one more thing," the woodsman added.

"Yes?" Taernius answered, mildly annoyed at his persistence.

"What was that wooden thing you were using?"

"Why that sir, was a dildo," Taernius said, standing up and launching into his well practiced spiel, "The finest and most advanced in self pleasuring technology. For a paltry sum you can furnish your wife with one of the best dildo ever crafted. If your wife has a way to play , she is less likely to stray while you are away. Also imported hundumbootian jumping beans inside make it vibrate when you blow this whistle." Taernius drew the whistle from his pocket and held up the dildo for the woodsmen to observe.

"How much does it cost?" The woodsman asked.

"Seven silver pieces,"

"There is no way I could afford that," the woodsman said solemnly.

"Tell you what. If you get me three bundles of this wood," Taernius said, gesturing to the dildo, "And a place for the two of us to stay and eat for the night, we could call it even."

"Absolutely. I mean as long as you don't mind sharing a one-room cabin with my wife and I. We have an extra bed the two of you can share."

Taernius turned to Olga "Do these arrangements seem suitable?"

"Perfect," she said kissing him on the lips.

"Alright then, let us gather our things, and we'll head to your abode. Oh, and what was your name?"

"It's Rolf," he said offering his hand. Both the travelers shook it and introduced themselves. When they had gathered their things they made their way to the road, and in an hour and a half they met a trail leading through a potato field to Rolf's one room cabin. The house was of half-timber construction and about fifteen feet by twenty feet. A small shed stood alongside it containing various farming implements.

Rolf led them to the door, where they found his wife sewing a tunic. She jumped into his arms and kissed him deeply.

"Honey, I've brought visitors," he said, motioning to Olga and Taernius, "This is Olga and Taernius." They both smiled and shook her hand.

"This is my wife Sara," he said. Sara was about five and a half feet tall. She had dark, shoulder length brown hair. She wore a short utilitarian earthen colored dress that exposed most of her bosom. Her breasts were slightly smaller than Olga's. She looked to be about twenty-five years of age.

"The extra bed is in the corner," Rolf said. Olga and Taernius laid their stuff in the corner by the bed. They saw Rolf move closer to his wife and whisper something.

"What? What is it?" she asked, speaking much louder than he had. She looked around a little confused. He whispered again and motioned with his hands.

"I don't get it, what is it?" Sara asked again.

"A dildo Ma'am," Taernius said informatively. He reached into his bag and pulled out a wooden dick. He walked across the room and placed it gently in her hand. Rolf whispered in her ear and she blushed. Taernius blew softly on a whistle and the dildo began to vibrate. Sara gasped a little and Taernius handed her the whistle.

"Go ahead, it's yours. I trust your husband." He said, "And if you need any instruction, I'd be more than happy to help." Sara looked to Rolf.

"That's fine, if you want it honey," Rolf said squeezing one of her tits. She giggled a little. Then she sat on their bed and looked at her feet. Taernius looked at Rolf, and Rolf gave him a nod. Taernius knelt beside her. Slowly he lifted her legs onto the bed, allowing her dress to fall about her waist, revealing her dark pussy. She stared into his as he took the vibrating cock from her hand. Rolf watched as Taernius slowly pushed the dildo deep inside his wife. A series of short moans came from Sara's lips, as Taernius slid it in and out quickly. He removed the long wooden shaft and slowly rubbed the vibrating tip over her pussy. Sara grabbed at her breasts hungrily as the wood pulsated against her loins.

There was nowhere else to sit so Olga motioned for Rolf to join her on the bed. Rolf sat on the edge of the bed, watching his wife eagerly. Olga looked down at the bulge in his pants. Rolf slowly pushed down on his erection with his left hand.

"Here, let me help," Olga said to him, slipping her hand into his pants.

"Whoa…." he said in surprise. Rolf said as Olga started slowly pumping her hand up and down the woodsman's shaft. Rolf shot a glance at his orgasming wife and reached his arm around Olga, squeezing her breast as he pulled her closer. Rolf reached down and tugged on his pants letting his hungry dick reveal itself. Olga quickly leaned down and engulfed his rock hard prick. His cock was about the length of the dildo Taernius was using to please Sara, but slightly wider. Olga swallowed until her lips met the top of her left hand, still wrapped around the base of his pole. Olga slid to the foot of the bed and moved her right hand to tease Rolf's balls. She gently squeezed his balls and rolled them in her hand as she wiggled her tongue.

Rolf moaned, obviously pleased by the motion of Olga's tongue. Olga brought her lips to the tip of his dick. Rolf reached up and massaged Olga's blonde head of hair. The Nordic princess looked up at him and smiled. Rolf gently pushed her lips down to the base of his pulsating cock. Slowly she moved her mouth up and down his throbbing penis. Rolf's grip on the back of her head tightened as he started to quiver with ecstasy. After several strokes, her held her at the base of his member with both of his strong woodsmen hands. His girth strained against the narrow confines of Olga's throat. He bucked as he started to blow his load. She swallowed spurt after spurt of his cum.

Taernius and Sara watched as he filled her mouth and then splattered more across her lips. Rolf collapsed on the bed and Olga licked her lips.

"He has been away for two weeks," Sara whispered to Taernius.

"Ahhh," he said knowingly.

Both couples spent the night fucking like rabbits in heat. in the morning Rolf collected the wood he owed Taernius. They said their regretful goodbyes and there were hugs all around, and more than a little fondling. Rolf and Sara assured the two travelers that the bed would be theirs any time they wanted it. Olga and Taernius assured them they would stop by if they ever passed nearby. With that the Princess and the Dildo Merchant headed south for Kaninth.

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