tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKings and Queens Ch. 01

Kings and Queens Ch. 01


Author's Note:

This is a work of erotic fiction, loosely based on the characters from a popular situation comedy. The author makes no claim to the series nor to the characters.

Kings & Queens – Chapter 1

Carrie gets her wish

Deacon laid back and enjoyed the moment as his lovely wife Kelly rode his organ to several small orgasms, her soft mewls and squeals letting him know she was appreciating his manhood. They had an excellent sex life, especially considering that their marriage of seven years had produced two children. Kelly loved sex and loved pleasing him in many ways. If he took the right approach, she allowed him access to the 'dark chocolate' of her ass; and every Sunday morning he would awake to her lips caressing his cock. Life was good for Deacon Palmer.

"You okay honey?" Kelly asked, her fingers gently caressing his face as her hips moved in slow circles.

"Wha....? Oh yeah baby, I'm good" he replied, grasping her full hips and pumping his sizable meat into her slippery depths.

"Wanna cum soon?" she asked.

"Oh yeah babe, let's do this." he said, picking her up without losing the connection between their genitals. Deacon set his wife down on her back, kneeling between her legs and pounding his erection deep into her hot pussy.

"NnnggNnnggggNNNGGGG" she grunted in rhythm with his thrusts. She loved when her husband fucked her like this, driving his beautiful penis into her wet hole to get himself off. But what she wanted this time was to drink his semen. "Cum in my mouth lover, let me suck you off." she squealed, pushing him off before he could fill her quim with his seed.

"Yeah honey, SUCK IT." he roared, straddling her head and shoving his dick into her waiting mouth. Kelly was a beautiful woman anyway; but she was particularly so with his cock in her mouth. He fucked her face with an increasingly frantic pace as his orgasm neared.

"Mmmphhhhgggglaaagggggh." she gurgled, gagging briefly as the head of his hard organ pressed against the opening to her throat. She sucked voraciously as he skewered her oral cavity, swirling her tongue around the sensitive head when she could.

Deacon grasped Kelly's ears and stroked eagerly into her sucking mouth, his orgasm getting close. "Aaahhh YES AAHHHH OHGOD SUCK IT BABY." he groaned, sending blast after sticky blast of his semen into his wife's throat.

She gurgled and swallowed frantically trying to capture every drop of her man's seed. She truly enjoyed doing this for him, and didn't mind the taste of his semen in the least. She let him soak his cock in her mouth until he was ready to withdraw.

Deacon swung his leg over so as not to crush her as he collapsed on his back next to Kelly. "God baby, that's amazing as usual." he told her, leaning close to give her a juicy kiss. His fingers softly tweaked a nipple as he cupped and squeezed one of her lush breasts. "You are soooooo sexy darling." he told her.

"Hey Deac, thanks, but we gotta get up and go pickup the kids." she said, rising from the bed and heading to the bathroom for a quick shower. She could feel the heat of his gaze on her full, round bottom and twitched it suggestively as she walked. She was still a tease, and she knew he loved it.


"Come on Doug, you're running late as usual." Carrie said, her usual bitchiness coming through loud and clear. She just couldn't wait to have him out of the house and out of her way for a week, taking her father with him. It had taken a lot of nagging to get Doug to agree to do it, and she just wanted him to go.

"Yeah fine, we're going. ARTHUR!" he replied, calling for her father as he headed for the garage with his bag. A few minutes later they were gone, off for a little 'father-son-in-law bonding', as Carrie called it. Hey, it'll be nice to get away from her bitching for a week anyway he thought.

Carrie would be without a car; but she had friends she could call if needed, and there was always the train if she needed to go downtown. Kelly had convinced Deacon to swing by Carrie's favorite Chinese take-out place and bring some dinner by later. She was looking forward to having a bit of time alone with him. Not that she was planning anything; but it would be good fantasy material to be that close to such a sexy man. She had often fantasized about Deacon; but never considered pursuing any sort of relationship. Partly it was the 'friendship' thing, and partly the interracial aspect. Her sex life with Doug was – well – boring, though she had never considered cheating on him.

After Kelly and the boys left for their visit to her mother's place in Maryland, Deacon sat sipping a beer and watching the latest playoff highlights. He thought about what he had planned for the evening, and felt his cock grow stiff with anticipation. He got up and went into his closet, reaching up for the lockbox he had stashed on the top shelf. Pulling it down, he unlocked the latch and opened it. Inside was a small vial of whitish powder he'd gotten from an acquaintance who told him it was 'guaranteed to make her horny and receptive'. Also in the box was a small baggie of smoke, something he never dared share with Kelly; but was willing to 'share' with Carrie once he'd gotten her cooperation with some sex, and a small jar of 'love potion' lube. He knew she wanted it, and was such a bitch he wanted to nail her good.

Deacon took a long shower, washing his strong physique with a fragrant body wash paying particular attention to his genitals. Afterward he used a fragrant body lotion to bring out his masculine scent, wanting to be sure to entice Carrie as much as possible. Then he headed out, stopping by the Chinese place to pickup five containers of excellent food to share. After he got back to the car, he found the container with Carrie's favorite in it poured a third of the vial into it, stirring it thoroughly with a chopstick. He added some of the powder to the chow mein, stirring it to completely dissolve the narcotic. He didn't care for either dish, so he wouldn't be eating any of the drug. Then he double-checked that he had the tiny video camera he would be using to capture the 'event' – just in case the bitch got a bug up her butt about it. The camera was some pretty new technology, using 4 triple-A batteries and a micro-SD memory card. It could save more than 8 hours of audio and video.

Carrie had taken a shower and prepared herself as if she was going on a date, her body positively sizzling with anticipation. She was ready when the doorbell rang, right on time. Opening the door, she smiled at the handsome black man holding the bag of gourmet oriental delights. "Hey Deac, come on in. Thanks so much for picking up dinner." she said, holding the door wide and waving him inside.

"Here you go Carrie. Just what the doctor ordered." he said, handing her the bag. She grabbed it from him and turned around, walking toward the kitchen.

Deacon admired her taut backside as she twitched her way to the dining table in the kitchen – just where he wanted her. She does have a tight ass, perhaps.... he thought, knowing full well from Doug that she didn't do that. Hell, he only rarely got head from the bitch. Well, that is what we'll begin with then he considered, taking the chair she offered adjacent to hers at the table.

"Beer?" she asked, reaching into the fridge.

He nodded, then enjoyed the sweet cheeks of her butt as she bent forward to reach the beers on the bottom shelf. Dayum, the bitch DOES have a sweet ass he thought, his dick twitching in anticipation. He quickly reached into the bag and pulled out the video camera, setting it on the counter where she wouldn't see it and pressing the record button.

Carrie brought plates and utensils, and selected her two favorites first. Deacon took some of the fried rice and walnut prawns, and a bit of the chicken salad. He watched her quickly devour sizable helpings of the moo shoo pork and chow mein, then spoon out more of both onto her plate. Good girl. Just keep eatin' that stuff and we'll have us some fun thought Deacon.

He picked at his own food and sipped the beer, while watching her devour three servings of each of her selections and two beers. It was impossible not to notice her speech becoming a bit slurred as a slight glaze covered her eyes. He'd also noticed that she was not wearing a bra under the loose-fitting blouse, and caught many long glimpses of her perky boobs as she ate and drank. His cock yearned to get some of that, and soon!

"So Deac, when are Kelly and the kids coming back?" asked Carrie, taking another swig from her beer and pushing herself back from the table. She knew she felt something a little different; but couldn't really tell what it was until her eyes arrived at his crotch and she noticed the sizable package.

"Next Sunday." he told her, recognizing her stare – and it's target.

Carrie watched as if in a trance as Deacon's fingers deftly unfastened and unzipped his fly, then reached inside to free his mostly-erect penis.

"You want some of this Carrie?" he asked, smiling at her as she licked her lips wantonly.

"Um.... Y-yes." she stammered.

He pushed himself back from the table to make room for her on the floor, then spread his legs."Well come on baby, come over here have a taste." he said lewdly, his fingers working his organ to a full eleven inches as she watched in awe.

Carrie couldn't believe she was doing it; but she went to the floor and crawled over to his exposed privates without taking her eyes from his dick. She didn't say a word, and didn't look up at his face. Her lips closed over the bulbous head of his penis and she began to fellate him as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Her tongue swirled around his cockhead and she felt his hands grasping her head, guiding her mouth down onto his dick.

"That's it Carrie, suck that cock like you love it." he told her, guiding her lips up and down on his organ. "Let's see how deep you can go baby." he said, pulling her head down until she gagged, then holding her there. "Hmmm... Not bad; but I think maybe you just need more practice." he told her, letting go of her head and letting her return to her head-bobbing as he picked up his beer and took a swallow. "Yeah bitch, SUCK MY BLACK DICK." he ordered, his hips jerking up to force another inch into her throat.

She was beyond thought, not considering the potential consequences of her actions. She wanted Deacon's dick, and she was having it. She'd never had a cock this size in her mouth, and it felt good. Geezus, this is Kelly's husband she was sucking! came an anxious thought. But her body wouldn't respond, and she sucked as she had never sucked before. She wanted his sperm in her mouth, wanted to taste the salty sweetness of it. Her fingers reached down to caress his balls as she went to work on his meat in earnest. "GlaghhhGnaahhhhGggaghhhh" she gurgled, her lips rippling up and down his member as she sought to induce his orgasm.

"Okay baby, get ready. I'm gonna CUMMMMMM." he grunted, grabbing her head again and fucking her face. He didn't care that she was choking with each stroke. He slammed into her mouth as he would his wife's cunt until finally he felt the spasms of ejaculation. "NnnnnNnnnGGGGNGGGGGGAAAAAHHHH." he roared, holding her head down with his cock buried in her mouth as the last splashes of his semen gurgled down her throat. Then he pulled her head up and off of his genitals. "Good blow job Carrie. Hope you enjoyed it too!" he said, grabbing a napkin to clean himself up before taking another swig of his beer. It had gotten warm.

Carrie swallowed in gulps until she felt the last of his sticky jizm go down to her stomach. She stood up and looked into his eyes, her own eyes glazed over even more than before. "Glad you enjoyed it lover. Let's have another beer." she said, stumbling to the fridge and pulling out two more brews. "And while I'm up, I think I'll get more comfortable." she said, her fingers unfastening the buttons on her blouse. They didn't cooperate, and she ripped the garment open and threw it to the floor. "Like my tits?" she asked, walking over to him and offering her breasts.

Deacon grabbed her firm titties and took a nipple in his mouth. He sucked and nibbled at the tender flesh as she pulled his head tight against her chest. His hands went down to knead and fondle her buttocks through her jeans. Without thinking, his fingers deftly unfastened the waistband and unzipped her fly. Then he pulled her jeans down to her knees and grabbed her cheeks again as he sucked her boobies. Her ass cheeks felt amazing through the flimsy fabric of her panties, taut and firm – and fuckable.

She pushed him away and wriggled free of his groping hands, laughing as she pushed her jeans down and stepped out of them. "Let's just have a beer first, okay?" she suggested, opening the two bottles and handing him one. By the time she looked up, he had the baggie of pot on the table, a pack of papers at the ready. "Oh yeah Deac. I haven't smoked pot in years." she said, picking up the baggie and opening it. She sniffed the contents, a large bud which seemed to have a white frosting on it."Smells potent." she added.

So there he was in her kitchen, her naked breasts jiggling only slightly as she moved. Her chair was still pushed back, and he could see the damp spot in the crotch of her panties. He rolled a joint and lit it, taking a long hit before handing it to her.

"God, I don't believe we're doing this, but...." she began, taking another deep hit from the cocaine-laced joint before continuing "I just feel like doing it, that's all." she continued. "Nobody needs to know, right?" she asked.

Finishing the joint, Deacon looked her in the eye with a lewd leer. "Well I guess that depends, girl." he replied, enjoying the anxious look she returned. "Why don't you come on over here and let me have a taste?" he suggested.

Carrie didn't know what to say, so she stood up and walked over to him. His strong hands gripped her hips and spun her around, then pushed her down so she was bent over the table with her backside facing him. His fingers tugged her panties down below her knees and she sensed him bending forward, his hot breath now searing her cheeks.

"Nice ass baby." he told her, swatting her butt playfully. His hands grasped the firm cheeks and his thumbs splayed them wide. "Cute asshole." he added, his tongue shooting out to wriggle at her anus.

"Oh god Deacon, what are you doing?" she squealed. She'd never had anyone lick her there before.

"Oh, I'm just teasing you – for now." he replied, working his tongue down to the juicy lips of her pussy – then beyond to find her already erect clit. He swirled the tip of his oral digit around the little nub, causing her hips to writhe sensuously. He sucked and licked at her pleasure center for several minutes, his hands holding her hips to keep her from moving away from his lewd attack.

Carrie was really in a fog now. She didn't know about the drug he'd given her; but the smoke was definitely coming on strong. Her pussy was on fire with the oral ministrations Deacon Palmer was laying on her, and she ached for his cock. "P-please Deacon. Fuck me." she begged.

Deacon inserted a finger in her gushing vagina, feigning intercourse as his tongue again found the wrinkle of her asshole. She squealed and writhed as he worked her pussy and anus, inserting a second finger in her cunt and fingerfucking her. "Okay darlin', get ready for it." he said hoarsely.

He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and stood up behind her, positioning his rock-hard cock at the opening to her cunt and forcefully driving it into her to the hilt in a single thrust. She was tight, and his cock felt great in there.

"AHHHHHHHHH GOD YOUR COCK IS HUGE!" she screamed. She had never had anything that big in there, and her pussy screamed in agony at first.

Deacon fucked her hard for a few minutes, then withdrew most of the way and looked down at the gaping maw of her tight cunt where his organ penetrated her. Just above was the little brown starfish of her bottom, winking at him enticingly. He reached a finger down to gather her natural juices and spread them around the niggardly little hole between her sweet cheeks.

"Hey now lover, nobody ever does anything back there." she said, wriggling her hips away from his finger. Doug had tried to get her to take a finger in her ass once, and she'd cut him off for a month. A playful tongue was one thing; but a finger meant something else in her book – something nasty.

Deacon didn't say a word; but spread more juice around her butthole as he started stroking his length into her cunt. She started to get into that, and his finger returned to the virginal opening of her anal sphincter. She squirmed again; but he just kept fucking. "Just relax and enjoy the moment girl. I'm not gonna hurt you. It's only a finger." he told her, rimming her snug hole with a well-lubricated digit while he skewered her seething pussy.

Neither of them knew that Danny and Spence had arrived. Hearing the noises coming from the slightly opened kitchen window, they stopped short of the door and had quietly snuck over to the window. "Holy crap!" Spence said when he caught his first glimpse of the naked Carrie bent over the table getting fucked by their friend.

Danny looked in and noticed what he was doing with his finger. "He's gonna shove a finger up her butt!" he whispered. "Go Deacon!" he added.

They both heard the loud squeal as Deacon pushed his thick finger past her resisting muscle. They watched as he pounded into her pussy, just the tip of his finger in her anus.

"See baby, that doesn't hurt does it?" asked Deacon, wiggling the tip of his finger in Carrie's tight asshole. He pulled it out and gathered more of her juice before reinserting it to the first knuckle and resuming his long strokes into her cunt.

"I-I guess not. Just be really easy back there, okay?" she stammered, too far gone to resist.

"Sure baby, I'll be easy." he replied, sliding another half-inch of his index finger into her ass. After the blow job he could drag this out a long time, and fuck her however he wanted. She wasn't going to resist. Just then he heard a noise, and turned around to see the faces of Danny and Spence at the window. He grinned, then motioned for them to wait for his signal....

Carrie couldn't help it, her orgasm overcame her with Deacon's big cock sliding in and out of her pussy and his finger gouging around in her virgin butt. "Oh god I'm CUMMING. FUCK ME!" she squealed, thrusting her hips back at him – in the process pushing her ass back until his finger was completely engulfed in her rectum. She didn't care, it all felt good at this point.

After her spasms subsided, Deacon gently withdrew his intruders from her holes and gave her a playful slap on her proffered bottom. "Let's take another break Carr." he said, using her nickname for the first time. He sat back down and admired the gaping red opening of her cunt with the slightly stretched wrinkle of her anus just above it. Both holes glistened with moisture, and he knew the other two guys had full view of the lewd sight.

Carrie gradually gathered her bearings and stood up on shaky legs. She could feel the juices oozing from her pussy as she turned around. Deacon sat there with a big smile on his face. "Oh.... Wow...." was all she could muster as she stumbled over to her chair and sat down. She guzzled the remainder of her beer, then held the baggie up to Deacon. "M-More please. Let's get fucked up." she stammered.

Deacon rose and grabbed two more beers from the fridge. He waved his bottle at the window – indicating to the voyeurs that they should go out for more, then come back. Then he sat down and quickly rolled another joint. He was bound and determined to get into that ass before the fun was over. He would feel the clenching muscles of the bitch's asshole gripping his cock, drawing that special sauce from his balls. YES!

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