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Kings and Queens Ch. 03


This is a work of fiction, based loosely on the characters from a popular television series you may recognize. I do not own the series or the characters; but I do own the work presented here. I hope you enjoy the series. Please comment if like!

Kings & Queens – Chapter 3

Threesomes, Secrets, and a Babe at Coopers

Doug arrived home a little early, having done his route in record time. He came in the door and heard some 'interesting' sounds emanating from the basement, and very quietly closed the door and set his bag down on the table. He tip-toed to the basement door and listened carefully – to the obvious sounds of Arthur getting a blow job. His fingers deftly unlatched the door and pulled it open, his feet moving as softly as they could through the door and down the stairway. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Holly, the blonde 'dog-walker', on her knees with Arthur's sizable dong in her mouth!

"That's it Holly dear, make me happy." Arthur said, pumping his hips to push his dick deeper into the young girl's happily sucking lips. "Use your tongue honey, that's it." he told her.

Doug watched for what seemed like an hour (but was only a few minutes) before an involuntary motion caught Arthur's eye. He looked at Doug and smiled, nodding his head as Holly bobbed hers up and down on his penis. He held his hand up, letting Doug know he should wait five minutes for him to finish. Doug unzipped his fly as quietly as he could, his semi-erect organ popping out into the cool air. He was nearly fully erect when Arthur began bucking his hips more vigorously, pumping his dick into Holly's face harder and harder.

"Suck it hard now dear, I'm going to be very happy now." he told her. He held the back of her head as his balls emptied into her throat. "Swallow now Holly, let's keep it clean." he told her. They could both hear her gurgles as she did as he asked, swirling her tongue around his organ to clean it thoroughly. Then Arthur eased it free of her lips, smiling down at her and nodding his head toward Doug. "I think Doug might like some of that dear, eh Dougie?" he suggested, reaching down to tuck his penis back into his pants and zip up his fly.

"Wha-at?" stammered Holly, her head swiveling around to look at Doug. His cock wasn't much bigger than Arthur's; but he was married to her boss, Carrie! She couldn't do that, could she? She watched, frozen in place as Doug walked over to where she was, still on her knees, and waved his dick at her face. She looked over at Arthur, who just nodded at her.

"Come on Holly, make me happy too." Doug said, putting his hand on top of her head to keep her in place as he pushed the head of his dong into the blonde's oral cavity. "Mmmmm... yeah Holly. Suck it nice." he added, his hips twitching involuntarily and pushing half of his seven inches between her soft lips. Carrie didn't do this often enough for him, choosing to give him only the most basic of pleasure.

Holly couldn't believe what she was doing, sucking Doug's cock like a common whore. How could Arthur let her do this? She did it for him because – well – because he was an old needy guy who didn't get to fuck young women much any more. she thought, her lips gliding up and down on the organ being presented to her. She felt hands fondling her breasts through her sweater and bra, then realized it was Arthur returning for more. Doug's hands were now holding her head while he pumped his dick into her face.

Arthur held his hands up, indicating to Doug that he should hold off. Watching her blow Doug and feeling her tits had gotten his meat ready once again. "You know, Doug, there are additional openings we can use." he said. "Let's get these jeans off and have a little look, shall we?" he added.

Doug liked the sound of that and yanked his dick out of her mouth, reaching down to lift Holly up to her feet. Then his hands simply pushed her shoulders, and she fell back onto the sofa next to a waiting Arthur. Arthur went to work, unfastening the waist button of her jeans and unzipping the fly before tugging them down over her lush hips. Holly wasn't resisting, her hips raising to allow the pants to be lowered and pulled off over her feet. Then Arthur slipped his gnarly hand down the front of her panties and down between her legs as Doug watched eagerly, his fingers stroking at his still-erect penis.

"Oh, Holly you are a naughty girl! he told her, looking at Doug. "Her pussy is already wet." he said. Doug could see the outline of his father-in-law's finger as it slipped into her cunt under the panties. She moaned softly, glancing up at the clock she realized the time.

"Um... guys... Carrie will be home in a half hour, so if we're going to do this we should get on with it." she told them, standing up to pull of her sweater and bra in a single motion. She appreciated the gasps as the men saw her firm titties. Her fingers yanked the panties down and she stepped out of them, leaving them on the floor. "Okay boys, who wants what?" she asked. Arthur answered the question, sitting down on the sofa with his legs spread.

"I will have more of the same, dear Holly." Arthur said, indicating he wanted her to fellate him again. "Just bend down where you are and Dougie can take you from behind." he added.

Doug watched with anticipation as the curvy young woman bent over at the waist, taking Arthur's penis into her mouth as she presented him with her wet pussy. He moved in, and pushed his dick fully into her vagina. Damn this girl is tight! he thought, holding the full length inside her hot love tunnel while she sucked Arthur. He looked down and saw the tiny pink wrinkle of her anus, his finger reaching in to give it a test.

Holly pulled her mouth off of Arthur's organ abruptly, turning around to look at Doug. "Not back there man, no way." she told him, brushing his finger away from her bottom.

Oh great, another bitch that won't let me touch her asshole. Doug thought. Okay fine, I'll just fuck you until I'm finished.. He grabbed her supple hips, his thumbs holding her buttocks apart. Maybe I can't touch it; but I'm sure as hell gonna look at it. He picked up the pace of his thrusts, pumping into the cauldron of her cunt as Arthur filled her mouth.

The two men finished almost simultaneously, Arthur leaking his seed into her face as Doug pumped into her womb. Doug yanked his dick out of her, then quickly pulled his clothes back on, just as they heard Carrie come in upstairs. "Whew! That was close!" he said, not bothering with so much as a 'thank you' before he headed up the stairs.

Arthur could see the disappointment on Holly's face. He took her in his arms. "Oh now Holly, it isn't your fault Doug is such a boor." he told her, kissing her gently on the cheek as his hands roamed down her back to cup and fondle her ample booty.

"Oh, thanks Arthur. That's sweet. But we can't do that again." she told him. "I mean Doug is a married man, and he's married to my friend." she added, sobbing softly.

"We'd better get dressed before Carrie gets curious." Arthur said, pulling his shirt back on and zipping his fly. Unlike Holly, who had stripped naked before the double-dicking, he was still dressed. He watched as Holly bent over to pull up her panties, catching a glimpse of the little hole Doug had shown interest in between the cheeks of her bottom. He hadn't fucked a woman in the ass in decades; but Holly's sure looked tight – perhaps even virginal. "You know Holly, I hope this doesn't mean we have to stop our fun." he said.

"No-no, I guess not. I don't mind doing it with you Arthur; but don't invite Doug again. It's just kinda creepy." she replied, pulling her sweater over her head. She ran her hands down her body, smoothing the garments, then leaned over and gave him a quick kiss. "Well.... Thanks for everything Arthur. I'll see you in a couple of days." she said, walking past him and up the stairs.

Arthur watched her fine round bottom as she walked up the stairs, knowing he would again see it up close. He would convince her to let him at least put a finger in her butt. She had to let him do that.

Carrie and Doug exchanged 'heys' when he came through the basement door, along with a quick peck on each others' cheeks. Neither would look the other in the eye, and neither wanted to know why just then. Both had gone upstairs to change out of their work duds before Holly came up. She left quietly out the back door.

Doug quickly changed into jeans and a colorful tee, watching his wife out the corner of one eye. She sure has a nice ass, why won't she let me touch it? he wondered. "Hey babe, I'll see ya later." he said, walking toward the door to leave.

"Where ya goin' hun?" Carrie asked, pulling on a sweatshirt to finish her outfit.

"Just meetin' the guys at Coopers." he replied, not slowing down. He really didn't want her to come along. He wanted to share stories with his male friends, stories Carrie didn't need to hear. Or maybe she did? he considered, hopping into the Jeep and quickly backing out to the street.

Deacon, Danny and Spence toasted to their conquest of Doug's wife the previous week, sharing a devious laugh about using her body for their pleasure. Danny saw Doug come through the door and signaled the other two men to nix the conversation. Now they faced the tough part – to sit and drink with Doug without giving him any idea what had happened. It would be especially tough for Deacon, who had debased her beyond anything he'd ever done.

"Hey guys, Heffer-dude is here!" Doug said, pulling a chair out and sitting heavily (as if he had a choice!). "Let's get this party rollin'!" he added, waving for the waitress to bring another pitcher and a mug for him – and his usual order of hot wings. Doug was feeling particularly spunky, having just dropped a load up Holly's tight pussy. He knew it would come up in the conversation sooner or later. Their waitress, a petite brunette named Denise, brought the order to the table and set it down. She poured Doug a beer and set the wings down in front of him, leaning over and giving him a good view of her compact cleavage in the process. Doug gave her a gentle pat on her firm rump, letting his fingers linger a bit longer than normal. She gave him a wink and spun around, twitching her backside a little more than usual as his eyes tried to burn a hole in her tight cotton pants. "Damn that girl has a hot ass." he said, lifting his glass. "To hot ass." he said, loud enough for her to hear.

And your wife has a really hot ass, shithead. thought Deacon. You just don't know it. He closed his eyes and recalled the image of Carrie, face down with his semen leaking from her asshole. Oh yeah, REAL hot ass. He smiled inside.

The four friends shared four more pitchers of beer, getting more than tipsy in the process. Even Spence got into the serious flirting with every female in the place. Danny even pulled Denise down to his lap – once. She could feel his partial erection pushing up at her and quickly pushed away, giving him a playful – but meaningful – slap across his face. "Easy there cowboy. Private property." she told him, slapping her hip.

Doug couldn't resist. "Heh, yeah I got home from work today and found Holly giving Arthur a blow job." he began.

"Yeah? I figured the old guy was way beyond getting' it up" replied Danny.

"Nope. There he was, pumpin' the old dog into her mouth like it was something he did every day." Doug replied. "So he cums in her mouth and tells her to do me too." he continued, wanting to get the story out.

"Oh man, your father-in-law is a keeper dude." said Deacon, content to hear Doug's story rather than be tempted to tell his. "And that Holly is a cutie." he added, imagining Arthur and Doug fucking the curvy blonde.

"So she's sucking my dick and Arthur suggests we should go for a threesome." Doug continued.

"No fucking way man." Danny exclaimed.

"Really dude. So he sits back on the couch and tells Holly to bend over and suck him off while I did her from behind." Doug told them. He could still see that tight pink wrinkle between her round cheeks, and his dick stirred slightly at the thought.

Their conversation was interrupted by Denise, back to check on her customers. "Another round boys?" she asked, trying to ignore Danny's hand on her rump.

"Yeah, nice and round." Danny replied, squeezing her butt lewdly.

She brushed his hand away, twisting her hips to remove the temptation. "Seriously now guys, another pitcher – perhaps more wings?" she pursued.

"Yeah, what the hell. Bring us another one babe." Doug said, his eyes riveted to her perky boobs. Damn – those are even nicer than Carrie's he thought.

Deacon suggested that Doug finish his story. "So did you guys do the threesome?" he asked.

"Oh yeah. I fucked her tight little pussy standing up behind her while she sucked him off again." he told them.

"Did you do her in the butt?" asked Danny, chuckling to himself that he had done Carrie in the ass less than a week prior – thanks to Deacon.

"Nah, I thought about it; but we had to finish up 'cause Carrie was expected home any minute. No time to find lube or anything, so I just screwed her pussy. It was good tho, pretty tight and real wet." Doug replied. He could think of nothing else to say, so he grabbed his glass and took a long swallow, looking around the table at his 'buddies'.

"So come on man, did you cum in her pussy or what?" Danny asked.

"Well yeah, filled her right up. And Artie came in her mouth." Doug answered.

"Cool." Spence chimed in, lame as usual. But then he had cum in Carrie's mouth!

Denise came over to the table, a young-looking blonde in tow. "Hey guys, I'm going on break, and Kara here is filling in. She'll get you whatever you need." she told them.

The guys broke out in laughter at her promise. Kara blushed, then added "as long as it's on the menu.". Then the girls spun around and left, the men staring at their saucy bottoms in the snug pants that were a part of the Coopers 'uniform'. As if on cue, they both turned around – and winked.

"Dayum, that Kara is sure a cute one." Deacon said. "Love to do that some time." he added.

"Yeah, in the butt." said Danny.

"Man, you have butt on the brain." Deacon shot back at him. "How many asses have you fucked, exactly?" he asked, putting him on the spot.

"Yeah Danny-boy, how many tight butts have you put your dick in?" Doug asked. "Not counting guys." he added, only partly in jest.

Spence was quiet.

"Oh I dunno, I lost count." Danny replied, folding his hands across his chest. But I did do your wife's butt, asshole! he thought, looking at his cousin.

"Right." Deacon said, shaking his head. "One more round guys, then I gotta get home and get some butt." he said, waving his hand to get Kara's attention.

None of the guys had the cojones to challenge Deacon's suggestive comment; but they all wondered if he had really fucked Kelly in that delicious ghetto-booty of hers. His wife was a real ebony goddess in their eyes, and based on the stories they had sex a lot. Far more than most couples it seemed.

Kara brought over another pitcher and new mugs and set the tray down next to the table. She had a sparkle in her blue eyes, and a truly lush pair of 34C's that she knew how to show off. She got her share of tips, and knew how to keep the boys at bay. "So... you guys about done here?" she asked, having been told by Denise that she'd served them five pitchers already.

"Yeah, that'll do it." Deacon told her.

"I'll bring the tab." she said, turning and twitching her way back to the bar – all eyes on her taut behind.

The bill was eighty-six bucks and change. Deacon checked it out, then set it down on the table. "Twenty-five apiece should do it. That gives the girls a nice tip." he told them.

Danny laughed. "Just the tip? No way, I'll give her the whole damn thing." he said.

Deacon sat back and looked him straight in the eye. "You know, you might be able to do just that man." he told Danny. "I mean you never know until you try, right? Put the move on her man, have some balls." he taunted.

When she came back to collect the tab, Danny made his move. "So doll, what time do you get off?" he asked.

"What do you have in mind, stud?" she asked, staring him down. Then she leaned in close and whispered in his ear "Meet me in back in thirty minutes." she said. Danny nodded his acknowledgement of her invitation.

It was all Danny could do not to jump up and shout; but he tried to control himself.

"What, man?" prodded Deacon. "You got a date or what?"

Danny didn't really want to give away his 'appointment', as he did not want company – or anyone spying. "Aw, she just said maybe she'd see me some time." he replied.

"Pretty lame line dude." Spence said, as if he could come up with something better.

Deacon and Doug finished their beers and left Spence and Danny alone. Danny, not wanting Spence to hang around, suggested he head out as well. "Why don't you head out man. I'm gonna see what she has to say without a crowd." he said, hoping to get some cooperation.

"Oh yeah, sure. You want to keep her for yourself, as usual. Fine." Spence replied, pushing his chair back and standing to leave. "See ya later."

"Yeah dude, thanks for understanding." Danny said. Phew! he thought, glancing at his watch. Five minutes to spare. He looked around the place, hoping to catch a glimpse of Kara. There was no sign of her; but Denise was back, noticed him looking, and nodded toward the back room. Yes! Danny got up and headed to the back, hoping he wasn't looking too anxious.

When Danny walked into the back room he was taken by surprise. Kara had obviously 'freshened up' her makeup and hair, and unbuttoned her shirt most of the way to her waist. The tight black pants had been traded for a very short skirt. "Hey big boy, let's make sure we don't have visitors." she said, walking over to lock the door. Then she turned to him, her firm breasts exposed by her open shirt. "So let's get business out of the way first." she told him. "Oral only is fifty, fuck and suck is a hundred, no negotiation." she added. "Still interested?"

"Let's see here...." Danny stammered, pulling out his wallet. He found less than thirty bucks in cash, and his face gave him away.

"Plastic is good too, sport." Kara said. "How about a little teaser to help you make up your mind?" she asked, pulling her shirt off in a single motion to expose her gorgeous boobs. She cupped her hands under them, holding them up for his inspection. "You can even have a little feel for free." she added.

Danny's hands were on her breasts in a flash, fondling the firm orbs and gently tweaking her bright pink nipples. He looked in her eyes, licking his lips.

"Yeah, go ahead and have a little suck." she told him, allowing his lips and tongue to make contact with her tender flesh. After a long minute she pushed him away and turned around, reaching back to flip her short skirt up to reveal her luscious round butt with only a thong hiding her goodies. "You want this, or what?" she asked, jiggling her buttocks at him.

There was no way Danny was going to say 'no'. "Yeah baby, let's do it." he replied, his fingers reaching down to unzip his fly.

"Whoa whoa WHOA cowboy." she slowed him down. "Let's settle up first, then I'll deliver the goods." she told him. He pulled out his credit card and handed it to her. "So what are you up for?" she asked.

"Uh... fuck and suck." he replied. He hadn't planned on this being a 'business arrangement'; but his dick needed relief. He watched as she ran the charge, pulling the printed receipt out and handing it to him for his signature. The receipt said 'Catering Services' on it. Catering indeed! he thought.

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