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King's Dominion


My son’s car had broken down and he talked my wife and I into taking him to King’s Dominion this spring. It would be the first time I’d be in the park in years. We arrived just after 11 AM. Sean, our unorganized teenager, immediately dashed off, calling back that he’d met us at the park’s Eiffel Tour at 5 PM.

Gail and I went on the white-water rafting ride. I enjoyed waiting in line for our turn. I got to eyeball the people getting off the ride. A young brunette with large tits returned from the ride splashed with water. Her thin blouse was soaked. She might as well had not been wearing her top. The water had made it sheer. Her nipples stuck out. Her boyfriend curled his arm around her when he saw my stare and caressed her breast from the side.

We were next to get on when a very sexy girl with long blonde hair alit from the bobbing boat. Her sky blue, skin-tight shell was completely soaked. She had breasts the size of pink grapefruits that pushed hard against her wet bra through her transparent top. Her tight shorts were wet, but they were dark and did not reveal more of what was a curvy and trim athletic body. I was glad to get doused myself by the cascading water when it was our turn on the raft.

After taking in a magic show, eating in the Festhaus, and buying some trinkets, Gail and I went to the Eiffel Tower where we would meet Sean. There she was again, at the elevator going up. The curvy blonde girl from the white-water ride this morning.

“Let’s kill some time by riding up to the top,” I said disingenuously.

Gail winced and said, “Sure, ok”. She’s afraid of heights and was going just to please me. We got into the line for the elevator a few steps behind the shapely butt of the blonde girl.

“Please, move to the back so everyone can get on,” the conductor instructed us. I took Gail’s hand and we moved back to the glass wall overlooking the park. Everyone kept pushing in until the elevator was packed. Then I noticed the warm heat of soft flesh against the outside of my right hand.

I took a quick glance away from Gail and saw that my dream teen was next to me. She talked to her friend on her other side. Her body was pressed against my arm.

As the car lurched in an upward direction, I took the opportunity to turn my hand over, so that my fingertips were against her thighs. She didn’t panic or turn and look at me with anger. I took this as a good sign and casually drew my hand up, coincidently moving up her leg until I reached the stretch material of her shorts.

She kept chatting away with her friend. I stole a quick glance at Gail. She was gripping my other hand tightly and holding on to the rail with teeth gritted. She watched with frightened eyes the increasing height we were ascending from the ground.

I turned back to my angel. She’d stopped talking, but she hadn’t moved away from my hand – not that it would have been easy with the crowd in the elevator car. With the next lurch of the ascending car, I slid my hand across the thin stretch material of her shorts. My fingertips brushed across her covered pussy. From the side, I saw her jaw dropped a little, but she didn’t resist. She didn’t turn and glare at me.

I moved my hand back atop the crotch of her shorts. I rubbed my fingers firmly into her nether region. I felt the give when my finger pressed into her slit. It was a delicious softness.

She still didn’t glance at me and she didn’t stop me either. We were almost at the top.

I lifted my hand to the waist of her jeans. Flattened it as well as I could, I slid my fingers down till I felt the top of her little panties. I continued under her panties. Her crotch hair was surprisingly thick.

The elevator stopped with a lurch at the top of the Eiffel Tower. My hand was forced all the way down to the juncture of her legs. I seized my fleeting chance and stuck my forefinger into her pussy. It was slick with juices.

My other hand was pulled. “Come on, Ken. Let’s go.”

I withdrew my hand from its exotic site, quickly before anyone else could see what was going on.

Gail and I walked out onto the viewing platform. I glanced backwards to see the girl looking around, trying to see who had felt her up. And she saw me looking and knew.

I lifted my finger to my mouth and licked it, tasting her wonderful juices. She smiled coyly and quickly looked away.

Gail held tightly to me, afraid to get near to the railing. I looked down and saw Sean. I pointed him out to my wife. “Let’s go back down since he’s here,” she quickly said.

When we got into the elevator again, Gail didn’t want to see how high she was, so she turned inward on the elevator. Just before the door closed, my teen flame rushed in. When the doors to the car closed, she was next to me looking out.

“Ken, do you want to eat as soon as we get Sean?” Gail asked. I turned. “Sure, where do you want to go?”

It was then that I felt a hand lightly stoke my cock through my pants. Oh, it felt good. My teen queen squeezed me and made me feel a billion sensory flashes a second. I labored to talk with Gail.

The curvy blonde pulled her fingers around the shape of my hardened cock – up and down, until I shot my load just as we reached the ground.

When the doors opened, I pulled my shirt out to hide the front of my pants. She rushed out the door ahead of us.

I waved to Sean. He waved back and then called out, “Amy,” he was speaking to my flame teen, “are you going to be in Mr. Andrews class next year?”

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