tagNonHumanKirsten Ch. 02

Kirsten Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Awakening

After what felt like months to Kirsten, she finally awoke from her deep slumber. Her body was battered and bruised and she still lay naked where Richard left her. She tried to cover herself when she heard the door open. Emily came into the room carrying a tray with fruit and some juice. Her hair was loose and hung over her shoulders. She was even more beautiful than Kirsten could remember. She placed the tray on the bedside table and sat on the bed next to Kirsten.

Emily put her hand on Kirsten's and said, "I know you are hurting and that you are afraid, but please understand that he loves you very much."

"You are right, I don't understand. How can he talk to me and love me as if he has known me for years?" Kirsten looked confused, still trying to cover her naked breast. The sunlight shone so brightly though the windows that it was difficult to believe that it was still the middle of winter outside.

"It is difficult to explain, but in the end, you'll understand. But for now, get some rest and let me draw you a warm bath."

Before Kirsten could ask more questions, Emily stood up and walked to the door next to her bed. A few minutes later, Emily returned and tried to pull the covers away from Kirsten. "Don't touch me!" Kirsten said more in fear than in anger.

"I'm only trying to help you Kirsten. Come with me and I'll wash you and do your hair before dinner time." Kirsten just gave in since her body wasn't in for a fight and she also reckoned that a good long bath would do her good. Emily gently removed the cover to reveal Kirsten's naked body. The cool air caused her nipples to stand up painfully and made her tremble. Emily helped her up and her warm hands felt good on her naked cold skin. She guided her through the door, which led into a beautiful bathroom. The walls where covered in mirrors and was decorated in gold and blue. The opposite wall consisted of a huge window, but it was blocked by a huge maple tree outside, which caused the room to be darker than usual. The bath was made out of ivory and gold and stood right in front of the window, which would normally give you a magnificent view if it wasn't for the tree.

The hot water in the bath fought against the cold winter air and caused the room to fill up with an abnormal amount of steam. "Get in, I'll just go and fetch a few items. I'll be back shortly." With that, Emily left Kirsten in the bathroom alone and closed the door behind her.

Kirsten stood there momentarily before getting into the hot bath. The water felt so good and once she was fully submerged, she could feel the full effect of the water on her sore body. After she tried to comprehend what happened the night before, she turned to the window and tried to peer through the leaves. There where spots without leaves that allowed Kirsten to see the castle's gardens, and in the far corner she saw two people sitting on a bench. She could vaguely see Richard talking to another man which was dressed in some sort of guard uniform. She watched them for a few more seconds and then they disappeared behind a rose bush.

Kirsten lay back in and closed her eyes trying to forget everything. She felt a hand on her shoulder and jerked away, but soon realized that Emily rejoined. "It's only me." She said with a warm smile. She reached into a bag and retrieved a white sponge and soap. Emily used the soapy sponge to gently wash Kirsten's back and shoulders. She then moved to Kirsten's breasts, which made Kirsten jump.

"Relax, I won't hurt you." Emily lathered Kirsten's breast with the sweet smelling soap and then she rinsed them with the warm water. Kirsten was shocked when Emily started to kiss her breasts and nipples, but didn't move away. Emily proceeded to lick her sore nipples, and after a while, made them feel much better. Emily moved up to kiss Kirsten on the lips, but then she said,

"You will come to understand that my touch will heal all wounds. My kiss can cure any ailment Kirsten, let me help you get rid of all the pain." Kirsten didn't know what to say, so she just sat there, allowing her captors maid to touch her naked body.

"I think we finished your bath. Stand up so that I can dry you off." Kirsten mindlessly obeyed Emily's request and stood up. Emily had an extremely soft towel which she used o dry Kirsten's body and every stroke made Kirsten feel more calm yet aroused. Emily rubbed Kirsten's breasts and gently tugged on her nipples before moving down to her pussy. Emily got on her knees and patted her vagina with the soft towel, but then she started to kiss and lick Kirsten's clit and lips. Kirsten let out a soft sigh, because not only was Emily's licking making her feel aroused, but it also made her abused pussy feel better, which as a result led to one mind blowing orgasm.

"Hope you feel much better Kirsten." Emily said before standing up to help her out of the tub. Emily helped her get dressed in a beautiful deep purple ball gown, which made her breast look gorgeous. She brushed her hair and with a single diamond pin, held it back in a loose bun. Amazingly, Kirsten's body had no signs of the previous evening's abuse.

"How did you do that Emily?"

"Some other time dear, but right now we must get downstairs for dinner."

Emily guided her through the cold castle to a large room that much resembled a dungeon. On the far side, was yet another magnificent fire place and in the middle of the room was a long dark wooden dinner table. There was enough space to seat 22 people, yet there were only two chars on either sides of the table. Richard was already sitting in one chair, and gestured her to take a seat in the other. "Hope you have recuperated my dear, for tonight I have a surprise for you." His voice was soft but it hid something evil, so Kirsten choice not to answer him.

After a delicious but awkward dinner, Richard stood up and walked to Kirsten. He held out his hand, which she took, and guided her to the wall next to the fireplace. She noticed that there was a peculiar black fabric covering something that seemed to hang from the wall. With one jerk Richard removed the covering to expose a man chained to the wall. He was even more handsome that Richard, with long brownish hair and the most mysterious blue eyes she has ever seen. The man just stared up at her and she noticed that he was badly beaten. "Who is he Richard?" she whispered

"He is yours my love. He is whatever you want him to be. This is my 'welcome-home' gift for you. If he is not up to standard, let me know, and I'll kindly replace him. Unfortunately, I must leave at once. I'm not sure when I'll return, but Emily will take very good care of you." he bent down and gave her a kiss on the lips, motioned a man to release her new 'toy' and to take her back to her room.

Back in her room, Kirsten couldn't contain herself anymore. "Who are you?"

"Like Richard said, I'm yours. I'm your slave..." his voice sounded so emotionless. He walked towards Kirsten and pushed her on the bed. Before she could stop him, he ripped off his shirt and pants and soon after he ripped of her dress, he started to kiss her all over. For some reason, she didn't feel the need to fight him off, and instead just laid there, and lusting after his touch. He kissed the place where Richard bit her, sending shivers down her spine, and then he moved to her breasts where he sucked her nipples until it hurt. Just as she was starting to accommodate to the pain, he rammed all 11" in her unexpecting vagina.

Kirsten let out a loud scream before he placed his warm hand over her mouth, "Shhh," he said, "it won't hurt that much later." He continued the assault on her pussy, while his free hand molested her breasts.

Without warning, he grabbed her legs and threw it over his shoulders, making her knees touch her breasts. She almost passed out from all the pain he exposed her pussy to, but somehow stayed conscious. He rode her hard and fast, but he never for one second took his eyes off hers. He stopped to remove her legs, only to spread them as wide as they could go, and while he forced his huge dick in and out of her tender pussy, he started to slap her clit which almost send her over the edge. She lost track of time, and lost consciousness every now and then, but then he stopped, removed his dick and ejaculated on her stomach. She was to tired and sore to fight it, and instead she just laid there.

He got off her, walked to the door and let Emily in. She immediately walked to Kirsten and started to lick her clean. And like before, everywhere Emily kissed, her body started to heal. She licked Kirsten's pussy clean and suckled on her nipples until they where pain-free. "That's enough Emily" the man said. Emily stopped and left the room.

The mysterious man walked over to the bed where Kirsten's used body laid, put a pillow under her head and covered her with the blanket before getting into bed with her. He lay next to her with his arms around her and whispered into her ear, "My name is Shaun... and I'm yours."

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