tagNonHumanKirsten Ch. 03

Kirsten Ch. 03


Chapter 3: True Love Concurs All

The next morning Kirsten awoke alone in the bed and started to wonder if the previous night was a figment of her imagination. She started to push herself up from the bed, which caused her body to ache and she immediately knew that last night really happened.

"Good morning my dear," a voice said from across the room, "I hope you enjoyed my gift last night?" It was Richard who leaned against a wall at the far end of the room. As her eyes adjusted to the sunlight streaming through the window, she noticed that Shaun was sitting in a chair in front of the fireplace. Kirsten looked down and saw that she was wearing a beautiful white night dress which made her feel more comfortable to get out of bed.

"Good day Richard. Back so soon from your trip?" she said while making her way to the window.

"You do not seem pleased my dear. Has Shaun already stolen your affection from me?" Richard said while looking sternly at Shaun. "Truth be told, I did not leave last night as the storm outside was too harsh, therefore my journey will be postponed."

"Oh" Kirsten said, not paying Richard much attention.

"Oh? You appear to be unhappy my dear?" he said with real concern in his voice. Richard pushed himself from the wall and walked over to Kirsten, but when he tried to kiss her on the cheek, she stepped back, which upset Richard. "What's wrong Kirsten?"

"Can we speak in private please Richard?"

"Anything you wish my dear." He turned around and motioned her to follow him. They left the room and walked down the hall and up a flight of stairs. They entered the first door on left, which lead into a huge library. The walls were cover in books and had an enormous chandelier hanging from the roof. Richard guided her to a large sofa in the corner. "What is troubling you my dear?"

"Richard, I have so many questions."

"And I'll answer as many as possible."

"What did you mean when you said that you have been waiting for me? I don't even know who you are?"

"Ah, I guess it was wrong of me not to explain first, but it is difficult to put it in words." He sat next to her, staring at his hands as he spoke.

"Please try. I think you owe me that." He sighed, "My name is Richard Blake, and..." he stopped.

"What Richard?" Kirsten asked, moving closer and placing her hand on his shoulder, which made him immediately look into her eyes. He seemed scared.

"Kirsten, I'm not human. I used to be long, long ago..."

"What do you mean Richard?" she said before she removed her hand from his grasp.

"I'm older than anyone or anything you can think of. You and I once shared a life together, before..."

"Before what?"

"You died. You were attacked by a group of rogue werewolves. I tried to save you, but I was too late. I didn't know Emily back then, but if I did, I would have never lost you."

"I... I don't understand?" Kirsten stood up and walked to the burning fireplace.

"Kirsten, I'm a vampire." She turned around in one quick motion, only to find him already standing behind her. She was shocked, because her parents always told her about vampires and how dangerous, but rare, they are. But somehow Richard made her feel safe. He took her hand and held it against his chest. "You and I were young lovers, and during the ceremony..."

"What ceremony?"

"I was about to turn you into one of us, but the doors burst open and a group of werewolves burst in. The attacked all of us, killing all my guards... and you." She saw a tear rolling down his cheek.

"How does Emily fit into all this?"

"Emily is a witch. I captured her on one of my journeys while I was searching for you. I came to find that she has a remarkable ability to cure people's injuries. That's why I said that I wouldn't have lost you if I had her."

"Richard..." Kirsten wanted to speak, but couldn't fight back the tears. Richard wiped away her tears and held him tight in his arms. She could hear his heart beat, which seemed to put her in a trance.

"I thought vampires didn't have a heart beat? And why are able to walk in daylight?" She remembered this from all the stories she was told during her childhood.

"Ah yes, this is one of the most popular rumors regarding vampires. We are able to live in daylight, and we don't have a weakness for silver, garlic or crosses for that matter. Think of being a vampire as a kind of disease."

"What do you mean?"

"Once a human is bitten by a vampire, they receive the gift of immortality. You still have a soul, but it's trapped inside of a body that doesn't age." He took her hand again and guided her back to the sofa.

"I've been like this since 1603. You and I met shortly after that, in 1615 for the first time, but you passed away in 1618." They sat there in silence for a moment, but then she leaned forward to give him a kiss. As soon as their lips touched, an uncontrollable sensation of lust took over her senses.

Richard pushed her back onto the couch and returned her kisses full heartedly. He kissed her neck and proceeded to remove her nightgown. Her nipples were already hard and begged for his touch. His hands all over her body made her weak at the knees and her heart started to race. He kissed her breasts and moved down her stomach to her navel. She could feel the warmth of his breath on her vagina.

Richard kissed her clit softly which nearly caused Kirsten to explode. He paused to remove his own clothing, and then he turned Kirsten over so that her knees were on the seat and her head was hanging over the backrest. He kissed her on her back while both his hands fondled her breasts. Kirsten could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second and started to whimper in pleasure. He took this as a sign to enter her with his manhood. He pushed every inch of his penis inside her tight pussy and pulled out slowly, before ramming into her again.

Kirsten couldn't contain herself much longer and pushed him off of her. She got off the couch and beckoned him to sit down before she mounted him. She moved her hips in little circles, which drove Richard over the edge. He took one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked on it, before he grabbed her hips to speed up the pace. She felt an earth shattering orgasm rip through her body while Richard continued to kiss her breasts. He gave a final push, and filled her vagina with his hot cum. She got off and sat next to him and Richard wrapped her in his strong arms.


"Yes my love?"

"Why did you give Shaun to me as a gift? Why do you give me another man if you love me? I don't want him."

"Shaun was part of my test Kirsten. If you chose him over me in the end, I would have known that it wasn't really you after all. The woman I knew back then only had eyes for me." He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead. "And now I know that I finally found my one true love after so many years." She looked up at him with tears in her eyes. "Do not worry my love, I will send Shaun back home. Unharmed."

Kirsten put her head back on his chest. "Richard, will you please make me yours now, before something happens again?" He put his hand under her chin to lift up her head and stared into her eyes.

"Nothing will bring me more pleasure."

"Then please, do it."

"But I have to warn you that it's a painful process, and once you are given the mark, there's no turning back."

"Do it."

He kissed her on the cheek, before pushing her back on the couch. Richard kissed her again and moved down to her neck. He sank his teeth into her throbbing vanes and sucked until she almost passed out. Her body began to convulse and she couldn't breathe. "Don't panic Kirsten, I'm here with you." She could hear his voice in the distance, but the pain was to extreme for her to handle. Richard in the meantime re-entered her sensitive vagina and thrust to the beat of her shaking body. He kept on staring in her eyes while he softly pulled his fingers through her hair. After a few minutes the spasms stopped and Kirsten laid there lifeless.

Her eyes flew open and she gasped for air like someone that was trapped under water. "Breathe my love." Her heartbeat slowed down and she breathed more gradually.

"Richard?" she whispered

"Yes my love, it is over. We will be together forever." And with that, Richard picked her up and carried her to his room, where he placed her in his bed. He stood there for a moment while she slept, just staring at her.

"Nothing can come between us again my love."

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