Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten Dunst was about to star in a movie set on a farm. Her character would play the farmer's daughter and she felt she needed to know more about farming so her agent arranged for her to work on a farm in Colorado for a few weeks. She arrived on the farm of George Miller early one Monday morning and was ready for four weeks of work. During the first three weeks she learned almost more than she could absorb about milking cows, feeding livestock, harvesting, farm machinery, and planting. By the beginning of her last week she was really starting to feel exhausted and was starting to look forward to getting back to the city. That was until Monday morning when a new farm hand arrived. His name was Josh and Kirsten was in love at first sight. He was tall with curly black hair and blue eyes. His shoulders were broad and her mouth watered at the sight of his biceps. The first time she saw him without his shirt on she couldn't help but stare at his chiseled pecs and washboard abs.

When she was in the shower one morning she herd his voice as he called down to the kitchen and she immediately felt her pussy tingle just at the sound of his voice. Her hand quickly slid down her wet, naked body and began rubbing her pussy which hadn't been serviced since she came to the farm. She immediately started thinking of a plan to get Josh to help solve that problem.

On Friday, Josh had to mend a fence in the one of the back fields and was loading his gear onto one of the tractors when Kirsten approached. "Hey mind if I join you? It might help to know how to fix a fence," she asked as she watched his muscles ripple from arranging the fence posts on the trailer.

"Sure," he replied. "I wouldn't mind some company." He also wouldn't mind looking down her shirt all day seeing as how she had left it half unbuttoned. She didn't have to bend over very far before he could see the red, lacy bra encasing her firm, young tits. Along with the skin tight blue jeans she was wearing, Josh figured he would at least have something good to look at while he labored in the hot sun.

The day was long and hot and Kirsten helped where she could, but she spent most of the time admiring Josh's physique. Early on he had removed his shirt and she was fantasizing about licking the beads of sweat off his chest and shoulders. She realized that it wouldn't do any good to try to take him now because he was so engrossed in his work so she starting planning on what to do that evening. She was leaving in a couple of days and she knew she had to act fast if she wanted to feel his shaft inside her hungry cunt.

When they returned to the house George told them that he and his wife were going out for the evening. Kirsten struggled to hide her excitement as she knew she and Josh would be alone all night. The other farm hands stayed in a separate house and Josh was staying in the main house until one of them left. After dinner George and his wife got ready and headed off. Josh then let Kirsten shower first and she made sure every square inch of her tight body was spotless. While Josh was showering Kirsten quickly dried herself off before putting her plan into action.

Josh finished his shower and dried off before wrapping his towel around his waist and heading back to his bedroom. When he entered his cock almost poked a hole through his towel. Kirsten was lying on his bed wearing only a short, black robe. It was open all the way down the front but her tits were still covered. One side of the bottom the robe was pulled over her pussy while the other was open exposing much of her stomach and hip. Her long, slender legs were slightly bent at the knee with one other crossed over the other. She was staring him straight in the eyes as he approached the bed and stood next to her.

"I've got a problem," she said in a low sultry voice. Josh arched an eyebrow and asked what her problem was. "Well, I've been here for almost four weeks and in all that time my pussy has been so neglected," she said pulling back the corner of the robe that covered her furry, blonde bush. She uncrossed her legs and opened her thighs just enough for Josh to see her pink labia. "Do you think you can help it feel not so lonely?" Without a word Josh sat on the edge of the bed and grabbed Kirsten's thighs and pulled them open before plunging his face into her snatch. His tongue quickly slipped inside her pussy and began circling its moist walls. Kirsten moaned and arched her back slightly pushing her crotch against Josh's face. As he slid his tongue out of her pussy and headed towards Kirsten's clit, Josh slid his right hand up Kirsten's thigh and sank two fingers into her wet cunt. She was moaning more loudly now and she pulled open the top of her robe and began kneading her firm tits and pinching their erect nipples.

Once Josh had had his fill of Kirsten's cunt he kneeled between her legs and threw off the towel around his waist revealing his nine-inch, rock hard weapon that was aimed directly at the blonde starlet's hungry snatch. He grabbed her thighs again and pulled her ass up off the bed as she guided the mushroom of his fat prick to the entrance of her fuck tunnel. He quickly sank his entire cock into her tight, young body and slowly began drawing it out and sinking it back in until her cunt adjusted to its width. Kirsten then reached above her head and grabbed the bedposts on either corner and stared straight up into Josh's eyes. "Fuck me," she hissed at him and he responded by pumping his cock in and out of her as fast as he could. She stretched her long legs up his chest and wrapped her feet around the back of his head as over and over his manhood slammed into her quivering snatch. Her tits bounced on her chest with each thrust. Kirsten was quickly approaching the verge of orgasm and started bucking her hips back against his thrusts hoping to make his cock sink even deeper inside her cunt.

On one thrust Josh managed to graze her G-spot and that was it. Her whole body went tense as her cunt clamped down on his cock and she let out her loudest scream yet. Wave after wave of orgasm rippled through her body as Josh continued fucking her spasming cunt. With her cunt squeezing tighter on his cock he reached his climax just moments after Kirsten's began and he quickly filled her cunt with his hot cream.

He slid his dick out of her and laid her ass back on the bed before moving up her body and slapping his wet cock down between her heaving tits. Kirsten squeezed her tits together and Josh began fucking them. He easily slid between them as his cock was coated with a mixture of her oily juices and his own cum. Kirsten pinched and played with her nipples as she watched the head of Josh's cock appear and disappear between her gorgeous breasts. A few moments later a large jet of cream shot from the head and landed on Kirsten's chin. She managed to open her mouth in time to catch the next dozen shots before the final smaller ones splattered on her chest.

After he pulled his cock from between her tits, Josh sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Kirsten pulled off her robe and wiped her face and chest clean of his cum. She then slid onto the floor and kneeled between his legs and licked the mixture of their cum from his cock. As her tongue and lips slid along the shaft of his cock it quickly grew back to its full length and Kirsten wrapped her hand around it and began to slowly stroke his thick meat. She took his balls into her mouth and gently sucked on them as she increased the speed at which she jacked off his cock. When she felt his cock start to twitch as it approached orgasm, she replaced her hand with her mouth and sucked out another load of his salty cream.

With Josh's cock now spent, Kirsten stretched out naked on the bed and Josh began kissing her all over paying special attention to hard, pink nipples. As he slid his tongue down from her chest towards her belly button, he slipped his fingers back into her cunt. Her back arched just slightly and she sighed as he began rubbing the inside of her snatch. He pressed the base of his palm against her clit as he tickled the inside of her pussy and moved his mouth back to her nipples. He brought her to a final satisfying climax after which she licked her own nectar from his fingers.

She grabbed her robe and started for the door. Josh watched her ass wiggle back and forth as she slowly walked away from him. At the door she turned and said, "Don't be surprised if you wake up in the middle of the night and find someone else in bed with you." With that she went back to the bathroom for another shower.

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