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Kirsten’s Anatomy


My reply was swift, "I have always favored the male sexual genitalia and I get no greater pleasure than to have a man's cock deep in my throat. I thought about that question on this pleasant morning after a splendid night of making love with my lover, Jason.

I lay there in the bed listening to the birds chirping and feeling the cool morning air sweep across my body. One could feel the morning dew in the air. I lay there on my side, my head perched on my hand, the long strands of my rich auburn hair pooled on the crumpled straw colored sheets beneath us. Basking in the sunlight streaming through the window; I looked at my lover sleeping peacefully next to me.

Now I have always been an admirer of the male body. I have taken great pleasure of giving head since I was sixteen years old and feel I am quite accomplished at the art of giving head. The first time was neither pretty nor sensual but it was very exciting. Ever since my first taste of cum and cock I have been addicted to fellatio.

Jason's muscular frame was stretched out as he lay on his back. His blue eyes were closed and the short black stubble was evident on his square rugged face. He was a man that looked good when he did not shave. His broad chest rose and fell in conjunction with his restful, rhythmic breathing. Fine black chest hairs in tight swirls adored his chest and tapered to his cute belly button. From that point the fine black hair spread across his pubic area. His pubic hair was trimmed close and was a fine hair. He had trimmed his hair into the shape of a bikini wedge. The close, fine cut enabled a girl to find the staff of life she was seeking. The black pubic hair ended as the base of his thick shaft in a similar fashion as that of lush grass around a tree.

His shaft was approximately seven and one half inches in length when erect, for those of you that size matters. Jason was semi-erect and my handling his penis may have attributed to this state. There was not a single hair to be found anywhere on this superb part of his male anatomy. His engorged cock lay on his body pointed north and displayed a slight curvature. My eyes took in the beauty of the semi-erect shaft and I inspected it with care.

The foreskin of Jason's penis had escaped the slice of the surgeon's scalpel. His glans was nestled in the folds of the pink foreskin. The glans took the form of a very sensuous mushroom head at the top of a stem. Delicately I slid his foreskin back and completely revealed the sexy pink head of his cock. The head was tethered by the frenulum that ran longitudinally on his penis. I called it the skinny thing on the bottom of his penis. This skinny thing appeared to attach the head and the shaft and maybe it kept him from losing his head. The corona of his penis was a darker color that the rest of the skin on his penis. I licked my lips and let the soft, sensual foreskin return to its normal position. I tried to resist a primal urge, but it was futile. I lowered my head, pursued my lips and then gave his glans a soft light gentle kiss. I felt Jason's cock stiffen as my lips touched his tantalizing skin. I looked, his eyes barely opened and a sly smile on his lips. My lover was ready for more.

Jason stirred a little more as I cupped his heavy scrotum. His balls mimicked his hard shaft, hard and hairless. I felt them and rolled them in my hand. Jason moaned slightly, he was fully awake and enjoying my morning touch as he stroked my hair. His penis twitched and grew harder as I manipulated his balls. I felt my wetness on my thighs as I kissed his swollen shaft. My nipples grew hard as my tongue glided along his hard prick. I caressed Jason's warm, smooth balls and this maneuver excited the both of us.

I fondled his balls and they felt wonderful in my hand. I lightly kissed each one and opened my mouth, and took them in to pleasure them with my tongue. I licked and sucked each one. His balls bounced on my tongue as I teased him. I felt him strain each time my tongue licked them. My teeth pressed against the hot orbs, I would give them a playful nip. Jason moaned sensually. His balls floated in my mouth; my hand stroking his inflexible erect shaft. The secretions from our bodies pooled on the sheet beneath us.

To take a man's penis into my mouth and give him sinful pleasure until he is ready to explode in orgasmic joy is one of my greatest pleasures in life. When I feel the tells of his pending climax, I prepare to receive his gift of cum. His scrotum, drawing his balls closer to his body, the tenseness of his body and the ragged rate of his breathing indicate his tentative orgasm. In other words if he sucks his balls up, is panting like a dog and his toes are curled tight, he is ready to fill my mouth with his thick delectable cum. That is the moment that I crave. Now I let his balls escape from my moist mouth I trail kisses up Jason's secretion to the head of his engorged cock.

I feel his cock throbbing on against my lips as I kiss his shaft, sliding the foreskin back my tongue licks the head of his dick and steals the pre-cum floating on the opening of his prick. That pearl of cum, jets across my pink tongue and down my throat; it is the first drop of Jason's salty-sweet nectar that I desired but not the last.

I touch myself; I am dripping wet and long for Jason to fill me with his cock. I quickly rub my clit and quickly realize that I need more that a finger; my solution, inches away. I grin, being the naughty girl that I am, and I lick my lips. I am in for a treat. I quickly move my hand to the shaft of Jason's penis and leisurely stroke him. I work his shaft with my hand modifying the pressure. He is so hard now.

I love the sensation of taking an erect penis into my mouth. I encircled it with my lips and wrapped my tongue around the head. Pushing the foreskin down as I lowered my mouth onto his cock; feeling his warm flesh growing in my wet mouth as I lick his shaft. His rock-hard prick glides down my throat till my lips kiss his pubic hair. His fine cut hair tickling my lips. I love the sensual feeling of his dick pulsating in my throat as I suck it. At first I slowly slide my mouth up and down on his rigid pole bringing it to life; a life that will pleasure us both. I felt him stir; I knew Jason was fully awake now. He laid there with his eyes closed and his cock in my mouth. My tongue licked his curved, shaved, shaft, tracing the veins of his now unyielding cock. My hands fondled his balls, cradling them and rolling them with my fingers in the palm of my hand.

My speed varies at which my head bobs on his rock hard dick; at time taking only a partial amount of his cock and at other times, taking him deep into my throat. My tongue gliding on his pole, fevered with desire. His balls pulsate and are full of his nectar. I feel the telltale sign of his body tensing and his balls are close to his body. I raise my head; lock my lips around the head of his prick.

Cum sprints up his shaft and erupts from his cock. The sinewy strands of thick white cum fill my mouth with his delicious salty-sweet cum. I feel the warm cream fill my mouth and I swallow his wonderful seed letting it slide down my throat and warm my belly. Greedily I drink from his fountain and milk his cock of all it has to offer. Rivulets of his cum seep from the corners of my mouth as I suck his cock and drip from my chin.

His balls having shot their load and now start to contract, I remove my mouth from his cock and devour his cum. My hand strokes Jason's wilting cock causing it to stiffen; I need it to be ready to fill me with his magnificent cock. I ache with desire and I am wet with my juices. I look up at my lover and he pulls me to him and we kiss I feel the greatest part of a man's anatomy pressed between my aching lips...

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