tagRomanceKirsty and John, The Next Friday

Kirsty and John, The Next Friday


Kirsty: I arrived at the airport early, my flight isn't for another two hours. I rub your business card, tracing the letters of your name with my finger. Your personal information is on the back of the card so I take out my phone and text you.

"Hi John. I hope you are enjoying your ride home. I would love to be riding with you, it's a very special back seat on that bike! I'm at the airport now and am due to arrive in Atlanta at midnight. It'll be late when I get to my hotel room. Have a good night. Kirsty."

I've brought a book with me to read while I wait. I've been staring at this page for ten minutes. I see the words on the page, but my mind isn't absorbing any of it. All I can think about is you. I'm replaying the entire weekend that we just spent together, it has to have been the most erotic weekend of my life. I'm still sore from when we made love. It's a wonderful reminder of the time we spent together.

I force myself to focus on my book and read until they call for me to board the plane. It's a four hour direct flight and my company paid for a first class ticket. There are only three other people in first class. I stow my carry on, turn my phone on airplane mode, and settle in for the flight. It takes about a half an hour until we are airborne. Thirty minutes after that and I've drifted off to sleep.

John: I've been riding for about an hour. I love the feel of the motorcycle, leaning through the turns. But I can't get my mind off of how it felt to have you on the back holding me tightly while your orgasm took control of your body. It makes me hard again just thinking about it.

Half an hour later I pull into my driveway, still semi hard. I unpack my things and start a load of laundry. I look at my phone, there's no message from you yet, but it's 5:30 pm and you're probably not at the airport yet. I'm not hungry, but I am getting tired. I sit on the couch to watch tv and quickly fall asleep.

When I wake up, I check my phone and see your text. I smile when I read your comment about the special back seat. I like that you make a comment about it. It tells me that you enjoyed the ride and are thinking about it.

"Hi Kirsty." I text to you. "The ride was good, but I miss my passenger! The curves aren't the same without you! I hope your flight is smooth and you get to the motel without any issues."

I hit send. I don't want to stop talking with you. I look at the clock, it's 8:05, you should be starting your flight by now. I just need to talk with you more.

"I want you to know how much I enjoyed this past weekend with you," I text again. "It went by too fast. I'd love to see you this coming weekend if you don't have anything planned. Good luck on this business trip, we'll talk again soon :-) ."

As soon as I hit send I regret it. "Way to sound like a love sick school boy who doesn't know how to talk to women," I scold myself. I busy myself with work around the house. I want to see you again, but can't stand that I babble. I wish I was smooth.

I've been able to busy myself and I completely lose track of the time. I've forgiven myself for the second text to you, not for what I said, I meant it. But for acting like a love sick school boy. An incoming text message alerts me to the time; 11:55. My heart skips a beat when I see that the message is from you. I smile because I know you wasted no time replying to me.

Kirsty: The flight lands ten minutes early. I turn on my phone and see that I have two new texts and an email. The email is the itinerary for my business meeting. It's been extended from Wednesday through Friday now. I smile as I read your texts and my heart flutters. I immediately return your text.

"Thank you John, my flight went well. I'm sitting in the plane waiting to disembark. I just found out that my trip has been extended until Friday. My plane lands back home at 4. Meet me at Dawby's Bar and Grill for dinner at 6? It's a classier place than the name implies! People wear anything from jeans to a business suit so wear what you are comfortable in. Can you make it?"

Almost immediately you reply. "Yes I can. I've never been there, but I do know where it is. People tell me the food is good. Have a good night!"

"Great! See you then! Goodnight!" I text back. My heart is beating fast, I can't wait until Friday. The rest of my trip is uneventful and soon I'm asleep in the motel bed.

John: The week goes by slowly. It's not a bad week at all, in fact it goes quite smoothly. But all I can think about is seeing you. I like that you took control and scheduled our date.

"Our date!" I suddenly yell out loud to no one in particular. I've never been to Dawby's. What's it like? What should I wear? Do I need to make reservations?? "Holy crap it's Friday and I didn't make reservations!!" I yell to myself.

I quickly leave my office and tell my secretary that I have a meeting. I climb in my car and drive to Dawby's. I walk in and look around, absorbing the atmosphere. Some people are wearing jeans, others are in suits and dresses. I'm guessing that you will be dressed up. I know what I will wear now. I'll have to leave work early and change before our date.

"Can I help you?" I girl behind me asks.

I turn around. "Yes," I smile at her. "I'd like reservations for two for 6:00 tonight."

"I'm sorry sir, we are all booked full for tonight," she replies.

"Oh no!" I say with a look of despair on my face. "Now I'm really screwed."

"Is something wrong, sir?" She asks me.

"A friend wanted me to meet her here tonight at 6:00 and I completely forgot to make reservations." I explain.

"What's her name?" she asks. I tell her your name as she starts scrolling through the reservation list. "Oh here it is. Reservation for two at 6:00." She looks up and smiles at me. I breathe a huge sigh of relief. "Thank you," I say and leave the restaurant.

As I walk to my car I'm starting to put it all together what you did. You asked me out on a date, picked the restaurant, and made reservations. This has never happened to me before. I like your bold, take-charge attitude. It's attractive to me. But I'm paying for dinner, chivalry is not dead.

I get back to my office and get my work done as quickly as I can. I leave at 4:00 and go home to shower and change. I decide to wear charcoal grey dockers and a blue button down shirt. This outfit has been pre-approved by my secretary and her friend.

They know I'm not color coordinated, I have no style. They know the colors, style, and size that look best on me, and they give me pointers before I go shopping. When I'm trying on clothes, I take pictures which I send to them for feedback. I buy what they approve for me. I'd be lost without their help. I've been getting more looks from women since they've been helping me shop. They joke that if they have to look at me everyday, then I need to be worth looking at.

I ponder the idea of bringing you a present tonight. I decide against that, not wanting to put pressure on us. It's too early in the relationship for presents. I arrive at Dawby's fifteen minutes early, sit at the bar, and order a drink. I'm very excited to see you and pick a seat that faces the door so that I can see you when you get here.

Kirsty: My business trip has kept me busy with meetings, strategic planning activities and work dinners where we are 'wined and dined' by the companies vying for our business. I've thought of you frequently, but for short periods, being too busy with work to afford to let my guard down.

By Friday all the meetings are wrapped up. We tie up the loose ends by 10:00 am and head to the airport for the flight at noon. The four of us are the only passengers in first class and we continue working during the flight home.

As the most senior member on the team, I give the others instructions for the final work that needs to done so that they can have it on my desk by Monday. They'll have a little work to do this weekend, but it shouldn't be too bad. I'm out of the airport and in my car in about ten minutes. I have time to go home to shower and change.

When I get home I collect the mail and put it on the desk, that's not important now. I shower and pick out my clothes. I've chosen a skin tight, spaghetti strap, black dress that is mid-thigh in length. It's not too revealing, showing just a hint of what's underneath. I don't want panty lines, so I don't wear any. I don't wear a bra either.

That's what I like about this dress, I don't need to wear anything underneath, and no one can tell that I'm not. It helps that I'm not very big. I've never been bigger than a B cup but that doesn't bother me anymore. They fit my five foot, 102 pound frame very well. I have good proportions.

Black stockings, heels, dangly earrings, bracelets, and a black velvet purse finish off the ensemble. I put on a cross necklace that hangs in the v of the dress,. I like how it draws the eye. I look at myself in the mirror. I look so elegant. And sexy. It's my favorite outfit. I smile. I can't wait to see you.

John: A little before 6:00 you walk in the door. You don't immediately see me, but I do see you. You are absolutely stunning in that dress. It's definitely my style; classy, elegant, sexy. I can't breathe. You are here, dressed like that, to see me.

I look around the restaurant. Many of the men and women are looking at you. The men are trying to look at you subtly, but the women are boldly looking you up and down. I stand up and walk towards you. The eyes that were on you are now on me as I approach. I know what they are thinking: "he's one lucky guy," and they are so right.

You smile at me when you see me and we embrace. "Wow!" is all that comes out of my mouth. "It is so good to see you again, Kirsty," I say and give you a peck on the cheek. I hold out my arm and you take it. We walk to the stewardess who takes us to a semi private booth that I've pre-arranged with her so that we have some privacy.

Kirsty: Now that I'm on my way to see you, I finally have real time to think about you and me together, and it is getting me turned on. I get out of my car and start walking to the restaurant. The fresh air gently blowing up my dress reminding me that I'm naked under it, and it's turning me on more.

I walk into Dawby's and notice that all eyes are on me. My insecurities suddenly pop up and I get a little nervous, wondering what is wrong with me. "Relax," I tell myself. "They are looking at you because you look good and they are jealous." That's the little boost I need and I confidently continue until I find you.

The slacks and shirt look very good on you, add to that your salt and pepper hair, and you look very distinguished. And so damn sexy. It's not going to be easy keeping my hands off of you tonight. I hope that your sex drive is as high as mine. Once my motor gets running, it can be difficult to shut it down.

Conversation flows freely and it feels so good to be here with you. You order a nice white wine, remembering that it's my favorite. Your blue eyes are drawing me in as you talk. I feel so safe and secure with you. All this is making me even hornier.

John: As we sit here talking, the week of missing you has vanished, and it feels like last weekend was yesterday. I love how easily we can talk. We're not talking about anything sexual, but I find myself semi aroused. Most likely leftover from last weekend I eventually conclude.

"I have a little surprise for you," I say with a smile.

"Tell me!" you exclaim enthusiastically.

"I have two tickets to the play at the Performing Arts Cinema at 9:00 tonight. I've heard that it's very good."

"I'd love to go!" you respond immediately.

Kirsty: Dinner is over before we know it and you pay the bill and we leave. I hang on your arm, it's becoming my safe and secure place. I'm yours and you can protect me. When we get to the fresh air, the breeze once again reminds me that I'm nude under the dress.

I lean towards you and whisper: "I have a surprise for you too."

You put your hand on mine and squeeze it a little. "Oh really? What's your surprise?"

I lean in to you and look directly into those beautiful blue eyes. "I'm not wearing anything under this dress," I quietly whisper.

You stop dead in your tracks. The look on your face is priceless.

John: The more I look at you, the more beautiful you become. Cute, sexy, erotic, and mine. I still can't believe that you're here with me.

..."I have a surprise for you too," you whisper to me.

"Oh really? What's your surprise?" I ask.

I look deep into your eyes as I'm hit with a bomb; "I'm not wearing anything under this dress," you say.

I stop breathing and my heart is jumping out of my chest. You have the same erotic smirk on your face that you had that day at the park when you told me how the motorcycle ride was effecting you. You do this on purpose to me, and you enjoy it.

I've stopped walking, I can't breathe and I can't talk. All my blood has instantly been diverted. My brain has just shut down because my penis has all the blood. That beautiful smirk has not left your face.

You get up on your tippy toes, give me a light kiss on my cheek, and whisper in my ear. "You have no idea how freakin' sexy you are." I can feel your breath on my ear and it sends shivers through my spine. You gently run your fingers through my hair then face forward and tug at my arm a little to get me walking again.

After nearly 30 seconds I start to get my wits about me. I scoop you up and cradle you in my arms. Your arms wrap around my neck and you look deep into my eyes. We kiss. Sensually, passionately, erotically, lovingly. Time stands still, we kiss for as long as we want to.

Kirsty: I've never been in love with my size, but I am when you pick me up and hold me in your arms. Our kiss penetrates deep into me, right to my heart. The kiss is so erotic that it causes me to shake a little.

I move one hand up to run my fingers through your hair. As we finish our kiss and pull back slightly I say: "I missed you. I know we've only known each other for a week, and I'm not trying to put pressure on you, but I really enjoy being with you. Not seeing you this week was harder than I thought it would be."

I don't give you a chance to answer, just in case I don't like it. I put my hands on both sides of your face and kiss you again. My body shivers from the kiss. It seems that we cannot kiss without it being erotic and sensual.

Finally you put me down. I hang on your arm, collapsing ever so slightly into you as we walk to the arts center. Our seats are in the center section, near the back. The theater is about half full. The seat next to you is empty, but a girl in her 20's is next to me with her boyfriend the next seat down.

We're holding hands as we settle in our seats. I lift your hand to my mouth and kiss it tenderly. I've been getting turned on more and more as the evening has progressed. I don't know that any guy has ever had this effect on me. Of course I've never had a good partner, someone who treated me well.

I think that's part of the reason you turn me on so much. We are starting to develop an emotional connection. I longed for this type of connection with my ex. All I got from him was abuse.

When the play starts, the lights over the audience are turned off. It's not pitch black, but it is dark. We are holding hands and I take yours and move it to my lap, resting your hand on my thigh. I gently rub the back of your hand while you caress my leg.

You are very gentle and tender as you rub me. Your hand is slowly moving up and down my leg, sending shivers through my body. After a few minutes your hand moves high enough up my leg so that your fingers are under my dress. Each time you do this I moan softly, you are driving me wild. I've been turned on all evening, and this is turning me on even more, but it's not letting me get close to orgasm.

I need you to move faster. I need you to make me climax. I put my hand on yours and slide it up until your fingers are touching my pussy. As I do this, my elbow accidentally hits the girl next to me.

"I'm sorry," I say to her.

"That's ok," she replies. She glances down and sees that your hand is up my dress. She looks at my face and smiles knowingly at me.

John: Your revelation about wearing nothing under your dress has changed the mood of the evening. When I first laid eyes on you tonight, all I could think about was how elegant and sexy and proper you looked. I was so happy to be back together with you. I wasn't thinking past that.

Now, after telling me what you did, my hormones are raging. My thoughts are not of us having sex right now, but rather on how can I play with you and torture you. If I could, I'd make you cum until you pass out. You seem to enjoy teasing me. "If you can tease me, then I can tease you," I say to myself with a smile.

Kirsty: Your fingers are sliding up and down my slit, spreading my wetness all around. When you touch my clit I shudder. I'm the one who placed your hand on me, but I'm beginning to regret it. I didn't count on how much I was anticipating your touch on me. I am so turned on, the orgasm has built quickly within me and I can tell it's going to overpower me very soon.

I put my hand on yours to stop you. "Easy baby, I don't know if I can be quiet. I'm so turned on right now."

"You should have thought about that earlier," you say with a devilish grin, "before you moved my hand up so I could play with you."

"Oh shit," I say. This is payback, I just know it. And I brought it on myself. I try to focus on the play. You rub my clit then slide your finger over my clit and deep into me. Then remove your finger keeping it on my clit as you do. You are sliding your finger into and out of me without ever lifting it from my clit.

I've never had anyone touch me this way. You have thrown my body into overdrive and I'm losing control. My body is starting to shake and tremble and I cannot control it. I move one hand to your thigh and I'm squeezing hard. My other hand is clenching the arm rest that I share with the girl next to me.

You don't stop the assault on my highly sensitive area. My spasms increase. I lose control of my body as the orgasm starts. I turn my head towards you trying to muffle my cries of ecstasy. You know what's coming and you put your mouth over mine to keep me quiet. That throws me over the edge and the orgasm hits hard. There's no controlling my body, I'm shaking from my head to my curled up toes. I'm moaning into your mouth. We're in a public theater and I don't care.

The pleasure sweeps over me at a level I'm not sure that I've ever felt before. I can feel my eyes roll back in my head. I love how my orgasms feel, but this one surprises me. It's so intense, so out of my control to regulate. My body stiffens and moves according to its own will. As I'm moaning, I can feel the heat of your mouth covering my lips.

I have no power to control anything. I cannot control myself, I can't control your fingers and their assault on my clit, and I can't control your mouth over mine. This could be frightening for me, but because of my feelings for you, and my trust in you, it has actually heightened my climax.

When my orgasm starts to subside you stop your assault on my clit. You pull my dress down, covering me up, and gently rub my legs. Your other hand holds my hand that is on your thigh. Our mouths disengage and I lay my head on your shoulder. The girl next to me rubs my hand and arm that is on our shared rest.

John: This has to be one of the most erotic moments in my life. I love this playful side of you, it's an incredible turn on. You are so wet and I can feel your clit so well. I love playing with your body, it is alive with sexual energy. Your climax is so intense. Your moans into my mouth travel deep to my insides and my body shakes a little.

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