tagRomanceKirsty's Weekend Adventure

Kirsty's Weekend Adventure


Kirsty's (point of view): You and I and 4 of our friends have arrived at the cabin house today, the first day of a weekend getaway orchestrated by very dear friends. All six of us spent the evening in the hot tub and lounge area, talking and drinking lightly. You just met me tonight, and already you know that a one night stand with me isn't going to happen. I'm going to need a relationship. But there is something about me that you can't put your finger on. "Does she have a wild side?" you ask Bill. Bill just grins.

Bill and Rebecca have put us all up for the weekend. They are hoping to set you and I up. You are smitten immediately. I am friendly with everyone and you are having a hard time telling if I am into you or not.

I step out of the hot tub. My body lies about my age, being one of the few women who can still wear a bikini. I grab a towel and fling my long red hair to one side so that I can dry it. All eyes are on me because of a temporary lull in the conversation. "Bill, do you mind if I use the shower?" I ask. "Of course not Kirsty," Bill replies. I smile at everyone and head inside.

John's (point of view): I watch you leave, the curves of your back, waist and butt have me mesmerized. I don't realize that I'm staring until I hear "she looks amazing" from Rebecca. "Fuuuck" I mutter under my breath, but not quiet enough. Everyone laughs. "Does anyone need a drink?" I quickly ask, trying to deflect attention from the comment I inadvertently made too loudly, and head inside to fill the orders.

As I pass the bathroom, the door is cracked open and I can see you. You are facing away from me, and your long hair cascading down your back is still wet, and only makes you more beautiful. The sight of you turns me on instantly and I can feel a bulge in my shorts starting to grow. You remove your bikini top bend down. My cock jumps to full attention. I am so hard I swear that my penis is already in the kitchen. Your ass is just stunning. I don't want to get caught so I quickly leave.

Kirsty: I've left the door open just a crack, just in case you walk by. I see you peek in the door and I get a little wet, I've been planning to give you a little show. I dry myself while watching you through the mirror. Your cock is growing. I focus on it as I bend over for you. It jumps. I smile slightly, looking at my bikini bottom and wondering how I look from your perspective. When I refocus on you, you aren't there anymore.

I put on a red nighty that I got from Victoria's Secret. It's a sexy one piece with a v neck and a skirt that barely covers my butt. Tonight I tease him, tomorrow... I smile big and head out to the others. I join them just as you are passing out the drinks you brought. "What would you like Kirsty?" you ask me.

I look directly into your eyes and give you a big smile. "I'd love a glass of white wine please," I reply, and touch your forearm lightly as I walk past.

Rebecca taps the seat of the big chair she is sitting in, motioning for me to join her. We go way back. "John had all eyes on you when you left," she whispers quietly to me.

"I just gave him a little show. You should have seen his bulge," I whisper back. I make sure to keep my face close to hers so that no one can hear us.

"I did, he still had it when he came in." We talk like this for a while, not seeing that you've come with my wine. When I realize you are in front of me I turn and face you. "Thanks sweetie," I say with a big smile, and take the glass from you.

John: I return your smile and sit in a chair opposite you two. The group has gathered in this room. "How long have you known each other, Rebecca?" I ask.

"Ever since first grade when she pulled my hair and started a fight," she replies.

"That's because you kissed cute little Eddie! I was going to be his first kiss!" You reply, continuing this mock fight. You continue to exchange fake blows in what has to be the sweetest, most respectful fight we have ever seen and the group is very entertained.

You both instinctively pull a blanket up to snuggle under. You lay your head on Rebecca's chest, your cheek on the top of her breast. She starts gently stroking your hair and you close your eyes. Rebecca continues, "After that the bond was instantaneous. We don't have sisters, so we became sisters, sharing everything, especially clothes. We still talk nearly every day."

Kirsty: With my ear on Rebecca's chest, her voice resonates inside my head. Her skin is so soft and smooth and her fingers through my hair is electrifying my body. Our conversation about my show for you has turned us both on. I gently start caressing her flat tummy under the blanket.

There is a reason we both bought matching lingerie from VS; the skirt provides easy access and is discreet. That's important, because even her husband Bill doesn't know about this side of our relationship. I slide my finger down to find her clit, rubbing it and sliding a finger inside her. I know just how to make her cum, and I expertly play with her. She slowly withdraws from the conversation and closes her eyes as her orgasm nears.

I can hear her heart pounding in my ear and feel her nipples harden on my cheek. She is so wet that my hand is soaked. She is radiating heat from the excitement. I feel her hold her breath. I know what's coming and hold her clit with two fingers, just like she wants. Small tremors overtake her body as the orgasm is stronger than we expected. I can feel these tremors through my body and it makes me wetter. She remains quiet and holds me tight as it subsides.

"Hey you two" Bill says, "do you think you can stay awake for a while?" We both open our eyes and give him a small smile. I love it when I can pleasure Rebecca in a group and no one is the wiser. In fact, it's a game we both have played. I whisper "That was so exciting. I love it when you tremble".

"Put your finger inside me and feel my g spot", she replies. Immediately I do this. I can feel her vibrating, her insides are electric with excitement. As soon as I touch her g spot she orgasms again, harder this time. Tremors take over her body again. I look her in the eyes and can see that she is gone. It's all she can do to control herself so that no one notices.

I wiggle my finger and this causes another wave of pleasure and she squirts a little. Her eyes roll back in her head. I sit up a little and she lays her head on my shoulder. I block her face from everyone's view with my head which I lay over hers.

She moans softly into my neck. This is so erotic. I have just jumped up to the level near orgasm. She buries her mouth in my neck and utters a soft guttural growl. This sends shivers through my body and triggers the start of a small orgasm for me. Thank goodness for the blanket as we both are shaking from our orgasms. People around us are talking to each other, completely oblivious.

I feel her fingers enter me. "How the hell can she have control of herself already" I think to myself. She flicks my g spot and another orgasmic wave takes over me. We know each other so well, this can keep going on for a while if we want it to.

John: I am completely engulfed in the conversations going on all around. I glance over at you two and notice that your eyes are closed. "They look so tired" I think to myself.

After about an hour the group decides that it's bedtime. We all get up and start walking to our rooms. "Kirsty" I call and you turn to me. "Did you still want to go for a run in the morning?"

"I'd love that John. At 7?"

"See you then" I say with a smile. You smile back, tap me lightly on the back of my hand, and walk to your room.

When I get to my room, I notice that the back of my hand is wet. "Odd" I think. I smell it. The fragrance...have I smelled this before? It seems very familiar. But then it's not. I go to bed. I can still smell it. My dreams that night are highly erotic.

I sleep fitfully and when I wake up I am so hard. I grab my penis and squeeze it. That feels good but doesn't help me any. I know that I am going to spend the day being very horny. I get out of bed and get dressed. It's 6:50 and I have a few minutes before the run.

"Time for some coffee" I say out loud and head to the kitchen. You had the same idea. "Good morning Kirsty" I say with a very sleepy smile.

"Good morning" you reply, sounding every bit as tired as I am. I can't help but notice how attractive you look, even in old running clothes. We both sit at the table with our coffee and not saying anything, but being comfortable with that.

Kirsty: I can barely hold my head up. I am worn out from all the orgasms I had. Rebecca and I must have tortured each other for at least a half an hour on that chair last night. It seemed like a continuous orgasm. It wasn't, we had breaks in between, but we know how to keep each other close in between them. The fact that we can keep it hidden from the group of people in the same room as us is such a turn on to us. But I still look at your face for signs that you have even the slightest clue.

John: We finish our coffee but don't get up. "How are you doing this morning?" I ask. You look at me.

"I feel like gravity is ten times stronger this morning," you reply with a small smile, "I don't want to get up". I break a smile at this comment.

"You and Rebecca looked pretty tired last night, I think you were asleep for almost an hour on that chair." You look directly at me, studying my face for a moment without saying a word.

"Did we really sleep that long?" you ask.

"It was quite a while" I reply with a big smile. "Are you ready to run? Maybe it will help wake you up". You smile and stand up. We leave together and go outside.

Kirsty: The run quickly gets my blood flowing and I begin to wake up. I'm fairly certain that you have no clue about what Rebecca and I did in the chair last night, and I push that all behind me. We round the corner and a guy leaves for work on his motorcycle. You look at him longingly. "Don't envy his bike John, yours will be jealous," I say with a smirk.

You immediately break a smile. "I need to ride. Maybe I'll take mine out later," you reply.

"It's a very pretty bike. If you take passengers, I'd love to join you. I love riding." You look at me with happy surprise.

"I'd like that very much," you reply and we continue our run. We make small talk the rest of the way and then arrive back at the house just as Bill and Rebecca are making breakfast for the group.

John: Rebecca is still in her nighty and I can't help but notice how stunningly beautiful she looks. Bill is a lucky guy. You walk over and give Bill a good morning peck on the cheek and then walk over to Rebecca and help her with breakfast. That is when I notice for the first time how similar you two are. Well, you have long red hair, she has long blonde hair, but your height and build are very similar. No wonder you share clothes. You two could be sisters.

The other two wander downstairs, awake from their slumber, and the six of us have breakfast. We discuss the plans for the day, which include time to ourselves to do as we please until dinner time. After dinner, Rebecca and Bill have something for the group to do. All they will say is that we will have fun and can drink as much, or as little, as we'd like. This, of course, gets much reaction from the group, as we try to guess what their plan is.

The conversations eventually turn to the day's activities and what everyone intends to do with the free time. I say that I'm going to shower to get clean after my run, and then am going out on my motorcycle for the day. I look at you, and you smile and nod, but don't say anything. The group eventually disperses after the kitchen has been cleaned up from breakfast, and I head to the shower.

I was very surprised that you wanted to join me on my ride, and I cannot stop thinking about it in the shower. The beautiful scenery as we ride the twisty country roads, the vibrations of the motorcycle between my legs, the feel of you leaned up against me and arms around my stomach holding on.

The feel of you leaning on me... I linger on this and realize that I am now hard. You are so sexy. I can't wait to have your body against mine, even though it will not be sexual. I'm so excited to be spending this time with you. I'm so hard. I squeeze my cock. Mmmm. That feels good. I slowly stroke it. My eyes close. I feel you against me, I get harder. Your arms wrap around me, I'm getting very turned on.

Woah! I snap myself back to reality. I don't want to climax now. I get back to my shower. I'm so turned on and hard. "Focus on ugly Aunt Betty" I tell myself. "Focus on anything but Kirsty right now".

I finish my shower and get dressed. I'm still semi hard and I know that's as soft as I'm going to be for a while. I head out to get my gear and look for you. "This is going to be one of my best rides ever, " I think to myself and smile.

Kirsty: We all leave the kitchen and I hear you start your shower. "Good, I have time for a shower too," I say softly to no one. I'm excited about the ride, it's been a while since I've been on a bike, but I love the feel of them. The wind, the vivid smells that you don't get in a car. Bikes are so powerful, you can feel it when the engine rumbles between your legs, and the rush in which the bike accelerates. I'm excited for the ride. It will be fun.

My thoughts from yesterday of teasing you in a sexual way, have been forgotten. We will have a fun day I'm certain, but I'm having no sexual thoughts about you at all. The flame for that was put out when Rebecca and I wore each other out with all those orgasms in the chair last night.

I shower, get dressed, gather my things, and head out to look for you. I walk out to your motorcycle to place my jacket and gloves on your bike and I find you already there, getting things ready. "Hi John" I say with my usual friendly smile. "It's been so long since I've ridden and I cannot wait to go! But I need a helmet. Do you have an extra one?" I ask, looking around.

"I do, or rather Rebecca does, and she said you could use it" John replies as he hands me her helmet.

"Perfect," I reply and take it from you.

We both gear up for the ride and you give me some instructions for the bike. "This bike is a sport tourer, which means it's comfortable and also sporty. The downside is the passenger grab rail is behind you and of little real value. You can use it, but you may feel safer leaning on me and wrapping your arms around my stomach to hold on. You won't hurt me or tire me out, it's rather comfortable. Remember, when we lean in a corner, you need to lean with me, don't try to keep your body vertical. If we lean over too far for you, tap my shoulder after we get through the turn."

You continue the final instructions. I absorb it all, most of it is a good refresher for me, so it comes right back. Pretty soon we are on the bike and heading to our first planned stop about an hour from here. It's a huge state park with plenty of trails if we need to walk around.

John: I checked out the map this morning looking for places to ride. I picked this park because one of the roads on the map leading to it has green dots next to it, which means it should be scenic and winding. The map was not wrong. It's a beautiful road, sweeping turns and smooth with very little traffic.

I am soon lost in the thrill of the ride. Having you lean against my back is very comforting. We move as one with the bike. You don't object to the curves so I pick up my pace a little. You're the perfect passenger. You hug me tight so we move as one, and you're light so the handling of the motorcycle isn't degraded. It's like this bike was made for us.

We approach a sharp right turn. I counter steer to the left, the bike leans right, and then I turn right while applying a little throttle to maintain our curve, and accelerate through the turn. Same thing with the next right. Then a left. The riding is becoming more spirited. No objection from you, you just hold on to me tightly, so I continue. The engine revs rise and fall, correlating with the demand for speed during the ride. It's a beautiful dance we are doing through the mountains.

I can feel your body against mine, your helmet touching my shoulder. The corners are smooth and effortless and the bike sings as we dance through the curves. After about an hour we arrive at the park. I am invigorated and babble non-stop as we park and get off the bike. You smile and listen without saying a word.

Kirsty: I climb on the bike and get settled in, leaning on you and wrapping my arms around your stomach. We take off and I immediately remember why I love to ride. The wind, the smells, and the feel of the vibrations of the bike beneath me. I love it. We turn onto another road which is getting twisty.

I lean forward into you a little more. This pins my clit against the seat and suddenly the vibrations of the bike's engine travel through the seat and into me through my clit. "Umm, wow" I think to myself. I was not expecting this. It's like a big vibrator.

As we go through the turns, the pressure moves slightly to the left or right side, depending on the turn. Accelerate and the pressure lightens, slow down and it increases. The frequency changes with engine rpm. Before the ride I thought I had no sexual energy left. All that's been thrown to the wind now. This big vibrator, also known as a motorcycle, has relit the flame within me.

I lean in a little more to you and hold you tight. I move my pelvis as we ride to get the right pressure, and thus pleasure, to suit me. I'm surprised at how quickly my sexual energy has returned. This is really unlike anything I've experienced before. The adrenaline rush of riding a motorcycle at speed on a twisty road combined with the sexual thrill from the motorcycle vibrations. Vibrations which correspond to the ride, giving feedback from the road directly into my clit. It's a third dimension that I never imagined before.

This is doing a nice job of making me very wet. But the pace is increasing. I lay my head on your back, my body is tingling. I can feel my orgasm getting closer. I shift my body to maintain where I am and not get closer to the orgasm. By the time we arrive at the park I'm horny as hell. My insides are trembling, wanting so badly to climax. I get off the bike but never let go since I need it to steady myself. As soon as we stop you start babbling on about the ride. "Thank goodness" I think to myself "I can't carry on a conversation right now". I just smile. Your animated face is kind of cute.

John: I love your smile as you listen to me, it's very calming, and so damn sexy. We take off our gear so that we can go for a walk, but you never let go of the motorcycle. "Are you ok?" I finally ask.

"Yes, I'm just a little unsteady from being on the bike for so long. It's been a really long time since I've been on one" comes your reply. I hold out my arm for you, and you take it. We start walking down the trail. Pretty soon the conversation flows freely and before we know it, it's lunchtime. The park has a food court and we get our lunch and find a secluded picnic table to eat at. It's right next to the river and is almost a little romantic.

"We should probably head back after we eat," I begin. "Rebecca and Bill have something planned for this evening, and I don't want to feel rushed for it. We could spend the afternoon at the pool or reading or taking a nap. What do you think?"

"I like that" you reply. "I have really enjoyed this, John. Thank you for taking me".

I smile at this. "I'm so glad you asked to join me, it really has been fun," I reply. "Are you going to need me to stop halfway home so that you aren't so unsteady when we get back?" I ask you.

Your face flushes ever so slightly. "Well," you say after pause, "I have a confession to make. It seems your bike has an option that other bikes I've been on didn't have. The feel of the road, changes in engine speed and the leaning in the curves, cause many different vibrations to feed into the seat. Combine this with the angle at which my pelvis is on the seat, and these vibrations are fed into me at a," you pause, searching for the right word. "Well, they go into me at a very sensitive place causing me to become instantly aroused. My unsteadiness came because I was near orgasm for half the ride," you say matter-of-factly and then put a forkful of salad in your mouth. You never take your eyes off of mine, watching me intently for my response while you chew your food.

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