tagChain StoriesKismet Ch. 15

Kismet Ch. 15


Author's Note: I wish to extend a huge thank-you to voluptuary_manque for his help in constructing this chapter. He allowed me to include some of his work in my story so I could tie up some political strings. Thank-you VM! Also thank you to estragon, copy editor. Enjoy! ~ Red


Excitement rolled through the women of the harem as word spread that several of them would be traveling with their Master and his mother. Hera was the most excited and all knew why. Her story, since coming into the harem of Ulvi, had spread, and the women all knew that she was once a favored lover of the Sultan, as well as mother to one of his daughters. Some women envied her, others did not.

Hera stood outside and stared at nothing in particular. Her arms were crossed under her breasts and for the most part she was ready to leave her Master's home. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the rare breeze that touched her face. Ulvi had gifted her beyond all hopes and dreams, and much sooner than she ever thought possible; she was going to be reunited with her daughter's husband, which meant one day she might see her daughter too.

Her Master had asked her for honesty; his request for her to speak truthfully to him had come after he told her of his desire to seek the counsel of their great leader. He spoke candidly about his fear of taking her to the Sultan's palace and losing her to him. When she felt the truth of his words wash over her, her heart skipped a beat. Ulvi cared more deeply for her than she ever hoped and her desire to be more than just another woman to warm his bed was growing heavy in her heart.

She had turned in his arms and told him most of what her heart demanded of her, leaving out her newfound love and adoration. Hera confessed that when she first bent to his will and the life expected of her, it was with the hopes she could gather enough gifts that could be used to buy her daughter's freedom. She realized, though, that no matter how sweet the gifts were, it would take more than those to free her child.

He agreed with her, but remained still as he listened to her confession.

Hera spoke of how she then thought to ask him to purchase Afsoon from Risay and Hera would convince her daughter to become a willing occupant of the harem, and teach her how to please Ulvi in all ways.

He had asked her if she still wished all of this. She told him that her true desire was to know her daughter was safe. The rest, she now accepted, was out of her hands. He had made love to her that night, showering her with caresses that seemed fit for a virgin bride than a concubine and mother.

A week later he called her to him, and showed her a missive that had been delivered earlier in the day. The words written upon the parchment was a letter of acceptance for a visit from Ulvi to the Sultan himself. Her former lover's seal rested at the bottom, under the sealed signature of some important official. Hera could not make out the name; her tears blinded the script.

Her Master had taken her words to heart and was going to seek out and try to find her daughter. Hera at that moment felt her heart tremble and knew she was falling in love with the man who would forever be her keeper...or at least she hoped.

Now she was faced with the knowledge that the Sultan could very well force her to stay with him. Hera did not want to; she turned and looked at the women in the harem. Though not all liked her, most did, especially Tulay, her best-friend. This was her home now, and though he kept all the ladies content and satisfied, she truly felt she was someone Ulvi, felt differently about. He was treating her with more respect every time they joined as man and woman.

She watched Tulay leave a group of women and come toward her. They greeted one another with a hug and Tulay kissed her cheek.

"Are you scared?" the woman asked.

Hera shook her head.

Tulay brushed back her hair. "It is a good sign. It shows that Master truly thinks highly of you. It is a gift he gives -- this visit. But it is also a test, a test to see if you are truly over your lust for the great Sultan."

Hera smiled. "I know what it means, and I am over my lust. I just pray that the Sultan is. I truly wish to remain here, by our Master's side, as well as yours. I wish to bow before the First Wife and thank her for the gifts she's given me."

Tulay frowned.

"What is it?" Hera asked her friend. She took her hand in hers and pulled her away from the prying eyes and ears of the other women. They sat down a bench. Hera held her friend's hand and waited for Tulay to share her troubles with her.

"I do not believe Master is going to choose me as first wife," Tulay admitted.

Hera's brows were brought together, furrowing her forehead. "Why do you say this?" she asked. "Master knows you are the one that taught me all I needed to please him, and you helped keep the jealousy of the others at bay. Why would you now think it was all for naught?"

"You know Karit," Tulay said.

"Of course, she is one of the oldest of all of us, and good friend to Master's mother."

Tulay nodded. "She and the Master's mother are very close and she was told to come to me and prepare me for the realities of life," Tulay said in a whisper.

Hera noted her friend's eyes brimming with unshed tears. "But you do know them; you are wise beyond your years. What puzzling words for her to give you and make you fret."

"She told me that Merit asked her to make me see that my place is here, in this world, not in the world of man -- a world full of travel, politics, and the dealings of deceit that will happen if our Master ever is seen as more than another landowner and loyal servant to our esteemed leader," Tulay said. Her shoulders sagged and her head hung low.

"That is stupid -- Karit knows nothing. You would make a strong diplomat's wife. I should know! I have met many and believe me, you have more morals and more smarts than all of them combined!" Hera was angry and her words were loud. Some of the women turned to stare at them, but none were close enough to understand what was said, just that it was said with passion.

"Hera, it is all right -- I mean, it will be. It is hard to accept. I had such great hopes of being the first wife, now I must remind myself that second wife is just as lofty, and if I am not worthy enough to stand at his side in the dealings of politics, then I am more than worthy to guide his house when he and his first wife are away on business," Tulay said.

"But if you are not to be his first wife, who is? Karit? Because she is older and wiser? She knows nothing about politics outside of a harem. She would embarrass Master," Hera rolled her eyes, leaned back and crossed her legs at her ankles. "A fool he is, a fool. With the right guidance you could easily captivate a room full of stuffy English swine! Hell," she lowered her voice, "I will teach you. I will guide you in the way of the English and...."

"No, Hera," Tulay said, interrupting Hera's tirade. "I do not wish to leave this world. Our Master will not need anyone trained in the ways of the English, for he has already decided whom the woman will be."

Hera sat up and studied the young woman's face. "You know this?"

"Karit told me what Merit wishes and in truth it makes sense. After all, this woman is educated in both worlds, knows several languages, and understands the workings behind the false smiles and crooked handshakes."

Hera laughed. "There is no woman in this house that knows the dealings of the English except me." The last word faded as Hera felt Tulay's fingers grip her hand.

"It seems, my dear friend, and you are my friend, though I was willing to punish you if I had been made first wife... my training was too good," she whispered.

"But, but it is not the way we planned it," Hera told her. Tears fell as she realized how hurt Tulay must feel and how betrayed. "I'm sorry, Tulay. I'm so sorry."

Hera pulled her hand free and covered her face. Tulay pulled her close and brushed the back of her hair with a gentle touch. "Shh, my friend. I should be -- no I am proud of all you have done. You are a woman, a real woman who deserves to sit at Master's side. You will, as Karit and Merit say, bring him great honor and be a weapon in his hand. With your help you will introduce him to the ins and outs of those dignitaries that seem to be flocking to our region. He needs this...and you need it as well. You were never meant to be a harem woman."

The two women held each other for several minutes before Tulay pulled free of Hera's embrace.

"Are you sure it was wise to tell me of your suspicions?" Hera asked.

"I believe it is why I was told. Karit knew I wanted to be named first wife and Merit did too. They each have a good heart. It was best to find out now. To find out later," Tulay licked her lips and took a deep breath, "would have hurt more and this," she squeezed Hera's hand, "friendship would not be salvageable."

"If what you say comes to pass, you will be given whatever your heart desires. I will bestow on you all I am able. Our Master will have need of only a third wife to care for the babes you give him. I...," Hera sighed, "...I can only give him one, maybe two more, before my womb grows cold."

Tulay laughed softly. "Do you want more babes before your 'womb grows cold'?"

Hera shrugged her shoulders. "I will love a child no matter if it is mine or another of my husband's wives -- if he makes me his wife. To have another, if it is meant to be it will happen. If not there will be other babies for me to cradle." Hera stood up and took her friend's hand. "Come Tulay, let us take our lunch in my chambers. This talk we can continue inside, away from the growing heat of the day."

The two women left and as the day progressed, those chosen to accompany their Master and his mother were soon eagerly taking their places inside the vehicles that would take them across the desert.

Traveling through the day was tedious, due to the heat, but also the pace. With such a large caravan of people, animals, vehicles, and carts loaded with supplies and gifts it was no wonder that when they made camp the first night, Ulvi was annoyed by the lack of distance they had placed between them and his lands.

It was that annoyance that caused the tension in his shoulders, back and legs, that and the fact that he, like all his men, had traveled on horseback, poised and ready for any sign of bandits. Tulay and Hera both worked the corded muscles of their Master's body. He lay on a cot, which had been brought into his tent, along with Tulay and Hera's mats. His back was to the women.

Tulay sat naked just above the curve of his ass, on the small of his back, facing his feet. Her fingers flexed and curled tight around the cheeks of his butt, squeezing the muscles and pushing them into his body, then rubbing them deep until it he moaned.

She smiled and moved down farther, to stroke the rippling cords in his thighs. One leg at a time was given her full attention. Her breasts dangled over them; her nipples occasionally brushed the hairs of his legs, as she almost lay down his legs' length so she could begin working the tension from his calf muscles and then his feet.

Ulvi grunted and groaned his encouragement as his women set out to please him. He felt the smaller woman's hands on his legs, flexed his feet and cursed softly when she found a tender spot that was given special attention. His other favored one, Hera sat directly behind Tulay facing the back of his head. He closed his eyes, imagining the two naked women pressed back to back.

The images went undisturbed as he felt Hera's elbows dig into the flesh and meat of his back. The rolling motion of her ministrations made him sigh like a child having a dream of fanciful candies and sweet pies. He took a deep breath and felt her fingers knead his shoulders, spine and neck. He reached his arms outward, so she was able to lie over his back. She began to deliver teasing caresses to his upper arm.

She rolled his flesh back and forth, moving down to his forearms, and then his fingers. Her breasts pressed into his shoulder and neck. He wanted to turn and take the full orb into his mouth and suckle deep from the full tit. His cock jerked under him as he saw Tulay in his mind working his rod, while the redheaded Englishwoman fed him her nipples.

Hera noted the sounds of her Master and knew she and the younger, smaller girl were pleasing him. She also sensed the change in his desires almost as soon as she felt the shifting of his hips. The Englishwoman turned, and smiled at Tulay, who also sensed their Master's wants. Neither had failed to notice him moving under them as if he wanted to ease another tense muscle.

Hera climbed off her Master, as did Tulay. Ulvi rolled over, exposing his engorged cock. Ulvi did not have to speak or command his women, each knew his likes. Tulay had pleased him immensely since coming to him, and she had done well in instructing the Englishwoman.

The redhead waited until Tulay was in position. The small girl climbed onto their Master and placed his cock at her pussy entrance. Hera watched as she lowered herself onto his shaft and placed her hand on the back of his balls. Their Master groaned in appreciation. His hand moved to cup Hera's ass, she took the signal and climbed on to join her friend and mentor.

The Englishwoman with the thick red hair trailing down her back and brushing the cheeks of her ass, positioned her bald pussy over their Master's face. She sighed contently when his hands grabbed her hips and brought her sex down onto his tongue.

Both women moved in exquisite harmony with each other. Tulay rotated her hips and ground her pussy into Ulvi's pelvis. His cock head pressed deep into her. She used her fingers to massage his testicles and tease the soft pad of flesh under the velvet sack. Her pussy lips were spread wide, her clit exposed and swollen. Hera smiled at her friend and saw the passion evident in the rise and fall of the girl's chest.

She also was growing in desire, as Ulvi's tongue traveled the length of her pussy and his finger toyed with the tight opening of her ass. She moaned and hissed while he lapped and fucked her channels. Her juices flowed thick and heavy and he worked to gather them up. Tulay noted her distress, and licked her lips while both women took in the breasts of the other.

"Master," Hera whispered, her voice was soft and mewing.

"Hmm?" he asked, his mouth tight against her sex.

"May we please each other, while pleasing you?" Hera asked, her voice was pleading, almost childlike. There was a brief pause in their Master's attentions, and though it was but a second, it seemed like an eternity to the aroused females.

"But of course, my English slut, please the whore you call sister," he then went back to devouring the pussy in front of him.

Both women grinned at the names he had used to describe each of them. Neither was offended, if anything they were more aroused and excited. Their fingers reached out to clasp the other by the back of the neck. The need and desire they felt were the same and when their lips touched and their tongues began to milk the other with sucking and twisting motions both women gave up more nectar for their Leader.

Ulvi heard the panting and moaning of his women. The sounds drove his lust into greater heights. He bucked upward and thrust his cock harder into the slave girl, while forcefully dragging his English slave up and down his face.

Hera felt her Master's fingers digging into her hips. The sensation rolled up through her back, along her belly, down into her abdomen and skated across her pussy. She drank her fill of Tulay, eventually abandoning the young girl's mouth and suckling from one of her breasts.

Tulay's head lolled back as the redhead pulled and teased the orbs of her chest. Her Master's cock was full and thick. The head slammed into her. She kept herself anchored to him so as not to be thrown off. Hera's fingers moved down to began teasing Tulay's clit while maintaining a firm hold on her right nipple. Tulay was on a different level than the others; her body was young and easily manipulated.

Though she was not new to pleasure, she was still considered easy to make come, because her juices flowed thick and eager down her channels. She was the first to shout her release. Her Master's name fell from her lips in a long squeal.

Hera smiled; pulled her hand away and licked the fluids clean, while their Master shot his milk into the young woman. She watched the seed bubble out and quickly shifted so she could drink from it. Her tongue swiped along the edge of little Tulay's sex and the base of Ulvi's cock.

Ulvi knew what his English slave was doing and encouraged it. He left her pussy and began to rim her ass, causing Hera to buck wildly. He pushed three fingers into her sex, and fucked her while sucking and tongue the tight entrance. When she came it was with a gush of fluids that coated his face. He pulled her back and rubbed himself against her, washing himself in her slick honey.

Hera gasped and purred as she showered her Master. She felt Tulay's hands back in her hair and the two women kissed, while Ulvi cleaned his redhead's pussy. The three eventually were forced to abandon their positions, but not before all had spent time kissing and stroking softly their sensitive regions. When it was time to retire, Ulvi watched the two women hold each other and share their mats.

He closed his eyes and knew that once he gained the Sultan's permission he would make Hera is first wife. A part of him considered what to do with Tulay. His mother's words still hovered in his mind, perhaps he could still be considered a worthy opponent with the foreigners if he had two wives. He could take Hera as first, and Tulay as second. Hera would accompany him on trips, while Tulay maintained his house.

He rolled over and stared at the peak of his tent. But he was too inexperienced to know the ins and outs of politics. He needed someone like Hera at his side; he needed the respect of the outsiders, and would having two or three wives still allow him that respect? He was young; he hated to admit it, but it was true. His mother had planted grand ideas into his head, and perhaps he was over-thinking the desires that were now building inside him.

Ulvi had always seen himself as a simple man; he was content with his small collection of women. He enjoyed mining for the precious gems, and yet, the idea of doing more with himself, of being known as someone besides another keeper of his Sultan's wealth, appealed to him. His eyes closed and his troubles plagued him in the darkness until sleep forced him to succumb to the dreams of two women cuddling, cooing and pleasuring each other.

The journey through the sands was for the most part uneventful. The ladies slept most of the day, and when they weren't sleeping, they were mending, drawing, or creating stories of great majestic beasts that their Master could slay with a magical weapon or lamp. Hera laughed right along with them, as well as took her turn at telling stories. Most she recalled from not only her childhood, but during the times she had shared them with Afsoon.

Whenever she grew melancholy, the other women would gather around her and urge her to continue the tale. It soon became obvious what stories were similar in her culture as well as theirs. The final night out in the dessert was spent in celebration. They had been greeted by the Sultan's men, and the entire group watched as a select few women danced for their Master and his guests.

A few soldiers were given the honor of choosing from Ulvi's collection of women, but none were given the honor of Hera. Tulay lay that night with Mahmood Al-Bezier, the Sultan's Head of Secret Service, the Black Squadron. She knew it was an honor and in the morning, she was sure she had pleased the man with her many talents, and made sure he left the tent again satisfied.

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