Kiss. Fuck. Come. Kiss. Fuck. Come. Every time was the exact same, like you could swap them out for each other. Kiss. Fuck. Come. No change, no experiments, no toys, no foreplay, no difference. Always the same position when we come, always the same predictable order. Not only predictable, but entirely routine. Kiss. Fuck. Come. The only differences ever arose when I was just too damn bored and couldn't come, then he would and ask "what's wrong?".

"Nothing, just can't right now," I'd reply monotonous and excruciatingly unimpressed.

Most of the time I would have to work myself up with some raunchy porn I'd found, or creating exquisite scenes in my own mind to be able to climax with him. Fantasizing about big, muscular men tossing me around like a rag doll, having their way with me, treating every inch of my skin like it needed to be kissed and caressed before they could go any further. Then commanding me into various positions so he could see every part of me, every aspect of my sex. He'd tease and torture me with delicate touches, just lightly enough to deny my clit some pleasure, making me ache for even a tight pinch on my tingling nipples, a hard press on my throbbing clit, or even just the tip of his beautiful cock –

"ready for some, honey?" it broke the build like a clumsy kid kicking over blocks.

Kiss. Fuck. Come. Kiss. Fuck. Come.

Work was always a place where I could get a little inspiration, a little bit of character to add to my mental filmfest. I really did prefer when I could make myself come only using my own fantasies, it made me feel like I could submit and yet keep control at the same time. A sound intrigued me, I craned my neck to look down the hallway from my desk - Caroline's footsteps, the sexy "teacher's walk" of her high heels down the laminate flooring of the hallways, click-clack, click-clack. That sound always made me think of the teachers in high school I fantasized about during History; the young women who were the pinnacle of sexy. Not my true sexual preference, but so tantalizing, authoritative, overtly sexy in skirts and pantyhose, silk blouses and pumps. Doesn't help that so much porn centres around teachers 'disciplining' their students.

She stopped halfway down the hallway to adjust her skirt and then balanced on one foot to try to make the other foot more comfortable in the anything-but-comfortable shoes she wore. Sometimes I thought most women were secretly submissive simply by the clothes they wore. Pants just a little too tight, blouses obviously restrictive, painful shoes that made all those around stare at their long, flexed legs. A constant reminder of secret restraint all day long. There was my fantasy for tonight. Just a little bit of bondage. A very little bit - because even the word makes me a little uncomfortable, but the attitude not the ridiculous clips and restraints, is the truly sexy aspect of kink. The focus and care of a dominant lover, the obedience of a submissive lover, both enjoying each other's role so much they must practise restraint in order to build the orgasm slowly so it explodes in a fury of pleasure rather than a flaccid little spark.

Tonight would be the night, I would finally take some initiative and create some heat. I craved it, but always worried Marco would think I was a freak, or he would laugh at my need. I don't care, I'm so wound up I feel like I could flood the office if I even touched myself. So long without a real orgasm, so long since Marco really made me wet all on his own. Tonight I would do it, I'll buy a really sexy outfit on the way home, dress up like a high-class whore and see what his reaction is. Maybe I'll show him my favourite porn to give him some ideas. ..

I opened the door swiftly despite my shopping bag and attaché case, expecting an empty house – but Marco was home. Strange, he never got home before me, even if I did do a quick shop on the way. His shoes were there, briefcase on the table, but no hello, no Marco visible. I walked upstairs slowly, quietly, as if I was expecting someone else to be there. I began to hear deep, quiet moans and the sound of the computer speakers from the bedroom. I cracked the door open silently and saw Marco sitting there stroking himself slowly watching porn. Wait, my porn, my female submissive porn! A man in black leather pants with a riding crop whipping a brunette's already pink-streaked ass while she furiously sucked his cock from her handcuffed and kneeling position. My panties felt warm, I felt like my pussy could see what my eyes were seeing. I didn't know what to do – I didn't want to interrupt and embarrass him, he was enjoying the thing I've yearned for! I silently backed away and crept down to the main floor bathroom. I quickly stripped and put on the corset. I still had some very sexy black panties on, so I just touched up my make-up and looked at the sexpot I had transformed into. Black pumps, thigh-high stockings from my work outfit, lacy black panties and that hot corset that pushed my tits right up. I began to walk upstairs and I heard rustling as Marco was nervously trying to change the screen on the computer and put his still very erect dick back in his pants.

I pushed the door open and suddenly a voice I'd never heard before escaped my throat. "Please don't put away your cock, I was hoping I'd be rewarded with it soon". It was low and gravelly, but hummed like silk against naked skin. Marco's jaw dropped, he ignored the computer and his still unzipped fly and stared unabashedly at this woman who had replaced his wife.

"I had no idea - do you dress like this often?" He asked, still perplexed, but slowly starting to stir.

"I've been so desperate to show you what I need" I responded, some of my voice returning, but still low and soft. "I want to be that brunette you were just watching".

"I thought you would think I was a horrible man who wanted to beat you, I could never tell you how much I wanted to dominate you, but, I mean, your history with women's lib is a little intimidating" he confessed. It came from his heart, but was as exciting as it was sensitive.

"I know, I thought the same thing – I felt like a hypocrite" I whispered, then looked up and locked eyes with him "but I love you, I want you, I trust you, and I want to submit to you"

That was all he needed, just hearing the word 'submit' made him stand up and walk over to me.

He squeezed around my chin with his strong hand, pressing my cheeks and lips together, holding my head in his grip. His other hand slowly traced down my breasts, down my waist and hips to squeeze my ass tightly. My eyes closed and the first throb in my crotch pulsed. Then with both hands he pulled my corset down just a few inches so that my tits just sat on top of it, exposed and perched. He just stared at me, he didn't kiss me but simply analyzed every feature of my face like he had never seen them before. Suddenly he grabbed both nipples at the same time, squeezing so hard I let out a little squeal like a dog whose tail has been stepped on. He pulled me over to the bed by my now diamond cutter nipples, they were screaming in agony while my mind was drowning in bliss. He pulled down on them, at first I just stood there taking the pain with the pleasure, until he pulled hard enough to make me realize I was to sit on the edge of the bed.

"I want to know how badly you want to come" he said in a voice that had lost it's soft, sensitive tone. "Show me how much you want my cock inside you"

I could explode right there for this new Marco I had never met before. It felt like first time sex with a new lover, so exciting, surprising and new. I could see his crotch bulging through his jeans, still unzipped, imagining how desperate he must be because of my interruption. He undid his belt and wrapped it around my wrists behind my back.

"No hands, no help, no touching yourself," he commanded and pressed his hips toward my face. Immediately I began biting at his jeans, I finally got the right part around the button and pulled them open with my teeth. He slid them down and revealed his large, tan rod. I opened my mouth and delicately kissed the tip, tonguing the soft skin where the head meets shaft. This caused a low groan of pleasure to escape Marco's throat. Then like a horny teenager I began to suck and lick the tip harder, French kissing with the head of his quivering cock, which responded to nearly every movement. After a moment, Marco grew weary of this teasing and thrust the entire shaft in my mouth and down my throat.

"I do the teasing here. I control – you obey" Marco said as he held my head with both hands, twisting his fingers through my hair and pumping his cock in my mouth. I could barely breathe, I took gasps of air when I could, concentrating on keeping my lips tight around him. Suddenly he thrust as far as he could down my throat and commanded again.

"Look up at me, slut". Another throb in my crotch, why did I love to be abused so?

A mumbled "Yes, Sir" barely escaped my lips still encircling him. Now he stopped moving and forced me to look at him while I desperately tried to keep him in my mouth, working without hands and attempting to suck his cock with all my might. I could tell he was close to coming, and I worked furiously to bring him there. I moaned with him, grinding my hips into the bed, trying desperately to bring some satisfaction to my throbbing clit, I could feel my panties soaking through the longer I held his cock in my mouth. Finally I felt the shudders, Marco grabbed my head and erupted in my mouth. Hot, sweet, salty bliss filling my mouth. He kept himself fully in my mouth until the last spasms of his orgasm had faded. Only then was I allowed to swallow. I usually hated it, but today...

"On your knees, you filthy whore," a tinge of relief mixed with assertive anticipation in his deep, growling voice. I obeyed, facing away from him with my ass and dripping wet pussy arched up towards him awaiting whatever painful delight is to come. I felt both his hands stroke up my legs from my bent knees to my round ass where he grabbed both sides of my panties and ripped them down, loosely tying my knees together. I could feel the cold air shock my wet sex, feeling the oozing wetness sliding down towards my clit, swollen and red. Without warning, a firm smack on my right ass cheek made me flinch, I could feel blood rush to the area.

"how badly do you want my cock?" He asked "I haven't gotten a very good answer yet"

"I crave your cock, I want you deep inside me, please fuck me Sir," I responded in the same gravelly tone, but softer, quieter.

"I don't believe you," was his response with another quick spank to same area. "your mouth wants my cock, but your pussy hasn't convinced me. Put your face on the bed, and I don't want to hear another sound from you until I permit it,".

I could barely believe what I was hearing, my mind raced back to earlier today in my infinite boredom and gazes at Caroline's legs and now here I was with my ass in the air, face awkwardly pressed against the bed, hands belted behind my back and obeying orders from my now dominant master– I was in sexual heaven.

I could feel his fingers rough from work, sliding up and down my slit, soaking in my wetness, enjoying every flinch when he touched the delicate underside of my clit, now pointed up and ready for his torment. Then three fingers without coaxing or warning thrust inside me and I almost cried out in pleasure. Knowing I was forbidden from making any sound was almost as difficult as lying in this uncomfortable position. He fucked my aching sex with his fingers, pounding me until I was almost sore. Then he stopped and pulled out, reaching his hand around and stuffing the fingers in my mouth where I instinctively sucked every bit of my juice from them. I licked between his fingers and sucked each one like my pleasure depended on it, but then just the littlest moan escaped my throat. As soon as he heard my little noise he pulled his hand from my face and spanked me 5 times – hard. Each felt harder than the previous.

"What did I tell you about your mouth?" He bellowed. I winced and stayed silent.

"Good little whore, I thought you would forget again and respond," he moved back behind me and flipped me over with one strong single-armed toss. Now I lay on my back, with my hands still belted behind me. Marco reached underneath me, pressing his chest against mine and released my hands.

"Now you deserve a little reward for your obedience," he said, smooth and seductively. He pushed himself up on his hands where I could soak in his muscular shoulders and chest which looked so different than before. He bit my nipples, each one hard and long pulling up until it ripped from his teeth and them moved to the other, repeating this blissful agony. Then he swiftly moved towards my sex, pushing both legs up toward my face. Then I could feel his hot breath on my sex, half ravaged from his fingers but still wet and hot. His whole mouth covered my sex. Tongue pushing inside me, his teeth pressed on my clit began singing in my mind for finally being attended to. Then he got to work. Doing nearly the same things I had done to his dick, he sucked and licked my clit slowly, but gaining ferocity. I felt the knots of orgasm begin to tie up in my stomach. I arched and rocked, staying as silent as I possibly could, just gasps of air without sound as I occasionally remembered to breathe. I grabbed around his hands, holding my legs and squeezed my nails into his hands, trying to displace some of the overwhelming pleasure filling my body. Marco sensed my climax approach and keeping his hands on my legs sprang his knees up to my hips and dove entirely inside me. I nearly screamed with every ounce of strength I had, but unable to handle Marco taking away this intense pleasure I bit my lips hard and simply took his cock. He pounded and pounded me, the bed smashed against the wall, and I was pushed back an inch every time our hips crashed together. That was it, I felt electricity through my limbs and saw intense flashes of colour behind my closed eyes as my body yearned to cry out in incredible moaning thanks. The intensity of building at its peak, with one hard thrust I came. Pushed over the edge, wave after wave of intense orgasm pulsed through my veins, with each thrust of his cock, I felt more of my come gush out from between our bodies. Marco was groaning loudly, digging his fingers into my thighs fucking me harder and harder. He could feel me begin to relax as my orgasm subsided, and the reality of this moment set in again. Now the pleasure was all his, he stretched my legs apart and bent down on top of me. Beads of sweat rolled off his shoulders onto my chest as he fucked me, not so furiously now, but rhythmic and intent.

He was building towards his own climax. I clenched my pussy tight around him then relaxed and immediately enjoyed his reaction. Again I clenched and saw the effect in his body. His elbows tried to buckle, but each time he harnessed the strength to continue. Without warning I felt his hands slide beneath my back and pull me from the soft covers. In a flash I was suddenly straddling his hips as he lay back on the bed, sweating and moaning under his breath. As I gained my spatial senses, I moved my hands to his chest and pressed my fingertips into his muscle; rocking back and forth I began to ride him. At first just movements back and forth, round and round, but then his shell of control began to break as I could sense him reach closer towards his own climax. I leaned forward, grazing my lips across his and began to use my body as an instrument for his pleasure. I sheathed and unsheathed him from me, as he found his orgasm, vibrating and quivering he filled me with spasm after spasm of his pleasure, I could feel the force of it filling me. Still joined as one we embraced, heaving and panting, kissing and enjoying the aftermath of pleasure still pumping through us.

For the first time we both enjoyed truly each other. We had found and served each other's need.

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