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Kiss Her


"Kiss her. If you meant what you said, kiss her." Samantha's husband said as he slid to the edge of the sofa; sipping his gin and tonic. "You have joked about it for a long time -- so back your mouth with your actions."

Sam turned to Diane, a little unsteady on her feet after the bucket of margaritas on the deck. Diane licked her lips nervously. Sam stepped towards her, put one hand on Di's hip and her other hand on the back of Di's neck. Sam leaned forward as she pulled Di into her and kissed her on the mouth.

Di tasted cherry chapstick as she looked into Sam's eyes and then cut her eyes to Dennis. Dennis was drinking his drink again, a hungry look in his eyes. As the women took a step back, Sam's son walked into the room, said bye to his mom and dad and walked out the door to spend the night at a friend's house.

The moment broken -- all three of them walked into the kitchen to fill up their drinks. The women walked back to the living room together; Dennis watching their jeans hugging their legs and ass with every step.

Sam leaned over to Di and said -- "Lets give him a show, next week is his birthday. He has talked about this forever; he even talks about it when we are making love."

Di was quiet as she whispered in Sam's ear, "I will do whatever you want -- just because we are best friends and you would do it for me." Had she really just said that? Di wondered in her head, having a conversation with herself. Sam was her best friend in the entire world, she had been in their wedding, but, Dennis wasn't really her type.

As she conversed with herself, Dennis sat back down on the couch, "So, you didn't kiss with any tongue. Can you try it again?"

Di shrugged her shoulders, "I guess we could try it again."

"Showtime." Sam whispered against her ear as she slid her hands down Di's shoulders and leaned into kiss her again.

Di closed her eyes and tried to relax as Sam's lips touched hers. She felt Sam's tongue licking against her lips. She kissed Sam harder and allowed Sam's tongue to invade her mouth.

"Much better." Dennis said as he stood up and swallowed the rest of his drink. "Glad its only us adults in the house tonight."

Sam kissed Di harder and Di began to respond to her. Di could feel a tingling in her belly as she kissed Sam back. Di's hands cupped Sam's face in hers as Sam's hands slid to the back pockets of Di's jeans.

Di opened her eyes as she felt Dennis's presence near them. "You guys are so hot; my dream is finally coming true." He kissed Sam as he cupped a breast from each woman and then hesitantly kissed Diane.

Diane tensed slightly as she felt his hand on the underside of her breast and his beard scratched her chin as he kissed her. She tasted gin and tonic, felt Sam's hand on her other breast. She was pondering the taste and the feel of two different hands on her body at the same time.

Dennis pulled the curtains shut in the living room as Sam kicked off her shoes. Di bent down and did the same. Dennis pulled his shirt off and sat in the middle of the couch. Di followed Sam's lead as Sam walked to the couch and sat on one side of Dennis, Di sat on the other side.

The girls folded one leg under them and were facing each other over Dennis's lap. Sam reached over and pulled Di's shirt with both hands and kissed her again. They began kissing each other harder, mouths open slightly, tongues exploring each other's mouths. Dennis was inches from their faces. Watching in slight disbelief as his wife and her best friend made out. He had fantasized about this, but didn't really believe his wife would go along with it.

Di had placed her hands on the bottom of Sam's shirt. They parted from their necking and smiled slightly as they both pulled each other's shirt off their heads. Di glanced in Dennis's lap at the bulge in his pants, her faced reddened as he caught her looking.

Sam slide her hand up her husband's thigh as she kissed him. She slide her tongue down his chin, traced a trail across his chest and circled a nipple. Di leaned over and did the same to his other side. Dennis's breathe caught in his chest. He ran a hand over each of the girls' backs, tracing the outlines of their matching white lace bras. He knew they girls shopped together and bought matching bras and panties. He was lost in this thought for a moment as he felt hands pulling down the zipper and unbuttoning his jeans.

As his hardened cock was pulled from his boxers, he unsnapped each bra with a twist of his hand. Both women pulled back from his chest as their hands went to the other's bra and their breasts were free. Di's nipples began to harden as Dennis looked from his wife to her best friend. Sam's nipples were larger than Di's, but Di's breasts were bigger. Sam always laughed that she could cut glass her nipples were always so hard.

Sam and Di both reach for Dennis's cock as the same time, their fingers brushing over each other as they both wrapped their fingers around his swollen cock. Sam reached up and cupped Di's breast with her other hand as she kissed her and then lowered her mouth, circling the nipple. She licked the hardened node as Di moaned and pushed her breast into Sam's face. Sam hungrily took her entire nipple and areola into her mouth, sucking gently and then harder as Di moaned louder. Dennis leaned forward and sucked her other erect nipple into his mouth. The contrast of one hot mouth on her breast and a mouth cooled by a cold drink on the other almost sent her to the edge. As she focused on the heat being sent through her body from her nipples, she felt Sam's hands on the button of her jeans.

Dennis cupped both her breasts, pulling her nipple free from Sam's hot mouth. Sam kissed her husband as he fondled Di. Sam pulled Di's jeans open, as she bent and kissed Di's belly button.

Dennis pulled at Sam's jeans as she moved her hands to her own pants and stood and slide her jeans down to her ankles. She stepped free of her pants, her white lace panties cupping her rear end and Di looked at the front of Sam's panties. Suddenly wondering how Sam would taste. Di stood and slide her own pants down her thighs. Her matching panties concealing the wetness that had already started there.

Dennis was stroking his cock with both hands as he stared from one to the other. "Di, would you eat my wife as I watched?" Sam sucked in her breath as Di nodded her head and dropped to her knees.

Di hooked her thumbs in the tops of Sam's panties and jerked them down Sam's legs. Hungry to taste her, she could already smell Sam's sweetness as Sam stepped out of the panties. Sam stood between her husbands legs as Di slide her hands over Sam's still flat tummy and down, tracing the outside of her lips with her fingers. She felt Sam quiver under her touch.

Di leaned in and licked the tip of Sam's clit with her tongue. Dennis had sat up and was cupping a breast from each woman again, watching Di as she buried her face in Sam. She licked and sucked until Sam was whimpering. Dennis pulled Sam onto his lap, pushed her back onto the couch and spread her legs, one leg behind his neck and the other down his lap between his legs. Di crawled onto the couch.

Dennis's cock was against Sam's thigh. Her lips opened by her spread legs. Dennis grabbed the back of Di's head and pushed her towards Sam's glistening, shaved pussy. With his other hand he spread her lips, "I want to watch your tongue sliding in and out of her." His voice deep and husky.

Di had never seen between her friends thighs before, let alone eaten any woman out. She let her head be pushed until she was lapping at Sam. Her tongue running up and down from Sam's clit to her opening. Di stuck her tongue into Sam as far as she could. She felt Dennis grab her hair and pull it back and then push her head forward. Faster and faster as Di licked and sucked with each push and pull.

Sam threw her head back; Dennis let Sam's lips close slightly as he removed his hand from her lips and pinched a nipple between his fingers. He could tell his wife was close to cumming all over Diane's face by her moans and the way her hips began to rise with every tongue stroke.

"Slide your fingers into her as you suck her." Dennis said.

Diane slide two fingers into Sam as she sucked on her clit. "Oh my goodness, I'm cumming!" Sam screamed as she pushed her hips onto Di's fingers and into her face and held it there. Dennis still pinching her nipple and holding the back of Di's head.

"Lick her; lick all of her cum off her." Dennis moaned at Diane. Di continued to lap at Sam's quivering pussy as Dennis moved beneath the women and his hot cum hit Di's neck as his hips came off the couch.

Di slide her fingers out of Sam as Dennis dropped his hands to the couch. She lay back on the sofa; Dennis's cum still hot on her neck and running down her breast. "Sam -- lick me off Di's chest." Dennis said as he pulled her leg over his head.

Sam climbed across his lap and kissed Di on the mouth. She kissed across Di's collar bone and began to lick all his cum off her neck and breasts. Di was getting wetter with each lick. She was so focused on Sam's tongue on her she didn't feel Dennis get up off the couch until she saw him bending over them, pulling her panties off.

He was between Sam's ass cheeks; Di could hear him licking and feel Sam squirming against her. She closed her eyes as she felt Sam suck her nipple and felt Sam's fingers rolling her other nipple between them. She arched her back. "Suck them harder." As she felt someone pulling her lips open.

Dennis had crawled between her legs and was pushing them apart. Sam and Di both were watching as he stared at Di's spread pussy. "Slide your fingers into her Sam." Di was already squirming as she felt several fingers slide into her at once. "My wife is going to eat you now; I want to watch you cum all over her face." Dennis said as Sam lowered her mouth and her tongue joined her already busy fingers.

Dennis got himself untangled from the girls and was watching them, stroking his already hardening cock. He positioned himself behind Sam as he watched over her shoulder as she slide her fingers faster and faster, her other hand rubbing Di's clit and her tongue all over in between the two. Di had her head thrown back, eyes closed and her hips riding Sam's face.

She moaned, "Oh, oh, oh." With every thrust of her hips.

Dennis slide his cock up and down between Sam's pussy lips and as Di's moans became quicker and louder he shoved his cock into Sam. Sam moaned against Di's pussy as he pounded her from behind. He felt another orgasm building as he felt his wife's wet pussy gripping his cock and watched her hungrily eating out her best friend.

Within minutes all three of them came all over each other. Sam collapsing face first into Di and Dennis on top of both of them. After several minutes and all of them gulping air, Sam tapped Di on the thigh; winked at her and said, "Happy Birthday honey." Directed to Dennis, as she stroked his hair.

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