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Kiss Me


She stood in the door way awaiting his arrival. It had been several months since they had last seen each other. She had left him in Dallas, and moved ahead to their new home to prepare it while he stay behind to finish his assignment. She had busied herself and made ready for him to come home.

It had been lonely with only the sound of his voice over the phone several times a day and night. She had kept herself occupied by unpacking things and making sure the house was livable. Her nerves worked her as she watched longingly out to the road for his car.

In her head she kept going over everything she had done to make ready his home coming. She had made his favorite dinner, made sure all the house was clean, dusted, dishes away. She had changed the sheets on the bed, she wanted them to be clean because during his time away from her, certain things had to be taken care of, and there were some marks on the sheets that she didn't want him to see. Not that it mattered, he knew she had toys to help her remember him while he was away.

She thought about the pleasure he gave her, and though it was not the same as his lips and manhood, the proper toys kept her happy, especially with the thoughts of him making love to her occupied her mind at the same time. Her body quivered with excitement at the thoughts of his touch and kiss.

Glancing again out the door, she saw his car top the hill. She took a deep breath and straightened herself and her dress, then walked out to the porch and the steps. He turned into the drive and parked. He tried to hold back, but it had been so long for him as well. He no sooner turned the car off then he was out the door and had her in his arms.

Their lips met in a long passionate kiss and he kept her tightly to him. A few quiet words were exchanged between breaths and he finally released her lips. His adrenalin was rushing though his body like a river flooded, he wasn't about to let her go, not now, not ever. It had been too long that they were apart, and he was taking in every breath she had. Her perfume enticed his body even more.

She mentioned that they should unpack the car and he declined, there were better things to do and although he was tired, she was who he want to spend time with. They proceeded to the inside of the house and he was amazed at the work she had done with out him. He apologized for not being able to help her, but she understood. She showed him around the house and helped him get familiar with the surroundings.

In the kitchen, he took time to smell of the dinner she had fixed and assured her he would eat soon, but now, he needed to relax and be with her. She showed him to the bedroom, where their king size bed was placed against the far wall of windows. She explained to him of how she came to put it there and he agreed it was in a good place. They talked about other things such as the lay out of the master bath and the rest of the room. Then he turned and took her in his arms again.

They met with a long, loving kiss. He let his hands move about her body and she accepted every touch. There was nothing she wanted that moment more then he. It had been too long for both of them. Whispers of love and other emotions escaped their lips and bodies pressed hard to one another. Clothes were slowly removed and simple motions like elegant dancers moved them on to the bed.

His body lay entwined with hers and lips continued to flurry in heated passionate kiss'. He moved her around to where he lay between her legs and slowly maneuvered himself inside of her. She accepted him fully and arched her hips to feel the pleasure of his love and passion.

Silently they collected each other in unbridled love and tired to make up for lost time. Hands moved, bodies crashed into each other like waves to the beach, lips met in furious kisses, she gave up to him in a breathless moan. He moved about her and took in everything she was giving him. He couldn't help but touch her and love her, she was his world, and he had missed her so much.

Time slipped away from them as their bodies met in one last hot passionate explosion. She arched against him, quivered under his body and moaned to echo the pleasure she was feeling. He too shook as he exploded with her and his passion for her echoed as well. They collapsed into each other's arms, breathing heavily.

They lay there silently together, wrapped in love, arms, sweat and passion. The faint light from the moon broke through the windows blinds and he whispered how beautiful she was to him, and that the moonlight reflected that. She smiled and snuggled down closer to his chest, burying herself in his arms.

Soon they slept, entangled into each others bodies. At long last, they were together again, and though miles had kept them apart for so long, the love and passion they held for each other could never be held back, regardless of what came between them.

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