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Kiss Me Deadly


To my editor WickedWendyDru; thank you Wicked, you are truly spooktacular. It's been a year, can you believe it?

Special thanks to talismania for beta reading and to Jim, JD, and Cath for their insights.

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This is a copyrighted work of fiction. All rights reserved.



John 6:53 "If you do not eat my flesh and drink my blood, you have no life in you."

* * * *

He stood staring, in the early morning hours, at the decaying tree in the middle of the Garden of Gethsamane. The branches were bare, stripped of life and twisted into ugly forms, reaching out in many directions in a cry for help. Perhaps they begged for possible redemption or relief from a slow agonizing death? The hot dry wind swept across the rocky terrain, making his robes flutter. The tree reminded him of himself: decaying, rotten on the inside, and useless.

He was Judas Iscariot, the betrayer, the one who sold Christ out for thirty pieces of silver and betrayed the Son of Man with a kiss on the neck.

He never thought things would go this far. Jesus was supposed to save himself, work some miracle, do something, to save himself... prove to the chief priests and scribes that he was indeed who he said that he was.

But no. As Judas stood in the crowds and watched in horror, Jesus was beaten, nailed to the cross, and killed. Three days later rumors abounded that He rose again, but Judas was lost in his own world of grief.

What have I wrought? Judas thought, desolate.

Standing on the rickety stool he brought for just this purpose, he looped the rope over the tree branch, fixed the noose, and fitted it over his neck. Next he tied his hands in front of him, then stepped through his tightly tied hands so that they were fastened behind his back. For a heartbeat the terror and shame of committing an unforgivable sin tore through him.

He cared about Jesus, looked up to him, loved him as a brother and Jesus loved him well, never withholding favor from Judas. In return, Judas brought about the death of Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. What was taking his life in comparison to something like that? There was no forgiveness, no absolution for one such as Judas.

A vision appeared before him clad in flowing, pristine white robes. Golden light beamed from the figure, sparkling around his head so brightly it created a halo. The peace and love that flowed from Him immediately soothed Judas's troubled soul.

"Brother, do not be uninformed," Jesus appealed, holding out his hands as if in a plea. "Suicide is not a sin to be forgiven."

"My teacher, you truly are risen," Judas said, the guilt on his face distorting his features. "My shame knows no bounds for I let greed lead me into temptation, rule me. Turn thine eyes from me, for I am unworthy."

"Incline thy ear, and hear. Open thy eyes, and see," Jesus appealed. "The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. My brother, I love you."

Another vision filled his sight. Dark smoke curled out from the Satan, the fallen angel, creeping across the ground and killing all it touched. The sickening reek from the sulfur fumes stung the nose and brought tears to the eyes.

"Yes, open thine eyes and ears. Their flattering lips speak with deception," Satan taunted. "It was God's holy plan that his Son die on the cross, but they needed a scapegoat and you were chosen. Your love of silver is well known, Judas. All the guilt that hath been suffered was planned. They call you the betrayer? Oh no, you were the one betrayed, and used."

"No," Judas whispered, his eyes searching for the truth in Jesus's face. How could one who was so pure deceive him thusly? It couldn't be true. Judas trembled, horrified that the pain and grief over his actions might have all been preordained. "My teacher, please... Tell me this is a falsehood! I am forsaken by all now! Why me?"

"Listen not to the twisted half-truths of the Great Deceiver," Jesus begged.

"Why you? Thou are weak and easily temped by sins of the flesh. If there is a man who lies with a man as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act," Satan whispered softly. "Finish what you have started and I shall reward you, give you the means to exact revenge for their rough use of you, Judas. Trust in me."

"Why should I trust in you?" Judas asked.

"What have I to gain in all this? It has come to pass now. Only they were served by your actions. I gain nothing," Satan replied. "I shall not condemn you for your sexual desires, Judas. Instead I will promise you the means to be strong and powerful, unable to be used again."

"And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. Believe him not, Judas," Jesus cried. "Believe in me, and live out what is left of life in God's love."

"God's love?" Judas yelled, pain twisting his features. "I see only a means to an end and that was me! I was led like a lamb to slaughter, with no choice given in the matter. Used and left to bear the punishment for the death of... you. I choose power!"

Kicking the stool away, his body dropped and the rope snapped tight around his throat, cutting into the tender skin under his jaw. But his neck didn't break. His body swung in the breeze, struggling, helpless. Agonizing pain cut into his throat from the rope and blood dripped down his neck.

His legs kicked uselessly and lights flashed in front of his eyes. Gasping for air, hands restrained behind his back he thrashed, his body's own weight tugging the rope tighter, but not enough to finish the job. Twisting, turning, his body dancing at the end of the rope, he slowly strangled to death. The last thing he saw as life left his body was Jesus standing in front of him, hand outstretched, and tears in his eyes.

"You, Judas, rejected the blood of Christ that was offered in the Last Supper and on the Cross to save you from sin," Satan cried gleefully as Judas died. "Since you rejected Jesus's life-giving blood, you are cursed to drink the life-giving blood of others to stay alive. You will be a plague on all the innocent children of the world!"

Satan rubbed his hands together. "Be it known unto you, O Son of Man, I will have my revenge through this, your own Apostle; a revenge the likes of which this world has never seen."

Three days later, in a twisted replication of the Resurrection, the first vampire rose from his death. And his thirst for blood would drive him to terrorize the world.

* * * *

Judas stood staring at the cage that held the young man. The prisoner's brown hair was lank, and dirt covered his pale skin. Judas licked his lips, hunger stirring. The helpless man whimpered in the cage, and his eyes strayed to the other threat that entered the cave where he was held. Attila the Hun, the 5th Century AD barbarian who was bringing death and destruction upon the crumbling Roman Empire, greeted Judas.

"Is this what you wanted?" Attila motioned to the helpless man.

"He'll do fine. Many thanks, my friend."

The Huns, not only barbarians but also heathens, hated anything to do with Christianity. The churches of Gallia Belgica lay in ashes, and many a priest was slain before the altar, delighting Judas. Clearly, the actions of the Huns earned Attila a reputation as a savage and demonic leader. The havoc he wreaked throughout Europe led to him being self-dubbed "The Scourge of God."

"Good fest, then. We will talk after you are done," Attila said as he left.

Judas pulled the weakened man from the cage as Attila left. Claws extended, Judas quickly ripped the clothes off the poor soul, leaving long, bloody grooves in unprotected skin. Piteous shrieks filled the cave and echoed around them like mad ghosts. Judas allowed the enfeebled man to crawl across the floor, searching desperately for freedom. Idly, he tracked his prey.

"Hurry," Judas whispered. "Better hurry. Crawl faster. The mouth of the cave is right there."

The half-starved man pawed the dirt, trying to drag his exhausted body forward. Whimpering, hands bleeding from scratching in the dirt, he collapsed. "Please," he whispered. "Please don't hurt me."

"Hurt you? Of course I'm not going to hurt you." Twisting his hand in the man's hair, Judas jerked his head back, exposing his throat. "I'm going to kill you."

The horrific screams of the dying man could be heard all over camp. Attila shook his head, amazed. People feared him, but the real death specter was the one tearing the helpless man into pieces in that cave.

* * * *

Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed, the 17th century Hungarian Countess known as the Blood Countess, rumored to have killed hundreds of girls and bathed in the blood of virgins, raised her hand to Judas.

"Ah, my dear, you look radiant, as always," Judas said.

"Posh on you, my friend. I have been waiting forever for you to arrive. I do believe you will enjoy what I have planned for the next several days." The Blood Countess led the way to her private rooms that used to be the dungeons in her estate.

Once there, she showed Judas a small room that held a naked young man. On the way there she dipped her fingers, used as instruments in so much torture and butchering, into the blood of a small Christian girl who hung from a wall. Judas smiled.

"Have a pleasant evening, my friend," she said. "I shall be down the hall should you need anything. I have my own entertainment, a lovely girl, bound to a bed, waiting for me."

"Much thanks. And I do say, Countess, I shall have a wonderful evening," Judas said as he shut the thick door that locked him in with the helpless, naked young man chained to the floor. Immediately the young man starting praying, using a very well known passage from Psalm 23.

"The Lord is my shepherd..."

Judas laughed. "Give my regards to your God when you see him."

The screams from the young man outdid those from the girl as the Blood Countess worked on her. Later the Countess invited Judas to partake in her "blood bath" as she called it. She believed it helped her stay youthful, and Judas enjoyed the blood washing across his body.

As the centuries passed Lucifer was delighted with his creation; Judas was an unholy plague who wreaked havoc on the world. Death and destruction followed in his wake as he sated his hungers on the flesh of men.

And created more like him.

* * * *

Jude, as he was known in present time, surveyed the dance crowd. His long, wavy black hair shined sinfully in the nightclub's lights. Chocolate brown eyes with long thick lashes searched. A straight nose and full lips completed the picture, and what a picture it was.

He was below average in height with a body that was nicely toned; it beckoned wondering eyes. A very well put together package, his entire being whispered down and dirty sex, unfulfilled lust, and untold carnal desires. Several men though the ages fell for this one's good looks. But looks were deceiving.

This was no man to play around with... because this was no man.

"Hmm." Jude tapped his finger on the table and eyed the young man on the dance floor. "Think I've found my dinner and a date."

He rose swiftly, pale skin nearly translucent in the dim light. He approached the one he chose and began to dance while looking him over carefully. There was a cross around his neck and Jude snarled silently.

That would be one of the first things to go. The deep hatred of the cross went back to an earlier time in his life. Being unable to touch anything that was shaped like a cross was tiresome, but understandable. After all, the Son of Man died on the cross, shed his blood on the cross so that Man could be forgiven their sins.

Judas, the apostle, missed out on the Last Supper. He never got to drink the "Life-giving blood" of Jesus. And from this Jude was cursed to drink the blood of the living in order to survive. Jude shook his head mentally, now was not the time to revisit old memories. The necklace was cheap, and the metal looked to be low-grade silver along with a silver bracelet. That too would have to be taken off.

Silver burned deeply, literally searing flesh from bone if touched too long, and the pain was hideous. Again, his mind turned back to the past, and thirty pieces of silver he received for selling Christ out. Jude's love of silver was well known. A slight growl worked its way loose.

The young blond turned slightly, his green eyes dilated, and grinned in blatant invitation.

"Care to dance?" Jude asked.

His voice carried over the thumping music while he wondered what drugs were zipping around in the young man's blood stream. Not that it mattered, he was indestructible, unable to die or be harmed. That was Satan's curse for fulfilling the prophecy of Jesus's crucifixion.

And before the night was through he'd see those pale green eyes floating in cum.

"Oh yeah, let's dance," the man slurred, grinding his tight ass against Jude.

They worked their bodies against each other to flashing lights and trash metal music. Jude was careful to stay away from the necklaces that swung out as his prey bumped and writhed close to him. Eager hands ran over Jude's body, inflaming his need. He couldn't wait to get this one back and secured.

"What's your name?" Jude asked once the music played out.

"Name's Ryan."

"Well, Ryan, want to go back to my place? I promise you'll have a good time."

Oh yes, Jude thought, this little number was hot to trot. Damn good thing; he was hard as a brick and in need of a good chase. It was fortuitous Henri was back and waited at the apartment for his return. Jude liked an audience, and Henri was the only child Jude created with whom he was able to share prey.

"Oooh yeah, man. Let me tell my friend I'm leaving."

Jude couldn't see whom his prey spoke to as the bodies on the dance floor were too tightly packed.

* * * *

Things didn't go exactly how Jude planned.

"I've changed my mind." Jude rose from the bed where he, Ryan, and Henri lay. "Enjoy him with my compliments."

Stunned, Henri looked at Jude. "W-w-what? Jude, are you sure?"

"Do you want him? More importantly, do you want me to have him?" Jude saw Henri's clinched fist.

"It's not my... No. Jude, I'm sorry but the idea of you fucking him makes me homicidal. I don't know why I feel like this."

"Don't worry about it. He's all yours," Jude said as he walked away from the naked couple on the bed.

Ryan cried out as Henri moved closer. "Get away from me! There's no-no such thing as... vampires! Can't be! This can't be real."

"I'm very real, as is Jude. There are things out there that you humans refuse to admit exist... like werewolves, demons, vampires, and so many other creatures," Henri said with a shrug.


"It's the damn werewolves that really are a pain in the ass, if you ask me. Most are nothing more than animals," Henri said absently as he toyed with Ryan's hair.

"Oh-oh dear God... please..."

Henri continued as if he hadn't heard Ryan. "Of course, you humans burying your head in the sand makes life so much easier for those of us who aren't human."

"Please, please don't hurt me. I don't want to die," Ryan begged.

Henri's attention snapped back to the lovely naked human on the bed. "Oh my darling boy, I'm going to feed, right after I make you come for me, that is. Don't fight me, you can't win."

Henri studied the young, frightened man on the bed. Something stirred inside him, a slight flutter where his heart used to beat, and the urge to claim, to possess washed over him. What was going on here?

"Look at me," Henri demanded.

Ryan raised panic stricken eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you, or kill you. I want you to enjoy this. Open your mind and let me in," Henri said.

"Okay, okay."

"Feel pleasure... feel both our pleasure..."

"Ah man," Ryan pleaded as his and Henri's feelings merged, "oh damn that's... Oh, please fuck me."

Henri flipped the young man over onto his back and stroked the nice-sized cock that was finally hardening, rolling the hairless balls. He watched the emotions play across Ryan's face as one of his hands touched that bare skin. Feather light touches from Henri's finger had the muscles in Ryan's stomach jumping.

Henri slowly worked his way up Ryan's nicely toned chest, to where Ryan was frantic to be touched. A lone finger circled his nipple, slowly moving closer, until Ryan was twisting trying to get Henri's fingers where he wanted them.

"Not yet," Henri whispered.

Suddenly Henri swallowed Ryan's dick to the root while he pinched Ryan's nipples. Ryan arched on the bed, straining silently, driving his dick even farther into Henri's mouth. Ryan's soft kitten-like moans and breathless whimpers drove Henri mad. The sensual torture was unlike anything Ryan ever experience as Henri worked his body.

"In me... please," Ryan gasped.

A gentle chuckle sounded as Ryan twisted, caught between his dick being sucked and the gentle torture of his nipples. Ryan's dick slid out of Henri's mouth, and he licked the head causing Ryan to thrust his hips up desperately.

Henri lifted Ryan's legs up onto his shoulders and slid into him, making sure to hit his hot spot. Ryan grabbed handfuls of the sheets and writhed on the bed. His eyes rolled back into his head and the cords in his neck stood out as pleasure swamped him. Henri kissed him, swallowing his hoarse cries of pleasure until he had to stop so Ryan could breathe.

"Harder... give it to me harder," Ryan gasped as Henri pounded him. Ryan twisted his arm around Henri. "My nipples... "

Henri grinned, lowered his head and brushed his lips over first one hard nipple then moved to the other and gave it the same treatment. Every touch of Henri's lips arrowed straight down to Ryan's cock. His head thrashed back and forth on the bed as Henri's thrusts gained in strength.

Sucking a hard nub into his mouth, Henri ran his tongue over one sensitive point while he teased the other, rolling it and pinching it gently. Pulling off, Henri bent his head to the other one and gave it the same treatment.

Then he nicked a nipple with his fangs. The sharp points sent tiny pleasurable flickers of pain through Ryan's body and he screamed again, this time from pleasure. Gently biting, Henri growled softly.

"Oh, oh yeah, I'm close, pound my ass!"

Henri raised his head. "Like it a bit rough, eh?"

"Yes, oh... yes."

Henri pulled Ryan's legs up higher. He was thrusting violently, working Ryan's body to an orgasm. The raspy sounds from Ryan and the wet slap of skin against skin finally sent Henri over the edge.

"So-so... good!" Pleasure washed over Ryan and he came in a torrent.

Henri growled as he watched the young man under him give in to pleasure. He lowered his head... and bit him. Ryan yelled again. Pain pierced his mind as Henri sank his fangs into his neck, but pleasure overtook it. Ryan listened to Henri sucking at his vein as he thrust hard into his well fucked ass. He couldn't believe it, but he was building towards another orgasm.

"Again, make me... make me do it again," Ryan said, half afraid to say anything with Henri's fangs buried in his neck. "Fuck the cum out of me again."

"Damn," Henri gasped, releasing his throat. Not thinking about his actions, Henri nipped his thumb. A small drop of blood appeared and he stuck his thumb in Ryan's mouth. "Suck."

His dick buried in Ryan's ass, his thumb buried in Ryan's mouth, Henri fucked him to another orgasm. His balls tightened up and he came, deep inside Ryan. Ryan yelled again as being drenched by Henri's cum triggered his own orgasm... hands free.

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