tagSci-Fi & FantasyKiss of the Moon

Kiss of the Moon


Authors note: I hope you enjoy Earth Day in whatever part of the world you share

Sunnie smiled gloriously, taking in deep delicious breaths. The scent of rich, damp earth teased her nostrils, and in her mind she visualised the tender green shoots that would eventually rise, reaching toward the wide, blue sky.

Her long golden mane tumbled down her back, the silky tips brushing against her bottom as she strode through the valley nestled in a protective circle of mountains. With Spring tendering the earth, the last vestiges of Winter were being swept away as the valley slowly come to life again.

The image of the magnificent golden globe that hovered just below the crest of the mountains drifted through her consciousness and she gazed upwards. Tentative fingers of blues and pinks stretched across the sky, and laughter bubbled from her throat. Now was her time to glory in this beautiful world, showering it with her affection. She would not let it vex her that her lover was jealous of the love she shared so freely.

Long ago Sunnie had stopped trying to convince him with words. Her love for him was clear for him to see if he should only look. It was there in the sparkle of the stars, lighting his way through the long, lonely hours of the night until he reached her side again.

Sunnie reached the tiny waterfall spilling gently over a tumble of smooth rocks into a wide, shallow stream. The crystal water was cool and delicious against her skin as she waded into its welcoming depths. Her nipples tightened as the water weaved between her thighs, lapping at her flesh like tiny tongues.

The wind rose up, brushing over her golden skin and raising goose pebbles in its path. She held out her hands before her, feeling Wind curl teasingly around her fingers, and she laughed. "Flirt," she cried, but her musical voice was swallowed up by a sudden gust of wind.

She rose from the stream, moving toward where her lover waited, hidden in the shadows of the mountains. She gloried in the feel of the solid warmth beneath her toes, of the crisp fresh air filling her lungs. Wind tugged at the thatch of curls between her thighs, gliding teasingly over the tender flesh there.

Her hands rose, gently cupping her full breasts then smoothing down over her belly and hips in anticipation. Her skin was soft and supple, unmarked by time, eager to be touched and caressed as only Moon knew how. She imagined the feel of his tongue and lips and hands caressing her, and a trickle of moisture seeped between her thighs.

She followed the familiar path rising toward a tiny oval plateau nestled in the side of the mountain, Wind gently buffing at her skin. Eventually her footsteps led her to the mouth of their secluded bower.

Sunnie's skin glistened and her breasts rose and fell as she gazed about her in delight. Her love bloomed freely here regardless of the season, in a glorious riot of colour and scents. A small alcove was carved from the side of the mountain, and flowers tumbled from its every niche and crevice.

Heat shimmered through her as she spied her lover laying on a bed of soft grass, his arm thrown casually across his eyes. As she approached his arm shifted, and he half rose to watch her as she moved toward him, her hips swaying with a seductive grace.

Silvery grey eyes flickered over her golden nudity, taking in the rise and fall of her breasts with their budding pinky-brown tips, the tiny waist and generous hips, the long, firm thighs. Sunnie halted several paces from where he lay, her hand settling on her hip as she gazed at him challengingly with eyes as deep and clear as a blue summer sky.

A devilish smile curled the edges of his lips as his eyes rose to lock with her eyes. He rose to his feet with a fluid grace and covered the distance between them. He was tall with broad shoulders and a muscular chest that she loved to run her hands over. His finely sculpted features framed by inky black hair was worthy of any marble statute she had spied in her travels. Yet it was his changeable eyes that lured her, clear grey one moment, dark silver orbs the next, hinting at dark secrets. Powerful and coldly seductive, he sent a shiver racing down her spine.

Moon came to a halt before her, his height forcing her to tilt her head back. His hand lifted, the fingers straightening to reveal a tiny white perfect flower. Her favourite. She caught his hand in hers, and gently brought the tips of his fingers to her lips. She kissed his cold fingers, her soft mouth parting as she tasted him. His eyes darkened, and she dropped his hand before stepping into his waiting arms, the flower floating unheeded to the soft earth.

Time seemed to come to a standstill as she pressed her face against his chest and breathed in the cool male scent of him. His strong arms wrapped tightly around her, crushing her breasts against him and drawing her up against the hardness rising between his thighs. Fingers brushed the long silky strands over her shoulders as lips caressed and nibbled her smooth shoulder.

For all his possessive jealously and male pride, she knew she would always come back to him. Nothing compared to the feel of his arms around her, holding her as though she was the most beautiful, delicate flower.

A hand slid down and cupped her bottom, drawing her even harder up against the evidence of his desire for her. She laughed musically and wiggled from his grasp, gazing teasingly at him over her shoulder as she walked toward the edge of the plateau.

Her breath caught in her throat as she gazed below her, and she knew she could never tire of this sight. Light stole across the sweeping valley spread out before her in all its lush glory, casting long shadows. Happiness bubbled up inside of her.

She smiled as cool hands stole around her waist and she leaned back against him, lost in the magic of golden light slowly banishing the darkness from the earth.

Even in her delight she sensed the sadness moving through him. She turned in his arms, and on tip-toe, pressed her mouth to his. He mouth was still beneath hers as her lips moved tenderly over his, and she gazed at him in amusement as pride and stubbornness warred in those deep grey eyes.

Then his lips parted, as though a melting of the sea of ice, and he was kissing her back, forcefully, demandingly. Her hands slipped up over his shoulders as she clung to him, her breasts crushed against his chest as his passion washed over her in cool waves.

She melted beneath his cold onslaught, quivers shooting between her thighs as he ground his mouth against hers. A cool muscular thigh wedged between hers, forcing her heat to ride him. Her hand slipped down between their bodies to press against his hardness, and again marvelled at the long smooth perfection of him throbbing against her palm, ice against heat.

Moon groaned against her lips and gripped her waist, lifting her up against him as he strode toward the dais of soft grass scattered with white petals. She wrapped her long legs around his muscular thighs, kissing him, until he fell to his knees and gently laid her down before him. She smiled up at him invitingly, her arms widespread, her tawny and silky.

"I worship you," Moon whispered. His thighs nestled between hers as he leaned down to kiss her navel, running the tip of his tongue around the tiny hollow. She squirmed beneath him, laughing, and he smacked her lightly on the thigh. "Be still." Her breath caught as his lips captured a budding nipple between his lips, suckling her.

Her amusement quickly fled as her knees were pushed up and apart as a cool hand glided down her inner thigh.

"Moon," she whispered. Her back arched as his cold mouth tugged teasingly on her nipple. Her fingers tangled in his silky black mane, seeking to draw his face to hers, yet he resisted. His head lowered, and tingles of pleasure shot between her thighs as his tongue flicked out to tease her golden belly. Fingers ruffled through the thatch of golden curls between her thighs, and her breath caught.

Her thighs quivered as fingers deftly parted her lush pink folds glistening with dew.

She struggled up onto her elbows to gaze down upon him where he eased himself between her thighs. Anticipation curled through her as he gazed intently upon the molten core of her. Dark, swirling silver eyes rose to capture hers as his head lowered. His tongue darted out, slowing licking the pink channel from her dewy gate to circle her throbbing pink nub. Her head fell back and her lips parted on a soft moan as he lashed at her with his tongue.

His hands held her thighs wide apart as she quivered and writhed against his mouth, her breath coming in shallow, uneven pants. Honey flowed between her thighs, and his tongue sought out every last drop.

She moaned as fingers pressed against her dewy gate, before sliding up between her slick tight walls. Her body clenched around the thrusting digits as his mouth sucked and nibbled on her nub. Heat scorched through her as tension coiled tighter and tighter between her thighs.

She whimpered as the fingers withdrew, and offered no resistance as a cool palm pressed between her breasts until she collapsed back onto the soft grass. Hands gripped her bottom, lifting her to his mouth.

Sunnie screamed as the forceful strength of his tongue thrust up inside of her. Pleasure erupted through her, a pulsing, burning ball that burst between her thighs and sent shudders racing through her.

Slowly she came back down to earth, sprawled on the soft earth as Moon's tongue gently lapped at her honey. Her fingers tugged lightly on his silky hair, and he shifted to lay alongside of her, his head propped on his hand.

Moon's gaze moved possessively over her tawny curves. He loved her like this, soft and lax from his lovemaking, the playfulness replaced by a deeper shared intimacy. Their time together was always short, and he carried these moments with him through the dark hours. She was everything he was not: warm, affectionate and delightfully reckless. Yet despite their differences he was drawn irresistibly to her side, unable to get his fill of her. Moon felt the throbbing in his loins, and the growing light at his back, and everything but the thought of spilling his seed in her welcoming heat disappeared. His fingers caught her chin as his mouth settled over hers, letting her taste her own passion as his tongue explored her mouth.

Sunnie kissed him back, a tingling beginning low in her belly as the kiss grew more urgent. His mouth ground itself against hers, devouring, seeking, demanding. Heat shimmered through her as his hand closed around her breast, teasing the aching tip.

She sensed the moment he shifted to cover her, and she pushed against him until he lay flat on his back. She rose above him, laughter filling her warm blue eyes at the frustration in his.

Sunnie's fingers trailed down over the smooth muscled coolness of his chest. Her head lowered, and her lips closed over a tiny male nipple. Laughter bubbled through her at his slight wince as she nipped hm playfully with her teeth.

Her hair feathered across his skin as her lips trailed down his chest, and she felt him suck in his breath as her hand closed around him firmly.

She lay her head on his belly, gazing down at the hard, throbbing shaft rising from a nest of black curls in delight. Her fingers stroked and caressed him, exploring him, and he groaned.

"You are like a young seedling straining toward the sky, yearning to feel the caress of the sun on your head," she teased.

"A trunk," he ground out as her tongue feathered over the glistening tip of him. "A thick, massive oak."

She laughed, the sensation vibrating through him as she suckled on a satiny globe. Slowly she licked up the underside of him, before her mouth parted over the head of him, her eyes locked teasingly with his dark ones.

His fingers tangled in her hair as she sunk down over him. A groan escaped him at the exquisite feel of her warm mouth closing over him. An all consuming heat burned through him as her mouth moved along his shaft, coaxing him, teasing him. His buttocks clenched and rose from the ground, meeting the downward plunge of her mouth as his fingers clenched around her head. His breathing laboured, Moon new he was dangerously close. Yet he would not be denied the pleasure of her thighs wrapped around him as he drove into her fiery heat. He drew her off of him, and she released him with a mournful pout. When he reached for her, Sunnie evaded him and climbed gracefully to her feet. She darted away from him, laughter floating over his shoulder.

Moon struggled to his feet and gave chase, intent on catching his teasing lover. The sight of her delicious bottom jiggling as she ran made him groan. His long legs ate up the distance, until he had her cornered her against a wall of rock smoothed over the eons by the passage of water.

She turned, gazing at him from beneath lowered lashes. She darted to one side, then turned and raced in the other direction, but Moon long knew her games and caught her in his arms. Her musical laughter filled his ears as he drove her backwards, pinning her against the wall.

Moon gazed down at her with dark silvery eyes, and pleasure whispered through her as light and shadows flickered across his face. Above them the clouds glowed with the softest shades of pinks, blues and purples as slowly night turned to day.

Sunnie offered no resistance as his hands captured hers, pinning them against the wall with one hand as he pressed himself against her. Anticipation shivered through her at the dark intent in those wickedly seductive eyes. She wiggled against him teasingly, rubbing him, inciting him until he groaned. He smacked her thigh with a delightful strength.

"Tell me you want me. This," he commanded. He caught her knee up and rubbed himself against her slippery pink channel, drawing a whimper from her. His hand released hers to glide down over her, smoothing over her belly and delving between her thighs. She arched against him as he found the pink nub nestled between the lush pink folds. His fingers coaxed her pink nub until her trembling legs nearly gave. She clung to him, her breath coming in uneven pants as she felt that coiling, twisting tension low in her belly.

"Moon, please..." she begged, aching to feel him surging up inside of her, filling her. Her honey coated his shaft resting between her thighs as his fingers toyed with her, keeping her on edge but never allowing her to peak. "I need you. Now."

He kissed her hard as he angled himself against her, probing her dewy gate with the thick head of him. She whimpered as he pushed against her, the full thickness of him wedging in her tiny entrance, stretching her deliciously. "Oh," she moaned as slowly he began to slide up between her tight walls, forcing them to part as he forged ahead, until he was lodged deep inside of her burning heat to the hilt.

She cried out at the exquisite friction as he eased out of her, before driving up deep inside of her with powerful thrusts. He took her hard against the wall, his hands planted on either side of her. Her thigh curved around his and her fingers dug into his shoulders as he rammed into her, driving the icy cold burning length of him up hard inside of her.

"Hell," he ground out as his strokes increased, forging a burning path between her thighs to her very core as his harsh breathing filled her ears. He lunged up inside of her as the day grew, more and more light casting its shadow over the valley behind him. She whimpered as he took her with long, powerful thrusts, her body yielding to his fierce possession, her honeyed channel melting around him.

"Moon," she whispered, her whole body arching upon the burning coolness of him thrusting into her molten heat. Each driving thrust seared her, branded her as he took her against the wall with relentless determination.

He cried out as pleasure seized him, his seed filling her womb as he took her with sharp, jerky thrusts.

She bit his shoulder to keep from crying out as the icy cold sensation deep inside of her made her sheath flutter and quiver around him. She shuddered and squirmed on him as ecstasy tore through her, her nails digging into his shoulders.

Slowly they came back down to earth, his lips tenderly kissing her eyelids, his hand brushing back the damp tendrils from her forehead. She whimpered as he eased himself from her tender channel and stepped away, her arms falling to her sides.

When finally her breathing eased, golden light bathed her, caressing her limbs with its gentle warmth. Her lashes fluttered open and blue sky greeted her, banishing the darkness and her lover. Delight bubbled up inside of her as the earth came fully awake before her eyes. For the day was hers.

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