tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon

Kiss of the Moon


Author's note:

All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts; if their specific ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age as will be explained in the story. Enjoy


She tried to open her eyes, her body screamed abuse at her as she tried to move, her head throbbed almost in tune with her heart. She heard movement and tried to move, her back was one massive point of pain. Hands pushed her down to the soft bed. A deep male voice told her to be calm, that she was safe and to just rest. "What..."

"Shush... I found you, I watched your plane crash and I went to see if anyone had survived, I had to pull you from the plane." Her mind started to tick as she started to remember, her older brother was taking his first solo fight and had asked her to come. He was flying low to get a look at some elk and accidentally clipped a tree. After that she remembered nothing.

"My..." the man she couldn't see tensed. He knew she had not been alone in the plane, a man had been with her, he didn't want to find out what that man's relationship was with her, not when he wanted her for himself, he would fight any rival for her. "Brother..." his shoulders slumped, it had been her brother who he had pulled first from the wreck, he had died on impact. When he heard her moan he had torn what was left of the little plan apart to free her. Watching her struggle to stay alive for the last three days, he had found her to be stronger then any of the bitches in his pack, a strength he admired.

"Forgive me, I worked as fast as I could to free him but he was dead when I pulled him out." Amy cried, she dug her head into the pillow and sobbed, now she was alone, she had no other family. Wolfgang felt for her, seeing her cry made him want to cry, he stroked her back and watched as she grieved for her bother. He pulled out a hanky and wiped her face as she stopped crying, he held the hanky to her nose and she blew. When she finally calmed he continued. "Then I heard you and you became my concern."

"How long was I out?" he sighed.

"You've been fighting a fever for three days. It broke this morning."

"How bad?" He winced, the pack's doctor had come in to look her over, he had been doubtful of her survival, her wounds were so bad, he doubted that even if she was in a hospital that she would survive, he also doubted that one of their own could recover from such wounds.

"Broken ribs, cuts, bruises, three long gashes down your back, fractured collar bone, whip lash, fractured left tibia..."

"Stop... pummelled was all you had to say." He chuckled, he liked that humour from her.

"Your on your stomach because every time we've tried to put you on your back the stitches split and we have to re-stitch. So please try to stay still." she slightly nodded. She felt her bladder give a demand she needed to relieve herself.

"I need to... pee." she heard movement, she felt the blankets move, she tensed as she finally realised she was completely naked beneath the blankets.

"Relax... I'm the only one here so I'm the only one who can help you, besides, I've also been sponging you down, I've seen everything." She blushed. She felt strong calloused hands lift her hips gently, something that resembled a bed pan, but one that cupped her to prevent leaks was set in place. She took a deep breath willing her body to relax, she felt the warm flow of golden liquid, when her bladder was empty she sighed.

"Done." he removed the pan and gently wiped her dry the resettled her back on the bed and slid the blankets back over her.

"Give me a moment and I'll bring you something to drink and eat."

"I'm Amy..." He smiled.

"Hello Amy I'm Wolfgang." She heard the door open and him slide from the room. She tried to move her head to survey the room, pain raced through her body. Wolfgang returned.

"Whip lash." he offered her a straw. "Water, tell me if it's too cold." she sucked on the straw, the water was just the right temperature.

The moment she stopped sucking he pulled the water away. "Better, but I still feel sticky." he sighed.

"Eat first, then I'll organise a sponge bath." She sighed. He gently rolled her onto her side then even more carefully onto her back, he carefully propped her up, sweat was pouring down her forehead, he gently mopped her forehead. "Are you in pain." Amy's throat closed in surprise as she finally got to see her saviour, she had guessed he was a big man his voice was deep and rumbling, but Wolfgang had the body that would make a bodybuilder envious. He was a shade off seven feet tall and half as wide at the shoulders. A white cotton shirt was pulled tightly across his chest, tight black jeans hugged sculptured thighs and sat low on his narrow hips.

He had long black hair that was tied back in a pony tail, blue eyes studied her with seriousness. She swallowed suddenly nervous, there was something about him that made her all tingly inside. "Yes." he nodded and reached over to a bottle of pills, he tipped two into his hand. He got the water ready and popped one pill on her tongue. She swallowed the pill along with a pull of water, he popped the other in her mouth and she swallowed it again.

"What was that?" he chuckled.

"I have a doctor I keep on retainer, he examined you and has been treating you. I believe it is some kind of good pain killer I didn't really ask, he just said to give you two when you woke before you ate, then two every four hours." He put the water aside and offered her a scoop of soup. He blew on it and offered it to her. She felt odd being fed by him but even if she had tried she knew her arms wouldn't be able to hold the spoon.

"He didn't happen to tell you how long I'll be bed ridden." He sighed.

"In his words, as long as it takes."

"Why didn't you just get me to a hospital?" he offered her another scoop of soup, she swallowed.

"You would have died before we had gotten you even half way to the nearest hospital, besides we had everything we needed right here to fix you. My father used to run a clinic, when he died everything was moved here and we always have medical supplies here since we are so far from everything." she nodded. He offered her some more soup.

"So where am I?"

He chuckled. "My home, right in the middle of the privately owned nature reserve know as Wolf Haven." he offered her more soup.

"So we'll be spending a lot of time together." Wolfgang smiled, if he had his way they would be spending the rest of their lives together.


"Okay then tell me about yourself, how old are you what do you do for a living?" Wolfgang offered her another scoop of soup. Amy scratched at the needle set into her hand, Wolfgang playfully slapped her hand telling her silently to stop scratching. He was pleased she had brought this up, he wanted basically the same information from her.

"Well lets see." he thought about what he would say, age was simple; twenty nine years old, job simple, but about the fact he was Were... he was going to tell her just not yet at least, he wanted her to want him before he crossed that bridge. "I'm twenty nine, I run a company that's mainly into real-estate and I run it from home. I like forest walking, camping and all things out doors. How about you?" Amy smiled.

"Lets see," she said playfully. "I'm twenty four," Wolfgang nearly jumped for joy, the rules were strict in the were community, a woman was not a true woman until a moon after her nineteenth birthday and untouchable, she was not allowed to mate or have sex until after that time, alternatively a man was not a true man until a moon after his twenty first birthday, he too can not mate a were, but the rules were not as strict with no sex as long as their bed partner wasn't were. "I don't work, I own a building, several in fact I inherited them when my parents died, you might have heard of my families... well I guess it's my company now that my brother..." Amy paused, Wolfgang could see her grief. "Eden developments." Wolfgang snorted.

"Then you would know of my company, Shields inc." Amy nodded.

"You tried to take over my company shortly after my da's death." he shrugged in way of apology and offered her more soup.

"So... family." Amy shook her head.

"Ryan was the only one I had left." Wolfgang nodded. "You?"

"My ma died shortly after birthing me, I lost da six years ago but I have aunts, uncles and cousins." they went into a comfortable silence as Wolfgang fed her soup. She ate about half a cup then refused she was full.

"I'm full." he nodded and walked off to organise the sponge bath. Amy got to study her surrounds, the room she was in was large and well furnished. He walked back in ten minutes later to see her dozing. Her eyes snapped open. He smirked wondering if it was a flight or fight response to his presence or if she just was trying to stay awake.

"I can't make any promises but I'll do my best to make you feel less sticky." she nodded. He tossed the blankets aside, gently picked her up and sat her on a stool in the bathroom. She felt odd to be in his arms; naked, it was too intimate for her. A different, much older man walked in and started to change the sheets. Wolfgang started to sponge her body down doing his best to shield her from his faithful servant.

When he left she turned to Wolfgang. "I thought you were the only one here." he smiled.

"Bastion doesn't count because he was not there when you needed him." he gently sponged down her back his free arm supported her. Amy took a deep breath, his scent filled her nose making her body tingle, her nipples brushed against his chest. He ignored her gasp doing his best not to just to walk her back to the bed and fuck her brains out, he took shallow breaths to keep her scent from swamping his senses. He started to turn his attention to her front, arms and legs. He did his best not to make this too sensual but being mindful of the fact he had to be gentle. Bastion returned with a large sleeping smock for her to wear as Wolfgang wrapped her in a soft towel. Bastion had also entered wheeling a large trolley that had two basins that held steaming water.

Wolfgang supported her as he lent her back over the basin. Bastion was gentle as he washed her hair. Amy closed her eyes in pleasure, she relaxed to the soothing rub, she fell asleep as Bastion washed blood from her black hair. Bastion smirked as he dried her hair. Wolfgang unwrapped her and gently tucked her in. they left the room. They went to his study, Nathanael the packs doctor was pouring himself a drink. Gillian his second was lounging in a chair. Gillian took a deep breath, the human's scent was strong on his Alpha. "She lives." Wolfgang nodded and sat. Nathanael smiled.

"Good I will inform the authorities she stable." Gillian shifted, he was not comfortable with his Alpha's decision to inform the authorities of the crash, to allow them to come to investigate. Wolfgang turned to his second.

"You have made your view on the matter known." Gillian nodded.

"I still think you should have left her to die... bringing humans onto pack lands. You're risking the packs safety, they've been poking their noses where they don't belong learning things about us that they have no need to know or right." Wolfgang growled, he did not need to be lectured by him. Gillian went pale, they had grown up together, as children before becoming adults they had different names, children's names that could be shed when they became adults. At eighteen Wolfgang had out grown even the largest of the pack males. By twenty one it took the whole pack working as a gang to take him down, that was how he got his name. Wolfgang was the biggest wolf in the world, his size gave their pack a distinct advantage, no other Alpha could take him on so they and their territory was avoided by other packs. Gillian was no match for him.

Since becoming Alpha he had chosen to remain single, to not indulge in the romps, every female in the pack had offered themselves to him, hell a decent number from the near by pride had aswell, but he rejected them. They did nothing for him as a man and more importantly nothing for him as a Wolf. Gillian frowned then chuckled as he smelt Wolfgang's desire. "You have to be kidding me... you want her... a human." Nathanael sat. Wolfgang crossed his arms he didn't have to explain anything to anyone.

"None of your business." Gillian snorted.

"Hello her husband or whatever died in that plane."

"Brother... he was her brother." Gillian sat up that changed things entirely, but just because that was her brother didn't mean she wasn't taken, claimed by some other man although Wolfgang could easily scare the rival off if he truly wanted her as who would willing take on such a big man.

"Still she could be claimed..."

Wolfgang shook his head. "I didn't smell anyone but herself on her." Gillian gave him a sly look as Nathanael snorted in amusement. The only way Wolfgang could be so sure of that was if he had buried his head between her legs and took a deep breath, hell while he was at it he would have also licked her, tasting her to see if she was the one his other half wanted for it's mate.

"You sly old dog... she was out for the count and you had your head buried between her legs and I thought Ron was the only one who did that." Wolfgang crossed his arms, he was thoroughly ashamed of what he had done, he was king of his pack and here he was acting like a mutt rogue panting at the smell of any female in heat.

"I couldn't help it..." Gillian gave him a look and Wolfgang felt the instant need to explain what had driven him to madness. "I was sponging her down, doing her legs... I accidentally dropped the sponge because she mumbled and moved. I lent down to pick it up not realising I was so close, when I did, I did what any of us would do and took a deep breath."

"Celibate for too long?" Gillian asked. Wolfgang gave him an annoyed look.

"No... her scent, it filled me with a warm glow, I had to taste to be sure... it took great control to stop at a lick. Just a taste and my whole body was on fire, I have never been so hard in my life." Gillian frowned, that kind of attraction only came either when a woman was in heat or if her scent was what his wolf was looking for in a mate. It was a sure fire way of finding a compatible mate. It was part of the reason why they always sniffed at each others genitals.

"She was in heat?" Gillian asked hoping that was the answer, that his alpha could find what he sort in a human might shake his standing.

"No because you would have scented it to."

"But she's a human." Wolfgang nodded just as surprised that his wolf was saying his life partner was born a human, it would have also surprised him if his wolf had singled out another of the Were races to be his mate.

"Amy... is a human who has shown more strength in the short time I've known her then I have ever seen in my entire life." Gillian resigned himself to accept his alphas decision even if it would destabilize some of their power.

"Will you take her as your mate?" Wolfgang sighed pleased he had his second taking him seriously.

"I will try." Nathanael frowned.

"You will have to turn her... she may not survive..." Wolfgang gave him an amused look.

"Didn't you say the same about her surviving her injuries." Nathanael smirked.

"Yes I did." Gillian stood and paced.

"Are you going to give her a choice? Or are you just going to turn her." Wolfgang stood and grabbed Gillian.

"I am not your father... I will give her a choice... I will tread softly, I want her to love me. To trust me so that when I finally go to turn her she'll want to be turned." Gillian nodded. Wolfgang's beeper beeped, he turned. "She's awake." Nathanael nodded and joined him as they went into her room.

She sighed relief when he walked in. "I need to pee." Wolfgang chuckled.

"You fell asleep so I just let you." Amy glanced to Nathanael who smiled.

"I'm your doctor." Amy nodded.

"I'm Amy..."

"Yes... allergic to penicillin and Iodine." Amy nodded pleased. She was so focused on Nathanael that she wasn't paying attention to Wolfgang. She felt the bed pan slide into place. It took her a moment to relax to empty her bladder. Once she was done Wolfgang wiped her clean and left the room. Nathanael waited for his return. Wolfgang returned promptly.

"I just want to check your collar bone, in a week I'll check your tibia." she nodded. He carefully touched her using magic to check to see if the bone was knitting together. It was and would be healed in another two weeks. He slid his had down her left side to feel her ribs, they too were healing albeit slowly. "Good." He moved his hands to her neck.

"It's tender." He nodded.

"Yes, whip lash has a tendency to do that. Let Wolfgang give it a rub a couple times a day for the rest of the week, it'll help ease the tension." She nodded. He carefully felt her head going deep to the brain to check the internal bleeding had stopped, it had and her brain was repairing itself. He pulled out and felt the skull the bumps were beginning to fade he was surprised at her rate of recovery, he had been almost certain that he would be signing another death certificate but here she was alive, healing and if Wolfgang played his cards right Amy would be his queen.

"Your going to be alright, I was afraid at first that there might be a sudoral haematoma, you had several nasty knocks to your head, if there was a bad one you would be dead."

"My head throbs." He nodded.

"You took quiet a pummelling. But the fact you are awake, alert, remember... everything is good." She smiled. "I need to look at your back." Wolfgang carefully helped her onto her stomach. Nathanael flicked the sheet off her body. He scanned her body and his eyes fell on her shapely behind. `Damn... If I were younger.` Wolfgang glared at him. Nathanael gently pulled the matting from her back. `Don't look at me like that, I'm a man and she has a delectable arse.` Wolfgang watched her arse and agreed it was a beautiful arse, he could see himself sinking his teeth into it playfully as he got ready to take her.

Nathanael gently prodded the wounds feeling the forming scars. "Good they are finally starting to knit together."

"They do feel itchy." He smiled and reapplied the padding. Wolfgang helped her into a sitting position and then helped her into the smock.

"Just don't squirm or scratch, it causes scars." Gillian popped his head in and watched as his Alpha carefully helped her slide back and tucked her in.

"Boss the investigators are here to talk to Amy." Wolfgang nodded.

"Show them in Gillian." He nodded.

Gillian paced. Wolfgang watched his pack. They didn't approach him but sniffed the air around him. Amy's scent was on him. The unattached women were not impressed but accepted that he had made his choice. "Humans should be eaten..." Wolfgang lashed out smacking the insolent female across the jaw and sent her flying. Wolfgang stood and everyone cowered away from him.

"I intend to make that human my mate." there was a loud commotion about that. "And you know the law, human baiting, human hunting, is forbidden. The humans know of us, they don't mind us if we don't hunt them." Everyone nodded the last thing they needed was a crack down. His uncle stood.

"Will you turn her?" Wolfgang turned to him.

"If she agrees yes."

"And if she doesn't?" the insolent female asked after she put several bodies between her and the Alpha.

"Then she is free to go. I will not take her by force... unless she's into that." Several men chuckled. They didn't mind that their Alpha was going to take a human, they believed he was big enough and wise enough to handle the possible although unlikely backlash among the other packs and prides.

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