tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 02

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 02


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand are over 18 years of age as explained in the story. Enjoy

== Sorry it took so long I had to re-write twice, I tried to do as some of you suggested. I hope you like this instalment. Remember all criticism is good criticism so keep it coming. Also to the person who found my time line confusing, sorry I didn't put enough space between each section of the chapter, I think I fixed it this time, but you'll find out in this chapter exactly why she healed as fast as she did and the time frame as that was how I wrote the story...



Nathanael walked out of Amy's room two weeks later after checking to see how she was healing. He was frowning as he walked into the library. Wolfgang glanced up from some mail, "What's wrong Nathanael?" Wolfgang asked hoping everything was alright with Amy.

Nathanael sat in the chair across from Wolfgang, "Everything is wrong Wolfgang." Nathanael said frustrated.

"Explain." Wolfgang asked as he put his papers aside.

Nathanael snorted; it was not as easy as that. "If Amy is human, I'm a fox." Nathanael told Wolfgang bluntly.

Wolfgang sighed; he lent on the desk and pressed his fingertips together. "Explain." he said again, if he had to drag the answers out of Nathanael he would.

"Granted I don't treat humans as often, but even I know how long their bodies take to heal, as long as there is no infection, no complications, she still should be bed ridden today; in fact she should not be here today, all medical advice and knowledge pointed to her death. Her ribs, her broken ribs would not now be greenstick fractures; her collarbone is healed as if it was not broken. Wolfgang it's only been two weeks, a normal human would still be in a medical induced coma, would have needed multiple major surgeries, she only needed her bones set."

Nathanael stood and paced. He turned to Wolfgang as he paced, "I'll say it again, if she's human I am a common fox."

Wolfgang tensed, if Nathanael was right then that changed things. "But she swears she's human?"

Nathanael slammed his hands on Wolfgang's desk. "She is not human, when will that sink into your skull."

Wolfgang lent back in his chair, he did not need to prove dominance; some times conceding ground could gain him an advantage. "Fine, tell me what she is then?"

Nathanael frowned and pushed off the desk. He started pacing again only this time it was with a thoughtful purpose. "She's not Were, we would smell it on her and more importantly Bastion would have seen it."

Wolfgang nodded, that was true, Bastion looked at a person and saw their animal before he saw them, he would have known instantly if Amy were Were. However, there were more then just the Were, there were other beings who were most defiantly not human, but those beings were distinct. Amy to all intensive purposes was human; she acted human, smelt human.

"I could take an Aura photo and have it tested." Nathanael supplied hoping his Alpha's natural curiosity would surface and allow him to take the picture, most readers preferred to meet the person but Wolfgang would not allow that, not until he had sealed Amy to him

Wolfgang frowned, "I didn't know you knew a reader."

"I know two," Nathanael answered. "They are both considered to be quiet good."

Wolfgang nodded giving him leave to do the test. "Oh... I have to head into Harrisburg next Friday."

Nathanael frowned why was his Alpha bringing that up, he didn't really need to know, "And?"

"And, Amy's home is in Harrisburg. She's expressed an interest to go home, I how ever want to try to talk her into returning; I'm going to talk her into being my mate."

Nathanael scratched his chin as he considered his answer. "That will make it three weeks since the fever broke. At the rate her body is recovering she should be completely healed I can't see any reason to keep her here if she's healed."


Wolfgang flicked his paper open as he waited for Shia, a pride leader who wanted to talk about his son going to a private school in Wolfgang's territory. Wolfgang wanted this to hurry up so he could have dinner with Amy and convince her that what sparked between them should be explored. To trust him so he could take her back to his home, to keep other men from her until he convinced her to be his mate. He had brought her with him when he had to go back to the city she called home, giving her a chance to leave if she wanted but also to pack what ever she wanted to come with him. He smiled as the much older man slid into the seat across from him so he decided to get straight into business. "Okay Shia... I want this done quickly..."

Shia smirked at Wolfgang. "You're testier then normal Wolfgang..."

Wolfgang smiled; Shia was definitely right about that. "I've found my mate... now all I have to do is talk her into accepting me."

Shia smiled pleased, maybe now the unmated women will look elsewhere. "Good luck to you and the female sure is a lucky one."

Wolfgang snorted at Shia's comment; most would disagree. He however would not voice Nathanael's idea that she wasn't human not until they had proof. "She's human."

Shia's eyebrows went up at Wolfgang's statement. "How did you get close enough to a human to learn she was the one?" Shia asked.

Wolfgang grimaced he was still not convinced that Amy forgave him for what he had done. "Chance and accident," Wolfgang replied.

As Wolfgang did not want to go into it, Shia decided to ignore it. "Okay... straight to business, I wouldn't dream of keeping you from snaring your mate. I would like my son to go to a prep school in your territory, as I understand it; it was the same prep school you went to."

Wolfgang smirked. "He can go to the prep school, he can also have wandering rights to the town attached but he can not without due warning go anywhere else. He will be escorted by pack to and from the school and he will be watched, if he breaks these rules or any of our laws I will personally beat the crap out of him or kill him depending on what he has done."

Shia nodded he could accept those restrictions, "Agreed." Shia sat back and sipped his coffee. "So tell me about her." Shia asked.

Wolfgang glared at him. "She's mine...," he said between clinched teeth.

Shia raised his hands to show Wolfgang he was not interested in her. "I have a mate remember..." Shia reminded him.

Wolfgang nodded and rubbed his face, "Sorry Shia, it's just she's not mine yet..."

Shia nodded, although a Were-panther, he could understand the possessiveness coursing through Wolfgang. The fact she was human added a completely different stress to it, if she was, Were he would have simply taken her, but she was human, he had to tread softly. "How has she reacted, you have told her?" Shia asked making small talk.

Wolfgang nodded, "I was honest, I told her what I am and that I want her for my mate but that I would do things the way humans find their mates. She has not screamed or shunned my touch. When she asks a question I answer truthfully."

Shia nodded that was the best way to be although normally he would be preaching caution, about not telling her but he wanted her for his mate and therefore his equal she had the right to know. "So where are you meeting her?" Shia was looking over Wolfgang's shoulder as he spoke. His eyes were riveted on the petite dark haired, pale-skinned beauty that had just walked in. Men of his pride watched her as if she was prey, sexual prey.

Wolfgang checked his watch as he spoke. "She is meant to be here around now."

"Let me guess petite, pale skin and black haired." Shia asked.

Wolfgang nodded and turned. Shia heard Wolfgang's soft growl the men of his pride would not have. Gillian quickly got to Amy's side and steered her over to Wolfgang. Wolfgang stood and glared at the two toms that had moved to block Gillian. Shia stood and jerked his head telling his tom's to back off. Amy glanced between the two groups wondering what she had stepped into; she tugged the hem of her mid thigh high black dress. Wolfgang shot one more poisonous looks at the tom's as he sat Amy down. Shia and Wolfgang sat.

Amy let over to Wolfgang to talk quietly. "What have I stumbled into... should I have been late?"

Wolfgang lent in and gently kissed her, he then introduced her to Shia. "Amy this is Shia, those men over there are toms in his pride."

Amy held out her hand and Shia kissed it. He could understand Wolfgang wanting to get close to this woman, if Shia had spotted her first he would have tried to get her; he would have talked his mate into allowing her to be his second mate. "Forgive them Amy; they were only doing as is there nature demands them to do."

Amy nodded she was beginning to understand. "Are you Snow Leopard, panther or cougar?" She asked.

Shia smiled pleased that she was accepting things as easily as she was. "Panther," He replied as he stood, he knew he was not wanted here. "Enjoy your dinner." He bowed as he tucked his chair in. "Miss Amy." he walked over to his men to quickly tell them to forget her as she was Wolfgang's then walked over to a table across the restaurant and sat.

"Why didn't anyone react to that?"

Wolfgang chuckled at Amy's question, she was about to learn there were a lot more Were then she originally thought in the world. "This Amy... is a Were restaurant. Run by Were, staffed by Were, for Were, the humans who frequent this place are normally friends of Were or are aware of what this place is."

Amy nodded but frowned, "But this place has a really good reputation."

Wolfgang nodded, "I know... I had to pull a string to get us in today. Shia and I were going to talk business at the bar, our territories over lap on this city so this place is neutral for both my pack and his pride. If he wants to come onto what is mine he has to ask permission and visa versa."

Amy nodded. "So..." She asked wanting to know what business, he had to discuss.

Wolfgang smiled touched by her eagerness to learn. "Shia's eldest son got accepted to a prep school in my territory, he ad to ask permission for his son to attend, I allowed it but put restrictions. It is acceptable."

Amy nodded as the waiter handed her an oversized menu and removed the newspaper. Wolfgang lent in close and made his recommendations on the menu. Amy worried her lip as she considered the menu. Wolfgang lent in and kissed her, he sucked and nibbled on her bottom lip, the waiter waited. The design of the restaurant meant that no one could see the tables around them, it allowed for privacy. The waiter had seen much more then a simple kiss.

Amy broke the kiss and glanced at the waiter who smirked. Wolfgang stood as he heard a commotion and went to investigate. They waited. Wolfgang returned straightening his jacket. "So have you decided what you would like?" He asked as if nothing had just happened.

"What happened?" Amy asked, Wolfgang sighed but knew he had to answer, complete honesty or he knew he would loose her.

"Just a little misunderstanding, they've taken it out the back." Wolfgang sat as he answered her question.

Amy nodded; she could accept that answer. "The calamari sounds good."

Wolfgang smiled. "Sounds, trust me it is good," he turned to the waiter. "We'll have the garlic and sesame prawns for starters then the calamari for main." the waiter nodded and wrote up their order.

"Would you like the chief's recommended wines for each meal or would you like me to call the wine waiter to make your own selection." The waiter asked trying not to eye Amy over, as he knew who Wolfgang was.

Wolfgang smiled. "The chief's, inform him I'm here."

The waiter nodded and walked off. Wolfgang turned his attention completely to Amy. He gently took up her hand and stroked her knuckles, the waiter returned and discretely put the bread down and glasses of fruit juice. They vanished just as quietly as they had come.

Wolfgang reached forward and stroked her jaw. "So... have you decided." he asked gently, he didn't want to push her but he didn't know how much longer he could stand not knowing if she would come back with him.

Amy pulled away. "Do we have to do this now?"

Wolfgang felt his heart go heavy, she was going to stay here, she wanted out of his life. "No... we don't." Any time with Amy was good time even if this was going to be his last dinner with her.

Wolfgang's brother joined them. "Wolfgang."

Wolfgang smiled stood and hugged his brother pounding his back in a friendly manner, "Isaiah." Isaiah turned his attention to Amy and bowed surprised that his brother had a date. "This is Amy," Wolfgang said with a big smile on his face, he did love his older brother.

"Amy." Isaiah pulled up a chair.

"Amy this is my brother Isaiah." Wolfgang introduced him in a friendly manner.

Isaiah held out his hand and when Amy slid her hand into his, he kissed it. He released her hand and sat. Isaiah studied his brother. "So she's the reason you pulled my string to get you a table."

Wolfgang smirked. "What is the point of being your brother if I can't use you to get a table... how is Tammy."

Isaiah smiled. "She's getting big, the bets are still even as to if we'll birth a litter of kittens or a litter of pups."

Wolfgang smiled pleased for his brother. "Do you know how many? I need to know if I'm going to have enough gifts."

Isaiah nodded and fished out his wallet to get the ultra-sound pictures. He offered on to his brother. "Two... thank goodness."

Wolfgang studied the ultra-sound and offered it to Amy who smiled as she looked at the picture.

Isaiah decided to get onto more pressing issues as Wolfgang handed the picture back. "Now, you're wine... since your rich I won't give you the normal wines, I have two bottles of Hunter valley..."

Wolfgang's jaw dropped in complete surprise. "How did you manage to get an Australian dingo pack to sell you their award winning wine?" He asked.

Isaiah smiled as he answered his brother's question. "My secret... now both will do well with your dishes but you must decide if you want a mild dry or a sweet."

"Dry please." Isaiah smiled at Amy as she had made the request.

"Then dry you shale have." He stood and went back to his kitchen. Amy turned to Wolfgang.

"You don't mind." She asked Wolfgang.

Wolfgang shook his head. "I would have gone the dry as well."

Amy nodded pleased. "So Isaiah is pack but his mate is pride."

Wolfgang nodded and prepared some bread. "It is common these days since the packs and prides are no longer fighting over territory." He answered.

"Dingos?" Amy asked.

Wolfgang chuckled. "Yes... they aren't exactly wolves but they are of the K-9 species, all dingos in Australia are actually Were there is a whole island of pure dingos most are being bred out and are becoming Were-dogs."

Amy nodded. Their garlic prawns arrived with the chilled white wine. They ate in comfortable silence. Amy had mixed feelings, one moment she wanted to go with Wolfgang the next she wanted to get as far away from him as possible. Their main followed seamlessly and to their surprise so did the desert.

"We didn't order desert." Amy eyed the strawberry, chocolate and cream stuffed crapes with delight.

Wolfgang smiled at her delight. "I know... my brother probably decided to make us desert anyway, something off the menu."

Amy turned to him and frowned. "Your brother, you told me your mother died giving birth to you."

Wolfgang nodded, "My older brother. When da died I took over the pack instead of my brother, I allowed him to follow his dream and his heart where da would not have. I gave him the loan for this place, his paid it back so he owns this place outright, permission to mate Tammy, there are all kinds of rules about inter-species breeding. But I'm happy he is happy."

Amy dug in to the crapes tasting brandy. She moaned in pleasure, stirring Wolfgang's blood. They finished their dinner and Wolfgang took care of the bill. Wolfgang considered calling his driver be he decided he wanted her to make the choice. "Choice, we stroll back to your place or drive."

Amy smiled. "I think I should walk all that rich food." Amy commented.

Wolfgang chuckled and they walked out of the restaurant and down the almost empty street. Wolfgang slid his hand down her arm to slide his fingers between hers. Amy's skin tingled where his hand had touched her. They walked in silence. Wolfgang tensed as several men walked out of an alley. They continued to walk ignoring the men but the men weren't ignoring Amy. Gillian and two other pack members had been following discretely behind came forward and took the men out.

"Amy how on earth did you manage to stay below our radar?" Wolfgang asked seriously.

Amy frowned. "I don't understand..."

Wolfgang sighed. "Every time a Were sees you they want to grab you. Hell every man to go near you wants to grab you."

Amy seriously though about it, "Wait are you saying all the men and even the women who have jumped me over the last four years were Were."

Wolfgang shrugged, "Probably. More then likely judging by the reaction to you at the restaurant. The men and women couldn't keep their eyes off of you."

"Jealous." Amy asked.

Wolfgang smirked. "Do you want me to be?"

Amy frowned as she thought. She didn't know. They finally got to Amy's place. She owned the entire building but lived on the top floor and roof. Wolfgang walked in and escorted Amy up to her home. Wolfgang glanced around her home.

"Coffee?" She asked.

Wolfgang nodded. "Please."

He followed her into the kitchen. Amy set the coffee up to seep. Wolfgang watched her. She organised a plate of biscuits as she waited for the coffee to seep. Wolfgang reached out and gathered her gently into his arms. "Amy... please... don't draw this out. Will you come back with me...?" Wolfgang waited knowing not to push.

Amy went to think about it but decided to trust her heart not her head in this matter. "I've already packed."

Wolfgang smiled and kissed her gently. Amy broke the kiss, "The coffee if I let it seep much longer it'll be too strong." She slid from his arms and poured the coffee out.

Wolfgang watched as she carried the tray into the lounge room. She set the tray down then sat on the couch, Wolfgang sat down next to her. He reached forward to stroke her neck, he lent in and kissed her neck snaking his tongue out to lick, her pulled her close and gently nibbled on her neck, she moaned which sent all the blood in his body to his loins. Wolfgang released her and shifted, he tugged on his pants to readjust his erection.

Amy smiled a little embarrassed about how his body reacted to hers. "You get turned on too easily."

Wolfgang smirked he lent in and whispered in her ear. "I've been celibate for too long." Amy chuckled and offered him his coffee.

"I can't help myself," Wolfgang continued. "Not with a gorgeous woman at my side. Who makes my wolf sing with joy and wants nothing more then make love to you and give you his kill."

She blushed and sipped her coffee being careful not to scold her tongue. Wolfgang smiled pleased that his comment had the desired effect. He sipped his coffee. He watched as she rubbed her thighs together subtly, betraying her own aroused state.

Wolfgang put his coffee down and did the same for her, he gathered her into his arms. He ran his nose over her skin. He groaned and quivered, his body was demanding that he press her down and make love to her. He started to nibble on her ear, trying to control his wolf and his body. She quivered beneath him. He took a shaky breath.

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