tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 03

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 03


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy

Hey everyone I hope you enjoy this instalment, forgive any spelling and grammar errors, I've tried finding an editor but no one has replied to my requests and it is hard to edit your own work. Remember all comments and criticism is welcomed. Ta

Chapter 3

Nathanael groaned as his beeper went off. He sat up in bed and grabbed his beeper. He cursed the fact that besides the fact he was the packs head doctor he also worked for the state as a coroner. He blinked to focus his eyes. He groaned in reluctance; he was wanted on scene. His wife mumbled and rolled over. Nathanael got out of bed and got dressed. His assistant would meet him with the all-important coffee.

He opened his phone and quick dialled the sheriff. "Where do you want me?" he said as he pulled his shoes on and scribbled with his other hand the address. "I can be there in twenty minutes." he hung up his phone, grabbed his keys and his coat. He checked to make sure he had his ID. He left his wife to sleep knowing he would be back before she woke.

He got into his car and drove to the scene. His assistant was waiting for him as he flashed his ID to the officer keeping people from ducking under the tape. He was waved pass the police tape keeping people from getting too close to the scene. He got out and went around to the back of his SUV; he opened the back and pulled on his overalls to keep himself from contaminating the scene. He pulled disposable shoe covers on then rubber gloves. He grabbed his medical bag as his assistant walked forward carrying a camera and a coffee. Nathanael gulped the coffee down. He took a deep breath, blood, death and the faint scent of male arousal found his nose.

They walked over to where the police were gathered. The acrid scent of drying blood and bodily functions assaulted his nose. Nathanael started to take shallow breaths until his sensitive nose adjusted to the overpowering smells. The police stepped aside to let Nathanael approach, Nathanael paused; there was a large pool of blood. Nathanael pulled out his recorder. "Appears that the victim bled to death." he picked a path to approach the body without stepping in the pool of drying blood. He checked where he was putting his bag to make sure he wasn't going to contaminate anything. He then carefully lifted the blanket covering the woman's body.

Nathanael heard rather then saw his assistant turn and run to get away to throw up. Nathanael was cold as his eyes scanned the victim. Her throat was torn open, deeply to the point of being the most probable cause of death as the arterial veins had been severed. His eyes scanned down; her chest was torn open to the bone, her stomach had been torn out with her entrails having been partially eaten. Nathanael closed his eyes, he knew that a Were had done this. Not even the cruellest of humans could do this kind of damage. He turned his recorder back on.

"Victim is an I-C-1 female approximately twenty one years old. The victim is apparently naked with lacerations to the face, neck, chest, arms legs…" Nathanael carefully rolled her over to check her back. "And back, bruises grazes." He lifted her hand to examine her fingers, "Victim appears to have defensive wounds on her forearms and skin under her nails." Nathanael kept listing his observations on the condition of the body. He knew Wolfgang would not be pleased about this, not if it were one of theirs who had killed this woman. He would be positively pissed if it were a rogue wolf on his territory that had not been picked up sooner.

He went to take her liver temperature only to realise the liver had been taken. He stood and walked over to his assistant. "Are you good?" He asked. His assistant nodded.

Nathanael smiled. "I know it isn't pretty but I need a full spread." Nathanael told him.

He nodded took a deep breath and went to take the photos.

The Sheriff and the Police chief stood next to each other. Sheriff Jenkins stood with his hands in his pockets. "So… does it look like one of the Were attacked her." Jenkins asked. Both Jenkins and Watterson knew Nathanael was pack, more often then not they turned to the pack to help track people down.

Nathanael nodded,"I'm afraid so. I don't recognise the scent so it could be a rogue, then again I don't know the individual scents of each pack member."

"So will you pass it onto your pack leader?" Police chief Watterson asked.

Nathanael nodded. "Yes, I have no choice, Wolfgang is the only one who can do anything, can organise a hunt. All appropriate paper work will be handled."

The two men nodded. "Just do it quickly." Jenkins commented. "We don't want a lynching mob to get it into their heads to take on a Were."

"I'll inform him now." Nathanael started to say as his phone started to ring. Nathanael picked up. "Nathanael speaking…" He answered.

"Doc." A deep male voice spoke into his ear.

Nathanael frowned, why was the caretaker of Haven calling him. "Yes Drifter what can I do for you?" Nathanael asked hoping it wasn't something that would keep him from his bed tonight.

"I need you at haven…" Nathanael could hear a fight in the background and breaking glass. "Like now." Drifter finished.

"What's wrong?" Nathanael asked calmly.

"A woman presented to haven, fresh attack marks… I'll explain once you get her and knock her out she's going mental." Drifter hung up.

Nathanael frowned, not coincidence, two attacks, one night. "Forgive me gentlemen, pack matter." Nathanael said in way of an explanation as to the interruption. Nathanael turned to his assistant who had just walked over from taking the scene photos for Nathanael's report. "I need you to bag and tag her, take her back and log her in, I will do the autopsy tomorrow lunch time." he turned to the police chief and sheriff who nodded that was acceptable.

Nathanael grabbed his things. He dumped it in his car stripped out of the protective clothing and logging it just in case he had picked up any trace on his shoes or gloves. He got in the car and drove off. It took him an hour to drive to haven. All the while, his mind was ticking, two attacks, one survivor, both women. It was instinctual for an attack victim to head straight for haven going back to the days when they lived as animals and humans were few. Each pack created a safe place for those people to come to terms with their new life, a true haven where they were protected and the world was protected from them until they were able to control themselves.

He pulled over outside the massive building, Haven was also the place the pack used for members who need around the clock care. He grabbed his medical bag and walked into the foyer of Haven. He glanced around at the destruction and decided to follow it. Four men were struggling with a woman, they were trying to be careful as to not add to her wounds but she was attacking them. Nathanael knelt and pulled out a syringe and a sedative, not one that would knock her out but one that would help her calm down and loose control of her muscles.

Drifter noticed Nathanael. "We are trying to help you." He told her but she kept on fighting. They piled on top of her to hold her down while Nathanael injected her. Nathanael stabbed the needle into her exposed thigh and emptied the syringe. They held her down until the drug took effect. They picked her up and walked her into a bathroom.

They stripped her of her clothes and cleaned her, getting rid of dirt and blood from her body. Once they were sure she was clean they dried her, then they carried her into a treatment room. Nathanael tended to her wounds, she watched unable to move or stop them. Nathanael decided to speak to fill the void. "We are not out to hurt you, we just want to help you." He stitched together several of her wounds. "Please try not to tear these open, you won't heal if you do." he grabbed another syringe.

"Now, I'm going to give you a couple of shots, one is for tetanus, another is for rabies the other is just a broad spectrum antibiotic. We don't want you getting sick." Nathanael informed her; he showed her the labels so she could read them for herself. He quickly gave her the shots. He then bandaged her up and dressed her in pyjamas.

"I'm Nathanael by the way. We are going to move you to a room now and the sedative should wear off soon okay." She was carefully moved to a padded room. They gently laid her down.

Drifter knelt. "This room is for your protection from now onwards no one will approach you unless you invite them that includes coming into your room. If you need to use the bathroom call out we will press a button that will open a door." He pointed out the door. "There is only a toilet and basin, you can't shower until the doc removes your stitches but if you want hot water for a sponge bath ask we will give it to you, if you get hungry ask." He put down some food and water.

"When your done just put them through the main door." He informed her then left leaving her alone so she could calm down.

Nathanael was waiting. "I have to tell Wolfgang."

Drifter nodded, "Better you then me, we'll keep her contained I don't think she'll adjust…"

Nathanael snorted. "Right the moment Amy knows of her she'll be here to try to make things better."

Drifter chuckled, he hasn't met Amy yet but rumours said she was small feisty bundle. "It would be a shame to loose her. If Amy can help that is good." Nathanael nodded agreeing with him.


Amy rolled over. She felt a wet nose against her back. Amy mumbled; Wolfgang moved his nose further up to her neck. Amy let her arm fly and struck him. "I'm sleeping…" she opened her eyes and turned to him, she hated being woken up by his wet nose. For the last two weeks she has shared his bed as his mate, would he ever learn that she hated that, wet nose from nowhere was startling when she was still asleep. "Stop being an ass and let me sleep," she lay back down and closed her eyes. Wolfgang caught the silk sheet she was covered with in his teeth; he carefully pulled the sheet down her body.

Wolfgang studied her, she was flat on her stomach, and her legs spread slightly. His hind legs shifted, he really wanted to sink his length into her woman hood but he knew she would not let him. "Lie down and sleep." Amy growled as she spoke. Wolfgang went to move. "Sheet." Wolfgang sighed and pulled the sheet back up her body. He lay down next to her; he rested his head on her shoulders. He could probably get away with dry humping her, showing her how much he wanted her, but that wouldn't satisfy him, he wouldn't be happy until he had his length and his knot buried into her womanhood, his seed within her, her moaning in climax around his cock.

Bastion walked in, Wolfgang lifted his head and hopped down off the bed. Wolfgang followed Bastion out. Bastion grabbed a robe and held it out as Wolfgang changed. "What's going on Bastion?" Wolfgang asked.

"Telephone call from Nathanael… he says it's urgent." Bastion told him as he held out the portable phone; Wolfgang took it and watched Bastion walk away.

Wolfgang touched the hold button and put the phone to his ear. "Nathanael what's cracking?"

"I am afraid it is news you are not going to like; I was called up to examine a body around two in the morning... it was torn to shreds. I was also called out to haven, a woman just fronted there, fresh wounds; she is undergoing a forced turn. She won't let men come near her; I had to sedate her to look at her wounds."

Wolfgang nodded. "Keep your ear to the ground I'll have two of my investigators pop round, I'll send Sienna to talk to the woman."

"I'll make some inquires, I hope this isn't the first of a long line of killing, but I'm more afraid if this is the first we've learnt of a rouge and his made a dozen kills or more."

"Thanks for the heads up. Before I let you go, have the aura tests come back yet." Wolfgang glanced to his bedroom door as he asked his question.

"Not yet, they are finding her confusing so are handing her photo onto another." Wolfgang sighed.

"Nathanael, we have to know, can you stress that, there are things about Amy that don't add up, you know because you brought them to me." Wolfgang waited for Nathanael to answer.

"I know. I'll push my contact doing the aura test." Nathanael conceded.

Wolfgang sighed. "Thankyou Nathanael."

Wolfgang hung up and returned to his bed even though soon he would have to get up to deal with the attack and the poor woman who had been attacked… unless Amy was in the mood for another day in bed. They had fallen into a pattern of sorts, at least once a week Amy would go into a she didn't want out of bed and she didn't want him out of bed either. He slid out of the robe and into bed with Amy. Amy mumbled as Wolfgang pulled her into his arms he nibbled at her neck.

Amy mumbled and rubbed her face against his chest. Wolfgang watched her; she was so small, so gorgeous, he was happy she wanted to be with him. He wanted more; he wanted to be bound to her in every way. He wanted her to be his mate in both forms. Wolfgang cradled her; he was always very gentle with her, more so when they made love, he knew he could hurt her if he lost control. His hands shifted down to cup her firm backside. Amy slowly opened her eyes. Wolfgang squeezed causing Amy to gasp.

Wolfgang chuckled and nibbled at her lips. He pulled away, "So what are you doing today?"

Amy shrugged. "I don't know… any ideas?"

Wolfgang smirked, "Oh I can tell you exactly what I want from you… what I want to do to you. But you won't let me."

Amy knew what he wanted. She sighed and got up and went to the bathroom. She turned the shower on and hopped in. Wolfgang joined her; he wrapped his arms around her and buried his head into her neck.

"Are you going to help me wash or are you going to be a pain?" Amy snapped.

Wolfgang sighed and released her, he grabbed the sponge and used some of the vanilla shower scrub she used and scrubbed her back. He didn't have to be gentle when he washed her back; six weeks after finding her in the plane the scars; healed as if they had been there for years and were beginning to fade. Wolfgang had not learnt her moods yet, some days Amy wanted to be cuddled others she didn't. When Wolfgang finished her back, she was out of the shower and drying off. Wolfgang let her go; he knew not to crowd her.

Amy walked into the kitchen. Bastion glanced at her. They both turned to the disturbance as twelve people walked into the kitchen. Amy knew they were pack but she had only really met a few of them. Gillian walked in and the people's loudness went down. Wolfgang walked in; he glanced around and walked over to Amy. Amy sipped her coffee and watched them out of the corner of her eye.

She watched unhidden lust in the eyes of many of the women as they looked over Wolfgang. Amy turned to him; he had on a pair of board shorts and nothing else. Wolfgang lent in and kissed her he then turned to his pack members, "Ara, Tye, go to Nathanael and investigate a suspicious death, Gillian, Sienna, report to haven and investigate a forced turning."

"Do you think the two are connected?" Gillian asked.

Wolfgang turned to Gillian. "Yes… Sienna you will do the talking to the woman, she doesn't trust men, see if you can siphon a mental picture off her." Sienna nodded. Wolfgang turned to the others, "The rest of you start looking, see if a rogue is on our land, or a feral…" They nodded and everyone left. Bastion went to spread the news on.

Amy waited several minutes before talking. "If you ever cheat on me… nothing you do will get me back."

Amy left leaving him stunned. Where did that come from, he thought to himself. He went to find out. He followed her into their room. "Hey… what the hell was that?" He asked.

Amy was digging through one of her draws. "Did you know that every woman besides Sienna looked at you with lust…?"

He shrugged. "I'm Alpha…"

Amy shot him a poisonous look. "Exactly… if you ever cheat on me with one of them I will go and nothing you say or do will get me back." She turned back to her draw and kept rummaging.

Wolfgang felt his temper rise; he had done nothing to warrant this kind of jealousy. "You are all I want…"

Amy didn't believe him; she had given in too easily. She should have been more distant made him work for her. Wolfgang stormed forward, grabbed her hands pulling them out of the draw and pressed her to the chest of draws closing them.

"You are the only one I want." He said angrily in her ear, wondering how he was going to get her to believe him.

Amy went to fight, to push him away. Wolfgang trapped her hands and pressed them as far forward to the far end of the chest of draws as her arms would go. He lifted her up and draped her across the chest pressing her hands further forward. He transferred one of her hands so that one of his hands held both of hers. He undid the belt at her waist, slid it free and used it to fasten her hands to a ring set into the wall. Amy tried to slide her hands free but she was tied tightly. Wolfgang chuckled and tore her shirt off.

Amy tensed, at this rate she was going to have no clothes left as he kept tearing them off her. "Quit tearing my clothes off." She said angrily.

Wolfgang smirked and licked her spine. He unsnapped her bra, as she was wearing one of those convertible bras he managed not to tear that off her. He tossed it aside, slid his hands under her body and up to cup, and squeezed her breasts. Amy moaned, she normally didn't allow him to get her into this kind of position as she had no control, she couldn't get away if he started to change.

"Wolfgang let me go." Amy said gently hoping to get free of this position.

Wolfgang smirked and squeezed her breasts again; he started to tweak her nipples. "No… I like you like this." He told her. He kissed and gently bit her back, Amy moaned. Wolfgang slid a hand back down to her shorts; he undid her pants and slid them down. He growled softly, he loved it when she wore a thong; today it was a black one to go with her bra. He slid his hand down and stroked her hips.

He lent down and sunk his teeth into her firm backside, Amy squirmed surprised at the act but also aroused. He slid her thong off. Amy started to fight the belt, she tried to roll over but the position of her body, bent at the waist with her hands tied higher then head meant she couldn't get a rocking motion going and the fact her legs were dangling and couldn't find any purchase on the smooth wood that made up the chest of draws.

Wolfgang opened her legs and licked up her womanhood. He groaned, god he loved the taste of her. He took another long lick but his tongue travelled up her body following her spine. He nuzzled at her neck and slid one hand up to a breast the other he slid around her hips and down to her womanhood to stroke her womanhood as he squeezed her breast.

He rocked his arousal between the cheeks of her arse. Amy moaned. "Do you want me?" Wolfgang asked seductively.

Amy shuddered. "Yes."

"Do you want me to make love to you now?" He asked as he rocked his arousal against her thigh.

Amy tensed trying to move her womanhood to meet his manhood. "God yes," She sighed.

Wolfgang smirked. "Do you want to be mine forever?" Amy nodded. Wolfgang stopped playing with her and let her cool down. "Amy… do you want me forever?" he asked.

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