tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 04

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 04


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy

I would like to thank everyone who offered to be my editor after my last post, I am now working with an editor, saille23, so this chapter should be much better. Saille23 has also agreed to help edit the previous chapters so that they can be reposted. So a big personal thankyou to Saille23. As you know all feed back is welcome.


Wolfgang walked up to Becky's door two days later, it had taken time to convince the feds that they had control of the situation. He knocked and popped his head in, Amy, Sienna and Becky were all asleep on the couch, they were piled on top of each other and to his amusement they were all clothed. Amy's eyes snapped open, her nose had caught his scent. She smiled at Wolfgang.

"How did it go?" she asked him waking the others.

Wolfgang smiled. "They have given us some breathing room," he told them.

Becky frowned, "Breathing room what have I missed?" she asked as she gestured Wolfgang in. Wolfgang sat in a big armchair, he opened his arms wanting to have Amy fill them. Amy got up and flopped into his arms.

Wolfgang took a deep breath then turned to Becky, "The feds were called in; three more bodies were found and one was a twelve year old girl. They were claiming it was the work of a serial killer, I had to convince them it was a Were matter. We have a little room but we have to track these men down now."

Gillian burst in ignoring the rules of Haven, "Wolfgang, news came in that there was an attack in broad daylight, twelve are dead."

Nathanael brushed Gillian aside, "Wolfgang, I've found sixteen more bodies, in three different territories." Nathanael waited for his reaction.

Wolfgang shifted and dug into his pocket. He pulled out his phone. He dialled, "Shia, I'm organising a meeting of the Alpha's I need your help," he said bluntly.

"When?" Shia asked.

"Tomorrow at my manor," Wolfgang told him.

"Okay I'll do a call around, I'll take every other name," Shia told him.

"Thanks Shia," Wolfgang went to hang up.

"This is about the deaths on your land," Shia asked before he could hang up.

"And in three other territories, we have a survivor, it's a pack of rogues Shia," Wolfgang explained.

"I'll get right to it," he told Wolfgang and hung up.

Amy turned to Becky to explain, "The moment one or more packs are involved it's wise to alert the Alpha's, when the feds are chomping at the bit and some conservative senator is trying to tighten the laws on Were's then it becomes a meeting because it effects us all," Amy told her.

Becky glared at her, wondering how Amy always had the answers. "Did you just pick that from his mind?" Becky asked. Amy shook her head. Becky frowned, "Then how do you know that? You were born human, you didn't grow up Were," Becky demanded to know.

Amy smiled and sat towards Becky. "What... you think I can get away with crap by claiming ignorance?" Amy asked Becky, "Other than asking questions when I don't understand, I've also been lazing around Wolfgang's library for the last five weeks since Bastion won't let me do anything. The moment I found out Wolfgang was Were I started to learn so that I would be able to understand what was going on around me. So I won't make a fool of myself," Amy paused, "anyway I like to read, most of Wolfgang's library is on Pack and Were law, I found some records that were over two thousand years old," Amy picked up the book she had given Becky, "I particularly liked this book. It was written by a woman about two hundred years ago who was turned by the woman she loved. It's about what she learnt of pack life coming from a human perspective. By the time she wrote the book she had lived two hundred years of Were life. It has some amazing insights. That's the reason I gave it to you to read." Amy told her as she gave Becky the book.

Becky nodded as she took the book, she was going to be spending a lot more time reading. She couldn't just stumble through pack customs, not if she valued her hide and her life.

"But that's not all of it," Wolfgang said absently. Amy had always instinctually known what to do, like knowing she was the Alpha's mate and how to act that way without him showing her, or knowing about the ranking of the lesser Wolves and how she knew to treat each rank in relationship to her own. It was always hard for a human to learn how to be Were, there were little things that humans had problems with.

"Pardon?" Amy said as she turned to him.

"Nothing," Wolfgang said, until the results of the aura test came back he was not going to alarm her.

Amy shrugged as she pulled out her own phone. She dialed the manor, Bastion answered the phone. "Bastion ready the manor Wolfgang's called a gathering. Get all the help you need," she told him before she hung up not waiting for his reply.

"Gillian you're in charge of making sure the Alpha's and whoever they bring with them get to the manor," Wolfgang told him delegating. Wolfgang turned to Becky, "I know you don't really like reliving those events but accurate pictures of the men involved will aid us greatly. Sienna will stay with you, Amy must come with me," Wolfgang told her gently.

Becky nodded, "I understand, I'll do my best."

Wolfgang smiled. "That's all I can ask."


Amy was forcefully ejected from the room, she turned and glared at Bastion. "I only want to help," she told him.

Bastion glared at her as he yanked the bedding from her arms, "You are my queen, making beds and tidying rooms is my job and the job of the people I call in, go harass Wolfgang," he told her before slamming the bedroom door in her face.

Amy glared at the door, if it had been anyone else Amy would have demanded they submit to her and let her help but Bastion was different, nor was he a push over. Anna, Justine and Joe chuckled as they carried bundles of bedding into various rooms. Amy glared at them but they refused her help telling her exactly what Bastion had told her, only a lot gentler as Amy had every right to kick their butts for any reason she wanted. She stormed off angry that no one was letting her help, everyone was so busy, why were they refusing her help. She could make beds and tidy rooms it wasn't difficult, they wouldn't even let her peel vegetables. She found Wolfgang pacing in the library, "Bastion wont let me help," she told him angrily as she walked into the room and past walls covered with shelves that were filled almost to overflowing with books. Whenever Amy wanted to find Wolfgang, nine times out of ten he was in here.

Wolfgang turned to her, the agitation left his body and he stopped pacing. He opened his arms inviting Amy into them so he could hold her, smell her and relax. Amy walked to him and melted into his arms. He held her to him tightly, soon the Alpha's would start to arrive and then the fighting and posturing would begin before they could get to the matter at hand. He nuzzled at her neck and wondered if they had enough time to go back to their room for a romp, that would definitely lift his spirits. Amy smiled as she followed his thoughts.

Shia walked into the room followed by his mate and his second. He smiled as he watched Wolfgang kiss Amy deeply and fondle her. "So... is it official?" Shia asked loudly to gain their attention before they got carried away, not that he never saw public displays.

Amy and Wolfgang broke the kiss and turned to him. Wolfgang smiled and nodded. "Yes, she's mine," Wolfgang pulled Amy tighter to his body proving his claim. Since Amy was smaller than him he had to crouch down so that he could rest his head on her shoulder. Although Amy was used to being lifted up by him she found it annoying when he lifted her just so he would be comfortable as he held her.

Amy turned to Shia, "Hi Shia nice to see you again."

Shia smiled, "Amy I see your as beautiful as ever," he complimented her. His mate glared at him as she walked into the room to sit. Her slightly rounded stomach betrayed her pregnancy.

Wolfgang turned Amy to her. "How much longer Nancy?"

"Three more months," she said with a smile, "So introduce me," she demanded.

Wolfgang smiled. "This is Shia's mate Nancy. Nancy this is my mate Amy," he introduced.

"About time," Nancy stated, she went to hold out her hand but Wolfgang wouldn't release Amy so she could shake Nancy's hand. "How long?" Nancy asked Amy.

"A week since he turned me and we became full mates," Amy replied.

Nancy nodded with a knowing look on her face. "Ah... your still in that possessive stage where he doesn't like unmated males near you. The moment he knocks you up he'll cool off," Nancy told her wisely. Amy nodded and tried to squirm free. She managed to turn around but Wolfgang's teeth found her neck and he bit down to keep her from getting away even if he had to bend nearly double to do so. He was not letting her out of his sight for a moment, not with the other Alphas here. Nancy was wrong, Wolfgang would never loose his possessiveness, Amy was his and he would not tolerate unmated men near her.

"Wolfgang let me go, I should be getting them some drinks," Amy told him. Bastion walked in with a tray of drinks and nibbles. Amy glared at Bastion. "Will you let me do anything?" She asked. Bastion shook his head, put the tray down and left the room. Amy glanced up to Wolfgang.

"I'll go mad if I can't do something," Amy told him.

Wolfgang nodded and released his bite. "Amy you are meant to be learning at the moment, when you shift then your battle training begins, trust me, you'll be busy before you know it," Wolfgang said trying to comfort her. Amy snorted. Wolfgang smiled, "Why don't you go and change?" he asked.

Amy elbowed him, "Hello, remember I only brought four shirts and a few pairs of jeans, the moment I got home and unpacked Bastion took everything and until he's done he won't give them back," Amy told him.

"Surely you have other clothes?" Nancy asked.

Amy snorted. "I wish. I came with three suitcases packed with clothes but Wolfgang keeps tearing them off me. I'm down to a few pairs of jeans and four blouses, at least with blouses the buttons pop before the shirt rips," Amy told her as she tried to slide free, but Wolfgang had her shirt. He pulled her back into his body as he flopped into a chair. Shia sat next to his mate and wrapped an arm around her.

"So how much longer until the others are here?" Shia asked.

"Most will be here in the next hour, the rest about half an hour after that," Wolfgang told them.


Amy had managed to get free of Wolfgang. She walked into her room and saw that Bastion was putting what little of her clothes she had away. She smiled and grabbed a towel to shower. Bastion stopped her, "You want Wolfgang's scent on your skin, and on your clothes so you can't change," he told her.

"Why?" Amy asked.

"So the men coming know your mated, claimed and by Wolfgang no less," Bastion told her gently.

Amy nodded. "Bastion before you go can we talk for a moment," Amy asked, Bastion nodded. "I get that I'm your queen and making beds is beneath me but you have to realise that I've always done everything myself, can we come to a compromise?" She asked.

Bastion frowned. "Depends," he said in a non-committal way.

Amy smirked at least he was willing to hear her out. "I tend to this room and bathroom. I make the bed, clean and stuff, but the rest of the house is yours. I also want to cook once a week, just once," Amy asked. She gave him a hopeful look, hoping he would let her do something other than just laying around and reading.

Bastion thought about it seriously, he could meet those demands, this room was hers so it was her right to take care of it, as for cooking, he wouldn't mind the night off once a week.

"Dishes?" He asked just to gauge her reaction.

"If I cook Wolfgang can bloody well do the dishes," she told him firmly.

Bastion cracked up laughing. He wiped tears from his eyes as he controlled his laughter. "Okay, this room is your responsibility and I'll let you loose in my kitchen once a week, the moment it becomes too much..."

"You mean the moment I'm pregnant and can't bend over," Amy interrupted.

Bastion glared at her playfully. "I will take back those duties," he told her accepting her compromise.

Amy smiled, "Thanks Bastion," Amy went to leave but Bastion stopped her.

"Amy... when your time is consumed with pack matters I will take over, to a degree, and this arrangement doesn't start until after the Alpha's leave," he told her.

Amy nodded, "I can accept that," Bastion smiled.

"So how many more are left to arrive?"

"Six from Canada and Alaska. They should be here by now," Amy told him.

Bastion groaned and raced from the room to fire the kitchen, if the Alpha's had full bellies they were unlikely to fight. Amy went and freshened up. She then went to the kitchen to ensure everything was ready.

Gillian walked in carrying a file, he handed it to Amy and retrieved a beer from the fridge. "Here are the pictures, I picked them up as I brought the last of the Alpha's. Sienna and Becky have been riffling through her memories of that night as if their lives depended on it," he told her.

Loud voices could be heard from the library where fifty odd Alpha's and their mates were, their Seconds were bunked in the converted barn and attacking the food and beer on offer to them. Bastion took the pictures.

"They will wait until morning, go tell Wolfgang that dinner will be ready in ten minutes," Bastion asked her. Amy nodded.

She walked down the hall and into the library. She paused to take in the scene, normally the room was spacious, now it was crowded with bodies. Amy wove through the bodies, all of the single men sat up and took notice of her. Amy paused as a man not much older than her put his leg up to stop her.

"Do you smell as well as you look?" He asked, as he went to lean in to sniff her.

Amy stepped back. "Move your leg and let me pass," Amy said dryly.

He smiled. "Only when you promise to join me tonight," he asked, several of the Alpha's tensed. They knew who Amy was and more importantly they knew what Wolfgang would do.

"I'm mated," Amy told him.

He smiled. "So," he said flippantly.

Amy smiled almost sweetly, "He'll tear you limb from limb."

Wolfgang stood to aide Amy. "Amy," he said as if it was a summons. Amy nodded and took a different route to him away from the man. Wolfgang sat and because there was nowhere else, she sat on his lap.

"Dinner will be ready in ten minutes and Sienna and Becky have finished what you asked them to," Amy told him.

"Good," Wolfgang said, he pulled her back to his chest so he could hold her. Amy didn't fight or protest, she was Wolfgang's so she would get used to his possessive side.

The man who tried to stop her stood. "You have got to be kidding," he said angrily.

Wolfgang ignored him and nuzzled Amy's neck. Grey-hawk stormed forward and yanked Amy out of Wolfgang's arms and behind him. Wolfgang growled and stood, no man would get between him and his Amy.

"Let her go before I hurt you," Wolfgang said softly.

"What right do you have to such a fine woman?" Grey-hawk asked.

"Right..." Wolfgang spat, "She is my mate."

Amy tried to free herself before the fight broke out. Grey-hawk tightened his grip, Amy kept the cry of pain from her lips. Wolfgang growled and struck Grey-hawk, sending him flying. Shia grabbed Amy before she followed Grey-hawk, her already hurt wrist was yanked but Grey-hawk lost his grip. Shia then pushed Amy to Wolfgang. Amy didn't cradle her wrist which felt like it had been broken, she would get Nathanael to look at it soon.

Grey-hawk struggled to his feet. He glared at Wolfgang. "Since when have you had a mate, you did not declare it as proper," Grey-hawk demanded.

Wolfgang growled. "I've been a little busy. Amy is mine," he stated fact.

Grey-hawk snorted, "Not for long... I challenge your right to be Amy's mate."

Shia stood and got between them. "I believe Bastion would prefer if we took this outside," Everyone left the room, the outcome of the battle would dictate whether or not further challenges would be issued.

Wolfgang grabbed Bastion. "Make sure Nathanael is here," Bastion nodded.

Are you okay? Wolfgang asked Amy silently.

I think my wrist is broken. Amy replied.

Wolfgang felt his anger rise, not only had Grey-hawk touched her but he had hurt her. They went outside to a large patch of grass. A ring was formed, the seconds joined them wanting to see what was going on. Gillian stood next to Amy.

What happened? Gillian asked silently.

Grey-hawk challenged Wolfgang for his right to me. Amy told him.

Gillian frowned, Are you okay? You're a little pale, he asked.

I think Grey-hawk broke my wrist, it hurts to all hell, Amy replied.

Wolfgang walked over to Amy, he pulled her into his arms, Amy bit her lip to stop herself from crying out as her damaged wrist was crushed between their bodies. Her wrist was throbbing in pain. He kissed her deeply and lessened his hold easing her pain.

"Let her go." Grey-hawk said angrily.

Wolfgang turned to him. "She is mine until someone takes her from me."

"Then you better make sure you remember it because that is the last time you'll kiss her." Grey-hawk told him confident in his own abilities.

If you loose I will take my own life, she told him.

I won't loose, Wolfgang told her confidently. He stepped away from her.

Grey-hawk approached Amy hoping to show her that he wasn't the bad guy, that he would treat her better than Wolfgang ever could. "Life will be much better with me," he told her.

"I would kill myself before I let you touch me again." Amy told him.

Grey-hawk glared at her, she would rather be dead than be his mate, what did Wolfgang have that he didn't? His second walked over, if it came to it he would have to try to prevent Amy taking her own life. Wolfgang and Grey-hawk stripped. Wolfgang was much larger than Grey-hawk in all aspects. Grey-hawk shifted, he was impatient, he wanted this to be over so he could sample the delights of his new mate. Grey-hawk was an impressive wolf, he was larger than the true wolves but he still was only half the size of Wolfgang.

Amy snorted in amusement. Wolfgang shifted, there were gasps of amazement, very few had actually seen him in wolf form. Grey-hawk was frozen, Wolfgang was by far the largest wolf in the world, he didn't stand a chance.

Wolfgang barred his teeth and snarled. He had considered for a brief moment letting Grey-hawk back out but then he remembered that Grey-hawk had tried to take his Amy, had hurt her, Wolfgang lunged and tore strips from Grey-hawk. Amy watched as Grey-hawk tried to defend himself against Wolfgang. The battle only lasted moments but everyone knew Grey-hawk would die at this rate.

Enough Wolfgang. Amy told him.

Wolfgang stepped away from Grey-hawk, and approached Amy. Amy knelt and let Wolfgang wash her face. He gently took her neck between his teeth. He released her and shifted back into his human form. He pulled Amy to his body being careful of her wrist. He glanced around looking for the next challenge. None came.

Nathanael walked forward and straight to Amy as Grey-hawk shifted back into human form. "Are you okay?" Nathanael asked her.

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