Kiss of the Moon Ch. 05


"Then why would we loose," Amy asked curious as to why the Were races had tolerated the human population for so long.

Wolfgang sighed, "We've always tried to maintain a human population, to stop us, to keep us in control of our natures, and more importantly to give us some genetic diversity so we don't become too genetically stagnant," he explained.

"But always hidden," Amy remarked.

Wolfgang nodded, "Humans are not very tolerant, they barely tolerate their own. They've been getting better but we still err on the side of caution when dealing with them. Some are accepting while others are not so accepting."

"I guess I have a lot more to learn," Amy commented.

Wolfgang smirked, "Not everything you need to know is in a book. Don't worry so much, I was born to this life and I still don't know everything. I don't think I ever will."

"So what do I look like?" Amy asked. The throb of pain that was her body was lessening to a more bearable level.

Wolfgang smirked, "Your slightly bigger than me. Your completely white but you're a hybrid, part wolf part saber-tooth tiger." Wolfgang paused, "I think." He turned to her, "Your body is that of a large tiger, bigger than me, but your head is the head of a wolf, but with saber like fangs."

"How?" Amy asked surprised, she was meant to be a wolf.

Wolfgang shrugged he didn't know. "I don't know."

Amy tugged on her black hair. "I thought I would be black or something, not white," she told him.

"I have black hair too and my wolf is silver grey. Your human colouring doesn't necessarily transfer over to your were colouring," Wolfgang paused, "you scared me last night Amy."

"I didn't mean to, things just started to make sense, what I should do, so I did it," Amy shrugged.

Wolfgang sighed, he couldn't ask her not to do it again, "Next time warn me." He tapped his head.

Amy nodded. "I'm sorry," she apologized.

Wolfgang smiled, he could never be truly angry with her. "When Gillian and I were younger and up to our tricks, Gillian always used to say before we got into real strife, easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. As an adult I know better, but this world is new to you, I want you to trust yourself and live by that motto until you think you know better," Wolfgang told her. Amy nodded. Wolfgang went to tuck her in.

"No I want a bath," she told him.

Wolfgang smiled, "I'll run you one."

He walked over to the bathtub and ran her a hot bath. He poured some of the relaxing oils she liked into the water; lavender filled the air. When the tub was full he turned the water off and returned to Amy. He picked her up and carried her into the tub.

"Wait…lets wash the blood off first, I don't want to be sitting in a tub with that man's blood in the water," Amy told him.

Wolfgang sat her on the vanity and started to wipe the dried blood from her face and neck, when she was happy that most of the blood had been wiped off, Wolfgang lowered her into the water.

Amy sighed and closed her eyes. "Join me," she invited. Wolfgang slid in behind her. "Why am I so weak?" she asked.

Wolfgang pulled Amy into his lap and supported her in the water. "You forced your change to come early, your body wasn't really ready for it, so you're weak. Becky will also suffer from weakness when she starts to go through the rages and her change, we don't know if you'll continue to experience weakness after your change but Nathanael is positive that the weakness will fade as your body grows accustomed to the changes," Wolfgang told her.

Amy nodded and relaxed. Wolfgang nibbled at the back of her neck she shivered and her skin shifted in a wave.

"Relax," Wolfgang warned her.

"When is this going to stop?" Amy asked.

"When you learn to control it," Wolfgang retorted.

Amy relaxed and closed her eyes. "Wolfgang, what was your first change like?"

Wolfgang smiled. "Glorious. It felt as if I was bathing in light, it…it was like sliding into a tub of warm water," Wolfgang told her struggling to describe the sensations.

"My people…our people have always called the shift, the Kiss of the Moon. You can easily guess as to why. Standing naked beneath the moon the shift comes over you like a lovers caress, the love of the moon, hence the term Kiss of the Moon." Wolfgang again tried to explain his shift, for him it had always been an act of true release, a pleasure.

Amy frowned, she may not remember feeling the intense pain of her shift but she knew it was there, vaguely, in the back of her mind she felt her body contorting and twisting into her form. She remembered the odd sensation of feeling as if her body was being torn apart but at the same time not and she remembered the blood. There was never any blood when Wolfgang shifted.

Why was her change different, she asked herself not knowing that Wolfgang was thinking the exact same thing.


Wolfgang carried the tray that Bastion had loaded with food for Amy. She had fallen asleep in the tub so he had transferred her to the bed. He walked into the kitchen and put the tray down. Nathanael was writing some notes in Sienna's medical records.

"Just the person I was hoping to see," Nathanael said when he spotted Wolfgang.

Wolfgang sat next to him. "What's up?"

"I finally got that information you wanted," Nathanael told him.

Wolfgang smiled. "Amy's aura test."

Nathanael nodded but didn't tell Wolfgang what he wanted to know.

"And?" Wolfgang prompted.

"And, she never was human," Nathanael said.

Wolfgang waited but Nathanael didn't say any more. "What do you mean, never was human?"

Nathanael sighed, "I don't know, he didn't say, all he said was that she wasn't human and if you really want her tested properly you have to take her to London as it has to be done in person."

"Any clues?" Wolfgang asked curious.

Nathanael sighed, "He told me what she isn't, she isn't human, she isn't Were, she never will be…"

"But she changed, you saw her, she's showing all the markers of someone being turned, her wounds heal faster…" Wolfgang argued.

"Her wounds always healed fast, faster than any human." He pulled out Amy's file, which included her medical records. "Initial report; contusions to the face, arms and neck. Massive internal bleeding, four fractured vertebrae, six broken ribs…do I really need to continue?"

He spread the file out; it was thicker than the file that had been compiled on the twenty something bodies. "Her body fought to survive. I told you I would have doubted it if one of our own could have survived that kind of damage, we're good, but we're not that good."

"Can't we get him to come here?" Wolfgang asked.

Nathanael snorted. "Right, trying to get Mryddin out of England is like trying to get a sensible sentence out of Taliesin."

Wolfgang was tense, "Did you have to involve the Merlins? Why not one of the other readers?"

Nathanael could understand Wolfgang's hesitation. The Merlins were actually Ancients and Ancients were… complicated in more ways than Amy was. No one knew exactly what the Ancients were, in the scheme of things, only that they were immortal. According to what little anyone had managed to gather on the Ancients, they predated known history, hence their name. The Ancients were secretive, they kept to themselves, but every now and again they would pop up in history. They were the ones who brought about change or somehow found a way to be involved in that change. The two Merlins were perhaps the most widely known of the Ancients.

"The other readers took a glance at the photo and handed it over to them, I had nothing to do with it." Nathanael went to stand.

"What else did they say she wasn't?" Wolfgang asked.

Nathanael sighed. "Only that she wasn't human and that she would never be were."

"But she changed. We bore witness to her shift. She's Were," Wolfgang argued.

Nathanael stood and collected her file. "I'm no Ancient, if you want answers go wrangle them from one of the Merlins. But don't go to them without her, she's the oddity they want to meet, they wont speak to you otherwise."

"You mean she is their next interest. I will not loose Amy to them and whatever scheme they choose to dream up. Not if we can figure this out without them," Wolfgang said angrily.

"I doubt we'll find out Wolfgang, not without their help. You know as well as I do that if they don't know something it isn't worth knowing," Nathanael said honestly. There was one thing everyone was certain of when it came to the Ancients; they were the keepers of knowledge, if they couldn't figure out what Amy was no one could.

"When was the last time our clan had to tangle with the Merlins?" Wolfgang asked. He knew that somewhere in their history the Ancients, if not the Merlins themselves, would have stuck their noses into his pack.

Nathanael sighed, "I think the last time was four hundred years ago, I was sixteen, I think…" Nathanael tried to remember that far back but for him time was a blur. He could remember it happening but not what had happened to cause them to turn to the two Merlins for help.

"I can't help you, as you know…time is a blur to me, I can remember the Merlins but not what was going on, you'll have to ask Bastion."

Wolfgang sighed. That was the curse of those who inherited the rare immortality gene. To the best of his knowledge both Bastion and Nathanael had come close to death but never actually died. He knew of nine others in his clan who were deemed Immortal, as they to date had never found a way to kill one. He knew in a few hundred years time he would have the same problem that Nathanael was having, that of time being a blur. But for some reason Bastion remembered everything with a clarity that was frightening. Wolfgang turned to Bastion who was busy putting the plates in the sink to wash.

"Bastion," Wolfgang barked.

Bastion turned from the sink, "Yes."

"When was the last time my pack tangled with the Merlin's?" Wolfgang asked.

Bastion started to wash the dishes. "It was four hundred years ago give or take a couple of decades. The Alpha at the time got it into his head to ask a question of the Merlin's."

"What question?" Wolfgang asked.

"No one but he and the Merlin's know. Nor do we know if he got an answer. I do remember though that they did lead him on a merry dance for many months," Bastion chuckled to himself as he remembered.

Nathanael snorted, "Now I remember some more, silly git had me trying to decipher their word play. It was impossible, meanings within meanings, phrases that said one thing but meant something completely different to the original sentence."

"If we want answers about what Amy is we have to take her to the Merlin's," Wolfgang sighed.

Bastion frowned as he started to dry the dishes. "Isn't that Amy's choice, her choice to decided whether she wants to know the truth."

Amy walked in, "What's my choice? What do I need to know?"

Everyone jerked, startled at the sound of her voice. Wolfgang's eyes slid over her, he felt his manhood start to stiffen. Amy was wearing one of his button-up shirts, which she had rolled up the sleeves. The shirt went down to her knees giving her a form of modesty but at the same time made her incredibly sexy.

"You are meant to be sleeping." Wolfgang jumped to his feet, scooped her up and sat her in his lap. His hand slid under the shirt to touch the silky smooth skin of her thigh. "You are in no condition to be wandering around."

Amy tucked her head under his chin. She didn't care. "What do I need to know?" Amy asked.

"You wont believe us," Wolfgang told her.

"Why not?" Amy asked. She was already beginning to fall asleep in his arms.

"Later Amy, I'll tell you later," he told her gently but she was already asleep.

Gillian walked in dragging Sienna behind him. Fresh gashes marred her face.

Nathanael stood. "What happened, I just patched you up?"

He grabbed Sienna and had her sit on the table, as Shia and Grey-hawk walked in.

"I was doing my job as the second bitch, supervising several of the younger females in their duties when Jessa jumped me on the way out," Sienna explained.

"I pulled Jessa off her, gave her a beating. As she went to leave she said, one month, you'll be sorry in one month." Gillian turned to Wolfgang, "Wolfgang she's going to challenge Amy. One month after her change as per the law. Whether Amy is ready or not."

Wolfgang tensed. "I'll kill her myself," he growled, he felt Amy waken but she kept her eyes close and just listened.

Sienna glared at him. "Don't mess with the bitches. It's not your place."

"I am Alpha…" Wolfgang began.

"Female's deal with females," Amy said gently as she opened her eyes, "I will deal with it."

"Amy…" Wolfgang started to protest, he could easily tear Jessa to pieces saving her from fighting.

"Better to ask forgiveness than permission. When the time comes Jessa is mine to deal with," Amy retorted.

Gillian jerked to Amy. "Wolfgang gave you good advice."

Wolfgang glared at Gillian. He did not need Gillian agreeing with her. He had meant that saying for times of crisis, any other time Amy at least had to hear him out. Amy smiled.

Sienna frowned. "Perhaps it would be better to start involving Amy in pack life, everyone knows of her, but very few have seen her or heard her," Sienna winced as Nathanael cleaned the wounds.

"She doesn't get introduced until a month after her change as per the law." Wolfgang said defensively. He was not going to expose Amy to complete pack life until he knew she would be able to protect herself from possible attack.

"So everyone knows I shifted?" Amy asked.

Wolfgang nodded, "But I have asked everyone who bore witness to the event to keep their mouths shut, until we find out exactly why you shifted into that form or until you are introduced. The Alpha's have agreed it would be best keeping you a secret until we understand. If you are something new, a throw back or a true hybrid, everyone is going to be interested in you, more so the government," Wolfgang explained.

Amy nodded. "Okay…" Amy said gently, "Jessa is still mine, if she wants what is mine I will use her to demonstrate that I am not to be messed with." Amy tucked her head under his chin and closed her eyes.


Nathanael measured a dose of a stimulant he hoped would keep Amy awake long enough to deal with the video conference with the rest of the worlds Alpha's, two days of rest had done nothing to improve her energy levels. As Wolfgang's mate and directly involved in this she had to be there. Amy watched him, she was in a stage of lethargy at the moment. Nathanael lifted Amy's sleeve, he prepped the area with a swab of alcohol, stabbed the needle into her arm, pulled the plunger back to mix a little of her blood with the drug, then injected it.

"Amy the moment you begin to feel sleepy, excuse yourself. Say you need to use the bathroom. I'll have several more doses for you, also Sienna will be feeding you Red Bull."

Amy nodded as she felt the drug coursing through her veins.

Wolfgang gripped her shoulder. "If anyone goes to raise an objection just glare at them and do it anyway. You are an Alpha, you don't have to explain anything to anyone but me," Wolfgang told her firmly.

Amy nodded. She fixed her shirt and got to her feet. She walked into the room and sat in her chair, Sienna filled her cup.

Amy felt completely awake. She watched as faces came onto the many split screens, speakers attached to internet microphones were waiting for those Alpha's who didn't have video conference capabilities. Cameras were setup so that Alpha's could see those who were in the room. Wolfgang waited for several moments as he counted heads and speakers as everyone signed in. Quite a few Alpha's had gotten together to form their own small gatherings to share a video up link, or in some cases an internet up link as some packs and prides still lived far away from normal technology besides a satellite phone.

Wolfgang may not have known each of the Alpha's personally but he knew their names, their faces and their voices. Wolfgang took pride in knowing even that much, most Alpha's knew each other's names, maybe faces, vaguely. Wolfgang memorized where everyone was, all 366 Alphas. Every Alpha was present.

"Twenty seven known kills," Wolfgang began. He was not out to win brownie points; he was here to ram a point home.

"One forced turn. Our laws are set and have been set for ages, but still it is in some areas common practice to bait human females, turn them against their will then take them as a mate only to kill them. This practice has to end. That is why I have summoned you all."

"Why?" A man with a thick Russian accent asked from one of the speakers.

Wolfgang glared at the speaker, "It's one thing to do this in your own packs territory, it's quite another to do it in someone else's."

Wolfgang held up a piece of paper and read a list of names, the names of the rogues, "…and the ring leader Alexi."

One leader with a thick beard tensed, "You have my son…"

Wolfgang's eyes focused on the Italians part of the screen, "You're son was the instigator, he will die for his crimes against both my pack sister and against my mate as per the law."

The bearded Alpha growled, "He is my only son."

"Then you should have trained him better," Wolfgang retorted starting to get mad. Amy touched his forearm to calm him. He calmed slightly under her touch.

"You must understand, to grant him life would be to absolve him of his transgressions and would set a dangerous precedent. It would be like saying the laws that have governed us for so long, that raise us above the status of mere animals have been a waste of time," Amy told him firmly. Alexi was going to die nothing would stop that.

"I am an Alpha, you insolent female…" He began.

"She is my mate," Wolfgang growled as he stood. "You will treat her with the same respect you treat your own mate…" Wolfgang began.

"What respect," another Italian cut in, "Twice she has been beaten to within an inch of her life. The first time he did so she lost the ability to bear young."

Wolfgang sat at Amy's prompt.

"Do you want a war?" The nasty Italian started to say.

A man in a linen suit sat forward, he sat with several other men including the one who made the comment about the nasty Italian's wife. "Keep your mouth shut Demetrio," this handsome, well-dressed man also had an Italian accent. "I have had enough of you and your rogue ways, I am sure Christos and Ramos will join me in dissolving your pack and adding your land evenly to our borders."

The other two Italians nodded in confirmation. This entire incident gave them the needed push they had been waiting for to destroy this destructive pack that was giving Were's a bad name, and not have the Council of Elders dissolve all of the Italian packs. Demetrio went pale under his tan.

An Elder who was attached to Wolfgang's pack sat forward, he knew that Elders from every pack would be listening or watching this. "Seal your borders. Amy is correct Demetrio. We have laws for a reason. We know for a fact you train your men to be violent towards those who ensure our blood runs strong. This ends today."

There were nods of approval by all present. The Elder turned back to Amy and studied her for a moment. He wished secretly that he could sit down and have a long talk with her, there was something profound about her, something he couldn't put a finger on, something important. He knew Wolfgang for the moment would not let him near Amy, not until she is firmly established in the pack.

"I also want compensation for the woman who survived, Becky was put through hell," Wolfgang said pleased things were going his way.

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