tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 07

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 07


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age. Enjoy

Hi guys,

Sorry this one took so long to come out. It's another hefty chapter with lots of bits and pieces that needed to be ironed out and clarified, you'll understand when you've read it. I hope you enjoy, remember all feed back is welcomed.

Have fun.


Amy smiled at Gillian as he took their luggage. He smiled at her as he watched her walk with a bounce to her step.

"It's good to see you back to yourself," he greeted her as he put their luggage on a trolley.

"It's good to be myself," Amy replied with a smile.

Rhiannon handed her luggage to Gillian at Wolfgang's gesture. Gillian took her bag and studied her for a moment. He glanced at Wolfgang but put the case on the trolley he had brought. When it was packed up Bastion took the trolley away and to one of the waiting cars.

"Um…before you leave this came," he handed Wolfgang a small velvet covered package. Wolfgang smiled and grabbed it.

"This is you're…engagement ring?" Wolfgang said with a question. Wolves didn't give rings to their mates as a sign of their bond but Amy was different so he had organised a ring. He had taken days designing the ring himself as everything he had seen at the Jewelers seemed so impersonal, almost as if it was manufactured love, not true love. He opened the box and offered it to her.

Amy smiled up at him and turned to the ring. She smiled pleased that Wolfgang hadn't gotten her a big flashy ring with a huge stone. It was a band of platinum that was delicately covered with hand crafted miniature roses. Wolfgang took her hand and gently slid the ring on; he studied the effect and smiled as he stroked her hand.

"That looks good on you," Wolfgang commented.

Amy smiled, "Thank you for not getting me something big and flashy."

Wolfgang frowned, "Was I meant to?" he asked, suddenly afraid that he had done something wrong. He knew very little about human culture, he knew they dated, that they liked to get to know one another before mating, they gave rings to the ones they made a serious commitment to but after that human behavior baffled him as much as Were behavior baffled humans.

Rhiannon gripped his shoulder, "Engagement rings are personal Wolfgang. Some people want big and flashy because they think that shows how much their partner is willing to pay for them, to be with them. But you know Amy isn't into big and flashy, so you looked for something that was Amy. I still bet you paid a mint for it," Rhiannon guessed wisely.

Wolfgang nodded, "But not nearly as much as I paid the pack jeweler for her collar," he told Rhiannon.

Amy smiled at Rhiannon's bemused face, "Collar, necklace, choker, something worn around the neck that will survive the change. Wolves call it a collar; it marks the Alpha pair. Other mates don't wear a collar, they normally give chains worn around the waist that will also survive the change. I paid a mint for the one I had made for him," Amy told her and went to walk off.

Gillian stopped her, "I should warn you before you get out of here and into the mess. We had to do some creative lying to explain why you wanted the president to come to the introduction. Since he knew your father Amy we've been playing the whole wedding thing. It actually works well to explain why we have so many people coming."

"So he is coming?" Amy asked.

Gillian nodded, "Sienna delivered the message personally. She just got back from giving him a brief run down on the Alpha's and on some behavioral tendencies we have. We've told him we want this kept quiet; he actually made the suggestion to call it a wedding. She's in the limo you can debrief her yourself."

Amy nodded.

"So…explain mess," Wolfgang asked.

Gillian winced, "There are about a hundred people with camera's out there," he explained and hoped he wasn't going to be hit.

"Why?" Wolfgang asked.

"We've been playing this as a wedding between you and Amy. So…" Gillian started to explain.

"You mean everyone finally figured Amy and I are together and are wondering how we managed to keep it so quiet for so long," Wolfgang supplied.

Gillian nodded, "Don't worry, we've tripled security because of The President but we've called in some help from Shia, he willingly offered two hundred of his best to help guard the manor. We got the same offer from Dover and Langdon. Six hundred extra guards on top of the five hundred we've called in should work well in keeping the press away."

Wolfgang nodded, "You ride with us. Did you bring the maps?" Wolfgang asked as he stepped around Amy to shield her as they walked out. Gillian stepped beside Rhiannon to shield her. Five men formed a V to make a path through the people jostling for a good picture and calling out questions. The men held the media hounds away as Wolfgang bundled Amy into the limo. Gillian then bundled Rhiannon in; Wolfgang was next then Gillian.

Police cleared a path for them to leave and held the press back to prevent them from following. The men who had cleared a path piled into the mini van that their luggage was in and followed them. Amy moved to sit with Sienna.

"So…tell me everything. How did he react to the invitation?" Amy asked.

Sienna smiled, "He was surprised. I mean who wouldn't be, he's human and he has been invited to a pack gathering. I did inform him that he couldn't go to everything because he was not Were but the purpose of the invite is to talk about recent grumbles, to involve him in Were decision making. He seemed to know what I was talking about," Sienna said with a shrug, she had after all used Amy's exact words.

Amy smiled, "Good. Bastion has informed me via Anna that all the Alpha's have responded and they are coming."

Sienna nodded, "Three hundred and sixty six Alphas in the one house." Sienna turned her attention to Rhiannon who was listening quietly. "Hi, I'm Sienna," Sienna held her arm out.

"Rhiannon." Rhiannon took her hand and shook it.

"You're not Pack," Sienna stated.

Rhiannon nodded, "I'm Ancient."

Amy lent over to Sienna, "Rhiannon is my biological mother, well one of them."

Sienna's jaw dropped, "Ancient, you're Ancient," she said in surprise.

"Part Ancient. They haven't figured out what the other half of me is yet," Amy told her.

Sienna studied her, "They fixed your weakness," she said pleased.

"I fixed my weakness," Amy corrected.

"The Ley line did," Rhiannon reminded her.

Amy rolled her eyes, "How are the sleeping arrangements coming?"

Sienna smiled, "Almost complete, the two barns have been refitted giving us an extra seventy rooms. All of the sitting rooms have been converted into bedrooms. Becky has given up her room and is sharing with Bastion. Several of the storage rooms in the basement have been converted to bedrooms, we thought about setting the box up as a room but Roberto is bringing several of the women from the disbanded pack because they don't feel safe, including the previous pack leaders mate so the box is theirs. We've added new locks and they will have the only keys. The two smaller libraries and Wolfgang's office have been converted to bedrooms. So all up we have…three hundred and seventy something rooms."

"How?" Amy asked surprised.

"Some of the larger rooms have been divided up into smaller rooms. The long gallery gave us eight rooms. Considering the Manor has sixty bedrooms, all with sitting rooms, three libraries, four offices, the media room, two grand sitting rooms, the ten rooms in the basement, and the ten rooms in the attic. Lets see, that's 183 in the actual house, plus the 70 we've gotten from the barns and the 5 outer guest houses, that's another 50 rooms…that's not right…" Sienna started to re run her mental calculation.

"You forgot the stables…the horses have been moved to another of the packs holdings and converted. That plus the stable hands quarters give us the other seventy rooms we needed," Bastion told her.

Sienna turned to Amy, "We've been organising this since Wolfgang decided to take you as a mate. Bastion decided to plan for a worst case scenario. This has been in the works since you were still bed ridden and recovering from the plane…"

Amy stopped Sienna and turned to Wolfgang, "You were very confident in yourself," She told him dryly.

"I'm the Alpha, we always get what we want," Wolfgang told her smugly.

"What if I didn't want you?" Amy asked.

"I would have kept chipping away at you until you fell for me," Wolfgang told her.

"And if that failed," Amy asked.

Wolfgang shifted uneasily, "I wouldn't have let it fail," he told her.

Amy moved and sat in his lap. Wolfgang hugged her tightly.

"I'm glad you wouldn't have given up on me," She told him.


Amy ran fingers through her hair in frustration as she watched people run around her.

"SIENNA," She yelled out.

Sienna pushed her way through people who were busy getting the Alpha's all settled before the welcoming feast or busy running between the kitchen and the outdoor dining room. Sienna made it to Amy.

"The President's just arrived, he is your responsibility because he knows you," Amy told her.

Sienna nodded and pushed her way out of the house. Amy slid between bodies trying to get out of the way of people. She tried to think of a place where it would be a little quieter but came up with nothing, everything was taken.

Grey-hawk grabbed Amy and pulled her out of the way and out of the house.

Amy smiled, "Thanks it's a mad house in there."

Grey-hawk nodded, "You're looking better."

Amy nodded, "Much better," Amy's eyes followed Jessa as she walked by.

"If looks could kill," Shia said behind her.

Amy jumped startled, "Shia wear a bell," she told him shrilly. Grey-hawk and Shia laughed.

"So… that one is Jessa I take it," Shia asked knowing that Jessa had made a challenge against Amy's right to Wolfgang.

"Yep, the only one once I'm through with her," Amy told them and they both believed her.

Becky rounded a corner and smiled relieved that she had found Amy. She raced up to Amy.

"Amy there is a man out the front, he said his name is Roberto. He said he was told to put you in charge of several women with him," Becky shrugged as she finished.

"Of course," Amy said and she started to walk around the building, Shia followed her. Wolfgang had asked a few Alpha's that he trusted to keep a close eye on Amy. Amy turned to him, "Why are you following me?" she asked.

"Wolfgang's request, he asked several of us to keep our eyes on you, until he has mated you in front of everyone anyone can try to take you away from him."

Amy sighed, "Fine just wear a bell before you give me a heart attack."

Shia chuckled. They walked around the manor choosing to avoid the mayhem inside. Shia smirked when he saw Roberto. "Now watch Roberto break hearts. Of all the un-mated Alphas he is the one to take Wolfgang's position as most wanted," he informed Amy.

Amy could understand why, hunky rich Italians would break hearts. Roberto turned and frowned at them as they came around the house. His eyes then started to sparkle as they locked on her and failed to notice Grey-hawk and Shia.

Amy came to a stop before him and the women in his company. Roberto's eyes roamed over Amy as his beast stirred, he wanted her; his wolf wanted her. Amy watched his eyes as she stepped back and away from him, when Wolfgang got that look he just had to hold her, to run his nose against her skin just to remind his wolf that she was his.

Roberto went to step forward but paused as Wolfgang wrapped her up in his arms. Amy squealed in alarm. Wolfgang chuckled and nuzzled against her neck, then he glanced up and studied Roberto.

"Wolfgang, let me go please," Amy asked.

Wolfgang scooped her up and flung her over his shoulder. Amy hit his back as Grey-hawk and Shia chuckled.

"Does it tickle Wolfgang?" Grey-hawk asked.

"Wolfgang put me down now or I will drop you on your arse," Amy told him sternly.

Shia laughed openly but stopped when Wolfgang quickly put her down.

Roberto snorted, "Afraid of such a little woman?"

Wolfgang turned to Roberto, "She maybe small but she packs a punch. I would rather not let everyone watch her topple me," he said honestly.

"Ah thank goodness," Rhiannon joined them, fixing her clothes. "Why is it if I so much as glance at someone they take it as either an insult or a request to fuck?" She asked.

Amy chuckled.

Roberto looked Rhiannon over impressed, "I wouldn't blame them," he commented.

Rhiannon turned and smiled at the compliment, "Is there anything I can do?" Rhiannon asked.

"No…" Amy started to say.

"I know something you can do," Roberto said.

Rhiannon turned to him and glared, "I'm older than your great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother," she stated bluntly.

Roberto shrugged, "Age is no matter."

Wolfgang smirked, "Perhaps I should introduce you, Rhiannon this is Roberto. Roberto this is Rhiannon, one of Amy's biological mothers."

"No…get it right, I won't be her mother for another nine hundred years…" Rhiannon argued the point as she wasn't sure she was ready for that tag yet. She turned to Roberto, "I'm Ancient," she told him.

Roberto blinked surprised, he had never actually met an Ancient before. "So that makes Amy Ancient…"

"Part," Amy corrected and walked off with Rhiannon.

Roberto watched as Shia and Grey-hawk followed Amy. "Looks like you have competition," he said aside to Wolfgang.

"Shia is mated and Grey-hawk knows he can't beat me. I asked them to follow Amy until after the challenges." Wolfgang turned to the women with Roberto, "Greetings ladies now you have a choice, I can get Drifter to take you over to Haven and you can stay there until this is over or you can stay here, we have a room prepared if you don't mind sharing," he asked them gently knowing that these women had survived a really bad situation. Roberto had tried to integrate them into his pack but it hadn't worked so he brought them here hoping that removing them completely from things that would remind them of what happened would help them.

Wolfgang waited patiently for them to make their decision. He wanted them to know and see he wasn't like what they had witnessed. There was a large bang, the smallest of the women spooked and ran. Becky caught her before she ran around the front of the manor.

"Hey it's okay," Becky told her.

She quivered beneath Becky's fingers. She glanced back to see if she had been followed but both Wolfgang and Roberto hadn't moved. They would have let her run until she had worn off her panic.

"Come on," Becky said as she walked them back to the group, she kept one arm wrapped firmly around the woman's body.

"Becky," Wolfgang greeted.

"Alpha," Becky said seriously.

Wolfgang watched her for a moment. He grabbed her and put her in a headlock.

"What did you call me?" he asked playfully.

"Alpha," Becky replied and struggled.

"What's my name?" Wolfgang demanded.

"Alpha…" Becky retorted and tried to slide free.

"Fine," he released her and grabbed her sides and started to tickle her.

"No…cut it…" Becky said as she tried to get free, she was so ticklish. "Please Wolfgang."

Wolfgang stopped and held her up, "If you ever call me Alpha, I'll tickle you until you pee."

Becky squirmed uneasy with calling him by his name.

"Becky you are Amy's friend, you live in my home, we have dinner together every night," Wolfgang explained.

Becky nodded as Wolfgang released her, "Okay I won't call you…Alpha." She jumped behind Roberto as Wolfgang tried to grab her again. She stuck her tongue out at him.

Roberto stood still finding this entire little scene hilarious. He glanced over to the four women, three of who were watching surprised. Wolfgang was an Alpha but he wasn't acting like the men they were used to, he was playful when others had just been violent. Roberto smiled to himself, he was right in bringing these four here.

Bastion walked out the front doors looking harassed. "Becky I need your help," he called out.

"Be with you in a minute," she called back to him and side stepped away from Wolfgang.

"Wolfgang I need Becky now, leave her alone," Bastion told him.

Wolfgang turned to Bastion, "Come on Bastion we were only having a little fun."

"And I need all hands, Amy keeps offering to help and I have to keep telling her to fuck off. Becky I need you to supervise the setting of the tables before Amy does it without my permission," Bastion said irritation clear in his voice.

Becky nodded and went to the outdoor dining room to stop Amy.

"Bastion can I get the keys for the box," Wolfgang asked pretty sure the women were going to stay.

Bastion nodded and walked down to join them, "I'll show them, they need to be shown how to work the new locks." He started to scoop up their bags. "Is this everything?"

Roberto nodded, "I brought them all new things, I thought it prudent to give them new everything. To get them away from their previous lives."

"Yes. Follow me please," he told the women.

They nodded and followed Bastion.

When they had been gone several minutes Roberto turned to Wolfgang, "I knew bringing them here would help them," he said pleased with himself.

Wolfgang nodded, "Amy will make them feel at home the moment she kicks the last Alpha out."

Roberto laughed.

"So what are their names and Nathanael wants their medical records?" Wolfgang asked.

"Can I give you the records later they are somewhere in my bags," Roberto asked.

Wolfgang nodded, "Okay, so who is who?"

"The little woman who spooked is Maria, she was the seconds wife; she still needs treatment on several of her wounds that were inflicted by her mate. We've done all we can, she keeps tearing her wounds open, she runs at the smallest provocation," Roberto told Wolfgang, he was going to tell Wolfgang everything he knew. The more Wolfgang understood about the women the better he would be able to deal with them.

"The tall woman with green eyes, she is Alanna, haven't gotten her story yet, she doesn't talk, Maria gave us her name. She does however flinch whenever someone goes to touch her."

Wolfgang nodded, "Amy will get her story from her, she managed to get Becky to trust her and Becky freely admits that she would have committed suicide, she had figured out a way to do it as well but Amy stopped that by just being herself."

Roberto smiled, "The woman with her eyes covered, her name is Electra, she was Alexi's twin sister, she still has wounds around her neck, I broke her out of a cell and removed a crude steel collar from her neck. Her eyes can't handle light. From what we managed to get out of the men before we killed them Demetrio had her locked up when she turned nine, that's when the physical abuse started, she doesn't talk about."

Wolfgang took a deep breath and clinched his fists, "Please tell me he died a slow painful death."

"As slow and as painful as we could make it, each victim got to witness the death of their tormentor. To show them that they were safe, then instead of the ritual burning to release the spirit and beast to the after life we took them out on a boat and dumped their bodies into the ocean, anchored of course."

Wolfgang sighed; he couldn't judge Roberto for his actions. He hadn't seen what they had, anyway he had done the same but it still chilled him and left him feeling guilty.

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